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Thursday, March 29, 2018

The Vengeance of the Lord Has Come

By Anna Von Reitz

Last night Our Father appeared to me in the guise of a young man.  He took me to a place where they were torturing and murdering a child.  This I was forced to watch for a few seconds before He turned me away and said to me, "The vengeance of the Lord has come.  Because they have done these things, I shall cause them pain in their minds and hearts, so that they run mad in the streets and claw at themselves like animals--- but, lo!  They cannot die!

They will throw themselves from the cliffs and drown themselves in the sea, yet find no relief, and in the end, when they have known every pain that they have caused, they shall be burned to plasma ash (reduced to hydrogen atoms). No record of them shall be kept. It will be as if they never were. Even I will not remember them or call their names anymore."

I answered, "The vengeance of the Lord has come. Selah!"

He placed His hand over my eyes and faded the memory of what I had seen to make it bearable for me....

Our Father's mind is always free and open, always ready to be pleased and joyous, forever ready to be delighted, endlessly merciful and generous.  But He is also the Ruler of the Universe, the One who sets the times and spaces, the Soul of Justice and Order. 

As these things come to pass, and we see men and women that we never suspected of such evil struck down in this manner, we will be shocked and may question the Justice of what is being done.  We will also become aware of how numerous and how deceitful they were, putting a fine face on their cruelty and madness, so that nobody should know the depth of their depravity.

Many generations of Mankind have waited and wondered and prayed for the Justice of Our Father, because there was no Justice at the hands of men. Many, many millions of us have suffered and died and lived truncated lives because of this infestation of demons in our midst, demons who have hated us and used us as food.

That time is coming to an end now and Perfect Justice shall be done, far beyond our ability to imagine---or inflict. Those who have been in league with demons and sought their power from them, the liars and the gossips, the cowards who knew and did nothing to end it, those who profited themselves from it, and most of all, those who have worshiped Satan and Lucifer in the dark, will know the Left Hand of God in the days to come. The demons they have fed, will feed upon them.

He has said it and it will be; we shall see it in our days. There is no doubt that what I have seen is in the present time and that His Word is for the present day. There is no more waiting, for Our Father purposes to deliver us, and His Word has been spoken on this day: they are condemned for their evil and the suffering they have caused. Their punishment has been decided and spelled out. They shall be paid back to the full:His hand is stretched out against them. Their hour has finally come.

For the rest of us, it is time, too---time to bow our heads and accept our deliverance and do all that we can to be upright and honest and fearless, to acquit ourselves well, and to show our discernment.  Only those who can discern evil can avoid it, so sharpen your wits and your skills and do your best to endure against it, until the tares among us have been removed and the Earth is at peace again. 

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  1. Choose Jesus Christ, choose repentance, choose Salvation, choose love, choose the will of God. Or, choose the second death. Free will. We all will or have already chosen. Which path? Jesus Christ is the only way out of this hell hole. Choose from the heart.

    1. I mean you no harm nor wish to infect you with doubt but you should open the book to Mark10:45. Read it and reflect on it and ask God to give you discernment to understand it. When you have done this, read the first commandment issued to Moses by creator God the I AM. Anna , I am 100 % convinced you are 100 % correct. It is written, they will want to die but will not be allowed. Their own conscience will attack them so severely and I can hardly wait.

    2. Blue, there is an old saying about the old and new testaments. "The new is in the old concealed, and the old is in the new revealed." Example : Proverbs 30:4 Who hath ascended up into Heaven, or descended? Who hath gathered the wind in His fists? Who hath bound the waters in a garment? Who hath established all the ends of the earth? What is His Name, and what is His SONS NAME, if thou canst tell? ( O.T.)
      Now here is Jesus speaking to Nicodemus: John 4:13-15 And no MAN hath ascended up to heaven, but HE that CAME DOWN from Heaven, even the SON OF MAN which is in Heaven. And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the SON OF MAN be lifted up: That whosoever BELIEVETH IN HIM should not perish but have eternal life.
      You seem to be hung up on the term SON OF MAN, so there you go, Jesus is pretty plain about who that is.
      Jesus also said "Search the scriptures (O.T.) for in them you think you have Eternal life: and they are they which testify of ME". John 5:39, but read vs. 17 - 47 to put this verse into context. He also said in LUKE 10:18 I beheld Satan as lightning fall from Heaven. He would have had to be there to do so. Also John 8:58 Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily (Truly, Truly) I say unto you, before Abraham was I AM. No Jew would say those words I AM because that was the name God told Moses when Moses asked His name. Also Jesus WAS before Abraham.
      And here's just one more for you Mark 12:35-37 (paraphrase) If the scibes say Christ is the son of David, how then does David call Him Lord?
      Christ is concealed all throughout the old testament, and revealed in the new.
      I was like you, back in 75-76. I was a pantheist. I thought God was in All, and that I was as much God as Jesus was. Then through a series of dramatic events, over a period of several months, that no man could have pulled together, Jesus brought me to my knees and appeared to me and spoke the words to me "I AM Jesus, I AM God, all these things you've been into are of the devil".
      Now that's my experience. You may not believe it, but I can not deny it. But I could stay on here all day pointing out to you how the old testament taken in its entirety, plainly reveals everything that Jesus fulfilled by His birth, life, death, and resurrection.
      I'll leave you with this. Luke 24:27 And beginning at Moses and all the prophets,he expounded unto them in ALL the scriptures the things concerning Himself.

