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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Names, Capacities, and Jurisdictions

By Anna Von Reitz

People keep stumbling over certain issues related to identity and function in society, yet we are or should all be pretty familiar with these concepts.

A true Proper Name in the English Language can only have two parts for grammatical reasons: John Doe. Prior to the late 18th and 19th century people used either this two-part Proper Name, like John Doe or John Adams or Benjamin Franklin--- or a descriptive name: Anne of Green Gables, Sydney McClure (equals "Sydney of the Clure Clan"), Anna von Reitzensten (equals "Anna from Reitzenstein"), Ole Johnson (equals "Ole John's Son"), Mick the Fishmonger, Emil the Stout, Mark the Younger Scribe, and so on.

In the late 1700's and 1800's the world began to change and the scope of travel and business dealings enlarged. Suddenly, or so it seemed, you could have ten John Browns all living within ten miles of each other, and then what is a poor merchant to do, when he can't tell one "John Brown" from another? The answer was the creation of the Trade Name, which we are all familiar with as a name with one or more middle names: John Michael Doe.

In the rush to very explicitly and uniquely identify themselves, it became fashionable for royals and nobles to have several middle names, usually chosen to honor dead family members or to give equal billing to the maternal line of the family: James Wilmington Clintwood-Smythe, Lorian Faythe Blair, William Perry Pennesfield, Ralph Waldo Emerson, James Wilkes Booth, Louisa Sophia Margaret Olafson, and so on.

John Doe is a Proper Name.
John Michael Doe is a Trade Name.

The Trade Name is the first example we have of a "Capacity Name"--- a name, which when used, indicates the "social capacity" in which one is acting. The use of a middle name expressed in Upper and Lower Case indicates that one is engaging in trade -- unincorporated business of some kind, either local or international. It has also been called the "Public Name" in that this is the name used to identify you for public purposes, as opposed to "Winky-Stinky-Dinkums" or whatever your Mother used to call you at home.

Capacity can be thought of as an occupational or functionary label. The use of a Trade Name identifies you as a Trader, in the same way that using the title "Mister" identifies you as a warrant officer or midshipman in the Queen's Merchant Marines or Navy, respectively, or the label "Bartender" pegs your job at a party.

And as you saw yesterday, other styles of NAMES have been used to indicate other capacities: JOHN MICHAEL DOE is a foreign (Puerto Rican) GRANTOR TRUST, JOHN DOE is a NON-PROFIT CORPORATION (Ward of the State) and JOHN W. DOE is a Domestic (Territorial United States) Transmitting Utility---- all of them feeding off of your natural estate, and none of them belonging to you.

Every time they lay another "moniker" on you, you have a choice, to accept or to refuse "service".

Now, what I suggest is that you add a new Certificate of Assumed Name to the pile every time the crooks come up with a new variation of Name or NAME for you, and you will be seeing plenty of variations as they desperately seek to "get a handle on you," as in a Citizen's Broadband "handle"---a radio nickname.

Just keep on claiming up those variations of your name and keep on smiling. Sooner or later the rats in Whitehall and Washington will realize that their scheme is not being allowed anymore and the cost and burden of constantly trying to dream up and file new paperwork on even a few million names will become utterly insurmountable.

They won't be able to continue on with their fun and games and false legal presumptions and meanwhile, millions more people will wise up and realize what the vermin are doing and take action to defend themselves and their families from this sneaky form of identity theft.

Other than the cost and irritation of adding another Certificate of Assumed Name to your pile of intellectual property assets all properly and permanently domiciled on the land and soil of the state where you were born, there is no cost to you and each time this happens, you gain control of another valuable asset.

The style of the name also indicates the jurisdiction in which it is operating. The Upper and Lower Case Names operate on the International Land Jurisdiction and operate in International Trade. The all-capitals NAMES are all foreign (with respect to us) and are all incorporated franchises of one kind or another, operating in international commerce.

The way to think of this is that Trade Names are "corporate" in the same way that a private business like "Taylor and Jones Clothiers" is "corporate" without being "incorporated". Such businesses operate under complete liability and are privately owned and as such have no obligations and no privileges owed to the public, because they have no public charter.

