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Tuesday, November 7, 2017


By Anna Von Reitz

Among the Hebrews -- the true Hebrews -- even to this day, Jubilee comes every seven years.  Every seven years, observant Jews are required to "hit reset"---and release all the debts that people owe them.  This is understandably difficult to do, and harder for those to whom much is owed. 

Underlying the practice and the concept is: (1) a showing of faith in God, that He can give again that which is given away in obedience to Him, and (2) hope that as debt is forgiven to others, it can also be forgiven to us (think of all the debts that you can never repay, because people died or you lost track of them?) and (3) an understanding that the release of debt is like spreading manure on a fallow field--- a way to regenerate and revive the economic engines the same way that resting and fertilizing a field restores it and enables it to go on producing in years to come.

Every seven times seven years -- 49 years -- comes a "Super Jubilee" in which the most serious debts are forgiven and in ancient times, this meant that each man was able to return home to his ancestral plot and take possession of land and homes that had been lost through debt or misfortune of one kind or another, so that land set aside for--- say, the Tribe of Benjamin -- ultimately returned to members of that tribe, no matter what went before.  The Fathers could not, by their misfortunes, weaknesses, or debts, ultimately disinherit the sons.  The apportionment of the land was meant to be an everlasting inheritance, and the health and beauty of the land was meant to be a testament to the wisdom, care-taking ability, and diligence of the men it belonged to.

Meant to be.

But as we can see, the wisdom of God in these matters has not been followed by many,  many generations of men, so the whole concept of "Jubilee" and its spiritual and practical result has been lost.  Those who have acquired great sums of debt have not released it for at least eight hundred years.  Instead, they have mindlessly acquired more and more and more, until the concept of debt and credit has become totally out of balance and contrary to any measure of reality. 

Instead of the world's economy being periodically restored and re-calibrated, the rich have gone on getting rich and the poor have gone on getting poorer, until 1% of the population controls all the wealth---and they still mindlessly grub for more, even though they have more than they could ever spend or want, far more than they could ever imagine doing anything with, while others starve.  This is precisely what Jubilee is meant to prevent.

Consider the spectacle that the world now presents to God: millions upon millions of people are homeless thanks to the bank-built Foreclosure Fraud Machine, and, at the same time, all those homes are standing vacant and decaying.  The banks can't use them.  There are no new millions of magically empowered competent buyers ready to move in.

The "field" of the economy has not been renewed and grinds on merely on the strength of new population growth providing new consumers, but increasingly, these new consumers are born into a world already supporting an insurmountable debt--- so they have less and less to spend, and more of their lives must be consumed paying back debts accrued by ancestors.

Because we haven't had a real Jubilee in over 800 years and because all the wealth has been locked up and super-concentrated and otherwise manipulated,  I know people who regularly deal with quadrillions of dollars worth of debt and credit and they seem to think that this is sane, even though they realize that median income for over half the world's population has decreased and over half of all the people on Earth live in moderate to severe poverty--- they just shrug, have another martini, and seem to think that, "Well, this is way things are", and so far as they can remember, the way things have always been. 

We have told these people that the debt has to go away.  We have ordered them to put up three sums of credit equal to the entire present world debt in order to permanently eradicate it and make way for a system of credit to replace the debt system.  You can imagine martinis hitting the wall and spurting through noses from Boston to Bangkok. 

The first credit, known as the Reconciliation Credit, is to counterbalance and wipe all the present debt off the books.  This is basically just a bookkeeping transaction that wipes away the accumulated debt.  Poof!  It's gone.  This includes all debt, so while the banks are bemoaning the "loss" of all the debt they were holding over others, they are also being relieved of all the debt that they owe.  In a sense, this is the only true reset of the system that is possible.

