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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Bundys, Rod Class, and Michigan General Jural Assembly News

By Anna Von Reitz

1. Regarding the Bundys calling for an American Common Law Court to try their case: 

Everyone who has had a Birth Certificate issued in their NAME has to take action to correct the false legal presumptions that that creates.  

As things stand, the Bundys and the others have never corrected their status and so still stand subject to federal courts. That doesn't mean they can't bring their case to American Common Law Courts, too--- but it doesn't solve the problem, which is federal over-reach and false presumption and racketeering based on falsified public records kept on each one of us.  

Worse, there probably aren't enough people in that county who have corrected their status to form a jury pool of their "peers"---yet.    

There has to be an entire education and organization process to even form the court necessary--- to elect the justices of the peace, to elect a clerk, a bailiff, a bondsmen, a coroner, and most importantly, a sheriff knowledgeable enough and willing to enforce the Public Law.  And Deputies acting in lawful capacity to support him. 

I am not saying that all this shouldn't be done or couldn't be done--- it must be done, and the sooner the better all over this country,  but Trump's Administration also has to co-operate and recognize the proper jurisdiction of the people and the court, which is just as big a problem and educational effort. Yes, most Federales are just as dumb or dumber about all this stuff as we have been. 

Take a deep breath and plod forward---- learning and teaching as you go.  Which reminds me-- this is Thursday.  That means that there is a national conference call sponsored by the Michigan General Jural Assembly tonight

National Conference Call: 9 PM EST, call in number: 1-712-770-4160, access code 226823#.  Help to set up local county jural assemblies at their website:   and via their hotline from 2 to 7 PM ESTMonday through Thursday, at 1-989-450-5522.

2.  The Rod Class Supreme Court victory announced yesterday is important, but not yet getting to what I had hoped--- the constitutionality of the statute.  Instead, this is a preliminary challenge (I knew about it, but thought it had already been resolved) to clear the way to make the constitutional challenge.

Here is the actual meat of the SOTUS decision yesterday:

Held: A guilty plea, by itself, does not bar a federal criminal defendant from challenging the constitutionality of his statute of conviction on direct appeal.

So even if you plead guilty to the facts of a statutory charge, and even if you are a "federal citizen" you can still come back on appeal and challenge the constitutionality of the statute.  That's good to have established and many people who have been railroaded will be able to find their voice again because of it. 

See this article and over 800 others on Anna's website here:
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  1. Concerning all this vast waking up that is anticipated, or that needs to be done - - along with the fact that Trust monies are being deliberately blocked which is needed to set up much of anything - -
    along with the fact that things take too long to finally see any green lights,
    There is another aspect; at the rate of progress, taking decades to move, there will be many many of those well informed folks who will die off. This tells me that it will be very hard to attain a majority of the population to join the Right Side.
    So with that in mind, and knowing now that we probably have at huge number of the younger generations who are anti-american/communist
    while true patriots die off, where does this baby ever get off the ground and actually fly.

    1. Very good point = time is short...
      More and greater outreach sources are needed to awaken the sleepers that the parasites seem timeless~!

    2. Very good point = time is short...
      More and greater outreach sources are needed to awaken the sleepers that the parasites seem timeless~!

  2. Necessity of self-preservation is what will give this wings;

    Maxim - Necessity gives a privilege with reference to private rights. The necessity involved in this maxim is of three kinds, viz.:
    (1) Necessity of self-preservation;
    (2) of obedience; and
    (3) necessity resulting from the act of God, or of a stranger. Noy, Max. 32.

    Necessity has no law. "Necessity shall be a good excuse in our law, and in every other law."

  3. Anna, there is a much easier way to settle court cases whether they be civil or criminal. Since the prosecutor, or plaintiff, is bringing in a bond in your name, they are using your equity and as such you have the right of subrogation. In court just say to the judge, Are we on the record? Yes? OK, Well before we get started, I have a question. Will the prosecutor (or plaintiff) certify my right of subrogation? And could I have that in writing please?
    That's it. Now of course they will try to throw you off, get angry or ignore you, but if you keep coming back to your point and stay on it, "your honor we cannot proceed until the prosecutor (plaintiff) will certify my right of subrogation.", they have no choice and cannot refuse you your right of subrogation. If they accept, you say, well then I want the matter set off. Go ahead. You have my authority to take care of it. If for whatever reason they refuse to acknowledge your request, you say, I do not consent to these proceedings. Your offer is not accepted. I do not consent to being the surety for this case and these proceedings. I do believe I have a right of subrogation which is being denied. I demand the bond be immediately brought forward so I can see who will indemnify me if I am damaged. If they still refuse, you say, now if we are not going to get this resolved today, then it is clear that I need a motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted because they don't have a claim. This is a very simple and straightforward solution to most court problems including foreclosure that just about anyone can use.

