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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Again: there is no school shootings epidemic

Again: there is no school shootings epidemic
The media had a field day with the anti-gun protest on the Washington Mall over the weekend. As much as the visuals lent themselves to televsion, and the rhetoric confirmed the biases of many of those covering the event, the hard truth is the speakers were long on emotion, and short on facts.
The most relevant fact: there is no epidemic of school shootings(link is external), and gun violence is in a years-long decline. In short, anti-gun activists are much so, that even New York Magazine had to take notice:
In the immediate aftermath of the Parkland shooting, progressive activists and commentators (including this one) repeatedly claimed that there had been 18 school shootings since the start of this year. This proved to be a gross exaggeration. In reality, according to new research from Northeastern University, there have been a grand total of eight mass shootings (shootings that kill at least four people) at K-through-12 schools in the United States since 1996. Meanwhile, over the past 20 years, the number of fatal shootings in American schools (of any kind) has plummeted.
If mass school shootings were the only form of gun violence in the United States, the case for treating the regulation of firearms as a pressing policy issue would actually be fairly weak. For the past quarter-century, there has been an average of one mass murder (a killing of four or more people committed with any weapon, as opposed to just firearms) in an American school each year. Every one of those atrocities is a blight on humanity. But it is nearly impossible to design a policy that can bring the incidence of an already exceptionally rare crime down to zero — and given the inherently limited nature of legislative time and resources, it would make little sense to prioritize such a marginal and difficult issue over public health challenges that kill exponentially more people.
The Education Department reports that  roughly 50 million children attend public schools for roughly 180 days per year. Since Columbine, approximately 200 public school students have been shot to death while school was in session, including the recent slaughter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. (and a shooting in Birmingham, Ala., on Wednesday that police called accidental that left one student dead). That means the statistical likelihood of any given public school student being killed by a gun, in school, on any given day since 1999 was roughly 1 in 614,000,000. And since the 1990s, shootings at schools have been getting less common.
The chance of a child being shot and killed in a public school is extraordinarily low. Not zero — no risk is. But it’s far lower than many people assume, especially in the glare of heart-wrenching news coverage after an event like Parkland. And it’s far lower than almost any other mortality risk a kid faces, including traveling to and from school, catching a potentially deadly disease while in school or suffering a life-threatening injury playing interscholastic sports.
These are facts. They can be bland, remote, and often boring. They rarely make for good television. But facts are only antidote we have to the relentless push to demonize gun owners, the organizations they may belong to, and the Second Amendment.
The students at the center of the latest anti-gun push may believe they are leading a "revolution(link is external)." Hardly. They are merely props, used willingly, if cyncially, to advance a political agenda. 
We support efforts to improve school security. But we will not bow to the fear mongers and agenda pushers who would strip law abiding citizens of their the Second Amendment rights. 

Florida School Shooting Account Fake

Let’s cut to the chase. Do you actually believe the facts as given of that Florida school shooting? Has anyone actually taken the time to THINK of the glaring problems with the accounts given of the attack as planted by the Soros Communist Controlled “news media”?
What was the purpose of the murderous school attack followed by national protests by CHILDREN?  The purpose is gun control. Meaning all guns must be confiscated from all citizens for, now get this, “the safety of our children.”  Now there is a benevolent switch to the narration. New tactic but very effective.


  1. It is the school teachers who are pushing death education, that's been going on for years, we homeschooled our children because Massachusetts had a course called "Circle Time" that had counselors asking second graders what they thought about suicide. It was called Chapter 766, they should have called it Chapter 666. The result is we have those same children today as death mongers dressed up as doctors, nurses and responders murdering people, unwittingly they have always been allowed to eliminate their own liability for their criminal and civil liabilties in compliance with the Crown Bar and Pope who want to eliminate their corporate liabilities while the Holy See collects a million dollar life insurance on each of our corporate names.