The second credit, known as the Atonement Credit, is to resupply the banks and atone for the evils that have been visited upon people worldwide. We have told those responsible that banks can no longer function as mindless, irresponsible profit-making machines.  If they want to stay in business, they need to restructure as "B" corporations---meaning that they have a beneficial mission and responsibilities above and beyond profit-making.  Additionally, the Atonement Credit will not be loaned at interest and will not be loaned to corporations.  It will be made available to unincorporated businesses and individual people, with the banks only getting a service fee.

The third credit, known as the Redemption Credit, is to establish a "sinking fund" that covers unavoidable losses by making new investments in corporations and technology and infrastructure at varying rates of return, similar to what we have now. 

These concepts have been met with amazement, incredulity, and a lot of "Wha...what?  What? How? Huh?"  --- and even with some sneering and obstruction.  "What," we are asked, "can possibly form the basis for all this new credit?" 

Well, the base problem is always the value that we place on things, is it not?

How much is a man's life worth?  To him?  To his family?  And yet, how many lives have been lost due to lack of money?  Wasted in senseless wars?

How many lives have been truncated and limited by lack of money? --translated into lack of education, lack of opportunity, lack of access?

And what is "money" really, but a  "symbol of value"---that is, an idol?   Like a little carved wooden figure or an icon painting can be a symbol of saint? 

This is all arbitrary, all a game, a matter of digits and little pieces of metal  pretending to be meaningful, when all that is meaningful is here and now and alive in this moment.  The only ones that give value to anything are---- you. 

So what do you value?  A man or the image of a man?  A real strawberry, or a photo of one? 

Right now, The United States of America (Unincorporated) holds all the incorporated governments on Earth in debt to it and all those corporations formed as franchises under the auspices of these governments, too.

 All those gigantic, powerful corporations?  Owned by us.  All those powerful governments?  Owned by us.  All the comings and goings, the armies, the agencies, the traffic on the seas?  Owned by us.  Over 95% of all the incorporated entities were chartered right here under our (abused) delegated power.  So guess who controls the fate of all these corporations?

We are calling for a Jubilee and a transition in which the current debt system is forever changed---and while the bankers are sneering, at the end of the day, there is plenty of credit available to fund our plan, and it belongs to us. 

The only problem is that the bankers were all set up, ready, thinking that the actual government --- the sovereign level unincorporated government of The United States of America --- was never going to come forward and claim all those juicy corporate assets. 

They were ready to pull what they did before with our land assets, with the gold that FDR confiscated, and so much more---- bankrupt the shell, wait, and when the assets were left unclaimed, come forward and make a claim on abandonment as Secondary Creditors.

The banks used other people's assets every step of the way, and now those actual Priority Creditors are punching their own tickets.  What's the world coming to?  Crooks can't even be crooks anymore.

The other thing that we propose is the end of all human enslavement worldwide. An end to CUSIP bonds and surety bonds and much of the bond system as we now know it,  is necessary to put an end to the debt system.  So we will be retiring those bonds and the systems supporting them.  When people ask--- what will replace them?  Our answer is that there is no need for such a system. 

The dishonest banks and incorporated governments built up such a Slush Pile for themselves that there is no longer any need for anyone to ever pay taxes again, ever indenture themselves again, or ever stand as sureties again.  Simply re-investing what is already set aside in those mammoth pension and internal and external "government" investment accounts will generate more than enough income to pay for all governmental services and utilities from now on.

Imagine a world in which people are free of the burden of government?  A world in which they never have to pay taxes or utility bills again?  A world in which they are not saddled with the debts of others?  Where there is more than enough money to go around and more than enough jobs to do?  Where corporations are held accountable?  And where corporations pay for the cost of their own insurance? 

While you are at it, imagine turning the Earth back into a peaceful garden.  It can be done.  It's just a matter of what you value. 

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  1. Fantastic stuff as usual . The issue is in the real world is this change ever likely to happen ? I still see so many lazy brain dead sheep who will not put themselves out of their comfey world . Please prove me wrong

    1. Yes, the truth is, this jubilee is for those who were following spiritual laws. And most of the human race are not, I will not go as far to call them names. But if the human race does not follow spiritual practices and embody those spiritual teachings in everyday life, then the human race has no right to practices that are based on those laws.

