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Friday, March 30, 2018

The Simplest Outline

By Anna Von Reitz

Even after the publication of America:Some Assembly Required, I keep getting long diatribes from patriots who have discovered some part of the "elephant" and still don't get the big picture. For those who still need to know, I am publishing this simple outline showing the way our government is supposed to be structured:
The People (the Militia)
delegate power to:
The Counties
delegate power to:
The States
delegate power to:
The United States of America (Unincorporated)
delegates power to
The States of America (Unincorporated)
delegates power to:
National-level States of State
delegates power to:
Territorial United States
delegates power to:
Municipal United States
Thanks to criminal mis-representation and mis-administration, Breach of Trust and breach of commercial contract and overall constructive fraud, this structure has been turned upside down, with the Municipal United States lording it over all the other levels of government in reverse:
Municipal United States
by appointment exercises the powers of
Territorial United States
replaces National States of States with Territorial States of States
National States of State
mothballed and redefined as State Trusts, e.g., Georgia State
States of America (Confederation of States)
torn apart by "Reconstruction" and not allowed to reform
The United States of America (Unincorporated) (Federation of States) ignored and by-passed by its employees
States dba Florida, Georgia, Texas, etc., similarly by-passed
Counties redefined as federal corporate franchises owned by the Territorial States of States
People redefined as federal corporate franchises owned by the Municipal STATES OF STATES.
The United States of America (Unincorporated) the Original International Government Instrumentality formed September 9, 1776 as a result of the Unanimous Declaration of Independence is an unincorporated Federation of states called a "Union" of States: Florida, Maine, Vermont, et alia. This is the Sovereign level government for the states in international jurisdiction. It primarily operates the international land jurisdiction, but also retained all "non-delegated" powers in the international jurisdiction of the sea.
The States of America is an unincorporated Confederation of National-level States of States under The Articles of Confederation (1781) and is supposed to give rise to the National Government via the Union of National level States of States---a National State of Georgia, for example, but, instead, since 1868, this National State of George has been mothballed and rolled over into a land trust called the Georgia State, and an usurping (Territorial level) "State of Georgia" has replaced it. Because our National level Government has been mothballed and "held in abeyance" for six generations without our knowledge or consent, the British-backed Territorial United States has been running everything amok and in favor of Britain and its' European partners in crime. This has been done under conditions of fraud and Gross Breach of Trust.
The Territorial United States is supposed to be shepherded by the British Government for the purpose of providing "essential government services" that our states agreed to receive and pay for. Thus, it is a separate government and a subcontractor that is supposed to be working under the direction of the States of America, and which is instead usurping against the States of America in Gross Breach of Trust and commercial contract. Without the States of America to mind the shop, the hired help has been helping itself for 150 years.
The Municipal United States is supposed to be limited to the ten square miles of the District of Columbia and is supposed to be run by the members of the National Congress (not the Territorial Congress as it presently is) as the government for Washington, DC----and nothing more. This entity has instead been appointed to act "for" and provide the services owed by the Territorial United States. Pursuant to this contract to provide the services of the Territorial United States, this foreign oligarchy has spun off its own completely unauthorized STATES OF STATES, such as the STATE OF MICHIGAN.
And this entire situation, this so-called "Reconstruction" of our government has been the result of an illegal commercial mercenary action mis-named The American Civil War, conducted on our shores by the same perpetrators that have acted in Breach of Trust to promote this situation --- and benefited themselves from it.
This is all against international law, commercial law, and international treaties owed to The United States of America, our member States, and our people.
We are Third Parties with respect to these charlatans and have made it abundantly clear that we have recalled and retained our delegated powers, are in the process of restoring our National-level States of States, and demanding the return of all our assets including the State Land Trusts, land titles, the PERSONAL ESTATES, PUBLIC UTILITIES, PUBLIC TRUSTS and all other "businesses" run "in the name of" actual Americans, all our gold, all our credit owed, all our patents, trademarks, and copyrights, and everything else that naturally belongs to this country and its people--- free and clear and without encumbrance.
If you would like to join in the National effort to restore our lawful government and shove these freebooter employees back into their box, go to and type in "America: Some Assembly Required". For the cost of $10 and the effort to read fifty pages, you can be fully informed.

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