    1. What I think we should be greatly concerned about, is why certain happenings should have essentially gone un-investigated, and left festering on the the back burners of history, such as the Crime of the Century: 9-11- 2001. Considering all of the evidence, even the forensic evidence that was cleaned up and shipped out and by whom, etc. The blatant omissions, even of the subject, by prominent persons, tells us something that we ought not forget and even log down for future reference. How about Sandy Hook which seems to be still hanging in there as school shooting violence, when apparently the school had been vacant and closed, with vastly weird implications with every aspect that was mentioned about that event, right up to and including Wolfgang Halbigs attempt to make a much needed investigation of the whole charade. And how many mass violent events were coupled to "drills" over the past years? This should be factored into the equation as to whether our calculations of gun violence have been intentionally skewed. We, the older generations, should be demanding correction of these evil events of the past, as a teaching tool demonstration for the younger generations yet in school to learn from, instead of letting them be manipulated as they have been. And, oh yes, glad you mentioned those life insurance policies that we have heard about in the past; Who would be the "insurers" to write such policies and apparently make it easy for the holders to collect on them other than the survivors of the deceased? This could be the likely cause of so many police "errors" with their trigger fingers, in the past and up to the present. There ought to be a database established to determine who is excelling in such numbers so we can deduce who the hired guns are. This is a very serious concern for us all since we could be taken out at anytime with the guilty parties receiving the benefits.... perish the thought !!!!

    2. Bobby, you need to stay on topic. What does you post have to do with school shootings? This is not your personal soap box to rant against whoever you think is a pope.

  2. Getting rid of gun would not stop school shootings anyway. You know what would? It's easy just get rid of public enemy #1. Thats rite just get rid of the FBI! They have there hands on nearly everyone, they are well known for finding mentally ill individuals to carry out there agenda. They give them weapons, money, drugs and everything else to foster these false flag attacks on our schools. There I said Phuck the FBI!

  3. IMO everyone has missed the real problem, which is parental guidance. Where are the parents of these children with guns? When we have 200 school killings since Columbine, then it is a reflection on the lack of proper parenting.
    Oh it was easier to help load up their kids for their exciting trip to d.c. to march for their lives and shuck their own responsibility onto guns being the problem, rather than go look in the mirror.
    This country needs to refocus back on Parental Guidance and just plain Parenting; it is not society's job to raise your kids for you.

  4. yes everybody has missed the real problem including you, its the "government;" the real problem is NOT children with guns, its fake, set up, lone-wolf, "government" shootings...and yes, anything outside of that would be parental guidance, but how can parents be completely responsible when they have to work like slaves for the latch key children hopped up on big pharma drugs (on purpose) to pay their bills when we know the "government" is doing this (on purpose) to break down society? what is the real problem here?

    1. penny, we all pretty much understand govt's faults. However, in spite of them, at our house we have not allowed them to influence our behavior or thinking. We have maintained our moral behavior, thinking, and decisions, regardless.
      I was a working mother and had to play both parental rolls from my son's age 5 onward. During his high school years I even worked two jobs; ran home from one to have supper, and ran off to the next one, about 3 times a week. I made home-made meals on weekends, and we never ate mcdonalds.
      Neither of us ever had a drug problem or a drinking problem.
      Our house always got its weekly cleaning, same with all laundry, and we did not live in dirt or mess?

      So now, what is it that I missed?

    2. you missed the minority memo, same percentage you always hear about this type of argument, people say that the few that didnt get affected as strongly, the minority vs the majority that dont, that are broken and thus fall prey to the governmental traps. guess everyone cant be as strong as you abby...count your blessings, you are lucky vs the majority!

      when you come from very broken psychologies, you generally raise broken kids and the government is exacerbating the issues with slow kill...

