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Thursday, March 29, 2018

The Principles of Hell

By Anna Von Reitz

Throughout this education we have to observe the principle of duality at work and what these Satanists are actually doing. 

The fundamental stock-in-trade that they push is confusion. 

They confuse identities, names, words, institutions, persons, even countries via deceits of various kinds.

This earned them the name "Masters of Confusion" in the 16th Century and "Masters of Deceit" in the 17th Century. 

Whatever you are and whatever you do, they will "mirror" it, so that it takes real discernment to be able to tell the difference between the actual factual subject and the illusion that they have created to confuse and defraud you. 

In the course of our research we have found endless examples of this deliberate practice of falsification and fraud using similar names deceits, similar abbreviations deceits, euphemisms, and other verbal and material constructive fraud. 

Here are some tip of the iceberg examples:

Calling mercenary conflicts and commercial promotions "wars" and calling actual wars "conflicts". 

Calling the "US Navy" the "American Navy" instead of identifying it honestly.

Calling "US Citizens" and "citizens of the United States" and even "US CITIZENS" ---- Americans.

Misrepresenting the Territorial United States Congress as The States of America in Congress Assembled.

Claiming that the Territorial United States Congress has "Emergency Powers" on our shores.

Misrepresenting the UN Corporation as the United Nations.

Secretively replacing the National States of America with Territorial States of America.

Deliberately mischaracterizing Americans as "missing persons" and setting up phony Cestui Que Vie estate trusts in their NAMES.

Seeming to replace The United States of America (Unincorporated) with something calling itself The United States of America (Incorporated) and using this corporate "ringer" as a means of promoting identity and credit theft.

Creating two giant slush funds, one called the Economic Security Fund (ESF) and another called the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF).

Replacing The United States of America (Incorporated) with another corporation calling itself the United States of America (Incorporated).

Calling one constitution The Constitution for the united States of America and another constitution The Constitution of the United States of America and still a third constitution The Constitution of the United States --and making sure that this is never explained in any public school in America.

Naming one organization The Internal Revenue Service and another organization the IRS and a third organization THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE and never disclosing who is who, what is what, or why.

Having The United States Treasury Department, Department of The Treasury, US Treasury Department, Treasury Department of the United States, Treasury Department of the United States of America and US TREASURY all sending out official-looking mail and bills to Americans for a hundred years when there hasn't been any actual "treasury" in this country since 1920. 

Calling Territorial Admiralty and Equity Lawyers "Attorneys-at-Law" and Land Lawyers "Counselors-at-Law" and then confusing everyone some more by calling both breeds "lawyers".

The resulting coded language has been called "double-speak" and "legalese" and many other things over the years, including "babble"--- but there is only one conclusion to be drawn and that is that these people are using language to deliberately create confusion and promote crime under the old Roman Maxim of Law "Let him who will be deceived, be deceived." ---- a form of law that is not supposed to be operating on our shores.

That is why one of the most powerful forms of Notice you can give in these courts is the statement on the record that this country operates under the American Common Law and that anyone creating any legal liability will be held accountable for it. 

Now, ask yourselves--- what possible benefit is there to allowing these fraud artists to set up camp (or as they style it, ships in dry dock) on our shores and ply their wares of confusion and deceit throughout America?

How can we possibly hope to run our country properly when at every turn we are hampered in our communications by these endless self-interested deceits?

Our Pilgrim Fathers outlawed these "Masters of Confusion" and forced them to live in their own separate communities.  Since they are plying a foreign and international law that is only supposed to be applied to admiralty and maritime cases--- why not shut down their courts and limit their activities to sea ports and customs houses where they belong? 

Makes sense to me.  They can't speak straight and can't behave themselves, can't keep their paws out of other people's pockets, can't observe the actual limitations of their jurisdiction, can't play fair with the people who place their trust in them---- tell me, what good are they? 

These are not good or honorable men.  These are liars and charlatans playing at childish semantic deceits as grown men, and profiting themselves and their masters by doing so. 

