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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Fun Facts to Know and Remember

By Anna Von Reitz

Fun Facts to Know and Remember
1. The rats have amassed unimaginable amounts of money.
2. That money actually belongs to you and to other innocent people worldwide that they have defrauded.
3. They have attempted to claim that you are "lost at sea".
4. Based on that Bushwah, they attempted to claim your entire country was "abandoned" and open for them to claim.
5. There is no reason for anyone to ever suffer any lack.
6. There is no reason for anyone to ever be taxed.
7. This entire Mess is the result of greed and criminality at the highest levels of the Church and the world governments.
8. The banks are trying every trick to hold onto assets that depositors left with them in good faith-- again, using bogus claims of "abandonment".
9. The entire National level of the American Government was usurped by the British in Gross Breach of Trust and Commercial Contract 150 years ago.
10. The British Government has been at the bottom of most of the wars and conflicts in modern times.
11. We have the proof and it is distributed worldwide.
12. The Brits, like the Nazis, always try to burn the books and destroy the records of their evil activities.
13. Serco is at the "US" Patent Office right now trying to scrub the evidence of their infamy out of the records.
14. They can save their digital book burning effort, because we already have it all copied and dispersed.
15. The repeated appearance of "Elders" who are going to save you and make this Mess go away is just a popular "cover story" as is the OPPT---the perps want to roll the World Trust over into another trust and continue to control it by appointing the Trustees.
16. We don't want or need their kind of "Trustees" -- what we need are "Fiduciaries" who serve us, not them.
17. We have it in our power to restore our National government, by reclaiming our birthright political status and assembling our land jurisdiction Counties and States.
18. Until then, the Original International Government Instrumentality, The United States of America (Unincorporated) still stands and is active and has claimed its reversionary trust interest and has placed claim on all assets owed to the American states and people in their behalf.
19. The clock is ticking, Many millions of Americans and billions of people worldwide need to wake up and reclaim their stolen assets and identities.
20. The politicians, the churchmen, the military leaders, the banks--- all need a public shaming for what has been allowed to go on here and throughout the world.
21. Satan's followers, the Apollyon Acolytes, perverts devoted to endless war, who feed on the suffering of others, cannibals who worship the moon, infested the Nazi AND the British leadership during the First and Second World Wars.
22. From there, they came to America via Operation Paperclip and various other programs, where they have infested our military and the Pentagon and the Territorial and Municipal Congresses.
23. These Acolytes of Satan are not men. They are literal evil spirits and they are the cause of the Evil in High Places.
24. Overcoming them requires fearless opposition, but in a dispassionate -- "Get out of here with your nonsense." way, just as Jesus dealt with Satan and with evil spirits. They have to be told to take a hike with real authority.
25. So we have told them and it stands upon the record: when what is true comes, what is false must pass away.
26. So it also stands that Satan has been bound and led away in chains.
27. So it also stands that the claims of the people to inherit their land and their peace and all else that they are owed, has been brought forth and has cured.
28. Therefore, be of good heart and have faith and steer a steady course; they are already defeated.
29. Be watchful and resolute in exposing them at every turn, and in undermining every attempt of The Worm to delude you.
30. Make every trustee, every official, every functionary accountable. Hold their feet to the fire and let them know that you are awake and watching.

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  1. Satan will not be bound in chains and locked up until Jesus returns. So be assured the little bugger is running rampant to this very moment in Time.
    Anyhow, here we have yet another Article which as usual has no bottom line, nor does it tell anything of substance.
    'Make them all accountable and hold their feet to the fire''? Using what?
    ''Anna said so on the internet' is NOT a weapon.

    1. Abby, you are still stuck in 1611. You are a spiritually blind old angry woman and you are 100 % wrong. Read Mark10:45 this is Jesus speaking. Then read the first commandment and realize how stupid you are. You definitely need a saviour to save you at this point due to your lack of discernment. Me thinks it may be too late for you. I know you think of me as ignorant but I assure you I have been compliant to he that created me and have learned to spiritually swim even in the deep end.

  2. Dear Abby I have been reading Judge Anna's posts on here for years and find her to be an incredible source of information and insight as to where we are I also see you always posting comments that ridicule and condemn her Why is that Abby? If you can only find fault with her then why are you continuing to read her posts and commenting?

    1. Likely because she is a shill of some type. LOL...Jesus needn't "return" in order for Satan and his cohorts to be bound-up in their own traps and smitten by the backlash of legions and written out of the Book of Life by God. I crush Satan with one radiant thought, and his shadow-types all scurry away, cowards that they all are.

    2. Great comment Chris...a strong man stands alone while a weak man needs a crowd around him. I see you are a strong man. I can see in their eyes what type of fruit they produce. They run from me too.