    3. penny4, I do see your point here, and you are correct about that side of the issue. And that brings us back around to why I said parental responsibility ought to be brought back up to the table and emphasized.
      I do not think govt. or society in general is going to fix anything so our only alternative is to Resist the decay they are trying to promote AND expose these wicked evil people.
      Children ought to be fully informed of what 'they' are trying to do to them, using them, so they can see the reason TO not go along; Resist.
      I have had a few battles with the devil, and I found that the first weapon of defense is to immediately call his bluff.
      Demons love to work in secret and hate being exposed. But that is what makes them stop doing their crap.

      One of our biggest blockades is all news media full of propaganda, lies, and brainwashing. We should have already had a Truth Station by now, and a much bigger war against all these commy stations. Why are we getting the word out, the hard way?? Where is trumps Communications Director? Does he even do his job?? Fire him.
      Betsy Devos needs to be fired; she is NOT improving the Educational System in this country.

      These two entities are the root of the problem and that is where we should lay our Axes. This would do MUCH to reach the majority who have been so wrongly affected. How can we even expect them to know what is being hidden from them?

      Talking. It takes parents and children talking, then they will come to the realization that they together have the same enemy, and are more likely to join forces.
      At my house, that is what we did, and to this day, we do not have a generational gap. We still keep tabs on each other, and he still calls me often and lets me know he is safe. If I do not report in, he has been known to call every hospital in the city.

      penny, I LOVE your last little paragraph. Sooo true. And that is why I offer 'my remedy'. It seems to have worked and the ''glue' has lasted for many decades now.

      In retrospect, I think a lot of that glue consists of developing and showing a mutual respect between kids and parents. The parent cannot be the Barker and treat kids as if they are the 'performers' to dance to a whip.
      Its actually more common sense than it is being strong. But if push comes to shove, then 'move over, here I come'.
      Being politically correct must be thrown out the window, too.

  5. How many shootings occurred at Catholic schools? Without a hell, where do bad students go?

    1. Oh, all the popes are gonna find out just how real hell is, lol.
      Thats where all liars and false 'preachers' go. (Galatians 1:8 - 10)

    2. You don't know what or where the Catholic Church is.

      What you think is the Catholic Church is a new a false religion called the Novus Ordo.

      The so called popes of Vatican II are the same kind of impostors as was Obama. They are non popes or anti popes. Be careful who you demonize. Be careful who you fight against, lest you find out you fight against God.

    3. very wise comment Paul and I was not aware of the change of the significant of the popes as of Vatican 2. I am an rc but have lapsed. Most our priests are from Africa and can not be understood. I was biting my tongue all afternoon trying not to respond to Abby. I am glad she will not be a judge in the final days. She does not even seem to know that if it was not for the Papacy, Christ would never have been brought forward to 1611 where they remade him. very curious about the stations of the cross and the son of man falling three times and helped to his feet by the woman. I am 100 % convinced of God, I am glad you mentioned him

    4. There is no separation between catholic churches and the vatican. Some of us have not forgotten when Cardinal Law of Boston Diocese got caught in some sort of criminal activity, and was snuck out of the country TO go and hide out in the Vatican.
      One is free to align themselves with the RCC, but its useless to try to persuade me it is anything 'biblical'. There is not a shred of evidence that 'the church' is 'catholic'.
      It simply does NOT have any denominational name of any kind.
      I do happen to know very well what and who the Church body of believers consists of.
      Manmade 'church doctrines' are not gospel and we are warned against teaching those doctrines, as being Gospel. We are also warned about 'adding to and subtracting from the Book'.

    5. His Holy Church

      While many Catholics point at this pope as an anti pope, they still believe that the catholic church is the one true church. This is not so.

      King James Bible
      God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hands;
      Gill’s Exposition of the Entire Bible
      God that made the world, and all things therein,…. In this account of the divine Being, as the Creator of the world, and all things in it, as the apostle agrees with Moses, and the rest of the sacred Scriptures; so he condemns both the notion of the Epicurean philosophers, who denied that the world was made by God, but said that it owed its being to a fortuitous concourse of atoms; and the notion of the Peripatetics, or Aristotelians, who asserted the eternity of the world; and some of both sects were doubtless present.