    1. 1FreeMan.....i recently received a request from someone on this site I believe that was going through a court case that was looking for help with his case..I told him to ask the judge about your right of "subrogation" and let me know what happens.. Well he went back to court and did exactly that, whereapon, the judge immediately became stupid and asked him "what did you call it"(you already know your on the right track when a judge answers that way.....see what I mean about "liability"..!! If he really had "immunity" he wouldn't have to play games like that.).He had to ask him 3 times about it...maybe 3 times somehow resolves him somehow of liability because I've heard this a lot lately..!! Amyhow, he finally told him you will have to talk to the prosecutor about it when she is here, because she wasn't there that day (supposedly). So, he had to come back another day, and he asked the prosecutor the same question, and what do you think she said..."I've never heard of it your honor"...its the proverbial hot " potato". What I forgot to tell him is to ask for a "dismissal" of the case right then and their, and if he didn t to strongly "OBJECT"..!! So, they gave him another date to return, most likely to figure a way around this now..i already texted him back and told him that I was sorry for see, it's not enough to instruct someone on legal advice, but you have to know and tell a person on how a judge might answer, and instruct them how to proceed when a judge answers like that..!! The judge probably did it on purpose just to see if he would "object" and request a "dismissal" of the case because he already appeared and and was ready, but they werent...too bad!! They were the ones that set the date, not him, so they damn well better be ready, because if there not, it's time to ask for a "dismissal" because of FRCP 12 (b)6..." failure to state a claim, like he said above, unless the court has someone that has a "claim" and will swear to it under oath, where upon you can ask whoever says yes to having a claim (highly unlikely, unless they are still testing you), you can immediately tell the judge, I would like to put this witness under "direct examination" right now to dispose of him!! Watch how fast the claimant backs off..!! Liability, it's a bitch guys..!! But now since he didn't ask for a dismissal, he was ordered to come back..!! At this point I would instruct him to set his own BOND naming the "judge" under subrogation (since he is already in dishonor) and make him liable on the bond. You can fill in his signature because he will never sign it anyway and he's in dishonor. Then go back to court when he was ordered, and file the Bond with the court clerk just before going into court, with a stamped copy of the Bond being introduced as evidence..!! Otherwise, they are trying desperately to start a controversy with him so they can run with it..!! That's why poceedure is so important to know. Yes, your playing their game, but it's the only game they know. You just have to be better at it then them..!! And that takes practice. Not many people can just pick up an instrument and play it fluently!! Know what I mean. He hasn't called me back yet until he shows up to court again..!! Now they are all going to try and figure out what their strategy will be the next time he comes in..!!

    2. James, of course they are going play dumb. Why would they admit to anything? If they play dumb then do what Anna suggested a while back already, demand that they immediately bring forward the bond so you can see who will indemnify you if you are damaged. If they still play dumb, then start explaining to the judge: "Your honor, the plaintiff has a bond which is the surety for this case if the plaintiff loses because the bond does not pay if the plaintiff wins. So I demand that the plaintiff certify my right to subrogation." In your example where the prosecutor pretended he never heard of it, your friend could have said: "Wait a minute here, judge, is the prosecutor saying that he came to court without a bond?" which the P would have had to confirm that he has a bond or he would not be allowed to prosecute the case. Then your friend could have pounced on this and said: "Judge, will the P certify my right to subrogation on that bond? And I would like it in writing please." Now he has admitted there is a bond in play and cannot get away from it unless you let him. And if they still play games. "You honor, we cannot proceed until the P certifies my right of subrogation." If they still will not budge and keep on going, go right into the 5 points and keep repeating your main question and these points:
      1. I do not consent to these proceedings.
      2. Your offer is not accepted.
      3. I do not consent to being surety for this case and these proceedings
      4. I do believe I have a right to subrogation that is being denied.
      5. I demand the bond immediately be brought forward so I can see who will identify me if I am damaged.
      At this point you can make them an offer and say "Well since you now have possession of the securities that are set up for this case, you can use those to go ahead set off the case. You have my permission to take care of it."
      If it still is a mexican standoff, then say: "Now if we're not going to get this matter resolved today, it's clear that I need a motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted because they don't have a claim."
      But you have to force the issue. What if you had a car accident and your insurance refused to pay the claim, you would go ballistic. Well, that is the same attitude we have to have because it is your equity that is funding that bond and you have every right to subrogation on it if, like your car insurance, you make a claim to it. You CANNOT be denied. You can also do this by writing a certified letter to the judge privately in chambers and copy the P. If it is private, it is off the public record and may make it easier for the judge to process. This may overcome the shock and deny effect in public court and you have a record. If he denies, you can now make a public record out of the denial and file for MTD or void judgement in a superior court or even file a criminal complaint for denial of your right of subrogation, due process and conversion of your bond.