    3. thankyou for what you wrote and I am sure it is all true. Even your vision with Jesus. Did he have the wounds from his injuries from the cross. Ie: ankle scars, wound on his right side at the fifth rib where the sword was thrust and indentations in his wrists where the nails were placed?
      The authors of the NT would certainly have used the OT as a guide for if they did not, they would have been exposed. I was told by a real old fellow that it is the same book. Ie: Daniel = revelations. I never said I do not believe in God. I do and I believe in the ten commandments and I believe we will one day be in paradise again. I am reading a book called WHO WROTE THE NEW TESTAMENT the making of the Christian myth. I am seeking as is my right and I shall decide what is my truth which is my right and I am playing it safe by cuddling the creator where many cuddle Jesus because he is the I AM and he is very explicit about the first commandment. I am not a pantheist. Why do you suppose pope Francis said this I an very concerned. It mentions in the book of Daniel about the son of man coming and he will have dominion It does not mention him coming then leaving and coming again. Can you explain that? I am in no way trying to destroy your beliefs, you seem to me to be an aged and wise person. I am aged 67 today is my birthday and I am not a stupid man When I was in grade six I wrote a Provincial iQ test and had the highest score of 63 students. I ran my own business for 39 years, I challenged the status quo in their own courts with success. I an a logical thinker and a multi tasker, I can take that which is in my mind and produce it in the material world. I am seeking as I say, I am curious by nature and I do not need a saviour to die for my sins as I accept responsibility and I do not need a lawyer in their ba al courts. I have been there on a few occasions and have been successful more than not. The New testament certainly confirms a lot that was in the old testament but that can easily done with brilliant writers. You say Jesus said this and Jesus said that but the authors can write that Jesus said and in fact it may be all fiction Just as Pope Francis became a fiction when he chose a name that was not his as do them all. There is one coming , whether he was here before or not, I am still sorting out. For now I will play it safe and go with the God I know. Peace to you Be ever vigilant and above all beware of the serpent as he is very much smarter than most earthly men.

    4. You cannot fool God, yet you are so full of your Self, you think you can with your ''playing it safe' nonsense. Even some of us can see through you; what makes you think you have God bluffed.

    5. Since this site has turned into "calvaltry ", why not just post the entire BIBLE and let people read it and make up their own mind and leave it at that....!! All 300 of them..!! Then maybe we can get back to reality and possibly safe America and ourselves.....i bet that vision you had judge Anna were all from the U.S.....ground zero for perversion of law, crime, LBGT agendas, child abuse and molestation, etc, nauseam...

      I wish (no I pray) that we come to our senses and come together as one voice, to tell out our windows.."I am mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore"..!! We are the only ones capable of doing it..the rest of the public is usuless, like it's been for thousands of years....Judge Anna, you act like it takes millions of dollars to start a let me enlighten you...there is a thing called filing "in puparas "meaning you lack any funds to pay for filings...and we can also file in district court, under "Diversity" of citizenship and therefore our filing is automatic, because we only use "lawful money" and do not recognize their "fiat currency". So if we have to pay anything, we only need a one dollar postal money order which is the closest thing we have to lawful money...But it's far beyond time that we start a class action suit against the BAR...but the best what to do it is like the lions in the jungles do it...they never attack an entire heard...they single out one animal out of the heard that no one cares about, and gang up on him so bad, that he simply gives up...So let's pick on a weak and totally incapable judge that doesn't stand a chance against our barrage and finally get a case for us on the record.. we can even impale a jury to hear all this evidence and SET the rules on what the jury is capable of doing..judging both the law and the facts..!! If your afraid to face down the judge, then I'll do you have no excuse..!! But I won t do it unless there are hundreds of people backing me and I'm naming you as "my investigator" so you can sit right with me in front of the jury and the judge as a silent witness to everything happening and to be an indispensable person to our defense, since you are in charge of all the facts....!! Or sue one person for approving a special passport but refuses to give us instructions on how to do it properly so they are not denied...but let's do something...anything..!! This is not a personal fight...we all want the same things on this site, so we all need to take part in squeezing this person into submission...unless you have a better idea...."unknown" I expect you to show up to. It's time you helped our cause instead of fighting this whole process..!! The whole reason why Rod Class was basically ambushed behind closed doors is because like all patriots he showed up alone how fast things change when we all show up to court with people overflowing into the streets in the hundreds...judical notice will immediately be noticed...its time to act like "Icelanders" and kick some ass in the courts..!! Maybe we will become famous and go down in our new history books as the "Rosa Parks" of our day..!! But not just for one race of people...its for all of us this time...!!! I WILL NOT DO THIS ALONE...SORRY BUT I AM NOT A SACRIFICIAL LAMB...THAT TRAIN HAS LEFT THE STATION...!!