It appears that the only job that they actually do and the only function that they serve is the same one they have performed since the Second Century BC --- collect taxes for the Roman Pontiff and various Monarchs. That is certainly what they have been doing here--- illegally and immorally--- for the past 150 years.

In 1819, our forefathers pushed through an Amendment to the National-level Constitution, prohibiting Bar Attorneys from holding any public office in our government and establishing penalties for them if they do.  The only kind of "Congress" that they can serve in is either the Territorial United States Congress or the Municipal United States Congress.  Just take a minute and count how many Bar Association Members are presently serving in those foreign Congresses in Washington, DC and know-- for sure, nailed to the floor--- that they are not eligible to serve in our actual National Congress.

This illegal, immoral, outrageous, criminal usurpation --- and deliberate confusion resulting in every kind of deceit and breach of trust and constructive fraud known to man --- is what we have been putting up with as it strangles us with illicit "taxes" and impersonates us as "corporate franchises" and shuts down our businesses using unelected unlawful regulatory agencies as a club to stifle competition and undermine our industries and bring our country to its knees for the sake of their lies and greed and gross Dishonor.  

Have you had enough, America?  Are you ready to get up off your duffs, turn off the television, and reclaim your own birthright?  Or are you all going to just sit there while these pirates continue to pillage and plunder all the way to Kansas?
We, at The Living Law Firm, are working hard every day to intercept and put an end to this criminality--- but we can't do it alone. 

And we can't do it without your action and support.  We need you to take action in your own behalf, in your own defense, to reclaim your proper political status as American Nationals --- not "US citizens".  And right after that, we need you to restore and re-organize your county and state assemblies to claim back and properly administer the National-level government you are owed.

Join the National Conference Call hosted by the Michigan General Jural Assembly every Thursday night at 9:00 pm EST for help getting your county and your state fully functioning as the Founders intended.  Call 1-712-770-4160 and use Access Code 226823# to join the conversation.   You can also email MGJA at or call their Hotline from 2-7pm daily, Monday through Thursday at 1-989-450-5522.

We are slogging our way through the equivalent of the trenches-- politically, diplomatically, and in every other way.  It is crucial that we have your support as we move forward to right these wrongs.

Yesterday,  I wrote about a world of peace, reciprocity, and respect, a world in which we all shoulder responsibility for governing ourselves and for doing what is right and what makes logical sense.   Today, I've written about the world we are living in now, where lies flow like water and deceit is common as dirt, where criminals parade around in the robes of judges, and the world is turned upside down.

You have to ask yourselves ---can you spend another year living in fear of your own government?  Or is this the year that you "do something" about it?  If you think the IRS is bad, just wait until their Secondary Creditors -- who have, of course, been lied to, too---storm through the door and start handing you the bill for what these con men have attempted to foist off on the American Public.

We have already seen the First Wave in three states.  It wasn't pretty.  People commonly received bills of over a hundred thousand dollars out of the blue, with a "Pay or Vacate Notice" giving them thirty days to pay or lose their homes. Thank God we had The Living Law Firm set up and ready to go, or these vermin would have stood by and condoned false claims that would have stripped whole counties bare.

Think about that.  We've already faced off attempted "resettlement" of the kind that the rotten British Government used in Ireland in the 1850's. 

And all based on nothing but a pack of lies and twisted words formed in twisted minds.  This is the language and the modus operandi of Hell. Now that you can see it and recognize it for what it is, it's time to get moving.

If you can, please send donations via my PayPal account at: or checks and MoneyOrders can be sent to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.  100% of what I get off of my book sales on Amazon also goes to the cause.

Disclosure 101

You Know Something Is Wrong American Affidavit of Probable Cause

America: Some Assembly Required

Plus assorted transcripts and ephemera are now available at a reasonable price on 

We will soon be publishing an instructional booklet and sample forms that you can use for a variety of purposes including: (1) reclaiming your birthright political status; (2) revoking election to pay federal income taxes; (3) establishing alternative identification for passports and traveling; (4) securing your homes and businesses against foreclosure.