The NAMED entities by contrast are all franchises incorporated under public charters issued by parent corporations like the "STATE OF ALASKA" and "USA, Inc." and "DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE", and they are publicly owned and owe public duties in exchange for public privileges and benefits --- until such time as they are returned "home" to a permanent domicile on the land and soil of your native birth state, at which time they are "converted", this time lawfully, to the ownership of the actual states and people.

Maxim of Law: "As a thing is bound, so it is unbound."

Your Estates were unlawfully converted into public trust properties. It's up to you to convert them right back to being private property.

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  1. Where do I do a certificate of assume name?? The birth certificate office, I live in Texas I have my live birth certificate and had it authenticated, my name is in Capital first letter and lower casing.

  2. That's it Benjamin Deisralie.and queen Victoria got the ball rolling.derivatives of Thair day.

  3. If one was not born upon an American state, but came here as a child with Canadian parents, how can they best execute a Certificate of Assumed Name with writ of Habeas Corpus?

    All did become U.S. citizens, not comprehending the hidden meaning of that status at the time. Perhaps claiming to be a naturalized Nevadan (ex) by adoption and choice of domicile? His Trade has been primarily upon Nevada except for while away on U.S. Army assignments, which ended decades ago.

    From recent SS pension Clarification/Correction Notice regarding US CITIZEN claim on application and interview with his “original CERTIFICATE OF CITIZENSHIP to “WILLIAM [ALL CAPS MIDDLE LAST]” signed in proper English grammar “William… ”; Stated at the top, “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” is not the same as “UNITED STATES”, although CERTIFICATE also does state “he is now a citizen of the United States of America … and is now in the United States” . Our further studies have revealed 3 separate and distinctive definitions for “United States” per 1945 Supreme Court decision, so we wish to clarify that William still agrees to be a “CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES” per the 3rd definition only: “the collective name for the States which are united by and under the Constitution for the United States of America”. Additionally, William claims to be an American National and Nevadan by choice of living upon Nevada now and for many decades.”

    Does that seem viable verbiage to adapt for Certificate of Assumed Name claim that’s viable and lawful?

  4. Tricia, a NCSN, or non citizen state national, is never in all CAPS or anything of the US, "of" denoting it as a derivative. As former Canadians you are naturalized in the state you have your domicile and inhabit at least 3 years and at least 1 year in your current state according to the naturalization act of 1802 and before the incorporation of1871. You can draw up your own declaration and sign it in front of a notary. Better yet, and in addition to Anna'a paperwork, apply for a NCSN passport as a State Citizen (capital C) submitting your DOS authenticated certificate of US citizenship with your application and ES, or Explanatory Statement of your true status. I got mine at

    1. Thanks much 1FM :-D - very helpful! Seems as a Nevada Citizen by naturalization & notarized Declaration of Naturalization Correction, one gains constitutionally-protected status as a foreign national (with respect to corp[se] US, ie a Nevadan) and could use that Declaration along with Certificate of Assumed Name, Paramount Claim, FSIA Mandatory Ntc. of Liability, all recorded together as Extensions/ Attachments to single document to save recording fees with anna’s GRANTOR/ Grantee cover page on Acknowledgement, Acceptance and Re-Conveyance of Deed with Act of Expatriation, Domicile Declaration and Allegiance, also re-claiming one’s noticed, published, un-rebutted quiet title to one’s land/ house(s) using other recording references to re-establish “continuity of the evidence”.

      Our established “continuity of the evidence” has been denied and “broken” in current DISTRICT COURT case, even by “our” attorney, whereby FNMA now seeks to steal our land/ houses via false claims of OUR “Trespass” upon land we developed and have personal property mfd. homes upon, which we were ordered to leave both behind & vacate the land. :(

      We were denied our paid for Trial by Jury in “Justice Court”. Their claims we’ve consistently rebutted in COURTs and or on the public record, which they seem to ignore and discount, even striking same from COURT record, counting “form” of higher import than our un-rebutted established facts, truth and law. Demand for their credentials has been ignored; they have No Jurisdiction, obviously, & we have consistently challenged same with none established.

