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Tuesday, November 7, 2017


From Paul Stramer

On Tuesday November 7th, 2017 at Midnight Eastern time (that's tonight), the free lifetime membership offer ends for Mint Builder.  That means you save $199 membership fee per year as long as you are a member.

It also means everyone you introduce to the company after that will have to pay $199 to join.

Why would we want to pay that fee every year?  Well what about stores like Costco?  I have been a business Costco member for over 20 years, and the lower prices and high quality easily justifies the membership every year. So if you want wholesale prices on some of the finest silver coins and bullion available, it's a bargain.  Even without the free lifetime membership it will save you money on all the silver you buy.

I can tell you that because I have been in the silver business for over 9 years now, and I think this company will beat the price from my mint on some of their bullion items. We will see shortly.

But this free lifetime membership is the very best way to get wholesale silver. So drop what you are doing and spend a few hours introducing people to this before midnight eastern time to get first mover advantage on this startup, and at NO cost to them.

So far everything looks great. They have fixed the few bugs we have found and are working on improvements we have suggested to make the website system run better.

There will be an announcement coming this week about how to instantly qualify for a higher rank right from the start by doing just one simple thing in your back office.

If you have not signed up for the free lifetime membership yet click on the Register Now button on this page:

At this point, since Friday evening when I turned this loose to our mailing list 311 people have come into this downline, and are watching the progress of the company and studying the training and features in their own back office.

Let me clarify again why I am doing this. There are several reasons.

Since I started the website just over 3 years ago, I have been looking for a way to help people financially and to finance Anna's patriotic activity.

I can't think of a better way than to help people get some silver.  I also know that a few hundred or a few thousand people working together can get big jobs done a bunch easier than in smaller groups.
The costs can be spread around and the burdens are lighter that way on everyone involved.

Up until now we have needed donations to pay for the web hosting, bandwidth, telephone, and advertising to get Anna's words to the world. I have been looking for a vehicle to make those donations unnecessary.

We are still depending on everyone's charity to pay the costs, and you have all done the impossible more times than I can count, including buying this new powerhouse monster computer that I am writing this on. It has made my life much more tolerable and more effective than I can describe here.

But let me ask you this.  

Shouldn't the people who are really responsible for trying to  restore freedom in our country, and making all the sacrifices for that, be in the drivers seat when it comes to leading in the restoration of all our finances also?   THAT MEANS ALL OF YOU!  Shouldn't we all be the first to get on our feet and out from under the financial pressure?

And shouldn't we be working with real money instead of fiat paper notes that have no intrinsic value?

Shouldn't we be working in the lawful money of America, or as close as we can get to it?

I will make you a promise.  I will donate a percentage of everything we make from Mint Builder, beyond our monthly living expenses to Anna's PayPal account. I don't know how much that will be every month, that depends more on you than it does me.  I have never asked Anna for one penny, and don't ever intend to. Quite the opposite. We have donated whenever we have any extra already several times, and we have funneled payments that came to our PayPal account when people directed it to go to Alaska.

Please get in the comments section on this post and let me know if you have any ideas to add to this.
I appreciate your input, especially when it comes to how to finance all this that we are doing until we get some things straightened out at the international and national finance level.

Our mailing list just went above 3700 subscribers. It's growing faster all the time, I think mostly because of the advertising you all have paid for.  See the ads here:

With this new vehicle maybe we can get new people involved. People who otherwise wouldn't stop long enough to really give Anna's website a look. Maybe, just maybe, by showing them how to fix their finances, and how to use real money, we can get them interested in how to fix other things in their lives that really count.

In any case, it's now midnight in Montana and I need to go horizontal for a few hours, so think and pray about this stuff and let me know your ideas.


Paul Stramer 

1 comment:

  1. yes, the more silver and gold (debt free, lawful money, by "public authority") actual money in circulation, the better.

    for the actual u.s. treasury, minting is free. there really should not be "private mints" and "collector coins" at 20x+ compared to "federal reserve note dollars" and make-believe "credit" -- this stuff is supposed to be in normal circulation, every day life.

    people who want to counterfeit "dollars" and don't have actual cash should be paying the 20x more.

    "credit" is useful, but is an emergency measure for people who do not have money. as are IOU notes. they are like "checks". nowadays they are just bogus checks that never can be "cashed".

    to "tender" is literally to "do something besides payment of money" as a substitute for actual payment e.g. you offer a store to sweep outside in exchange for a meal, you cannot pay your mortgage so you agree to chop firewood to "Credit" the debt (actual example from old law book).

    as it is now, things are so screwed up, many will ask "why should i pay more for silver?"

    silver and gold is not a cure-all, but benefits include zero inflation (by definition, a coin is either coined/minted to a fineness or not, there is no "inflation" there is only "debasing"/counterfeiting)

    in the end, the powers that be do not like things they cannot control. free minting was one of those things. the powers that be do not like that, because how much is in circulation as money is up to the people. not politicians. not bankers.

    or, at least, everyone is on equal footing.

    likewise, foreign coin is not a problem, it is simply a matter of an actual congress surmizing the amount of silver/gold and notifying people coin X will be accepted as full legal tender equivalent of y dollars. again, no inflation.

    "bad money drives out good"

    it is difficult without actual treasury offering free minting to get back to reality, and e.g. see "liberty dollar" people get in trouble nowadays for merely coining actual money, but the more actual money in circulation as normal course of business, the better.

    one can argue pros and cons of silver/gold versus paper and credit, but the reality is, everyone is paying ~20x more due to the banker's and politicians shenanigans. this country did define "dollar" (based on spanish IIRC) so even people who have some problem with coins, the theft is apparent, and everyone is getting ripped off due ot the counterfeiters.

    even "bonds" would be more palatable if purchases had to pay with actual money, and the actual treasury could then build up more coin that eventually got into circulation.

    the funny money is fraudulent enough, charging "interest" that doesn't even exist is a paramount reason for the counterfeiting.

    "the law cannot force anyone to do the impossible"

    so, anything along these lines i see as a good thing...but the sad thing is, this stuff is supposed to be in normal circulation as normal course of business...we shouldn't have to jump through hoops to get "wholesale" prices of "silver" ...still, it is a move in the right direction, until an actual treasury is restored.


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