    3. MTD...Freeman please explain..!! However, it really depends on the type of charges or if it's a foreclosure....then they won't listen to anyone or anything, especially in Calif. I had a drug case going and the judge knew I was knowedgeable, but there was no way he was going to allow me to get away with it, so he simply had the bailiff take me into custody for 90 days, since that would have been the punishment for a first time offender anyway, and therefore, when they finally released me, I had to come back and sign their paperwork showing that they had covered the performance bond, which the bid bond started, whereupon the only bond left was the payment bond..!! And at the time my Dad was dying and I was going through too much at the time to do anything else about it..i just chucked it up to experience and left it at that..and that was 15 years ago..!!By the way, the drug charge was so minor that the whole thing was ridiculous. The cops showed up at the house at 3am in the morning because our Dad had Alzheimer and we didn t understand the disease enough to understand that his mind was going.. He called the cops because he thought that my brother and me were stealing things from Him like the keys to his car and his checkbook. But my brother later found his keys still in the trunk lock and his check book was on the front seat...But my Dad paid a high price for that mistake too. When He called the police, both of us were sleeping and my Dad was holding a gun that I never knew about. And it was a joke of a gun. A small 22 that was probably 50 years old. But it was enough to draw down on him. He almost lost his life right their and then. They took him too. But to a mental institution for evaluation which he spent almost the same amount of time as me. But that's where we finally got confirmation of his his disease and gave him a prescription for his anger, because he was frustrated that he couldn't remember anything..!! That pill did wonders to calm him down. I wish the doctors would have prescribed that before when we were going with him to his doctor..!! He could have saved all that aggravation if he did..!!

    4. James, MTD = Motion To Dismiss. That's quite a story..Too bad you did not have a NCSN passport back then. They have no jurisdiction over a NCSN, only US citizens.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. 1FreeMan
    How does subrogation work in Tax court when you are the plaintiff?

    1. rdross5, sorry for the late response. In tax court you are a petitioner, not a plaintiff. Tax court is a court of record. You are petitioning (begging) the tax court for relief of your perceived, assumed (assumpsit) and implied burden of taxation. If you are currently in tax court, you are better off using the Texas Republic process to force them to dismiss your case for LOJ outlined here: Links to docs are posted by Paul at the bottom of the page. This would be in addition to Anna's tried and true method of surrendering the fed person and sending copies to both IRS commissioners. I would work both ends to the middle to secure your relief.

  5. I want everyone to be aware that there was a new bill passed by "finCen" that requires a bank to fill out a form, the same time a customer fills out a new account, that ask who is the "benificial" of the account (which has to be at least 25% or more) and who is the designated "entity"(us) starting the account..!! Here is the law that takes affect on the 11th of April of this year. And it only applies to people opening an account after this date. Because if someone is claiming over 25% , he will have to tell you who it is, and they can't hide behind the Corporation name...he has to give his name, ss, and address just like everyone else...that may be the reason why CEO's are stepping down all of a sudden..of course all financial institutions and govt agencies are exempt..!!

    You can do your own research on it..!! But they are naming us as entities(persons/corp/fictions) and it starts by filing something with the "Secretary of STATE " creating a contract with the Corp State, but the real action starts by getting a bank actually says that..!! One thing you guys have to do is stop using bank accounts, unless it is a non interest bearing account...otherwise, that is their main link to your account!!

  6. Thanks a lot, Anna, FreeMan, common law, and James Pansini!

  7. DOCTORS FROM HELL ... TALK PLATELETSFebruary 24, 2018 at 2:59 PM

    Why doesn't the living law firm help me on Gloria's euthanasia case NO. 35763 D.C. No 2:16-cv-00626-JCC U.S Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and use common law to stop doctor assisted suicide and shakeup the world medical community by giving back our right to choose Life over Death and expose the scheme of death with dignity statutes that murder people ahead of their time. Facts were alleged proving all essential elements of my causes for wrongful death and outrage and writ of cert question is whether a patient can be killed involuntarily without informed consent under color of law of death statutes, the answer is no of course, it would move the court to make new rules on the heels of Glucksberg 1997 to make sure nothing like this ever happens again. It would stop illegal DNR and Comfort Care orders that are killing tools to eliminate criminal and civil liability for these foreign corporations who are killing americans and canadians illegally, it's not about compassion but only for their bottom line. Renewing our Government, bringing back sanity and giving people hope for their future and for their children and showing that God works in mysterious ways, that his wonders do really perform, would make our founders and Gloria really smile.
    bobby brown