      From my research, the original Jews who were following the spiritual teachings and were called the chosen or Rightous ones, were known as the Essenes. Essen means "chosen" in greek. There are books on the Essenes who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls, and these were the ones who were associated with Jesus, Mary as it was stated by one of the Catholic priests that Jesus had Passover at the home of an Essene. The Essene had a rightous teacher who was persecuted according to the Dead Sea Scrolls. The story matches the story of Jesus. The Essenes lived in communities away from the other Jews known as Sadduccees and Pharisees. They lived in spiritual communities in Qumran and Mt Carmel. They prayed morning and night, and shunned the material world. They all shared what they had and everyone contributed to the whole community. They did not eat meat as they found it to be blood sacrifice. They followed the laws of Moses, but those original teachings were not the same teachings as today. As the Essenes believed in the force of energy, and that we are all energy, and knew their thoughts were energy, and was very important. They were also into meditation and yoga and were associated with the Indian llamas, the wise men in the bible. They started Christianity which today is not the original teachings. Therefore, people are not living in alignment with what the original rightous Hebrews had setup as spiritual teachings to evolve the planet. As today, the texts and beliefs are more fear based, and not the teachings that the Essenes created which included knowledge of energy, yoga and vegetarian life style. Today's human race is fallen, and they are bringing the evil to themselves. Also, the essenes believed in reincarnation, many people have done evil things, and no longer can blame others for a world that is in darkness, because that is what the majority of the planet align to.

    2. Interestingly enough, "essen" also means food in German. "Essence" means fuel in French. Are the language sophists trying to tell us something?

    3. Unknown, when one sets out to do research it can lead to reading many books written by erroneous man who often have their own preferences and personal ideas, beliefs and opinions.
      One error for sure is where you stated 'the wise men started christianity''. That is total error; it was Jesus CHRIST who started CHRISTianity. And it began that day at the Cross where He gave His life ''for whosoever''.
      Also I might add that I just looked up 'essene' in my 750 page Strong's concordance, and there is no such word in there. So it seems there were no such people in the bible.

  2. The very basis of freedom for any individual is the right to the use of land (which the earth provides for free) and enough resources (also given to us freely by the earth) to make ourselves self-sustaining. There are two-plus acres of arable land for every man, woman, and child in the states of America - there is no shortage. And there is no moral or ethical reason that any one should ever be homeless in this wealthy country. Along with the jubilees we must insure the security of every person with the right to own land and take care of oneself without the need to beg some corporation for the means for our survival on the terms that they dictate. Let us honor each other by creating the means for every man and woman to live on their own terms without arbitrary rules or cruel control of another.

    1. Trish, yes this ball of dirt was given to Man for Free. Yet there is an ever increasing price tag of as much as $50,000 just for an ordinary size building lot which is nothing more than a small plot of land with improvements. Go figure !
      And the price of farm acreage is also outrageous. Commercial prices are even worse; and all this has contributed to high rents and prices of many goods, all trickled down to low paid consumers. Is it any wonder all the hardships have been the result?

  3. What will all the criminals do?no embezzling , hide funding , selling junk derivitives,no bribery ? Huh

  4. I am of the Opinion that the Book of Revelation spells out what must happen..."come out of her., Babylon" before the end times and then Christ's return will balance the overdue Jubilee's. My take and hope that doesn't offend or stumble you. Face it the Plan is Luciferian-diabolical... so sAtan did it. Yep, deception is the first step, ask Eve.

    1. David, as with so many others, I notice you also left out the interim 7 yr. period of the great tribulation, which takes place just prior to the Return of Christ. It is described in the Book of Revelation, written by John as God showed him what was to come. It was so shocking to John, that he fainted.
      No, it is not an uplifting Book, but ignoring it will not make it go away. However, it does serve its purpose; a warning ahead of time about what one can expect if they do not earnestly come to Christ, repent, and allow God to change their entire being; surrender all their worldly ways and live Godly.
      Sinfulness will come with a huge price; while godliness comes with huge Rewards and daily favor.

