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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

A Great Big Fat Misunderstanding

By Anna Von Reitz

I can't sugar-coat this or make it easier for anyone, so I am just going to say it flat out: we've been duped----by our own employees and by our own ignorance of what our employees have been doing behind our backs for decades.  

We've been occupied --- by our own army.  

We've been pillaged and press-ganged and kidnapped into foreign jurisdictions, and once there, we've been railroaded through foreign British Equity Courts, which are rigged by definition.  

Okay?  It's really that simple. We've been shanghaied-- by legal chicanery-- and all without appearing to go anywhere at all. 

It's up to us to take control of the situation and sort it out, as the actual owner-operators of this whole shebang.  

Just so you know, just so somebody finally tells you..... 

We are the "Foreign Sovereigns" referred to in the Foreign Sovereigns Immunity Act. Subsections 1605 and 1607 are crucial....  

We have to identify ourselves as Foreign Sovereigns owed all exemptions and immunity the moment these jokers approach us, the moment one of their courts sends us a summons, the moment they dare to say anything whatsoever at all--and the next words out of your mouth should be:  

"Who gave you permission to address me?"

"I am your employer, so that's my role.  What's yours, if it's not to serve me?" 

That's Job One. And we have to be prepared to make it stick, by being able to prove who we are.  

So have those Birth Certificates ready and make sure you tell them that you have your "indemnity receipt"---the BC, which the military had to issue when they seized upon your name and estate and kidnapped you into their foreign British Territorial United States of America jurisdiction back when you were just a poor defenseless little baby in your cradle. 

Well, Bob, you're not defenseless now.... you're part of the Jump Team.  

The BC is proof of what they did--that they conscripted your name and estate.  It is also proof that someone who just happens to have your Given Name  and who was born in the same place at the same time and to the same parents as you were--- is insured up the ying-yang against loss or damage and is naturally EXEMPT and immune from all their BS.  

Military veterans?  Have your DD214's and your Notice of Return to Original Status in place.  These vermin have kept you in the service long after you were supposed to be mustered out, so they could keep on dinging you and charging you and taxing you and pulling your gig lines long, long after they were supposed to send you home.  

This Notice of Return to Original Status is just a little letter that you send the head of your former Branch of Service informing him that you retired from the military and have been officially discharged and returned to your birthright political status.  Thank you the FC very much.  Include a plain black and white copy of your DD214 and rivet or triple staple it to your Notice of Return to Original Status to make it all official.  

It's not enough to be "Honorably Discharged".  

You have to send them their very own special Official Notice in your own handwriting by Registered Mail, Return Receipt Requested, telling them for sure that you left their jurisdiction as of the date of discharge clearly shown on the accompanying DD214.  

I swear to God, I couldn't make this up.   They have found ways of discharging you --without actually discharging you-- from military service.  You are being kept on as unpaid volunteers and subjected to military law, just as if you were a Buck Private in your tidy whites forever and ever.    

Ever watch suckling pigs in action?  One piglet will shoulder out another and around and around it goes, in a game of musical nipples, each little porker nuzzling in to get his share.  That's all innocent enough, but it neatly demonstrates the Principle of the Middleman.  He also shoulders his way in and gets between you and your share, and that's what has been done here to our veterans. 

What are you due as a veteran?  Your freedom.  Your sovereignty, which you earned.  All your rights.  All your heirlooms.   All the rents and leases you are owed.  

Your stock portfolio, yeah, your stock in The Company--- should be yours to do with what you will, buy, sell, or trade, but they won't tell you that.  You have to come back through the door wearing your Foreign Sovereign's hat.  

[Lady Flamolare del Chesa wears purple and red, stiletto heels, and a Foreign Sovereign's hat with black ostrich plumes....she's hard to miss, and Lord knows, no man is safe with her around bellowing orders on the tarmac....]

Your soil, your home free and clear, your cut of the Real Deal should all be given to you, no questions asked, but certain parties have found no end of excuses, reasons why they should benefit themselves, instead of dealing honestly with you. 

Did you know that our military veterans are literal sovereigns in their own right? Did you know that "We, the People" translates as "We, the Militia"?   The Founders of this country set it up so that the men and women who defend it are the ones who own it.  Imagine that?  Literally.  For real.  

The more we find out as we go down these rabbit holes, the more disgusted I get, the more nauseating the stench of corruption gets. 

I want you to understand why I am so angry, so totally fed up, why I am sometimes left speechless as I grind my way through the bureaucratic nightmare blithely called "the federal government".    