    2. Trica, if you are looking to settle a court case, try this very simple and effective method to settle the case. Since the prosecutor, or plaintiff, is bringing in a bond in your name, they are using your equity and as such you have what's called the "right of subrogation." In court just say to the judge: "Are we on the record? Yes? OK, Well before we get started, I have a question. Will the prosecutor (or plaintiff) certify my right of subrogation? And could I have that in writing please?"
      That's it. Now of course they will try to throw you off, get angry or ignore you, but if you keep coming back to your point and stay on it, "Your honor we cannot proceed until the prosecutor (plaintiff) will certify my right of subrogation.", they have no choice because they cannot refuse you your right of subrogation. If they accept, you simply say: "Well then I want this matter set off. Go ahead, you have my authority to take care of it." The judge in the role of trustee will then set off and settle the case. If for whatever reason they refuse to acknowledge your request, you say: "I do not consent to these proceedings. Your offer is not accepted. I do not consent to being the surety for this case and these proceedings. I do believe I have a right of subrogation which is being denied. I demand the bond be immediately brought forward so I can see who will indemnify me if I am damaged." If they still refuse, you say: "Now if we are not going to get this resolved today, then it is clear that I need a motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted because they don't have a claim." This is the simplest and most straightforward solution to most court problems including traffic, child support, mortgage, foreclosure, taxes, criminal matters, etc. that just about anyone can use.
      If you are afraid of saying this in court, then you can simply write a letter to the judge with a copy to the prosecutor, or plaintiff, stating the same things as above. Be sure to send it certified with a return receipt. Also be sure to send it to the judge marked PRIVATE – IN CHAMBERS to make it easier for the judge to process by keeping it off the public record. This is how you turn the court around and you become the plaintiff instead of being the defendant. The reason that this works is because you are the only one that is bringing value or equity into that courtroom and they are using your name and equity to fund their bond which is really your bond. All the rest are just actors in a fiction with no equity whatsoever.
      This also works for past cases where they ruled against you because you never asked for subrogation. This is your right. A famous maxim is: He who does not know his rights, does not have any. And another famous maxim that comes right after that is: He who does not exercise his rights, has none. It is your equity they are using against you until and unless you ask for your right of subrogation.

    3. Freeman
      I have been seeing MANY reports of judges simply denying the request to certify the right of subrogation even after repeated attempts. Prosecutors simply nod their empty heads and the court then railroads the "defendant."

      In other words, they are not following their own law, it's wild west out there. They don't care!!

      Maybe sending request directly to judge will work. Haven't heard tell of anyone doing that. Fingers crossed.

    4. Rog, do you have links to these letters? My position is you either certify my right to subrogation or you don't have a claim and need to dismiss right now.

    5. Freeman, no, they are appearing on various forums and it is almost impossible to find them. If another one pops up I'll let you know. I have seen several complaints of this happening.

    6. Well, Rog, they don't publish any cases where they lose. Only cases where you lose and they win. That's how the just-us system rolls. In the examples I have seen and heard about, the defendant did not push the issue and let the judge walk all over them because they did not know their true position, did not understand surety and did not take a stand. "I WILL NOT BE DENIED!!!" should be the posture here.

    7. It may be they didn't push the issue, hard to tell from some of these accounts. I do remember one where the guy was on top of it and was thrown in the hoosgaw for contempt. If it is that powerful the judge should acquiesce on first attempt.

      Many of these judges do not have oaths on file. So people are going for the bond or insurance through the municipality. It's lawlessness, freeman, and once that starts options are greatly reduced.

    8. Thanks again freeman! In DISTRICT COURT “Hearing” I did claim position of Paramount security interest holder & asked 3 times to settle in chambers as administrator for the NAME, never accomplishing same. Judge still then issued Injunction against US to leave both personal property mfd. houses behind & vacate the land. :( This was even AFTER we showed evidence of their unlawful conversion absent legal or lawful Notice of Sale of larger mfd. home to “real estate” making false statements of “foreclosure” to accomplish same. I did object to the proceedings & stated “I will NOT leave my houses!”, despite risk of arrest for “trespass” if I stood my ground in that manner, as we have been doing for years now.

