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Monday, November 6, 2017

Update and reasoning about the Silver opportunity called Mint Builder and the Free Lifetime Membership

From Paul Stramer


On Friday evening I told everyone on our mailing list about a new Silver opportunity called Mint Builder with an article on this blog here:

There are several reasons I am watching this company and encouraging everyone to get their free lifetime position.

1. They are promoting precious metals, not fiat currency, which has always been a great idea.

2.  If the company does things right, this might be a way for everyone to help finance not only their own expenses but it could develop into a way to finance patriot activity across the country.

3.  There is no upfront cost to get a position and watch it develop, so it's easy to help the people on your list or family and friends to get their own position and watch what happens in the next 25 days.

Members will be able to buy Silver at wholesale prices.

I have been a silver dealer for nine years now. I have a great working relationship with a mint in southern Utah. I have moved millions in silver during that time (with a very skinny markup). I am hoping this company will be able to beat my cost from my mint. We will see in the next 25 days.

Startups are always a challenge.  I have been involved in several startup companies over the last 25 years. There is one bug that was brought to my attention right away on this one.

They have a video, which is a great presentation, but the Register Now button under the video does not carry the correct sponsor information through from your personal link, and it won't let you change the number in the box.  I am trying to get this corrected, and have been emailing the company.

My link is   Your link will be the same but with your number instead of mine.  The page that link takes your people to has two buttons at the bottom. A button to watch the video, and to the right of that, a button that says Register Now.  That register now button on your promotional page is the one with the correct sponsor information on the form that comes up.

So tell people to register from your promotional page, NOT the Register Now button under the video

So far that is the only fly in the ointment so to speak.

Today and tomorrow, Nov. 6th and 7th, are the last two days to get that FREE lifetime membership.
That will save you $199 per year.  Please take that opportunity to let people know today and tomorrow.

If you have not signed up for your free membership yet, and you want the opportunity to accumulate some silver at wholesale pricing, and at the same time help finance our patriot activity with this blog and Anna's website, go here:   Click the register now button on the bottom of that page and make sure the sponsor information at the bottom of the registration form is Paul Stramer  and  296110. 

( I see this morning, while I am writing this, that they have removed the button under the video so there is only one Register Now button and that is on your promo page to the right of the Watch Video button, so everyone will have to go back one page to find it after watching the video. I am hoping that in the next couple of days they will get the code corrected so the right sponsor information gets carried over to a button below the video.  At least they are responding to their distributor base within a few hours time and that is a good sign.)

So far over 220 people from our list have done this since Friday night at zero cost.

Help yourself and our efforts to get Anna's work found on the Internet at the same time if this works like they say it will. I hope, at some point, that this will eliminate us having to ask for donations for advertising. Time will tell.

Paul Stramer


  1. Thank you Paul for posting this. I hope this pans out for everyone involved. It's nice to get a free lifetime membership too. I guess this is a muti-level business. The more people you sign up the more people under you, right.

  2. Yes it is a multi level but a very simple one. The best part will be the wholesale price they are promising if it will beat the pricing from my mint. We could potentially get thousands of people to buy silver at wholesale and generate commissions to finance Anna's work. That is where I want to go with this.

    1. Paul, I'm not at all interested in being the seller/marketer. I love the idea of helping out you and Anna when buying silver, though.

      Regarding buying from you: (1) How I would pay you? (2)Could I sell it back to you, and if so, at what rate? (3) Would the sales be on somebody's records?

      Thank you for your response and for posting Anna's writings. Keep up the good work!

  3. I am new at this and very hesitant but I trust your judgement and insight Paul. I just took advantage of the Lifetime membership offer. I will start to learn the process by watching the videos and training materials. Thank you! TPD

  4. i joined and i shared but i have to find a way to get started as i have no income do to oppression from the government on corruption in child support i took a stand before most even knew about any of whats going on i seen it happening before we even had computers and there was no information like we have now after 10 years and 60k in the rear now on support i was able to get the termination off of my drivers license but now cant afford to pay to go thru the whole process again as i have to start over permit 5 hour safety course and road test as an auto tech how can i test drive with no license ny state told me 10 years ago when they took my license its not threir problem and no lawyer would help me fix this i was left to die my family keeps me but it beats me down i am a man who wants to work and keep him selfi am looking into claiming my straw man but i need help there also


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