All these issues are very fluid because of the dual bankruptcies that are in play now.  We will do the best we can and update as we go. 

See this article and over 900 others on Anna's website here:

 To support this work look for the PayPal button on this website.


  1. Can we file a lawsuit on Name fraud.....? They do it to us all the time... trade name. Perhaps start Ammendment that all for profits must recognize themselves with Incorporated in their name.

    1. We can do it on any number of issues as long as we do it together as a "class action" suit, so none of us is singled out for "jail"...!! I've mentioned this before but I guess no one is interested, not even judge Anna..!!

    2. Where do I go to claim my birthright political status?? Is it at the county clerk or birth certificate office

  2. PS, still waiting to hear back about help from the theft of my offgrid homestead N of fairbanks with no services and they been sticking me for $4000 in taxes annualy, I'm standing but could use some REAL solidarity... not just lip service.... judge a man by his actions and not his words.... I think you would agree. still waiting.

    1. Renaissance, what kind of help do you need?

  3. I am really looking forward to the instructional booklet!!! THANK YOU and your TEAM!

  4. The Booklet and sample forms will be very welcome. Simplified I hope.

  5. I am so looking forward to the instructional booklet and sample forms May God bless and keep you all for what you are doing for the American people

  6. Really need a copy of the booklet asap!

  7. Bought both previous books from this source and though it pointed out the problems, there was nothing in them as to solutions!!! As was pointed out in earlier posts, hope the forms are to the point and simplified!!!

  8. Unknown, the solution is obvious if you open your spiritual eyes.
    1) the kingdom of God is within you
    2) the first commandment is very vital to understand
    3) Read Mark 10:45 and understand it then refer back to number 2
    Very simple. Man can not govern without God

    1. Blue I'm not the argumentative type. Esp. on matters of religion. However truth stated stands unless it is rebutted. You keep restating this same argument, using only 2 scriptures. I felt as though I had given a pretty good statement of truth and rebutted this argument of yours on Anna's article "The Vengeance of The Lord has come". Perhaps you did not read that response. You certainly did not rebut it, even though it makes this argument of yours a mute point. You have used this same argument now over and over in nearly every article I've read since.
      I would like to challenge you to either explain how this 2 verse argument of yours holds up in the light of just these 7 verses I quoted you, of which the whole of scripture agree, or if you are unable to do so, please abandon this argument as it is incomplete.
      You seem to be hung up about the plurality of God's being. I know that we cannot comprehend the greatness, or complexity of our Creator, we only see through a glass darkly. How can we grasp 3 Beings in One. Remember God said "Let US make man in OUR Image". And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground,(Physical) and He breathed into his nostrils the RUACH,(the Spirit of Life), (Spiritual), and man became a NEPHESH, (a LIVING SOUL), (Soulish). A hard target study of scripture will reveal that each of these 3 seperate parts of man each have 3 functions of their own. The physical body LABORS (All we do) NOURISHES (all we eat or drink), and REST. The SOUL, (the result of the infusion of Spirit into flesh) is Mind, Will and Emotion), and the Spirit functions are Worship, Communion, and Conscience.
      I hope this helps you to understand just a little the Tripartite nature of God, and Man (created in God's Image). The Father, The WORD, and the Holy Spirit are 3 in Heaven that agree in 1.
      You keep saying the New testament is a creation of the Romans, but everything that is revealed in the new testament is hidden in plain site in the Old Testament.
      It is all plain to him that understandeth.

    2. ETT, he clearly shows he is a very confused individual and I believe a mental evaluation would show there is a definite shortcoming. I too have noticed constant repetitiveness, a sort of circular mindset, and lack of comprehension of what others say. Adds to the 'author of confusion' and I have no place in my life for such unproductive chatter that comes from him.

  9. It seems to me rather pointless to "comply" with the "regulations" of a corporation that has no right to exist. If one feels he must "notice" that corporation that their "statutes" don't apply to him, wouldn't an affidavit recorded in the public record suffice? If it is the truth, it cannot be rebutted.