    2. David, I hope you and others realize that the Book of Rev. is not ordained by God, but that He foresaw ahead of time what things to come to. This is important, so that God does not get blamed, but that the blame for such a disaster lies solely with the screw-up done by Man, primarily those in charge of running things, which have now been largely exposed by Anna and Team.

  5. You are a GodEnlightened Soul! And all you are proposing will come to pass very, very soon because we are all wanting it and expecting it and manifesting it with our Heart-Mind aligned with the Will of our Loving God. What was hidden IS being exposed to the Light and IS being disolved as we speak.

  6. Yes! Charlou! It IS our will and desire in complete alignment with our divine creator that WE ARE manifesting righting the wrongs and balance within ourselves first to create the healing & balancing desired in our outer world. So grateful!

    1. Kelli, both you and Charlou need lightning to strike you from above to knock some sense into you. Neither of you can manifest anything; get over your Self aggrandizement and stop following those fake humanists, like Oprah, Ken Copeland and all the others with such whacky ambitions of ''being their own god'. I bet you even sleep with your favorite guidebook 'Course in Miracles'.

      But my favorite Book says: ''Without Me you can do nothing''. Hear that? Nothing! It also says 'God opens doors no man can shut, and He shuts doors no man can open''.

      Now what is it that YOU ARE going to ''manifest' just with YOUR own minds ''just because YOU want it and expect it?'
      How's that been working out for you so far? And have you cancelled your health care plans yet?

  7. Something absolutly wonderful or absolutely horriffic globally must happen before this can occur...the trance that everyone is in must be broken first, like a cold hard slap in the face to gain the attention of the sleeping masses....its coming.

    1. Patriot, I like your name. But what the hell difference does it make even if everyone is in a coma, lol. You know by now that we have a mass population that doesn't care about what is going on in the world, and they may never care. Why should that be a stumbling block for those who know we are way past due Redemption?
      I'm sure if the drive up to the gas pump and suddenly see a big price drop, and are told 'no more tax on gasoline'...they will just say, oh, ok, great, and just move on.
      Patriot, they will adapt because they are just along for the ride in life anyhow.
      Yet, lets not fault them too much; they each have their own background story as to how they got like they are.
      I just read yesterday where the west coast has thousands of homeless, even tho many of them work, they are still living in tents in parks, on the street, in their cars....all because rent is so high and their wages are so low.
      We both know it is this tyrannical government that has put them in their condition; they are too busy in survival mode to focus on waking up to whats going on.
      'But for the grace of God, there go I"

  8. has anyone heard of the United States Of America? General Post Office? Is it legit?