    6. James, two things we all need to know: Any time a loved one is under doctors care or in hospital or undergoing surgery, family members MUST show their serious presense; this lets all caregivers know they are being watched, and not to try any funny stuff, or neglect, or get sloppy, and they must answer to family members. Holds them accountable.
      Secondly, upon death or near death of a loved one, family MUST do the same thing; otherwise the one who is deceased will end up in 'the oven' and potters field.

      So you are right; never show up in court alone, or you will get railroaded. Look at how Bundy finally got free.
      Even if you have to go around and round up total strangers to be in your cheering section.

  2. I bid the most high GOD...the most high speed. Guess he knows when it would be too late for us. That time seems to hang over our heads like a very dark low cloud.

    1. Cheryl, it was never too late for us, it just had to be in God's time and that time is now. You have not a thing to fear. It is called the great and dreadful day of the Lord. Great for the persecuted who held fast but dreadful for those who inflicted so much pain, torture and suffering.

    2. Blue, if you deny Jesus as the Son of God, who is the only name under heaven by which we must be saved, then pray tell me, who is going to save you from this great and dreadful day of the Lord?
      Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. Acts 4:12

  3. OMG Anna,
    what a wonderful summery of Justice!
    Blessings to you and your family! God is good!
    Happy Resurrection day!

  4. Bet this doesn't happen SOON and not in most if not all of OUR Lifetimes, been going on since ages and now it is supposed to come to an end because this person claims they got a "vision"!!!!!! Good for them!!! Hey "Blue" which "version" did you get that quote from, since I use the masonic KJV you constantly rail against and I BET it says the very SAME thing as your version does unless you have one of those "personal" interpretations that most people have.

    1. actually Unknown, I am not a very well read scripture reader but I have the gift of discernment. I have not spent 50 years in bible study as I do not find it all that complicated. But since you asked Mark10:45 is in the KJV 1611 and the first commandment is in Genesis. Jesus never claimed to be a son of God, the Romans did that in 325 ad. Jesus claims he was the son of man. Some of us can think. Some need a saviour to save them and some need a lawyer to represent them in Satan's court. Jesus did not die for your sins as you may believe, you will be held accountable for your own sins. I was brought up as an RC but we were never forced fed the bible. In my simple mind the Bible is the Old Testament and the son of man given dominion is mentioned in Daniel and Malachi mentions the coming of Elijah and I am sure you know the rest. Have you ever wondered why creator God made the first commandment first ? Do you really understand it? Remember the kingdom of God ( not Jesus ) is within. Who has most control over the world ? The Freemasons. I have been told they worship Lucifer. I have been asked to join many times and refused and have been an anarchist since 2002 when I learned the truth. They gave me a severe hard time because of my disobedience. I persevered and have both my integrity and soul in tact. It is not I who had the vision but Anna, I was simply pointing out some truths in what I wrote. Did you bother to check it out or are you like Abby and know it all? You are never too old to learn and no I am definitely some insane bible thumping zealot. I am peaceful and passive but am not one you want to get on the wrong side off. I come in peace but am very capable of doing battle if need be.

    2. bluecollar, do not continue to deceive yourself; you do NOT have any 'gift of discernment'. Perish that foolish thought. You follow after Barbara Thiering, who preaches that Jesus was married, divorced, and married again, and had 4 children. Yet you failed miserable to use your self-deluded 'gift of discernment' to know right there that she is a pure anti-christ and an a-theist. Worse, you show a total lack of understanding of the bible, so you are correct that you have NO zeal for God's Truth. Rather, you are simply a follower of people. FYI, God is called The Father; those of you who use ''Creator' cannot bring yourself to use His correct Name, because you know He is not Your Father.