      Hubby insisted on hiring an atty to counterclaim on our behalf, which has forestalled another eviction & my probable arrest; we stand to gain $300K if our case is successful, which is strong enough for him to appeal this judge’s decision if he rules against US. However “our” atty is now pushing us to vacate by Spring & wait to have our [his] counterclaim settle, even as we now pay $800/ mon. via postal money order “under threat, duress, and coercion, absent contract” to stay on our own allodial patented land (also claimed anna’s Irrevocable Will with UCC Lien against FNMA) in our 2 free & clear mfd. houses we’ve been told we cannot take with us if we leave. I KNOW they win by us “abandoning” our property and homestead, so have no intention to do so. Sheriff agents DID honor our home titles and pending court proceedings, with Trial by Jury right preserved last time eviction was attempted, which was the third attempt.
      Did not know then about right of subrogation, & had not yet filed all anna’s docs. But wouldn’t my initiated dismissal of case via subrogation also mitigate/ negate our counterclaim?

      We did initiate 2 related claims in FEDERAL DISTRICT COURT as Plaintiff, so perhaps one of those may be more appropriate for subrogation and my ordered Re-Conveyance via mail to “judge/ clerk” or Wash. DC BK case anna & team dealt with on behalf of the states and people??

    9. Tricia, you need a backup plan. Yes, you still have to claim your right to subrogation, but you and your husband need a "do not detain" NCSN (non citizen state national) State Citizen passport. I got mine at Then you can send a cease and desist to everyone including the sheriff and file a Mandatory Judicial Notice & Demand for dismissal for lack of jurisdiction with a copy of your passport application and explanatory statement certified by the DOS under seal and signature of the SOS which no judge can argue with. It takes about 3 weeks to get the passport from submission but 8 to 12 weeks to get the certified copy.

  5. Has anyone happened to find the Sessions Law applicable for Certificate of Assumed Name for
    Colorado or Texas? Difficult to locate the exact Law to match Anna's example used for Alaska.

    1. Vayah, just add this to your document:
      "The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States." - Constitution for the united States of America Article 4 Section 2a.
      Covers it all.

    2. Thank you Freeman. My understanding is that the term "citizen" cannot be applied to a sovereign, though I see this is from the organic Constitution.. so if you could give clarification on the term 'citizen' as it applies to now please.

    3. Is it not better to be a People of the Constitution's Preamble, with inalienable rights, than to be a mere Citizen of the 14th Amendment? People of this=American New Mexico State National.(Bill Thornton term). [

    4. Vajra, the Constitution recognizes a State Citizen (capital C) but not a citizen as in US citizen. Big difference.
      Robert, there is no 14th amendment Citizen, only a 14th amendment citizen. You see the difference?

    5. vayah: i would say you are correct, the only time i have seen "sovereign citizen" used "officially" is in "memoirs illustrating the history of jacobinism" (french revolution).

      so, it is a real term for a "republic". it meant if you didnt like what the "legislature" was doing, you could revoke your "consent" and return to "sovereign status"

      some argued that was a good "safety check" on tyranny, others thought what was the point of a legislature if you can "opt out". so, opinions differed.

      it is a real term, but one is either one or the other. saying "i'm a sovereign citizen" is saying "i reserve the right to revoke consent"...if you are at that point, just revoke it, instead of "warning" people.

      saying it to a "judge" or "cop" etc. is meaningless.

      just "fire" them on the spot if you are serious.