      Seeing that he is the Lord of heaven and earth; as appears by his being the Creator of both; hence he supports them in their being, and governs all creatures in them by his providence.

      Dwelleth not in temples made with hands; such as were the idol temples at Athens; nor in any other edifices built by man, so as to be there fixed and limited; no, not in the temple at Jerusalem: but he dwells in temples that are not made with hands, as in the temple of Christ’s human nature, in which the fulness of the Godhead dwells bodily, and in the hearts of his people, who are the temples of the Holy Ghost. This strikes at a notion of the Athenians, as if God was limited, and circumscribed, and included within the bounds of a shrine, or temple, though it is not at all contrary to his promises, or the hopes of his own people, of his presence in places appointed for divine worship, but is expressive of the infinity and immensity of God.
      Acts 17:24-30

    6. Again you refer to a one true Church. And you think it's in Rome, or what everyone thinks is the Roman Catholic Church. What you are looking at is a new a false religion. The Novus Ordo new relgion of Vatican II. They did steal the offices and buildings, but they don't have the Catholic Faith. Catholic is a word derived from the Greek meaning UNIVERSAL. There is only ONE TRUE FAITH and it is very much UNIVERSAL. But don't look for it at the vatican.

      For further clarification look at the following websites.


    7. Paul, you see to continue thinking that ''the church' is some building or some organization or some institution or entity established somewhere. But the bible is very clear that 'The Church' is simply a scattered people, here and there, who are repented true Believers and adhere to and are obedient to the very Word of God. This 'Church' is referred to as The Bride of Christ, and is also addressed in the bible as ''saints' which means they are EX-sinners.
      Vatican 1, vatican 2, rome, popes, anti popes, NONE of it matters one iota. Believers, Individually, ARE The Church; and nobody can number us, nobody knows where we all are, and only Christ can and will gather us when he descends to the clouds and calls us Up to meet him in the air.
      If yer feet are still on this ball of dirt, then it may be because yer still trying to argue over something that God has already clearly explained.

      And lets not forget: ''Faith comes by hearing, and hearing The Word of God'. This should tell anyone that Faith comes directly from The Word of God, the bible, NOT from joining up with any 'church'. Nor is faith obtained FROM any 'church'
      and therefore NO affiliation can claim to be the dispenser of FAITH.
      God is the FAith Giver, and he doesn't need any 'church' or organization to assist Him. Much care must be given to NOT make ''your church' your God; but it seems that the majority of people have done just that.
      God only gave one Truth, and it is the same for everyone no matter what part of the world they live in. The word 'universal' has been used by catholics for decades; but it is nowhere in the word of God. Truth of the Word, is simply Truth of the Word; it doesn't really matter what universal means.
      Its really pretty easy to just ...Keep It Simple.

    8. Paul, everything I know has been taught to me by the holy spirit, who never lies. Everything I've stated comes directly from the Word of God, who does not lie. I know exactly who God says is 'the church'. I do not need to hear what any church organization says about itself, just like I do not need to hear what any one says about themselves....I know who or what anyone is ''by their fruit'.
      You are free to think whatever you like, but I KNOW that I KNOW what I KNOW. Can you now let it rest at that?

  6. Everyone seems to want to name "THE REAL PROBLEM'S SOURCE".... And the points taken have merit; however, what lies behind all of it including the 'government' is the "Elite" Cabal. They own all large corporations (including the 'government,' Big Pharma, the media, the FBI, and our 'school system'), and they are in danger of losing their control of all of us. The real problem is simple.... the "Elite" want to confiscate our guns so they cannot be challenged by the millions of gun owners in the United States.

    1. Jim, another good point you bring up. I too was trying to stick to the real life issues, worldly issues behind all this.
      However, once again, it really comes back around to the lack of Morality and Godliness within society and the population that is actually at the root of the problem.

      Our world is Morally BANKRUPT.