    3. You shouldn't be here, you appear to be a scoffed of a type, fitting the same types as was in the days before the flood. It is people like you who cause so many to believe they have time to burn & not change their way, nor prepare. It reminds me of the story of the 5 wise and 5 foolish who heard the call, but like you, I'm sure they to believe it was just another cry, "The bridegroom comes," and we all know the end of that story!!!

    4. actually Abby I do not follow after Barbara Thiering as I have yet to get her book. For your information, this is God's name . His words. not mine. Barbara Thiering is a Professor with 30 years of theology teaching behind her (probably 40 by now) and has use the dead sea scrolls and other information not available in 325 ad and compiled what she believes is the truth. I shall read her book and I shall use my discernment ( which is acute and you judge not ) and as always will reject some and may accept some. I did not restrict myself to a book produced in 1611. I have read thousands of books in my search and some contain maybe one or two lines of truth just like the scripture that is written in such a way that the wicked can not understand it. I have found a few lines of truth in the scripture and found it easy to navigate in the book because I do have my spiritual eyes open and my usb cord plugged into the right source, You are over the top lady but you are not alone. I am satisfied that their is a creator and that he only has ten laws and that all is given to be used by us but owned by him. You must be terribly afraid, I can sense the desperation in your writings. You need not worry about me, I come not to cause you angst but in peace. I think BB may be right about you. You are going to be in for a great surprise if you do happen to make it through which seems unlikely at this point. May God bless you and I mean that sincerely. I am not an evil man but very peaceful but will not be led astray by those that are adamant that they and they only are correct. You say the anti Christ is the next spiritual entity to come and will lead for seven years. That does make since in that Jesus Christ himself called him self the son of man. The one you call anti Christ will not be anti God. Besides the Jews disagree with you. They say the one coming is in fact the one expected. He was just trotted out 2 thousand years early and the Jews knew him not. that is why they still maintain the scepter.

    5. bluecollar, the more you post, the more you prove you are totally messed up and beyond repair. That is your problem, not mine; you are one of those that will just learn the hard way, but by then it will be too late. You have no idea what is right or wrong; you are just a bundle of opinion and dangerous to yourself and others.
      I cannot be moved by such unstable folks. What any of you think is of no effect on me; have you not come to that realization yet?

    6. you are like the pot calling the kettle black. You be happy where you are and I see you as the one messed up. Are we both right or both wrong. It is not I who come on here and thrash Anna and he great 40 year research. My opinion does not matter to you nor should it. I can not convert you nor do I desire to as I do not think we would get along well in the same house. By the way, your opinion does not matter to me. I have been on this journey since 16 years and have challenged the ba al system and was successful. I do not dispute there is a son of man coming. It is written so it must be so. I do not think it is written in the OT that he will come then leave then come again.That is not what it says in Daniel now is it? I believe in God, I believe in the 10 commandments, I believe He will give us a second chance at paradise and I am satisfied with that and your opinions are yours and have no bearing on me or what I have come to accept as my truth. You have been warned to judge not, noticed you ignored God's name as he told it to Moses. You see you were proven wrong and ignored it. Could you be wrong in other things as well? There are more people screaming at you than at me. Are they all deceived like you think I am.? I wish you well however and hope you are successful in finding the truth. God knows you have been looking long enough.

    7. Everyone's problem with this issue is that you all think you have some special gift at understanding a book that was purposely made so esoteric that only a tru ely few people in the entire world actually understand it's "TRUE" meaning, without turning to other sources of info that gives credence to the basic tenents of the all like to say it is so easy to understand that you don't need any other knowledge about anything..The bible is the end all to the answers of the universe...chemistry, physics, mathmatics, astrology, evolution, botany, agriculture, psychology, human anatomy and physiology, law, language...and every single subject on earth can simply be found in "THE BIBLE"..!! IDIOTS..!! In order to understand the bible, you need other references and books from professional writers in there subjects that compliment the narrative of the bible...once you have that foundation, people don't stand a chance of denying God....using the tools of modern society and technology is a much better means of converting men to God....Even scientist are admitting it...but all of you do more harm than good at bringing God's purpose to people by constantly using ONLY the bible as a go to it all answer for everything, and showing how smart you are by constantly quoting bible chapters and verse....there are to many religions on earth and cultures that have become thougherly entrenched in their own beliefs to listen to your bullshit...I have made better strides at convincing everyone about God when I tossed it in the trash right in front of them and then said let's strictly talk science and nothing changes people quicker and without the stupid drama created by arguing about a book most people in the world don't believe or have their own version. Your all to lazy to get a degree at a university in biology and to read other books and truely study evolution in depth, and from a professionally taught evolution teacher at a university so you understand it...its time to study every single science that can give you the answers you are looking for instead of trying to interpret words in a book written 2000 years your own research without using the bible and throughing out bible chaps and verses like you were the Pope or Jesus say that God lives in us all, but you offered absolutely no proof of it in science...because he indeed lives within in us all, but not just spiritually, but physiologically....Do you know how me genius...that goes to the rest of you also. I want you to study blue-collar and give me a secular scientific reason why the statement is true, or don't bring up the bible anymore...that also goes for the rest of better be able to back up every chap and verse with a coorisponding scientific reason for that verse or all of you are practicing without a license to preach the good news....I hope this puts an end to this argument so we can focus on a "class action suit" that will shed light to the fraud taking place right now and expose it to the entire world...enough said..!!

