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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

AD PROJECTS UPDATE and progress report

Who is Paul Stramer
From Paul Stramer

January 2018 is coming to a close and we have made much progress over the last 3 months. Let's just look at January for a moment.

I am looking at my Aweber autoresponder account and here is what I see. We now have 4312 subscribers just on Anna's list to receive the announcements of her articles the same day they come out.  That list is growing steadily because we are spending lots of money on advertising now. 

We also have other subscribers to a list that is specific to Mint Builder, and the total of the two lists is 4567 people this morning.

When I did a search on Google this morning for 'Anna Von Reitz' I got 5,800,000 results in .48 seconds. That's over 5 and a half million hits with her name in it, in far less than one second.  That compares to just a few months ago, when I would get about 400 thousand hits. This tells me that everything we are doing in the way of promoting these websites is right and working as expected.

In January I spent $799.30 on ads systems to get exposure to the ads on the ad project on this page:

All of that money came from the commissions I am earning on Mint Builder!

What I am saying is that we are pouring almost all the proceeds into more advertising to try to snowball the awareness of Anna's work across the globe.  I also donated $187.50 directly to Anna, with more to come when we get paid toward the end of the month.

By using those ads we create curiosity, not only for people who want the truth about the fraud we have been subjected to, but to many more who are thinking of ways to augment their financial welfare and have not yet been made aware of Anna's work. Go ahead and click on some of those bigger ads and see that they take you to various movies, and then to a form.

The idea is to bring those who are looking for ways to survive the problems we all have been subjected to by out-of-control government agents and tax collectors by helping their finances, and then making them aware of Anna's work also, for long range answers.

When they read the ads, then watch a movie about the subject they are interested in, they are taken to a form where they can get more information by giving us their name and email address, and then to a website where they get the details. The system then starts sending out introductory emails and links to specific information where they can participate in several ways to spread Anna's words around the world, and also to earn some silver and gold if they have a mind to.

We don't try to sell anyone on those ideas, but we do present the information in such a way they can be well informed and make some good decisions according to their own situation and understanding.

We are not calling anyone on the phone, or trying to browbeat anyone to buy anything. We present volumes of information and let people sort themselves out about what they want. The automated systems do the sifting and sorting, and the people using them make all the decisions. The user is in the driver's seat.

The advertising we are doing on these systems with the ads in the link above are on a page on my server here:   These systems are owned and operated by many different people who are all involved in Internet marketing full time. I have used their systems for years. These are just the beginning of systems we can use out there.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.  Just do more of it.

We would like to double, and then triple our advertising budget in 2018.  If we are going to win the battle for freedom and against the cabal who have their hands around our throat, we need to do more.

Those of you who are doing the autoship on Mint Builder are doing your part. Thank God for your participation. May you be richly rewarded in this life and the next for that. I hope you end up with lots of silver and gold in the process.

Many of our subscribers have not been able to contribute to these projects. To help that I have created a subscription form where you can set up an automatic payment through PayPal for just $5 per month, or more if you can afford it. The thinking is that we can grow this ad campaign exponentially by dropping the contribution amount to something almost everyone can afford.  Think of the advertising we could do for Anna if everyone on her list donated just $5 each month.

Take a look near the top of the ad page.

You do not need to have a PayPal account to use it.

If you want to get involved with an option of earning some gold and silver while supporting Anna's work at the same time:

God Bless you all for everything you have done to support us over the last 3 years. Together we can get a lot more truth to a lot more people.

Paul Stramer   406 889 3183  or

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