Vast resources, (asset pools, credit, stocks, bonds, silver, gold--- you name it), belong to our veterans as part of their inheritance as Americans and also as individuals who served this country, and there is no way to put this nicely--- they are being grossly, infamously cheated out of what is theirs. 

These assets are being managed "for" them in generation skipping trusts and tax shelters and sheltered stock portfolio private investor association multiplex funds....oh, the very best, very sneakiest lawyers and bankers have been hired to make sure that all this wealth belonging to our veterans is safeguarded---from the veterans, that is. 

The problem is that the middlemen and politicians sucking off these funds are rich, fat, and powerful, while the men and women these assets actually belong to go without even a decent modicum of comfort and support.  

Not even a reasonable amount of the interest is being made available to the people these assets actually belong to.  

Every veteran in this country is in fact a millionaire and many are billionaires. Yet they are losing their homes to illegal foreclosures.  They can't pay their child support.  They aren't getting the medical treatment they deserve.  They aren't getting the physical therapy and mental health support they need.  They don't have the means to go back to school. They can't get private in-house care for drug and alcohol addictions. They can't afford a two-week vacation. 

The long list goes on.... and there's no excuse for it.  No reason for it.  It is absolutely nothing but pure runaway greed and callous, selfish, criminal mismanagement by federal officials and politicians. 

Imagine the scene.  I walk into a "government" office in sunny California.  My jaw is set.  I stare at the leggy secretary in a way that makes her sit up straight and stare back at me. "I am here to see Mr. _______."  Blink-blink.  Do I have an appointment?  No, but he will see me.  Here's my card. 

His face is absolutely white. Drained of all color.  He can't look me in the face.  

"This is all a great, big, fat misunderstanding....." he stammers. 

But even he doesn't begin to realize just how big and fat a misunderstanding it really is.   He just sees his part of it.  His program.  His few trillion dollars stashed in "external investment management portfolios".  

My guys deploy.  They are thin and swift as greyhounds. A few zip drives later and we are walking out, then scattering to the four winds of heaven.  By nightfall, the evidence is recorded on all seven continents.  

And late in the night I am alone, my thumb on the scroll button watching the spreadsheets roll......thousands upon thousands upon thousands of accounts belonging to American veterans who have been cheated out of everything including their own names, by hordes of scheming little white collar Ivy League scumbags who all dodged the draft and God knows, would never volunteer to serve. 

Now, imagine an Avenging Angel.  

Imagine the curtain in the temple torn asunder.  Imagine the divine power pouring through you, pure, eternal, unstoppable.....power to do anything, move any mountain, meet any challenge, overcome any obstacle. 

Ride the Divine Wind.  It's your inheritance.  Your country. 

It's time to get Highly Motivated, Gentlemen. 

Time to hike your skirts, Ladies. 

O-Dark-Thirty in Alaska, ten plus O-Dark-Thirty in Rome, nine plus in London. 

If the politicians have any trouble understanding who you are, or the bankers, or the lawyers, or the priests, just lean in real close to their ears and say, "I'm the missing foreign sovereign." 

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  1. I was starting to "believe" this article till we got to the "telling part" and it was the unverified statement, as usual, "We, the People, 'translates as, "we the militia"!!! REALLY!!!??? So ALL of the people in this country when it was formed had NO "rights, privileges, property, Constitution, etc. etc. unless they were/are part of the "militia"!!!??? Again, another unverified non-sourced statement from Anna. This is as bad as "human=HUE-MAN=MONSTER" or "all white people had their 'whipping boy' that poor black slave that took the beating that the white guy deserved" etc. etc. etc. But to PROVE my point, let's see if what Queen Ann's "definition" of "We the People" is correct!?
    What does we the people mean?
    "We the People" in the constitution means, "Us, the citizens of the United States of America". I just googled this and sure enough, this "definition" does not match what we were given. Another bald faced error that discredits everything else she writes.

    1. For all those who want proof in the founding documents go to and look at what the Definitive Treaty of Peace (1783) which ended the Revolutionary War reveals: two populations. One population known as the "free, sovereign, and independent people of the United States" and the other known as "inhabitants"---- British Subjects left here to provide "essential government services."

      No doubt: there are two governments in America, one British, one American. There are two populaces in America---- one of British Subjects, one of American State nationals.

      No one can save you, only you can if you wish.