  9. The problem we are facing as patriots is that, "WE" know and are well aware of the fraud and deceite that has gone on now for at least 150 years(but really for the last 2000) , because we have all earnestly searching, reading, and dedicating our very lives to finding out what happened to this country and the world and how it got this way...In other words, we have been seeking the "TRUTH", because unlike the unwashed masses that represent about 99% of the world, we wouldnt rest until the "TRUTH" was finally reveiled..!! And we found it, even at great expense to ourselves(which was never appriatated by anyone, even if it was friends or family who knew what we were searching for and trying to get proof of it through our traitorist courts and judges), but because we could never prove it to them by winning a court case, they just ignored us or just dimissed us as lunitics, because they are so far gone into the "SYSTEM" that now they wouldnt believe us if they saw "JESUS" himself in the clouds with all his glory along with his angles, until Jesus used his power right in front of them, before they will repent and come to their senses, praying gor foregiveness..!! Because none of them want to believe that they were deceived and that this system makes it impossible to live in peace and harmony, when the system itself is set up in such a way that no one realizes that no one is paying for anything without stealing from the world because of their complete lack of understanding of how "Commercial DEBT Instraments " work...!!! Discharging your debts with other debts, can only cause misery and suffering for 90% of the world, at the expense of the other few who actually benifit from the entire process...!! And it was so subtle and took so long to accomplish that there isnt one person in a million(save the few of us ) that actually know who they did it....the rest either just dont care, or never did, as long as they could get by and make a living for themselves and their family...!! Not one of them gave a damn about the "TRUTH" or even wanted to deal with it unless they could profit from it some way. I have tons of friends , all supposedly intelligent, who still argue to this day about what i tell them... they wont even prove me wrong because of how arrogant they are.. a few people may have caused this whole system of fraud, but today govt is nothing but a "reflection" of the people in general who have corrupted themselves beyond true understanding and wisdom...especially in this country..!! No one wants to give up anything they have..All materialistic, selfish, unholy goyium who are easily lead by people who know the human races weaknesses and work and mold them into the people that the "LORDS OF THIS WORLD WANTS THEM TO BE" not what they ought to be...!! Sports, Music, and Political ambitions all there for one people can follow idols and not their "Savior"..!! People cannot check their egos at the (holy) door, because they are desperate to to have the entire world notice and love "THEM"..They have that little "confidence" in themselves, that they have to get as many people to adore them as possible in order to justify it in their own minds that they are loved and adored...never realizing that they were always loved by our lord so much that they went out to prove it themselves , no matter what the price for all of that was for....they traded their very soul, just to be loved by the world instead of God...!! The evils that are taking place this very moment have outdone ROMES by a factor of 10 at least...!! And everyone walks around asbif they were sinnless because they are so good and nobel....!!! How do we change that...!!!

    1. James, I have come to realize the reason people refuse to believe the truth about anything, is because their ego will not let them. If they believed us when we tell them what real Truth has been discovered, they would have to admit they have been fooled all their lives. They would have to admit they have been wrong all their lives, and THAT is why they don't dare see the light and change their minds.
      That is a problem with their self love, their self importance which is a worldliness trait and it goes against God.

      This even applies to the brainwashed church people and they are almost worse that the worldly self absorbed people. They go to their own 'church' and have been wrongly indoctrinated with just plain bullschitt, and confident they are ''in their safe zone'. When anyone comes along and proves to them they have been misled and lied to by their own pastors, their ego steps in the way and will not allow themselves to even listen because they would again have to admit they bought into lies and been hoodwinked for most of their lives. They are more concerned with Self looking foolish or ignorant, than with getting it right. It takes a big person to admit they have been wrong and willing to change their mind. So they all find it easier to just turn a deaf ear trying to make us look like we are crazy. That is their game.

      James we do not try to change them, its not even our job to do so. They have to be willing to change upon hearing about their errors....that is what repentance is all about.
      And if they are unwilling, then they are just going to stay lost. Stubbornness and obstinance is rebellion; there is no place in the Kingdom of God for such an attitude. I takes the handiwork of God to change anyone. So its His problem then, not our. Our responsibility is just to tell them the Truth and they can take it or leave it.

    2. Abby, i get the feling that you are coming from a narrow minded view. some people just dont trust anything anymore, and some trust everything. who really can say this information is the truth. although i am diligently looking through it and searching for the truth of truths... who are you to judge others as you have been doing throught this whole comment section citing the bible as your favorite book etc. does he not say to not judge others and to leave that to him.... im not sure you have read your favorite book through and through although it may be your favorite.

  10. Get outside in nature james and allow yourself to get struck by lightning! Its truly life, heart and mind changing! Best healing ever!!

  11. Nothing is going to change unless the "system" that has been built by fraud collapses and the brain dead sheeple are FORCED to demand change. Trouble is, too many people love their slavery and if you tried to educate them as to what the problem is, you will be attacked by these brainless droids and you would be lucky to escape with your life!!! It takes more than a FEW people to change anything, you must have a dedicated minority of significant numbers. Until that happens, then the ones that know have to endure all of this crap until enough wake up and do something about all of this. Good luck preaching to the choir as the rest refuse to listen!!!