    8. James, God never told us to go around and prove the bible is true, but simply preach the word, which is sufficient to convict people of their sin. We are to tell them 2 or 3 times, if the don't listen, then we are to just move on, let them go. But some people's whole reason for living, seems to be just to argue and continue to try to prove themSelves right, so they can feel good about themselves......while they are on that slippery slide down to hell.

      Yes, a class action suit against the BAR is a good one; good place to start. But needs huge publicity for impact.

  5. Well spoken, Anna! Just like the Age of Judgment prophet you are. I have said for many months now: "These evil ones will be written out of the Book of Life" and indeed it is so. Your vision and words resonate as trumpets pealing in the ears of all of us who can hear. Hallelujah! Let Peace and God's Natural Law reign supreme forever!

  6. What I glean from this ARticle and the message in it, is that God has now closed the window on the evil, and they lost their last chance. Just as what happened once God himself shut the door to the Ark and no man could open it. Now they are forever doomed, with no recourse.
    Good riddance to all the garbage; their destination is the lake of fire.

  7. Looking forward to God's kingdom .

  8. Hmm, 1st I've heard of a Thiering believer albeit as a 2nd hand sleight; I'm not, but am positively agnostic on her and Gardner. & tend toward Cunneiform tablets that do tend towards Sitchin IMO;; but any or all that does not affect my belief in Jesus Christ and (H)his mission.

    Am a supporter of Joachim Hagopian and his ongoing writing of: Pedophilia & Empire – Satan, Sodomy, & the Deep State ...promoted by Robert David Steele

    All should and can read chapters so far already written and understand how wide spread child abuse is throughout Human history. Taking care of this problem should be Humanity's first priority and Amen Anna Von Reitz!!!


    1. David I totally agree; the abuse and gross injuries and criminal acts done to children in this world is the most urgent crime of all time. It is so despicable to me that I cannot even think about it or talk about it; gives me nightmares. Children and animals are my first concerns because both are helpless and trusting of adults, only to be taken advantage of.

    2. David, that will never happen until we throw a few judges in jail and wake them up...shock them into obediance...!! The reason the courts didn't listen to or give recourse to judge Anna is because she broke the cardinal rule...never, never try for recourse takes hundreds of people behind you before the courts or anyone else will take notice or obey the rule of law...!!But hey, judge Anna, you made some high profile friends along the way, like the pope and Rothchilds...

  9. Luke 12:56 You hypocrites, you can discern the face of the sky, and of the earth: but how is it that you do not discern this time? [KJV 1611]

    Luke 16:17 And it is easier for heaven and earth to pass, then one title of the law to fail. [KJV 1611]

  10. Absolutely ! The signs of the Times are all present now, all at the same time. Amazing how few know what those signs are, or what Time it is.

  11. What is the ultimate goal of God’s judgment? Is it to kick ass and annihilate the enemies of his people and His?

    Is it to barbecue them for eternity in a fire hotter then then sun and throw the key away?

    Is there a judgment coming on these nihilist? Absolutely.

    But what’s it for Anna? Since you don’t know I will show you God’s divine grace.

    Here is the answer my friends:

    Isa 26:9  …for when thy judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness. 

    So will these evil men and women gnash their teeth some day and wish they had never done what they are doing, you bet they will. But our carnal mind is to pull the trigger and waste them but God said no, I will cause them to repent and bring them back to salvation for when “for when they judgments are in the earth, the inhabitant of the WORLD will learn righteousness”.

    The true God is not a venditive being waiting to smack down mankind like a bug. Think about this folks, since God knows the end from the beginning and He knows what each and everyone of you will do every minute of your life, do you not think he is able to let you fall so you learn the virtuous of life but then pick you up. Cause that’s what a Father does with his children he loves.

    Were any of you to be in their shoes, would you do any different? Some will say yes! No you would not, you would do the same since you would be they.