  7. Every "terrorist attack" And mass shooting have been orchestrated by "THEY" only to further their political adgenda and put we the people in fear.they need to realize we see through them and their actions.only the sheeple are the ones that believe any of this wasn't planned by some alaphabet soup gang

  8. Too bad no one checked out David Hogg who graduated from California Redondo High School in 2015!!! You people sure are EASY!!! To paraphrase Jefferson: Stupid and free will not long be!!! And his father just happened to be a EX-FBI agent, probably from the same cell that did the fake Trump dossier!!! FOX/FAUX NEWS interviewed Hogg, why wasn't his previous school record pointed out and how many years can one be a senior!? Apparently as long as the brain dead masses believe everything they see/hear on TV!!!

    1. How right you are!
      I have read this!

    2. such an obvious set up its scary. ALL lone wolf shootings are obvious now its like their calling card. part of his family are actors and he has changed his stories multiple times. alex jones' son just called him out to debate 2nd amendment haha

  9. hey unknown we are in agreement finally and no we are not all asleep. Very much aware of what is unfolding at this time and those who have held us in bondage are very afraid and want the guns. As a kid in the 60's we had a real terrible priest who would get on the altar most Sundays and severely critic the youth of that day, we are now the seniors of this day and the ones who are the greatest force in this movement against the demonic. They have every right to be very afraid.

  10. Psyops, a friend of mine worked in it, in the Army Reserves. Basically fooling folks to get em to think something you want then to think. Babylon, Hammurami is said to have worked it up as a form of government. Govern Latin guberntori that means to control rule usually people, and ment or in Latin menta, meaning of the mind. So ruling, controlling the mind. Deceiving others is a crime yet some nations have it as their motto, "We shall win by deceit" One town in Georgia, upon hearing of the gun crowd clamoring made it a law in the town you had to have a gun, and if you could not afford it provided one. That town had less shootings not more. Same with a town in Nevada, perhaps Sparks. Nearly everyone is armed and the shooting crimes are lower than other places. The mass shooting events nearly always happen where no one but the shooter is armed. Real smart. Blunt objects are the highest on the list for murders accidentally or other wise. I do not see anyone calling for banning of blunt objects.

  11. First of all I apologize for the length of my post but this is 30 years of working to get the right people to listen in order to stop these shootings before they became as bad as they are now. Is there an epidemic of them? I guess that all depends on what you call an epidemic, but after tracking, investigating, documenting, and testifying in these cases since 1992 I will say that in my opiion it is an epidemic without doubt! And it is only going to get worse if we do not strike at the root cause. To respond what has already been said it is not guns, absent parents, mental illness, the FBI has only recently become involved, government? That one runs very deep. But I think I have covered almost everything else in this post I put out this week with critical information everyone needs to know in order to protect themselves & their loved ones because schoolchildren are not the only ones in serious danger from this nightmare of violence...

    Response to the “March for Our Lives”
    Posted on March 28, 2018 by Ann Blake-Tracy

    How sad and tragic that these children are being exploited by getting them to focus on guns as the issue in school violence while allowing the real perpetrators of this violence to not only go free, but to increase the profits of the real perpetrators as well as increasing this type of violence by missing the obvious! After the 3 decades I have spent tracking, investigating & documenting all these tragedies I wonder how long it can possibly take to wake up society to the blatantly obvious?!!! Allow me to explain.

    Do guns carry a warning that owning one will cause homicidal & suicidal ideation (Which is obsessive compulsive thoughts of killing oneself or others along with ruminating thoughts of various methods of killing)?

    Do bathtubs carry such a warning? Kitchen knives? Bombs? Cars? Buses? Machetes? Hammers? Baseball bats? Crow bars? Hachets? Axes? Shovels? Cross bows? Circular saws? Belts? Chain saws? Trucks? Planes?