  8. 1 FreeMan.....thanks for that. I figured it out already, but as far as Irvine is concern, nothing they do is within the law if they want you day, they just knocked down the front door and arrested me and took me in for a blood test because they knew I wasn't on anything because I had a cold. But they know that most drugs have a certain amount of time, at least 3 days, to get out of your body..!! Then after taking my blood, they let me go . 5 hours later they came back and arrested me again and took more blood. But this time they took me to jail. Twice in one day for the same thing, and they made it clear that this is never going to stop until you leave this house and city....a house that was paid for in "full"..!! Supposedly, they told me they were telling me that I was the main topic of discussion at the community meetings who all wanted to know what they were doing about us...the city is worried about us, when their is massive fraud going on, real crimes like murder and false imprisonment (They love that one) , and criminal actions by our own govt spraying chemtrails loaded with all kinds of poisons, genocide, child trafficking....but somehow I'm America's most wanted..!! That's way we have problems in this country. They would rather torment a pre med major who has never committed a crime, for $20 worth of drugs...Smart..!! It was better and less stressful that way fire we came to live with our Dad because of his disease, he told me so many stories about living in Irvine , that I was surprised he still loves their..he was constantly fighting with them. And the feeling was mutual with them. To many patriots, far smarter than me are still sitting in jail just because they kept fighting the system...!! Things only change when people get together in mass to oppose unlawfullfulness..!!

  9. Rod Class falsely that "he won" "his" case at the Supreme Court. But, this is not so. Rod Class played no role whatsoever in the victory of his law firm at the Supreme Court. He was not involved in any way shape or form in that appeal. Instead, Class' law firm merely used his case as a vehicle to change the law on constitutional appeals following guilty pleas in plea agreements (a subject that Class never knew about and never raised anywhere at any time in any case). Do not get fooled. For more, click here.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.



    NOTE: The most complete information on the hoaxes of Deborah Tavares is in the 19th, 22nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th comments here in the following link. Read them. They are simply unbelievable! Below is a summary.

    1. THE NASA WAR DOCUMENT HOAX: In this hoax, Tavares fraudulently claims that the "NASA War Document" is a "secret" or "leaked" government document which she claims "PROVES" that NASA is killing us all (or "PLANS" to kill us all) with horrific, futuristic high-tech weapons in furtherance of the "PLANNED" "extinction of mankind". But, this is not so. The original "NASA War Document" (before Tavares and her partner "MODIFIED" it to fit to the hoax) was a power point presentation which was used as a "visual aid" for an oral presentation that a NASA chief scientist gave at an August 13th-16th, 2001 CONVENTION in Orlando, Florida which was attended by THOUSANDS OF AMERICAN MILITARY CONTRACTORS who develop COUNTERMEASURES (defenses) to potential, theoretical, FUTURE, high-tech weapons that OTHER NATIONS could theoretically develop to use AGAINST the American people (as depicted in the original power point presentation). That means that the horrific, potential, FUTURE, high-tech weapons depicted in the original "NASA War document" WERE NOT weapons that NASA was using "AGAINST" the American people. Instead, they were horrific, potential, theoretical, FUTURE, high-tech weapons that the NASA chief scientist WAS URGING AMERICAN MILITARY CONTRACTORS TO DEVELOP COUNTERMEASURES AGAINST. The original power point presentation WAS NEVER POSTED ON ANY NASA WEBSITE. (So, contrary to Tavares' fraudulent claims, it was never "downloaded" or "leaked" from a NASA website). Instead, the original power point presentation was actually POSTED IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN (without security) on the "Department of DEFENSE Technical INFORMATION Center" website (A PUBLIC WEBSITE) a month BEFORE the 2001 convention at which the NASA chief scientist was scheduled to speak. IT WAS NEVER POSTED ANYWHERE ELSE ON THE WEB. Proof of all the foregoing is provided in the links inside the 19th comment here.