    Is your vantage point high enough to see this?


    1. DE, what you post here is nothing more than your own opinion and wishful thinking, but you could not be more wrong. God says 'vengeance is Mine saith God, I WILL REPAY'.
      And did you so quickly forget the very message in Anna's 'dream/vision' where she clearly shows the Door is now shut?

      God has no mercy on evil folks; when you all gonna wake up to these truths? Its gonna get real real messy here; the only thing we don't know is just exactly when, but the Wrath of God is going to be poured out and nobody will be able to doubt it.
      I suggest you read the last book of the bible, the book of Revelation.

    2. DEdesign......finally someone got it right...However, I do believe he will target very specific people and says so....those people who have taken very specific vows to keep and tell the truth..!! Instead, they have done just the opposite...They have stolen the keys of "TRUTH and Life" from the people, and set themselves up as GODS amoung us..!! I'm talking about the Pope and it's hierarchy, and some of their priest (some of them are actually good and decent people). Of course, the other ones who have stolen the Truth and reduced people to slavery are the "BANKERS AND THEIR ATTORNEYS" who constantly take advantage of God's people by perverting the LAW using a special language only they were meant to understand...!! Let's face it, we have all done things we aren't proud of and so we all have really fallen short of the kingdom of God, if it weren't for the unselfish act of total uncondition love of "one mans" sacrifice for all of us....Jesus!! And I would like for everyone to think about something while we are at it...we are "Carbon Based Units"...Star Trek used to point that out constantly. Do you all realize the molecular structure of the carbon is composed of 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons. 666. Think about that before we start judging everyone. When he says he lives within us all, he is talking about our DNA which is a code, and within that code lies his "word" written right within that code..its literal..!! Can you image the absolute depravity of man before Jesus arrived, with NO "civil law" to stop them from committing every sort of evil their minds could conceive of...and the "sword" was the answer to everything...!! But should they not be given a chance to repent too. After all , he knew them before they were even born too. His second coming is only to deal with the arrogance of the govt of this world who have become so arrogant about their weapons of mass destruction that they will actually try to use against him ..he will show everyone that God is God, now and forever...!! But as reprehensible as some people are, I think all but the most evil of us will be judged this time around...but it will be a different story once they have experienced the love of God for 1000 years.. After that if they still choose evil, he won t waste anytime at throwing them into the lake of fire..!! But I knew we were to far gone to correct the incredible amount of evil that has to be addressed now, only by God himself..!! For now, it's the people I mentioned that should be shaking in their boots....judges, polititians, and the clergy...God help them..!!

    3. james, people have already made their decision, and if they wanted to repent, they have already had plenty of time to do so. Have you thought how anyone can be gone at any moment? And if that would happen their 'second chance' has been missed.
      It is well before the 1000 yr. reign of Christ that their fate has already been established; NOT after the 1000 yrs.
      Not my opinion, but biblical fact according to scripture.
      Jesus is coming at his Return to earth, TO rule and reign.
      Prior to that, which is the Great Tribulation upon the earth, its purpose IS to remove all evil people and that evil spirit of satan, FROM the I think I've stated before along with some scripture.
      The GT is His punishment upon a human race for their having disobeyed Him and his commands. Its called the Wrath of God.
      He is not coming to say ''lets make a deal' time has passed; ya snooze, ya loose.

  12. Our Creator/Father/Mother/God(Elohim,"I AM THAT I AM")is a God of LOVE. Never any judgment, punishment, or condemnation of any kind - ever. Fear is the opposite of Love. Fear controls - Love sets you free. He has His ways of dealing with 'injustices', but not in this manner. The God of this world, YAHWEH, JEHOVAH, ALLAH, is a god of fear.

  13. Fantastic Abby so you are saying this Scripture is not correct. That God's judgment really is to end life and the world will not learn righteousness.

    Sorry everyone this Scripture is incorrect, God's word cannot be trusted! Abby is right.

    We will not be as lucky as was King Nebuchadnezzar final end for his pridefulness and undermining of God? God in this case ONLY gave this King the spirit of an animal for many years BUT this King and only this King got to learned that it is God that rules amonsgt men and at the end worship God. The rest of the world has no chance of learning righteousness.