    2. ok so look up the meaning in blacks law.the first sentence says. Militia, the body of citizens in a state, enrolled for discipline as a military force. but not engaged in actual service except in emergencies. aside

    3. If you ask me, it is only "common sense" th add t the people who put their butts on the line to keep it free deserve "Soverign Status". I've said it before, why should the 1% of us constantly be fighting for the freedoms of everyone sitting around watching Monday night football while some good patriot is sitting in jail because all he was looking for was REMEDY and to get the court to realize they aren't playing fair....!!!

    4. we the people that fill the militias .it's all in the original intent of the words.
      Do you also dout. the existence of trust accounts ? I got news for you
      Many have already gained control of them.

    5. UNKNOWN:

      if anna and others say something, they likely have a source, even if they dont list it every time.

      i just looked up "militia" in my index of

      that was quick. page 210. footnotes mention federalist numbers 4/25/28/29/41/45/46/56/69 as proof of the founding fathers' common law-style definition of "militia"

      "organized militia" means "called out" and "unorganized" means "not called out"

      in either case, able-bodied male citizens ages 18-45 are "the militia" whether currently "called out" or not.

      "congress" sets the standards whereby they can be "called out" and the "president" can choose to "call them out" if such conditions are met.

      easily enough, further verification:

      In many cases, when an offence is committed within the hundred, the inhabitants are civilly responsible to the party injured.

      (in other words, the local militia of the "hundred" is supposed to keep any "mob" from running amok)
      see also*&Query=wapentake

      The Stranger: I'd like rifles and ammunition for everyone in the regiment.
      Gunsmith: What regiment?
      The Stranger: The city of Lago volunteer force
      Gunsmith: Never heard of it
      The Stranger: Well you should have because your in it.

    6. UNKNOWN: also, according to

      (484 pages, with sources)

      "we the people" means "we were supposed to amend the articles of confederation, and get the existing state legislatures to ratify our changes, but then we decided to swear ourselves to secrecy, and create a much-expanded consolidated government"

      "we the people" was a way to work around having to get state legislatures to approve things, as originally required...instead, we made up our own rule that a certain number of states was sufficient, and who is going to against the will of "we the people" ?

      if things did not get approved by "we the people", general washington had all records of our closed-door meetings, and could deny we tried to go further than our delegated, limited aims.

      upon success, after we all died, the records of the meetings could be released.

      also, all except rhode island had various religious oaths at the level of state government, so we wanted to get rid of those at the new level.
      i am not saying that is a bad thing, but a true "christian nation" or any other "religion" would seemingly require an "oath".

      saying "in god we trust" means nothing if there is no "excommunication" for breaking the oath -- there is no enforcement.

      if people want any kind of "religious nation" then some type of "oaths" seem mandatory, at some level. i am not saying that would be a good or bad thing, but makes sense to me.

      no oaths, no enforcement, no "excommunication" for violation of oaths, seems to guarantee that all of society, "government" and non-"government" alike, will drift towards "secularism" and any "religious" forces will always be outpowered.

      i am not defending the prior "religious oaths" system, but i can see how author would call the constitutional convention a silent coup detat, that all except rhode island possibly did not know what they were getting into.

    7. Kelli, why can't you just go do your own thing, and let others do whatever it is they do.....without your constant vile name-calling. Do you think You are the only one who has a right to speak their mind. You display such an insatiable need to Control people and seem to relish in stomping people into the ground every chance you get.

    8. My "thing" is to support and defend the Truth and our Lawful/legal Cause against ALL Fictitious ignorant claims/statements being made by hidden Fictitious characters "assuming" to have any REAL knowledge of the truth. That is my righteous truth, responsibility and "thing" I do. No permission or acceptance needed.

    9. Kelli, you don't need combat boots, and you don 't need to stomp people into the ground, and you don't need to talk down to those you consider to be 'beneath yourSelf'. Maybe you ought to spend a little time polishing up your language and approach. There is no righteousness in all your insulting name calling and accusations.

  2. As a homeless veteran (and victim of an illegal foreclosure), I’d like to see this happen. So, how will this work? I print up my identity card (“I’m the missing foreign sovereign”), and, along with a legion of others, we walk into “government offices” across the country (or across the planet), and plug flash drives into “government” computers, download the data of the funds (assuming we are invited to do so and not escorted off the premises by Security or arrested). Then what? Where do we deliver the data, and how are these funds to be equitably distributed? To whom do we send an invoice? This may be a just result, but I’d like to see a realistic plan of action to turn this sci-fi scenario into reality. After some thought, I can see a similar scenario taking place, after re-occupying our unincorporated government offices and performing an audit and asset seizure via our reestablished common-Law court system. Anna?