    THE NASA WAR DOCUMENT "CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS" TEST: Do you think that, in principle, it is a good idea for a NASA chief scientist (who has detailed, technological knowledge of potential, theoretical, FUTURE, high-tech weapons that OTHER NATIONS could potentially develop for use AGAINST the American people) TO INFORM American military contractors about such potential, theoretical, FUTURE threats and TO URGE them to develop COUNTERMEASURES against them? In the year 2001, what would have been the best way for NASA's chief scientist to reach thousands of American military contractors TO INFORM them of such potential, theoretical, FUTURE threats and TO URGE them to develop COUNTERMEASURES against them (a national convention of American military contractors perhaps)? Assuming that a NASA chief Scientist was asked to speak at a national convention of such American military contractors and assuming that the whole focus (and theme) of the convention was potential, theoretical, FUTURE, high-tech weapons that OTHER NATIONS could theoretically develop for use against the American people in the FUTURE, do you think that it would be a good idea, in principle, for that NASA chief scientist to prepare a VISUAL AID (like a power point presentation reflecting technical CONCEPTS and DRAWINGS) to use at the convention to VISUALLY ILLUSTRATE such potential, theoretical, FUTURE threats to those in attendance (GIVEN THAT MOST SUCH POTENTIAL, THEORETICAL, FUTURE THREATS DID NOT EXIST IN 2001 TO BE VISUALLY DEPICTED BY PHOTOGRAPHS)?


    2. THE SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS HOAX: In this hoax, Tavares fraudulently claims that "Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars" is another "secret" or "leaked" government document which she claims "PROVES" that the government or the Bilderbergs are killing us all (or "PLAN" to kill us all) with "SILENT WEAPONS" in furtherance of the "PLANNED" "extinction of mankind". But, this is not so. Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars ("SWFQW") is actually a short booklet of political fiction written by Lyle Hartford Van Dyke in 1978-79. (Van Dyke is a convicted felon who spent a decade in federal prison for fraud and for effectively writing checks drawn on his imaginary "trust account at the U.S. Treasury".). SWFQW is not a secret, leaked or suppressed government document. Van Dyke was not a whistle blower. He was a political commentator.

    In 1978-79, Van Dyke wrote and distributed his 44 page document of POLITICAL FICTION entitled, SWFQW. Van Dyke believed (perhaps correctly) that the U.S. had advance knowledge of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and allowed it to happen (killing thousands of American soldiers) in order to draw the U.S. into World War II. Van Dyke was outraged by this perceived treasonous ACT OF WAR BY THE U.S. UPON ITS OWN SOLDIERS and wanted to make the HORRORS of this treasonous act of war PERSONAL to the American public. So, Van Dyke wrote SWFQW and suggested that instead of intentionally killing ITS OWN SOLDIERS in such a treasonous act of war, the U. S. government was intentionally killing ITS OWN CIVILIAN POPULATION in such a treasonous act of war (a clever twist of the perceived facts). (Note that this claim would indeed make the HORRORS of such a "Pearl Harbor-type" war on Americans PERSONAL to the reader.). But, Van Dyke realized that the public would not actually believe his premise (of a U.S. war against the American public) without the presence of the usual weapons of war, like those that were present at Pearl Harbor (armed soldiers, trucks, tanks, planes, ships, missiles, bombs, etc.). So, in writing SWFQW, Van Dyke claimed that the weapons that the U.S. was using in this FICTIONAL war against the American public were high tech weapons that COULD NOT BE SEEN OR HEARD (which TAVARES has recently embellished to mean cell phones, cell towers, WIFI, microwaves, "smart meters", geo-engineering and HAARP, etc.). Because the readers of SWFQW could not actually see or hear any weapons being used against them, Van Dyke's claims appeared to be true. Indeed, because such weapons could not be seen or heard, there was no way to dispute Van Dyke's claims of INVISIBLE & INAUDIBLE weapons. All of this actually made Van Dyke's claims of INVISIBLE & INAUDIBLE weapons MORE (not less) BELIEVABLE to the reader. By using this ruse, VAN DYKE ACTUALLY MADE THE ABSENCE OF WEAPONS EVEN MORE HORRIFYING TO THE READER THAN THEIR PRESENCE WOULD HAVE BEEN. It was absolutely brilliant. Van Dyke openly admits that SWFQW was inspired by an earlier book of POLITICAL FICTION which he greatly admired entitled, "The Report From Iron Mountain" (see below). Van Dyke also openly admits to having incorporated sections of REAL scientific and economic TECHNICAL studies into his work (as did "The Report From Iron Mountain") to make his work appear more authoritative . Finally, Van Dyke openly admits that he created SWFQW to read like an official governmental document (as did "The Report From Iron Mountain") in order to make the HORRORS of the U.S. government waging a covert war against its own citizens APPEAR MORE REAL and therefore more terrifying to the reader. It worked. For proof of all the foregoing, click on the links inside comment 22 here.