    Really seriuosly

    Love Peace and Mercy

    1. DE, I never said God is going to ''end life altogether'. I said he is going to put an end to all the wicked people; that is something everyone ought to be happy about, no? Isn't this entire Forum all about the wickedness by the tyrannical nefarious leaders who have caused the entire Issue that this Forum is all about?? Now, you are getting angry with me because I am telling you God is about to do away with every last one of them and send them to hell?
      Look, I didn't make the 'rules' nor was I privy to designing any of this Plan, but I am a messenger of His Plan, and oh what a Perfect Plan it is. Anyone who doesn't like it, go and complain to the One whose Plan it is.
      Why would anyone want them to get just a slap on the hand, and reap the same reward of eternal life, as those who were not wicked? What kind of Justice is that?
      God's true justice requires them to be held responsible for their actions - - something today's modern world seems to have no regard for; instead preferring to just sweep it all under the rug. The only people who cry out for such leniency are those that are just as guilty.
      But God also provided a Remedy, and man has had the opportunity to avail themselves of it; if they do not, did not take advantage of it, then their fate is their own fault, not the fault of any Messengers who were bold enough to give forewarning.
      You cannot take one line out of scripture and think it comprises the whole. It is the new testament which deals with Today. I happen to have given you scripture which applies; its your job to read before them and after them to get the entire scheme of things. You are quoting out of context, things that do not apply to us today.
      All evildoers know full well they are doing what is unrighteous, unlawful, harmful, crooked, nefarious, etc. They/we are not living in caves, or neanderthals. So stop making excuses for them, its very shallow and cheap.

    2. "But God also provided a Remedy, and man has had the opportunity to avail themselves of it; if they do not, did not take advantage of it, then their fate is their own fault, not the fault of any Messengers who were bold enough to give forewarning." Abby

      This is Entirely Anna's mission and purpose as God's divine messenger/teacher/mentor Abby! The message/teaching that YOU consistently and rudely show absolutely no kindness or consideration for. So what exactly does that make you??? A supporter of God's divine plan and his chosen messenger/teachers or are you going to just stay on this sight and keep slinging your bitter insults At everyone and every little thing Anna says and does. Your own lenses need some cleaning at this point so that maybe you can actually SEE that this IS NOT just about YOU and the "money" you demand Anna should stop allowing those thieves to "dilly dally" with your entitlement so YOU can have your real PROOF in the real world, that Anna IS and the work she and James & living law firm DO on behalf of every living soul on this planet is actually worthy of your praise....for once!!
      What DO YOU DO to support this dovine cause specifically Abby??
      The window is closing Abby....start helping or consider the saying "if you have nothing nice to say...say nothing at all"
      I hope you choose to be kind, grateful and considerste support for ALL on this journey moving forward.
      Much Peace and Love

    3. "You cannot take one line out of scripture and think it comprises the whole. It is the new testament which deals with Today. I happen to have given you scripture which applies; its your job to read before them and after them to get the entire scheme of things." Abby

      Please, please practice what you preach by giving Anna's valuable knowledge shared freely to ALL the exact same courtesy YOU expect.
      Thank you

    4. Wrong! Anna's mission here involves Law, political and governmental injustices. Nothing at all to do with biblical matters, nor has she ever said she is here to save people's souls.
      As I've said, you do not know what is what, your cranial wires are so crossed up that you are beyond understanding. And I mean this seriously. This is why you just cannot comprehend much of anything.
      Anna could mop up a whole town's street with you any time she chooses; so why do you treat her like she needs you to rush to her defense? Don't you realize its obviously butt kissing to get favor toward yourself, and do you think she isn't on to your tactics, Lol.
      Please, please mind your own business. You have absolutely NO advice that is of any value.

    5. It has EVERYTHING to do with spiritual matters. This IS and has ALWAYS been a battle and test upon our very souls Abby, and I'm sorry you don't spiritually SEE the connection. But I think you do, and what I see of you expressed here consistently IS your contempt, and resentment towards Anna and her calling. Are you jealous that God has chosen Anna and not you? It appears so. Seek deeper within Abby and ALL revelations will become clearer.
      Much Love and Peace

    6. And also it appears that my husband and I have made a very significant donation to the cause in the manner of the "Instruction booklet" that will be forthcoming and provided freely to ALL by Anna & team, You are welcome. I will NOT by any way be surprised that YOU will find fault with the process INSTANTLY and let us ALL know how the process doesn't meet up to YOUR level of comprehension or standards. Nothing will change for YOU Abby, if YOU are NOT willing to do the work necessary to change and make ALL corrections needed to be part of the solution vs being part of the problem. Your choice. All complaints and excuses are equal and produce NO fruit!

    7. You are so hilarious; always in a dither, acting like some school marm 'ordering' everybody to ''do their homework or yer gonna smack us with your ruler' Lol.
      Just so happens my Father has my life in very good order; even has a 'new home' already built and ready for me to 'move into' when the time is right. Has made me a plain path, and is 'in charge'; He leads, and I just follow....and doesn't give much homework. All my 'changes' are already done.
      But looks like you havent gotten started on your bossy attitude problem,Lol.