    1. Jay Spencer: How about sharing your downloaded data, for multilevel security protection? You might be able to share it through MS One-drive, which I think it is less restrictive than other DS-controlled medias. One or more people will go after them for common Justice, and equitable sharing.

    2. Look guys , one thing judge Anna didn't mention is that it isn t just our country that this fraud affected. It affected the entire world.. And if we decide to break free of these bankers, don't you think the word would get around to the other countries via the worldwide web!! Pretty soon everyone will want to break free and live again....and we already know the depth of their depravity has no bounds....They actually think that for whatever reason, they were chosen to be our taskmasters because of their superior bloodline and intelligence...!! How come Bill Gates didn t think of "commercial instraments"...because he never understood money either..!! All that intelligence in electronics and absolutely no clue how currency works.....hes no smarter than the average moron when it comes to the scheme of "SECURED transactions"...that is completely foreign to him....!! I just wrote to Trump again and told him before you build your WALL you first have to bring down our own WALL...our judges and all unlawfully unregistered foreign agents working for foreign principals...otherwise all the good you think you are accomplishing, will immediately be undone by them if you don't address it right now, while you are still in office, because once your out, you will be free game for all those people you passed off, with a more than willing traitorist judges and courts to bury you and your family to get even with you...!!

    3. James, what was his Site again; I seem to have misplaced it.

      It is pretty much a given, that the ONLY reason the demorats want amnesty and daca and no wall, is to bring in as many as they can, JUST for their votes. This is what those communists/dems are up to, and thats the basic reason why they are against trump; what a sick bunch sitting there on the left aisle last night.
      I was also ready to thrown rotten eggs on joe kennedy III with his sickening rhetoric speech after the Union address last night. Isn't it strange how they blow the trumpets for blacks, yet they all wall themselves off from them, where they themselves live. What hypocrisy is that, LOL.

    4. Jay, there is no reason why veterans should be homeless. Have you gone to your nearest Dept. of Veterans Affairs facility and asked them to make a path to housing for Veterans? They should be able to point you to the helpful Organization in your state and get you housed.
      We have such a veteran here in my small apt. complex and the apartment is very very nice, homey and safe. You may have to get insistant and don't take no for an answer.

  3. I agree and love Judge Anna 100%, she has experience, She did her due diligence, and I did mine with thousands of evidence. Today evidences are hidden from you, the perpetrators encrypt/hide all SEC filings, legal records to conceal their GREAT FRAUD, using new and cryptic terms to prevent the unwise from seeing the truth. Ie: Your HJR 192 is an active law, they hide it under Title 31, section 3123 under “Act of June 5, 1933”. Please do yourself a favor, make a copy of it while it's available. The Thieves rely on their imposture Labeled “Courts, Law, Authorities, Sheriffs, etc..” that they created long ago to deceive and railroad us forever like challenging us to “Go ahead and see if you can catch up with us”.

    What did the bible tell you for your protection? Look at the signs. If you are unable to interpret the heaven signs then look at the flock of people. The bible also says something like this: “The road to heaven is (abrupt and thorny)”, so if you follow the norm, you follow the wrong path. She is a real Judge, regardless of her official status, experience matters. Those imposture officers and clerks are unqualified, dishonest, in violation of Constitution and law. Cheers!

  4. Judge Anna: Even after reclaiming our birth rights, BC correction,etc the crooks still call our legal rights as scamming rights, by jailing innocent employers. That's why nothing works, we need to fire all of our misbehaved employees.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. We don't need a rah-rah session, we need the actual info & ammo ourselves. And some of us still depend on govt benefits to survive, so telling us where the money is that we can claim would be a big help before doing anything rash. We KNOW we've been taken advantage of by our presumptive slave-masters, the issue is WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT. So you showed them your common-law judge card Anna? Did you print that yourself and how do you make them takes it seriously? Also there are other foreign sovereigns completely unlike you who are participating the pillaging; privates and privateers.

    2. There are pains in surgery. Some still don't know they've been taken advantage of. We shouldn't show all our game plan here, the DS is watching. That's why I asked Jay Spencer to duplicate remedies for security purpose, so others to carry on just in case.

      You know it, vast majority don't. These three facts are what the thieves play on innocents:

      1) Ignorare legis est lata culpa. To be ignorant of the law is gross neglect of it.

      2) Absentern accipere debemus eum qui non est eo loco in quo petitur. We must consider a person absent who is not in that place in which he is sought.