    3. THE REPORT FROM IRON MOUNTAIN ON THE POSSIBILITY AND DESIRABILITY FOR PEACE HOAX: In this hoax, Tavares fraudulently also claims that "The Report Form Iron Mountain ON THE POSSIBILITY AND DESIRABILITY FOR PEACE" ("TRFIM") is another "secret" and/or "leaked" and/or "suppressed" government document which she claims "PROVES" that the U.S. government is currently using FAKE WARS AGAINST FAKE ENEMIES to kill us all in furtherance of the "PLANNED" "extinction of mankind". But, none of this is so.

    It was 1968. It was the middle of the Vietnam War. Lewin was critical of U.S. policy because the U.S. had been in an almost perpetual state of war for decades and he believed (perhaps correctly) that the U.S. economy was far too dependent upon military spending. In criticizing this U.S policy, Lewin SARCASTICALLY observed that U.S. policy makers "MUST HAVE BELIEVED THAT THE U.S. COULD NOT AFFORD PEACE" (meaning that if the U.S. was not actually engaged in perpetual wars, the U.S. government and the U.S. economy might actually collapse). Lewin sought to make a MOCKERY of this U.S. war policy and the ABSURDITY of the beliefs that apparently underlie it. Lewin wanted to publically EMBARRASS and HUMILIATE U.S. policy makers who supported a policy of perpetual war and he wanted them to change U.S. policy. So, he wrote "The Report From Iron Mountain ON THE POSSIBILITY AND DESIRABILITY FOR PEACE" (the book's FULL title). (Note that the final seven words to this title reveal Lewin's true thesis statement.). So, in writing TRFIM, Lewin pretended to be an imaginary committee of the U.S. government which pretended to "report" to these very same U.S. policy makers that "PEACE WAS POSSIBLE, BUT NOT DESIRABLE" (hence, the FULL title to Lewin's book). In writing TRFIM (and in pretending to be an imaginary committee of the U.S. government), Lewin pretended to "report" to U.S. policy makers that the U.S. economy was so dependent on perpetual war that if the U.S. ever found itself at peace, IT WOULD ACTUALLY BE FORCED TO CREATE FAKE WARS (called ""credible substitutes"") against FAKE ENEMIES (called "alternative enemies") to prop up the U.S. government and the U.S. economy. (Note here how Lewin MOCKS U.S. policy of perpetual war). Specifically, in writing TRFIM (and in pretending to be an imaginary committee of the U.S. government), Lewin pretended to "report" to U.S. policy makers that if the U.S. ever found itself with the "misfortune of being at peace", it would be forced, for economic reasons, to create FAKE WARS against FAKE ENEMIES, including FAKE "ALIEN LIFE FORMS" (something that Tavares omits about this book in her hoax) and against FAKE "ENVIRONMENTAL CALAMITIES" (which Tavares has recently embellished to mean "global warming", "climate change", "engineered drought", fires, etc.). (Note here how Lewin MOCKS U.S. policy of perpetual war). It was absolutely brilliant. Lewin created TRFIM to read like an official U.S. government committee "REPORT" to U.S. policy makers IN ORDER TO PUBLICALLY EMBARRASS AND HUMILIATE U.S. POLICY MAKERS WHO SUPPORTED PERPETUAL WAR (by making their perpetual war policy appear even MORE ABSURD than it already was). It worked. As if to prove that Lewin was the real author of TRFIM, when an unauthorized publisher re-published his book later without his permission (and without paying him royalties), he actually sued the re-publisher and won a large settlement, something that would have been impossible if the book had actually been written by a REAL "committee of the U. S. government" as Tavares falsely claims. For proof of all of the foregoing, click on the links inside comment 22 here.


    4. THE JUDGE "DALE" HOAX: In the Judge "DALE" Hoax, Tavares, her partner and amateur legal theorist, Rodney "DALE" Class published (online) a series of FAKE "legal" books which revealed FAKE "legal" information WHICH THEY, THEMSELVES ACTUALLY CREATED, but which they fraudulently told the American people were written by a FAKE "retired federal judge" named, Judge "DALE" (which used Rodney "DALE" Class' middle name, "DALE", as an inside joke on the American people). In the Judge "DALE" forgeries, Tavares, her partner and Rodney "DALE" Class (while pretending to be Judge "DALE") made intentionally false and fraudulent claims about the law, the courts, judges and lawyers in an effort to fraudulently incite hatred and violence against INNOCENT Americans. Specifically, in the Judge "DALE" forgeries, Tavares and her partners claimed, among other things, that all governments and all governmental agencies (including the courts) are "PRIVATE, FOR-PROFIT CORPORATIONS" and that all American lawyers are TRAITORS and IMPOSTERS with NO AUTHORITY and NO LICENSE to practice law. This hoax is explained in the 3rd comment here. But, to fully understand the scope of Tavares' fraud in legal matters with her partner and Rodney DALE Class, you must also read the 5th and 6th comments here.

