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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Color Code the Judges

By Anna Von Reitz

I have served as a "Justice" for the Alaska State Superior Court and as a "Judge" for the Postal District Court, so I have some basis in practical knowledge of what courts are and what the jurisdictions are and how things are supposed to work----and don't. 

Technically, all land jurisdiction judges are called "Justices" as in "Justice of the Peace" and as "Supreme Court Justice".  

All sea jurisdiction judges are called "Judge" or "Magistrate".  

In the weird world of privatized corporate government the judicial system is as messed up as any other, and it rapidly gets difficult to tell who is acting in what capacity and in what jurisdiction.  There is also a nasty practice of overlapping and deliberately operating multiple jurisdictions at once in the same courtroom that needs to stop. 

So how about this suggestion?

Require the justices to wear green robes --- dark green for the Postal District Court serving the international land jurisdiction, and medium green for the County and State Superior and Supreme Courts.  Green adequately symbolizes the land jurisdiction, so that courts set aside to serve the living people can be readily and surely identified and operated without any questions. 

Require the judges to wear blue robes --- dark blue with gold braid for martial courts, dark blue without braid for Admiralty courts, and light blue for Maritime court officials.  The gold braid is an adequate symbol of military authority and the dark blue and light blue both adequately symbolize sea/water jurisdictions.  

Adopting such conventions would put an end to confusion and provide an explicit external sign of the jurisdiction and nature of the court.  It will also prevent judges from usurping into or pretending to serve other jurisdictions, so that people can instantly identify the presumptions under which they are being addressed.  

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  1. Presumption of innocence is how people should be addressed, unless valid claim of liability can be brought forward by 3 witnesses.

  2. Anna, now yer talking. Great idea to rid people of confusion and the 'fear' of not knowing if the day will end with going back home, or off to jail. The courts should also be referred to as either Green Court or Blue Court: 'you are required to appear at the Green Court.....or Blue Court at 9 a.m. tuesday morning the xx day of xx.''
    This way, anyone can know what to expect, in advance.
    But actually, the Blue Courts ought to disappear from the face of the earth.
    The black robes of the present day are indicative of nothing but Evil just as all white robes are representative of purity and good.

    Tomorrow every court in the nation will play deaf and blind and it will be 'business as usual'. And I bet all the BAR members are paid up on their dues, too.

  3. Great idea but we face the same problem as with every other great idea and that is how to get it implemented and enforced. The criminals who are masquerading as judges and justices now are not going to give up their power voluntarily. That is why I am operating in the field of education of the public with these websites.
    Where are the Marines when you need them?

    1. Paul, yes, this is what so many of us have been wondering; who is going to enforce these many good ideas; where is there any implementation and how can this get accomplished. That is what makes me 'crabby' but it's towards all these nefarious so called leaders that are in all offices across the country.
      IMO, it is going to take some very strong armed tactics and very public take-downs at the top; that will send the message and 'educate' the 'walking dead' real fast.
      Sometimes I just don't understand Trump; he is busy trying to take apart Iran, while we have 'rome burning' right here at home.
      We could also do with some updates as to any progress being made; that might give us some incentive. Especially regarding the student loan fiasco that is ruining peoples' lives; is there any forward movement on that issue? Need to know so we can make some decisions on other things that may relate.
      Thanks much.

    2. paul, you took the words right out of my mouth...!!

    3. I think Trumps tax plan on the surface may look like it's a total advantage for the corporations that left. But I think it is only a trap to get them all back, along with all the money they took with them so eventually he can just make a new EO confiscating all the illegal theft of that money by them..!! That is, after winning their faith in Trump. Then he will strike back at them to return that money all back..

    4. Well that EO I was talking about that Trump should enforce. Well he took my advice again...he finally realized that with these courts and judges he can't make things move fast enough...he finally faced the "WALL" himself and knows it will always be a shield against him getting justice... now with his new executive order, he can just claim all monies confiscated under "civil forefiture" laws that the person isn t even allowed to defend because it charges the money as the crime, not the person..!! Money cannot defend itself. Therefore, it is guilty by "operation of law"..!! Don't you just love it...!!

  4. i am in agreement. the below i am completely serious. the problem covers many entities, beyond "courts"

    i would prefer maritime/admiralty entities preferably wear a sea-faring-type hat and/or bandana, maybe have a parrot present (or taxidermed if live is not available, or stuffed animal failing that), and a large wheel prominent near the "bar" of the court.

    "law merchant" entities could have a skull and crossbones flag, to indicate they are strictly-speaking part of no nation or law, but permanently "sea-faring"? skull and bones might get mad, but they might say "we already use that, just not in public"

    military or "martial law" entities the theme from "patton" movie plays upon entrance. this would seem "neutral" to me, while informing everyone the gravity of their situation.

    "civil law" entities could have a big cross on business cards, contracts, etc. 99% of "corporations" and "cities' would not do "civil law" if they knew it was "religious", there would be a mass exodus

    but what about the deaf, who can't hear patton's theme? well, the blind cant see the colors either, and color blind i am unsure if nominated colors present any issues.

    all "fractional reserve" entities can have a flag of money changers shaving coins or some such. a chest full of rocks works good too. an octopus/hydra-themed flag would also work. cthulhu "the kraken" with his tentacles under an earth that is floating in space? this would also put cthulhu, "the kraken" in space, but i see no reason that cannot be arranged.

    "schools" and "businesses" doing "mastery learning" and similar "Management techniques" can have a flag of clockwork orange anti-hero strapped into movie seat eyes forced open, or a man strapped to a seat being "shock therapied". perhaps just an eye being forced upon.

    "civil marriages" the wedding cake figurines have muppet-style judge action figures between the bride and groom, indicating there are additional parties to this arrangement. so they cannot quite hold hands, because there are 2 black-robed muppet judges in between.

    bar attorneys are "esquires" so a horse-head image, perhaps with comb and perfume, pearl necklace, gleaming large white teeth, etc. should work, so people are aware of the bar attorneys' duties on the equerry.

    it has been said highways are "waterways on the sea" so buoys, aquarium-themed art along barriers/etc. large prominent sea shells, starfish, sea horse sculptures at exits, and such. an octopus-ish logo on road signs and such would be a nice touch. poseidon with trident for speed limit signs? he can be holding the sign as his "trident".

  5. Good ideas again, but do you want to tell them Paul or should I..?? Again, the question is how to implement such agendas without honest courts and judges, or any other govt. authorities. You are getting a glimpse of how corrupt the entire Congress and courts are by watching and listening to all of them coming together to get rid of Trump any way they can..!! That says it all.. Every single agency has its axe to grind with Trump..!! Most of them will never want to give up their positions and money, just so America can be great again...!!@ Even for their kids future..!!

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