      "citizen" is tricky, it generally means municipal/civil law. but it can also mean "membership of a nation and no more" (have to dig up source). and actual state versus "state of x" are different beasts.

      the important thing is have sources for your claims and know why you are claiming such and such.
      some starting points below:
      3A Am Jur 1420, Aliens and Citizens "A person is born subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, for purposes of acquiring citizenship at birth, if this birth occurs in a TERRITORY over which the United States is sovereign"
      A Treatise on citizenship, by birth and by naturalization, with reference to the law of nations, Roman civil law, law of the United States of America, and the law of France; including provisions in the federal Constitution, and in the several state constitutions, in respect of citizenship; together with decisions thereon of the federal and state courts
      pdf page 335 -- state citizenship
      "posterity" is good to be.
      --- "maxim", bouviers 1856
      Jura sanguinis nullo jure civili dirimi possunt. The right of blood and kindred cannot be destroyed by any civil law. Dig. 50, 17, 9; Bacon's Max. Reg. 11.
      Jus superveniens auctori accressit successors. A right owing to a possessor accrues to a successor.
      pdf page 648
      Indiana Digest: Decisions, [1817-1912].

    6. "civil law" is all "foreign" (see title page of bouviers 1856, my hardcopy (reprint) is missing it, but click "database copyright information").

      that is good to know too, re: "municipal citizenship" as well as "civil registration" of births etc.

      also note "several states".

      just that title page speaks volumes.

  6. Here I found this blog it revels all these criminal families involved in politics of course so they can move forward with their sick and twisted agenda.
    Unfortunately it also includes Donald Trump being involved with:

    The Genovese-Gambino owned S&A Concrete were involved in building the Trump Towers in Manhattan. Donald Trump used Roy Cohn as his attorney and Cohn has also worked for former Genovese boss Tony Salerno, Gambino boss Carmine Galante, and John Gotti. Atlantic City was built up by the mafia and is where Trump built his casino. The mafia held one of their earliest meetings there in 1929 known as the Atlantic City Conference including Italian, Jewish, and Irish mafia bosses. Donald Trump purchased part of the property for his casino from the mafia hitman Salvatore Testa. The mafia launder their personal criminal profits through casinos and have run the casinos in Atlantic City since its beginnings. Robert Libutti frequented Trump’s Plaza Hotel and Casino and was an associate of the Gambino crime family and friend of John Gotti. Trump and Libutti can be seen together in video. Robert Libutti’s daughter Edith further revealed his relations with Trump as friends in an interview. Donald Trump is an associate of the Five Families and Philly Mob and Prince Vittorio Emanuele IV of Savoy is the primary owner of the Genovese crime family. The Savoy family has a Savoy-Genovese noble branch and the Savoy family hold the title of Prince of Naples where the Genovese crime boss Vito Genovese was from. Prince Roffredo Gaetani dated Ivana Trump and he is a hidden top owner of the Gambino crime family. Prince Roffredo Gaetani faked his death and has been hiding out in Switzerland with Prince Vittorio. Prince Vittorio has been investigated for racketeering, corruption, and exploitation of prostitution as well as charged with murder in the past. It was the Savoy family that put the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini in power. Atlantic City where Trump owned his casino is mostly controlled by the Philly Mob currently headed up by the mafia boss Joey Merlino.

    According to the 29-count indictment, the Genovese group infiltrated concrete companies to control the construction of high-rise buildings in Manhattan, including Trump Plaza.

    Two months later, Trump Management, represented by Roy M. Cohn, turned around and sued the United States government for $100 million (roughly $500 million in today’s terms), asserting that the charges were “irresponsible and baseless.”

    Gotti was arrested after a year on the lam. His grateful bosses hired lawyer-fixer Roy Cohn to see what he could do, and Cohn could do a lot. He got the case knocked down to attempted manslaughter, and Gotti wound up doing less time for killing – two years – than he had done for a hijacking that involved $7,000 worth of women’s dresses.

    Anthony (Fat Tony) Salerno, the rough-talking, cigar-chomping boss of the Genovese crime family who rose from running numbers in East Harlem to rigging construction bids on Manhattan skyscrapers, died Monday night, Federal prison officials said yesterday.

    Roy M. Cohn, Mr. Salerno’s lawyer, described his client as a “sports gambler.”

    Donald Trump and girlfriend Melania Knauss are joined by Trump’s former wife, Ivana, and her boyfriend, Roffredo Gaetani

    He believes the former prince is the leader of a criminal gang involved with illegal gambling and prostitution and more.


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