    No, not one of them carry those warnings even though I have seen all of those used as weapons in these cases of mass violence. So are we going to ban all of these as well? Of course not! But there is one very common denominator in all of these tragedies that do actually carry those warnings that they can cause both homicidal and suicidal ideation. Here is a long list of many of those cases of school violence. Let me know if you see the common denominator I am speaking of…

    That common denominator you see in these cases is the one big difference we have seen in our society since these nightmares began flooding our world – drugs we call antidepressants! These are drugs identical in action to a slow acting or gradual PCP or LSD effect leading one into hallucinations, suicide, & violent psychotic breaks, which reactions have been found to occur at a far higher rate in those under age 25 whose brains are yet developing!!

    How insane it would be to ban all these things when all we need to do is to ban the drugs that clearly demonstrate in medical research & in patient reports that they cause this behavior. They also have been found in court cases to produce mass murder suicide after taking only two doses of the drug! TOBIN VS GLAXO

    Watch this short video interview of the only school shooter to ever explain why he took a gun to School - a hard working farm boy, who was very close to his parents, head of his church's youth group, good student who was finishing up his Eagle Scout & preparing to serve a two year mission for his church. His only "mental illness"? He was shy!….

  12. CONTINUED: Now watch this 3 minute video of Mark Taylor, the Columbine Miracle Boy, who survived 7 to 13 bullets that day, as he lays blame at the feet of those partially responsible for causing Columbine….–O7Bn0

    And if that is not enough you can watch this short video statement by Michael Moore, yes the same Michael Moore who produced the movie Bowling for Columbine. If you will recall the purpose of that movie seemed to be getting rid of guns after that mass shooting. But listen to him call that all BS after looking at the evidence behind these drugs which have been the common denominator in nearly every school shooting this country has ever seen…

    You can additionally view a very large searchable database of thousands of additional cases of extreme violence and bizarre behavior as a result of these drugs at…

    For additional supporting scientific information see two of my three minute testimonies before the FDA Advisory Committee on Antidepressants.

    September 2004:

    December 2006:

    Then listen to one of my most favorite lectures I gave before several thousand at a Young Living Oils convention, along with fellow speakers Dr. Joseph Mercola & actor Clint Walker of the TV series Gunsmoke.

    Click below to listen to the lecture:

    Ann Blake Tracy, Executive Director,
    International Coalition for Drug Awareness &

    Author: “Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare – The Complete Truth of the Full Impact of Antidepressants Upon Us & Our World” plus Withdrawal CD “Help! I Can’t Get Off My Antidepressant!”


    1. Agreed 100% Ann! Thank you so much for sharing this valuable info!!

    2. Agreed 100% Ann!! Thank you so much for sharing this valuable work & info!!!

  13. As an elderly person, I have to question ANYONE under 25 taking ANY medication to begin with ! Why is it when I go for my annual checkup anywhere, am I the oldest one there, and the healthiest looking one there ! Why are there soooo many much younger patients sitting there in the waiting room with a bag full of prescription drugs to show their doctor??
    Folks, learn to cook. You can't live on Biggie Coke drinks, fast food burger and fries, and then go whining to doctors to fix you up. You just open yourself up to all sorts of drugs and you don't even know their contents.

  14. What will the people of this country do when it is finally revealed who is actually conspiring to kill their children -- by deadly vaccinations, GMO school lunch programs, being kidnapped as wards of the state and funneled into the sex trade, and yes, in contrived school shootings. Is there an actual school shooting case where it was a kid on his own, no SSRI meds, no Manchurian Candidate hijinx, etc? Probably. But, the great majority of these school and mass shootings are contrived by gov't services/alphabet agencies to disarm the ever-angrier peasants with that pesky right to bear arms (not registered arms, but "Shall have the right to bear arms.") And no one, principal or agent can abolish that right or any of our inherent, God-given, Constitutionally-guaranteed, UNalienable rights. Period, end of story, back off jack (Soros NGOs, red coats in gross breach of trust, UN corporation, et al.)


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