    1. They exist and have power over you only if you let them. You must be strong without being combative but defend yourself when attacked with your intellect when ever possible. Don't go picking a fight as they are ruthless and have no moral or spiritual compass. How do I know this? I did not practice what I preach and challenged the status quo and took a severe pounding but have never ever regretted it. That battle is finished now not just for me but many. If you plan to stop getting driver's licence and registration , you are looking for a fight and must be prepared to suffer the consequences to wit harassment by their police, trips to their courts etc. It can be a lot of fun if you are up for it. Understand that one plus God is a majority once you understand who God is and is not. The first commandment is vital and if you understand it and open your heart to the God within you, He will guide you to the promised land. Works for me. He is very easy to deal with and has only ten laws and all is given. We are at that point now. It will take time for things to normalize and then we will proceed to the seventh day in God's time as God will see that man is good finally. Many will not make it and will be gone eternally. Liberalism/secularism can not be allowed to exist in the seventh day. They know they are finished and are in full power to try and destroy what is left but it is too late. They put their faith in the wrong side.

  10. I read "You Know Something is Wrong When..." last year and passed it on to a young couple in their early twenties who are part of a large social group (offline and on) with whom they planned on sharing it.

  11. God bless you all at the Living Law Firm. Keep up the good fight. Stay vigilant and I'm looking forward to that pamphlet also with the instructions. God speed and God bless.

  12. Perfect timing on the great con....
    “CON” – FUSION

  13. Most or at least many pilots know and are taught on an application for a medical certificate if you have visited a doctor for any reason, if you do not lie you will have your right and privileges deprived, and will be barred from working. All of aviation is controlled by admiralty maritime, so called states simply lined through most aviation laws and it says, "See federal law"
    So the form says is it a 250,000 dollar fine or 10 years in prison for making a false statement. Then is asks if you have seen any medical professionals.
    More than one has been able to work for their entire life by saying no. Saying yes, even if it is the truth is a killer, opens up months, years of harrassment, thousands upon thousands of dollars trying to comply with their game, and all they usually hold against these unforutunate truth tellers is "history of medical evidence" in many cases opinions with no tissue samples or physical evididence of anything amiss, and claim the opinion of a psychologist adminstering paper and computer test has determined you might ( or might not) harm the public in the future. Basically a kind of fancy fortune telling.

    These fortune tellers, who might or might not be accurate in estimating someones future charge a fortune, are non-pilots in most cases and seem to enjoy issuing opinions that deprive others so they cannot work, may lose their home.

    It has nothing to do with actual flying of aircraft. Pilots who have a good record flying and no accidents, safe and likable folks- all of that is ignored, not allowed. They test for the underyling capability they claim not the fact you have actually been performing well, perhaps still are, no connection whatever.
    As Judge Sanders said in Washington State. He said the day was coming when psycho babblers would have men and women jailed not for what they have done but for what they might do.
    Now nearly every town has a "behavior center" welcomed apparently due to the town being filled with adult children who cannot behave. Young ones as well mind you and plenty of powerful brain damaging altering drugs.

    So if you wanna keep flying and have seem a doctor, remember to get approval from the liars, you must lie your self, then you are OK in their eyes. Satan is around all the time, these evil activities go on in plain sight. That is why Jesus said I think that we live not by food alone but every word that comes from our mouth. Before you speak, look within and ask God to be with you as you speak and think.

  14. Anna, you are right on. Confusion seems to be the 'rule of the century' now. But I have to say that even You add to the confusion simply by not giving complete information and leaving way too many open ends.

  15. The ID sounds great but I would highly encourage everyone to get their new NCSN passport which is already available here and now. I just used it to fly to Europe and back without a hitch. Even brought back items US citizens are not allowed to. I just flew through customs and was never even questioned. Even if and when this new ID is available, it will have an incubation time before it is readily accepted, assuming it will be readily accepted.


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