      3) Even if he appeals, we will derail him. Go ahead and see if you and he can catch up with us, the DS kind of says so… by repeating their Judicial Fraud.

      That's why the foreign authorities said recently "our peace talk is over".

      We will pay the price for the DS' stupidity, they will win more or less, that's they rush to war.

  6. Anna, you maze to surprise me for I served in AK-Ft.Rich 78-82 for I will diffently take notice to this well presented Topic.
    Gods Blessings...TV

  7. BTW, militia means people in Hebrew, not hard to look up🙉

  8. Anna you have a nice review with Neil Keenans' latest post.

  9. The banksters, own the politicians that controls the law making thus the goons in jack boots or cid,homeland security , Marshall's,sheriffs , down to mall cops. Definitely need to copy all data before it gets transferred off shore. You see the FBI,CIA, protect each other.evidence protection no missing e.mails is Thair.any honest over site ? No then it's up to us to band .
    To complex for average Joe need some understanding to grasp the problem then a plan of action .
    Meanwhile they plot to label us terrorist and in need of a pyciological eval.evidence evidence we need screen saves minimum .

  10. Ah, so Anna is finally catching up with me; I've been saying over and over from almost the beginning of this prickly trek, that the rabbit hole runs far deeper than most can even imagine. They have things so entangled that nobody can ever find the 'end of the string' to unravel it. They have made sure of that. And now it is revealed they have encrypted. Well, there ya go. And now maybe y'all can understand why I have sounded so 'negative'.
    Here's the only answer: It is going to take a Literal Act of God to unwind this entire Mess. Ya think thats silly? Then 'you' missed the Walls of Jericho and what brought them down, without the People even touching a single stone.

  11. Thanks for giving us one more weapon to use against these bastards, Anna. And, if you could see how avenging angel-like I have been, going to bed and waking up cursing them with mantras of annihilation, fomenting the big push-back...I am in full agreement that we need to get so bloodthirsty mad-as-hell that it informs our every move -- at bureaucratic offices, roadblocks, online, and off. It has to be our constant metier and preoccupation until the rat-shit savages are ended, once and for ALL. Written out of the Book of Life, never allowed to return and reincarnate for more evil fun at our expense.

  12. I think we have finally nailed the basis of forcing the rats to leave us alone and stop harassing us. Knowing about and using the Mandatory Notice of Foreign Sovereign status will help bring an end to some of the worst abuses for many. Wrestling the vermin to bring about monetary sanity and relief is another issue.

  13. Thank you so much for bringing this "Act" into our awareness! Very timely indeed, and again so appreciative!!

    I have discovered that the paperwork and process I served 9 years ago, while very strong on the foundational principle and purpose/intent was weak as far as clearly distinguishing a "difference" between the GRANTOR/Grantee for UCC filing and Acceptance. Due to this one little detail the S.O.S. added a stamped "Piece of Paper" having AUTHORITY OVER my FILING/recording and therefor "refused" the Filing. I see NOW where the error IS, and how to correct it.
    Also we never "Authenticated" the BC's. HUGE error...i See this Now.
    Question; If Secretary of Treasury accepted or Privately Registered Bonds and accompanying "Security Instruments" via Notary Presentments Return Receipt, does our original "Bond" and "Security Agreement" made with then "TIMOTHY GEITHNER" Office of Secretary of Treasury Still in PLAY? Or should I scratch it all and Do the entire Bond process All over again?

    1. GREAT NEWS for a WIN!!! I just received ALL 9 past years "Presentments" from "INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, Department of the Treasury and our Paperwork/Bonds &Accounts WERE effective and established (NON Statutory Employee and new TIN was established!! YES!!! Now to Balance these accounts with corrected 1099A's and correct the records with "employer" for correct Tax Exempt reporting status......
      could still use some clarity with that thought process/ as i understand the W8 series is the correct path, just not sure which one...guess its going to have to be a crap shoot,lol

  14. They have clouded everyone's title and created a usufruct. This means split title. Our title is not what the dogs of war claim, but the people: The rightful owners. This by the way is all done under the civil law according to the law of usufruct. The lieber code established this and my limited understanding is the rules by which we are governed. I am thirsty as are most americans for the truth and I appreciate Justice Anna. I believe when we produce the proper notice, the geni goes back in the box. This is common law folks and it is the law of the people and the land. We need to start understanding our relationship and how to put ourselves in the proper hierarchy which is represented by our state and federal constitutions. Once we do that they have no standing. Thank you for your new book and I shall send a gift of gratitude.

  15. Just for a quick link to the Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act:


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