    Of all of Tavares' hoaxes, the "Judge DALE" Hoax is perhaps her most diabolical. As a result of this single hoax, countless thousands of Americans WERE INCITED TO THE POINT OF HATRED AND VIOLENCE against INNOCENT Americans. As a result of this single hoax, countless thousands of Americans have WASTED years of their lives, thousands of dollars of their own money, all of their resources and all of their energy FIGHTING AN IMAGINARY ENEMY (an imaginary "evil" justice system described in her forgeries) which was NOT REAL, using IMAGINARY LAWS (described in her forgeries) which are NOT REAL, by employing the legal teachings of an IMAGINARY "RETIRED FEDERAL JUDGE DALE" (described in her forgeries) who is NOT REAL. As a result of this single hoax, countless thousands of Americans HAVE LOST THEIR OWN COURT CASES and as a result, actually LOST their own time, LOST their own homes, LOST their own property, LOST their own money, LOST their own liberty AND PERHAPS EVEN LOST THEIR OWN LIVES IN RELIANCE UPON THE FALSE LEGAL CLAIMS MADE IN THE "JUDGE DALE" FORGERIES.

    1. snoop4truth, you are the one that is a hoax. You come on here as a first time commenter under a fictitious name as if you have the truth and presume to lecture us? Your name is similar to snopes which is nothing more than another government disinformation group. You are no different. I call you out for the shill that you are. You are dismissed and I hope Paul bans you and blocks you from this group permanently.

    2. 1FreeMan--I agree with you 100% and do hope Paul blocks snoop4truth--who was blocked on another forum I visit. He seems to think REAL LAW is something that belongs to an elite, BAR maggot controlled group.

    3. When you can find the DUNS numbers of these private courts available at Dun and Bradstreet which provides further information to look up the incorporation certificate and who or what filed the application, and subsequent articles of incorporation. Documents do not lie.

      Anna included in her book Disclosure 101 documentation of all the major agencies and each STATE OF STATE and each Major incorporated City DUNS numbers. Othere have also provided the tools to look up theses courts and corporations. Many FICTIONS are incorporated in STATE OF DELAWARE.

      I printed out the Articles of incorporation from the website from SCOTLAND, Briton dba The United States Of America INC.

      Has anyone taken the time to read Agenda 21 and 30. Clear evidence their intent is to decrease the population substantially by whatever means they come up with, which I'm sure will not be disclosed to the public except by Hollywood Fiction Motion Pictures.

      The Law Firm ACTING as the INCORPORATED TOWN OF MILTON, STATE OF DELAWARE, verified by SECRETARY OF STATE Documents, have an EIN number for a typical Corporate Entity like Walmart. These Pirates claim a private charter grants them the power to tax the People and act as a Monopoly providing Services to the people giving them no choice but to be in subject status to be extorted financially. It's all an illusion. They do not have authority over any man who is not their direct employee. There is no Documentation the FICTIONAL law firm has the right to TAX from the land jurisdiction government now on tge shelf. Now they ACT like Tyrants wielding a piece of paper as a sword. Read the Clearfield Doctrine. That is not a made up Document.

      It is up to us to be dilligent. Who would publish a document if it's supposed to be secret. Edward Snowden released information which has been proven to be absolutely true. Rod Class is certainly not the only one providing reference materials. What about the chromium fiasco in California and all the Corporations ACTING as Government, polluting our water with floride and telling the people it's good for you! What about all the corporate agencies ACTING as Health Officials that have drugged our Sons and Daughters for over 40 years, so they struggle to learn to grow emotionally while doped up. A school teacher with a corporate license is given more credibility than mothers and fathers. What about Corporate Health Insurance dictating to Physicians? There is overwhelming evidence about Pearl Harbor and the 911 attacts. There is overwhelming evidence, Cell towers can be used to cause harm to the people. There is a huge movement in California about the harm of smart meters to people. Man ACTING as Government lies to the people all the time so if Rod Class or anyone else embellished to get the attention of the people to warn them, then how did this possibly HARM a FICTION? Turn the damn programming off on tge Boob Tube and research on your own, and by all means do not follow anyone blindly, get a second and third opinion. Look up the actual documents and then inform your brother of the truth. He should be encouraged to verify and validate for themselves. My favorite statement is " Don't believe me, look it up for yourself".