    8. I am sorry
      Forgive me
      thank you
      I love you

    9. blah blah blah with that childish nonsense. A very old worn out tactic.

    10. FYI, there is NO battle on for MY soul, for My Soul is already saved and sanctified and safely in the Hands of my Savior. So You are in a battle all your own, which I do not need to participate in, since this place is not My Home; I'm just passing through for an unspecified length of time. But this is beyond your understanding.

  14. So i guess Paul the worst sinner got off easy and was saved without due punishment in a few second?

    I mean since we are talking new testment.

    Where was God jusdgment
    for this criminal in this case?
    Context again?

    Really seriously Abby?

    AND where do you see me saying they are going to get away with it??


    1. DE, yes Paul was quite a sinner, out to go and kill christians. However, after God knocked him off his horse and blinded him he came to realize his SIN, saw the error of his ungodly ways, and Repented, which caused God to forgive him and wiped away the need for Paul to be punished.

      You see, THAT is the whole purpose of preaching to sinners to Repent, which means to truly see and admit the error of one's ungodly ways, AND then goes and sins no more. They change; actually it is God who literally changes them from the kind of person they WERE to being a totally different kind of person, a godly person.
      ALL their sins of the past, are washed away, and forgotten - - but they are not to go and make accumulate new ones. Scripture proves that as it says ''for now there is no more condemnation for them that are (now) IN Christ Jesus''.
      A true born again christian has NO 'past'. The very words ''born AGAIN' indicates it is the 'first day of the rest of their life''.

    2. DEdesign, did my response answer your ''Paul question'?

  15. Abby you speak of evil doers, this is from another site and tells a lot about who they are You will find fault I am certain but please read it all and do not take anything out of context. I could not put all on here as file is massive beyond 4096 characters.

    In order to do so a general by the name of Serapis declared he wanted to be worshiped as a God; this was the creation of the Jesus Christ concept. The True Royal Bloodline came from Egypt.

    So if I understand this correctly, Jesus was a creation and not in fact a son of God as many cuddle in their hearts and without which you will go to hell. It appears the first commandment was indeed a warning that thou shalt not have any strange gods before me. Jesus being a creation of the dark. There shall be many attack at this summation me thinks. Do not thread on my Jesus , he died for my sins spin.I have been really been getting beat up over my curiosity of the existence of Jesus. Even the first Jesuit pope ever said this We are a very lost species at this point.

    On Fri, Mar 30, 2018 at 4:46 PM, wrote:
    Who Controls your World?

    Power, unfortunately, lies where the wealth is, and, unfortunately, the wealthy just get wealthier. Going back to the 1000s and 1100s AD, we see the accumulation of wealth begin with the Vatican and the Knights Templar. The wealth grew with the Silk Road in the 1200s, and the development of powerful royal families (royalty is bought quite often) in the 1400s of what has been called the Black Nobility, It was composed of wealthy 'families of nobility' mostly from Italy, coincidently, in the area of the Vatican. This wealth, in the modern world, is best understood by reading John Coleman's Committee of 300 which explains the 'extension' of Black Nobility control into today's post feudal Capitalist System which is on the cusp of monopolizing all of the commercial, business and retail world. This was enabled, for the most part by the changes in United States under President Lincoln's administration where corporations were given the legal right to buy shares of other companies to the point where a monopoly existed. Around that time they also ushered in the incorporating of humans into people/citizens, and the humanizing of corporations to the point where they had as many rights as humans.

    1. I already know what actions/activities are considered evil. I don't need to go around and get everybody else's opinion about it.

  16. I agree 100% Anna. GOD has many ways to communicate with His people. The mini Ice-age is another sign of GOD anger on them. Not on us? to some extent yes, but many can still live through SUN simulation technology. The bastards don't have this tech. Hence the crooks will still challenge US to test their Evils. They live among us and they think we're stupid. Please beware, anything important on the Internet, you should want to download now before mid-2018, save important stuffs in your local HD, in case of Grid or Deep state Shut-down our communications. They don't want us to communicate, that way you will remember everything.

    1. Lying is considered to be evil, in Gods view. Anything that is dishonest, so evil doers are not just those in power who do the most horrible things - it includes all mankind.
      Psalms 5:5 tells us that ''God is angry with the wicked all the day long''. He speaks against liars, deceivers, unfaithful, trouble makers, those that preach false gospel, those who are unbelievers, etc. So yes, He is angry with most of mankind, I'd say.
      Take a look at 2 Tim. 3. There is a list of 18 different types of people he is against. Those are all ordinary people.


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