    3. Carol, where is my post 'condemning and ridiculing anna'? Where is asking what tools we have to 'hold their feet to the fire' being condemning? Can you not see it is a legitimate question? Or is it that you are just out seeking a ''love fest'?
      And Chris, I see you also have spiritual truth problems, like blue and some others. You give Jesus absolutely no credence whatsoever; I'd be worried if I were in your shoes:

      Rev. 20:1 And I saw an angel come DOWN from heaven, having the KEY of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand.
      2 And he laid hold o the dragon, that old serpent, which is the devil, and satan, and BOUND HIM A THOUSAND YEARS.
      3 And cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him that he should deceive the nations NO more till the thousand years should be fulfilled.....

      This is in the 3rd from the last chapter in the entire bible; none of the book of Rev. end times has begun yet, therefore Anna is incorrect about satan being chained up 'now'. And I am correct is saying he is still running loose, not yet chained up or shut up yet, and that NO man can do it, as we can easily SEE from what God SAYS, HE sends an angel FROM heaven to come DOWN HERE to do it.

      Now if you want to just sit there and defend your lies, and enjoy throwing your mud at this Truthteller, then you will have to answer to God for that 'evil deed'. My Name is well written in the Book of Life regardless of what you do.

    4. Abby, much has happened in this world since the New testament was written and is a creation of the Romans in 325 ad. I do not say Jesus did not exist, but in your own book Mark 10:45 Jesus says he is a son of man. You have a very hard heart and a very negative mind. You do find fault with most every thing Anna writes and if you were not so bitter and read and understand the first commandment and read Mark 10:45 you should be able to see. You must remove the plank in your eye first. It is my understanding that back in the time of Constantine, people were killing each other or their beliefs in whose god was the real god. The NT was a clever way to bring peace at the time and served well and brought us to where we are today. Much great information and knowledge is attributed to being said by Jesus. The Roman's made him god and there were many gods in previous history with the same story line to wit virgin birth etc etc, A modern retelling of an old movie/script. There is but one creator God not three and Jesus never said he was god. Much has happened since 1611 and the world has never been in such chaos. Do you think the creator has been asleep these last 500 years? The devil was let loose for a short time 100 years with no intrusion from God. He was not successful in his free reign to win over the ultimate prize. That time began in 1914 and ended in 2014. their time is up, they know it and are doing everything possible to destroy what is left ans especially God and you with your hard heart are aiding and abetting their end game. You do not have many who follow you on here except for unknown. He also is in denial and I can almost see the blood dripping from his mouth. You both need to do some serious soul searching if you ever want to get free of the shackles that bind you. If you would just plug your spiritual usb cord into the right port, you would see what many on here see. Thou shalt not have any strange gods before me. That is creator God speaking and it is the first commandment for a reason. You can stay liberal if you want and that is your free will. You may even be a republican in your voting but you are liberal in your heart. A true liberal has only 2/3 of their persona. They lack the spiritual port to connect to the divine creator and no power on earth or in heaven can change them. You have been given sound knowledge and can reject it if you wish but it says if you reject knowledge, I will reject you. Being ignorant because you have no access to knowledge is forgivable but having knowledge but being wilfully blind is unacceptable. I have turned 67 today and have led a very interesting life. I was not a pacifist or a compliant slave once I started learning the truth in 2002 after being attacked by my own government on Sept 11/2001 when they bared false witness against me. That as you will recall was the same day the towers were knocked down in New York. I can understand God's frustration with man, many are like autistic children and can not learn. I admire him for his patience, I would never have been this patient that long. There is no cure, there is just going to be separation of the wheat from the chaff and we will move on and those that can not see will be gone. It is that simple. Take a flashlight and a hammer and a few common nails and the KJV and lock yourself in that closet you recently cleaned out and sit there an read and reflect on Mark10:45 and the first commandment and on the book of Daniel and on Malachi. Stay there until you understand then pull the nails and come on down. God is still patiently waiting for you. Why do you hate God so much?

    5. bluecollarman....i hope you didn't say what I thought you said...that Jesus never claimed to be God..On the contrary, that's exactly what he said, and the only one to ever say it compared to all the other false religions....your problem is you do not understand any other dimension except this one which is so limiting, people can be convinced of anything....i hate to say it, but I pray you have a "Near Death Experiance", so you can comment legitimately with firsthand experience to testify truefully...this is why I never get into arguments or even discussions about one on this planet has the faith Jesus always talked about, including his own apostles...Peter couldn't even last 15 sec on the rough waters before crying out to Jesus to help little faith we have and it hasn't even been truely tested yet...!! But it will and soon. Most of you really believe that there will be a "pre-rapture" before the tribulation occurs, which couldn't be further than the truth..I don't even believe in a "mid- tribulation rapture...If I believe a rapture to occur at all it will be a "post- tribulation rapture and not one second before...!! How else can your faith really be tested to its fullest...!! Let's just pretend that I'm right for a minute....bluecollarman, are you prepared to let your family state to death, or live like the animals in the forest with your family, just for refusing the "chip"....i won t believe it till I see it with my own eyes....Look back on Abbys comments a long way back, almost to the beginning when she was Judge Anna's greatest fans and gave her hope...!! She has only recently started this dialog simply out of frustration with a system that will not obey their own "rule of law".. Or aren't we allowed to be human anymore either, and vent once in awhile...!! Everyone needs to grow up...we all have the same enemy, and it's not judge Anna...!! Let's keep that in mind and work together for a solution....all the other patriot sites I visit are working and sharing together for solution instead of ridiculing each other. I learned the Truth about our history on this site, but I learned everything else on those sites when it comes to remedy in the courts or how to handle them....our enemies are out there, not on this site...!!