    4. Hello Annie, Genevieve and 1FreeMan,

      I see you guys are interested in the law.

      If you guys ever have a legal question, need legal research done or simply need a copy of a particular law, jus let me know.

      I am always happy to help.

      But, be prepared. I will only provide you with copies of REAL law of the type that is actually used by the courts, the legal system and government.

      I have no access to amateur legal theories (of the type peddled by Rod Class) because they are not part of the REAL law of the type actually used by the courts, the legal system and government.

      Feel free to reach me anytime at

      Ms. Von Reitz also has my contact info.

      All The Best,



    5. THE COURT REGISTRY INVESTMENT SYSTEM HOAX: In this hoax, Tavares and her partners (including Rod Class) fraudulently claim to have "discovered" a "secret" or "leaked" government document which she claims "PROVES" that all of the money that the public pays to the courts for FINES and PENALTIES is forwarded on to the "Federal Reserve" in the same way that she claims that the IRS collects money from the public for INCOME TAXES and forwards it on to the Federal Reserve (thereby attempting to draw a FALSE parallel between the courts and the IRS). In this hoax, Tavares and her partners manufactured a FAKE government document in support of their hoax. BUT, THEY MADE SOME STUPID MISTAKES! Specifically, their FAKE government document reflected a FAKE "CASH FLOW DIAGRAM" purporting to show money flowing from the courts to the "Federal Reserve". But, Tavares and her partners MISTAKENLY used a drawing OF THE "U.S. TREASURY BUILDING" in their FAKE "CASH FLOW DIAGRAM" (mistakenly believing it was a drawing of the "Federal Reserve Building") AND THEY MISTAKENLY LABELED IT "THE FEDERAL RESERVE" (two stupid mistakes that a REAL government document would not contain). (See proof below.). Tavares and her partners actually used this MISTAKE-RIDDLED "CASH FLOW DIAGRAM" as the COVER of their FAKE GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT. (See proof below.). Tavares and her partners ALSO failed to check the lower right hand corner of their COVER page. It was marked page "2". This means that the COVER page of their FAKE government document CAME FROM AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT DOCUMENT which means that THEY ASSEMBLED THEIR FAKE GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT FROM PARTS OF OTHER DOCUMENTS (a stupid mistake that a REAL government document would not contain).

    Unknown to Tavares, a "Court Registry" is simply a court-supervised, "escrow-type" account that is typically operated out of a special office at the court house. Litigants in certain types of RARE cases deposit money into the "court registry" until the end of the case at which time the judge awards ALL OF THE MONEY DEPOSITED IN THE "COURT REGISTRY" to the winning side in the case. SO, ALL OF THE MONEY THAT IS EVER DEPOSITED INTO A "COURT REGISTRY" ONLY GOES TO THE LITIGANTS THEMSELVES AT THE END OF THE CASE (DEPENDING ON WHICH SIDE WINS THE CASE). Thus, a "Court Registry" works exactly like an "escrow account". No court, judge or government agency ever keeps ANY of the money that is ever deposited into any "Court Registry". ONLY THE LITIGANTS THEMSELVES RECEIVE MONEY THAT IS DEPOSITED INTO A "COURT REGISTRY".

    Also unknown to Tavares, a "Court Registry INVESTMENT SYSTEM" is a system by which the government earns SHORT-TERM "INTEREST" ONLY on the short term deposits of money into a "Court Registry". Nothing more.

    The COVER of Tavares' FAKE government document appears on the page actually numbered "5" here. (Note the identity of this website.). NOTE THE PAGE NUMBER "2" IN THE LOWER RIGHT CORNER OF THE COVER PAGE OF THIS FAKE GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT.



    1. Does the court keep the interest made on this ESCROW ACCOUNT? If so they are of course creating yet another Conflict of interest! For a crime to exist the plaintiff must appear. No Attorney can offer testimony on the record with swearing under penalty of perjury, which they never will do. Have yet to see the FAKE STATE OF... ACTING as the accuser of a FAKE CRIME, show up to testify on the record.

    2. Hello Annie,

      Sorry for he delay in responding.

      I just found your question right now.

      This is an excellent question!

      You are paying attention!

      You actually "get it"!

      Yes. The federal court system keeps all of the interest generated from this escrow account, despite that none of the money deposited into the escrow account ever belonged to the federal court system in the first place.

      That is one of two legitimate criticisms of the federal Court Registry Investment System.

      Great question!

      All The Best,





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