  12. Anna, thanks for the wonderful Article. But what we would like to know is when will this be implement; when will we ever see this in our real daily living. When will these Orders be carried out? I see that is what is on the minds of nearly all of us.

  13. Everything is as its meant to be in each moment, and the spirit of christ is leading and lighting our paths in faith, peace, trust for those that are allowing to be led in spirit to get the work done. Its all good!! Your spirit is waiting to answer your questions, just go within and ask. Faith and working in that faith are in each one of us as promised, along with all the other wonderful gifts of our spirit. Tap into them. Be willing to do the work in spirit and be blessed. The only thing stopping you is you. Peace has been declared, our proclamation has been written and recorded. It is your choice to stand on it and believe in it, or not to. For those that claim to be awake, and aware but are not willing to trust or have any faith in the work being done on your behalf, ask yourselves why? What must YOU do or change to have faith and trust? What old fear based beliefs, traditions and programming are you holding onto in your carnal mind that is stopping you and keeping you stuck? Its time for us individually to get right within ourselves first, then our world will change. Its time to go within and DO the work to tend your own garden and stop worrying about everyone else.

    1. Kelli, take your religiosity somewhere else. You know nothing; you are like a parrot on mind drugs, full of false indoctrination from who knows what fluke of a pastor of some ''Positive thinking' planet. Get your head out of the sand.

  14. Just happen to reconnect with the following after reading Anna's presentation along with the first two comments:

    "... at one point in the Revolutionary War, casualties and desertions reduced George Washington’s 19,000-man army to just 2,000 men. Think of it. Against overwhelming odds, just 2,000 men stayed to fight. If those men had also deserted (and who would’ve blamed them if they had), Americans would still be singing 'God Save The Queen!'.

    Think of it. Just 2,000 men determined the fate of this nation and much of the world for the next two centuries. It’s a story to rival that of Gideon overcoming the Midianites with just 300 men and God’s blessing. It’s a lesson in how few men it can take to change the world–and it can’t help but make you believe God’s hand was in that Revolution."
    Quoted from:

    The Renaissance is another example where a "handful" of men (who subsequently came to know one another) became something on the order of a chalice through which the "new wine" was able to be received into the world. It is not a matter of numbers. It is a matter of alignment to the higher (Divine) order and allowing the Divine to come through us. Once that process begins everything must change. The process has begun! Not only that the entire universe is supporting an unprecedented change beyond just about anything that has been presented here, although Anna has touched upon it at times.

  15. Thanks Kelli, anna, james & all here & elsewhere peacefully, lawfully BEing & DOing "work in spirit" to set the captives free- truly Jubilee!- beginning with one's self shining forth fruit of Holy Spirit empowered in Love, Peace, Joyfully manifesting abundant heaven upon the earth as Yeshua led the Way for highest good of all... :D

  16. A tempering word. Jubilee was a shadow of Jesus Christ. A son of Adam is natural and cannot discern spiritual things unless he understands first the natural. Some of the benefits of Jubilee are obvious in the natural. It take spiritual eyes to see they point to Christ as the settler of the debts of His people. They are bought by Christ with a price: His own blood. The Jubilee seems an excellent model based on grace. But let those who belong to Christ not think of a jubilee as heaven on earth.

    The Essenes were Jews, extreme legalists, separatist, and prone to murderous intrigues just like all sinful men. I would not put their way on a pedestal of any height.

    The problem of this world is sin and death. Sin is every man's problem, and woman and child. Christ has conquered these already. The solution is not of this world which passes away, but that everlasting life from the most high God and His Son over whom death has no power. There are sadly many who think otherwise, and will perish with this world trying in their own way to put an end to physical death at any cost.

  17. What a total load of noncense . All your god's and cults have done zero but cause conflict are war in this world . Just imagine this planet without the religious control ?? All your praying jubilee forecasts and predictions thus far has produced zero . You can be a nice hourableh human without religions views . I am .... Good look in what you do but let's get real


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