  3. the mainstream media has awakened.

  4. This comment was meant to be published on an earlier post, but is as relevant as ever on this post
    THE LAW AND YOU by Bill Turner NZ (38min)
    All Laws in “western world” go back to the City of London = (BAR) = Crown Corporation = The Crown = A private business.
    Birth, Deaths & Marriages Registration Act, video @ 10.46 Minute mark.
    Definition: “Birth includes a Still Birth” = The definition defines the meaning of the word in “The Act” = Excludes ALL else = A Death Certificate = Dead Body = Corpse = Corporation = A Fiction = Courts deal with Fictions, if you adopt their scam and play their game.
    Businesses deal in Contracts. “governments” are private business.
    The con is for these business to fool you into contracting with them using words …hence legalese double speak and invitations, like bills to pay, theft via the letterbox using the fake name (the strawman)!
    “Do you understand?” Yes “I understand” ….Bingo, you just contracted = CON-tract = To shrink = You are Charged = (+/-) = Go into Polarity = Energy Potential = Fallen Consciousness = Out of Heart Centre = Neutral = The Father In Me = your own Torial Field = Magnetics = MAG-net-IC = MAGIC net = Your Energy is likely to be extracted as you go into Polarity (+/-) and vulnerable to being drained of your Cosmic Energy where the Father in you doeth the works = Thought/Attention/Mind/Mined = Master or Slave = Neutral (detached) or Polarised (attached). Powered or Powerless.
    All is thought, Energy, Currency, Electrical Charge, liquidity, frozen <32degrees or not 32> degrees, like in Freemasonry rubbish …hence banking/money/police/courts using those “Energy” words.
    Money (phonetics = phoney) = Mon + eye = one eye = if thy eye be single thy being be filled with light = The Father in you = Single pointed (not duality) = heart centred = power point = Master.
    If you say "I have no money", you immediately go into polarity = out of heart centre point = powerless and that is what manifests in your life.
    It is all Energy, flowing or not, Powered, or Not by how you think/act, attached/detached (neutral or polarised) 24/7.
    “CON” – FUSION

    1. Very astute, and very true..Everything is about energy when reduced to its fullest extent.. what else is there...nothing but illusion...!!! Even currency works under the theory of electricity...exactly like a "current"..and the capacitors that store that energy are the BANKS...!!

  5. Disagree in the anti German words , the boloshivic jews.were actually slautering.Christians not a peep out of the reporter from NY TIMES .
    To quote general Mosby was for Jewish hegemony through out the world.

  6. I would like to live in the state of the heart and mind of God. Everything is one, without one there would not be two or any other number. I am one, and from one comes many, not the other way around where from many comes one, one material "false god" I know corporations and some organization is necessary, when used for the good like any tool. What they are not is a being unto themselves, seems to me many are viewing corporations, incorporated and outnumbering nations, and even nations can become false God's rather than the tools they are. Following the truths that are written in the Bible, told to us by tribes and peoples, what we see in nature, all those things that support each other in harmony shows us the way to use our tools. A motto of th Druids, perhaps the real ones, said "Y Gwir Erbyn Y Byd" Truth against the world. Jesus turned down Lucifer's offer ( as an attempted threat of falling off a high mountain was offered ) and turned down being the Prince of the World, the material greed, huge wasteful skyscrapers, skid-rows, corrupted office buildings, anywhere that those who fall pray to Satan, lies and pretendings, illusions and do not rebuke and tell em. "Git the heck on outa here" are. People fear admitting it can get in to them yet todays crazy world does seem to contain evil spirits appearing as people, others have said aliens from a long time past, not from here and rude, corrupted, most likely cast out of there own home but advanced technologically from Earth's people.What they do us so far harmful to most that it seems they cannot be of out species, only similar enough to blend in, perhaps even have children. Giants that blow out the wombs of Earth women the Bible tells us, the fallen angels? Stars falling form the sky to land in Hollywood? A move called "they live" characterizes such foul creatures.
    The sooner it all is in harmony and forgiveness puts the chains of shame, weight of crime and wrongdoing into the sea of forgetfulness and there is no one left blind, the better.

  7. I am a watchful servant of the truth. "alway vigilent"
    was my mantra when I served in public capacity. Now that my service is done I find the remedy of resigning my public office and republicing my name and title as private to be effective. Thank you for your due diligence. I have donated in the past and I find your work to be truly inspiring in both the new and old covenants we face today. It appears nothing has changed in 2000+ years as we are currently under Roman Law if you do not rebut the presumption.


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