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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Conference Week

By Anna Von Reitz

Those of you who have been following along are aware that somewhat over a year ago we formed The Living Law Firm to research and probe and float test cases in the courts, seeking to discover the nature of The Beast and its history.
Over the past year and half we have met privately, online, via teleconference and small discussion groups working on specific topics ranging from illegal foreclosures to military court history to undeclared "wars" on our soil, the earliest records of the Colonists, the role of the Dutch East India Trading Company---- you name it, we've dug into it.
The Living Law Firm team has been aided by volunteers with every kind of expertise along the way, and so many of you have sent us your money and your prayers as challenges have arisen. You've kept us going through busted water heaters and illnesses, through the day to day grind of paying for copy paper and light bills.
For the next week I will be very busy working with members of The Living Law Firm whose search has taken them deep into the history and inner workings of Administrative Law. As a result, I may not be as talkative as usual and may not be responding to calls and emails--- be of good cheer. It means I am "nose down and at the grindstone".
We have some powerful new allies to our cause who have contributed magnificently documented information and more leads for us to track.
At the same time, our Banking Team has continued to make progress despite being targeted by "operatives" seeking to undermine our work and steal assets from us. I am happy to report that these efforts have been foiled, and like so many of the manure piles in life, the entire experience has given us what we need to grow some mighty fine roses.
Hang on, folks. Some wonderful things are coming to fruition. A lot of hard work and many years of research are coming together in a way none of us could have supposed or planned. God is good.
Special thanks to Teri S.--- ! Wow! The boys will eat like kings for the whole week of the conference! Thank you!!!! Oktoberfest has never been better at our house!
We are sending special warm thoughts for "Cookie" who can't be here in body for this particular meeting but who will be able to teleconference in for at least part of the time while she is working off-site, and to all the other members of the Team who are continuing their legal eagle battles in other parts of the country.
Jack and Phyllis--- love you guys! Thank you! Your gift was especially welcome this past week as we've had all the conferences expenses to deal with. You, too, William Gilbert and Mary S.---God bless you both! It all counts up! Special thanks to our brother, Rodger, and the long-suffering wives left to guard the home fires this week ---a very special group of women who have stood patiently by their husbands and put up with privations and long lonely hours and many uncertainties to bring the work this far.
Special prayers go out to those who are now suffering as political prisoners in their own country, jailed for profit by their own employees. We all pray for a quick and peaceful ending to all such atrocities and injustices, and for their wives and children who are suffering the loss of helpmates and breadwinners, husbands and fathers, for no good reason in what is supposed to be the Land of the Free.
Thanks to the Mountain Men, the Free Men, the Original Sons, the Trading Group, the High Lianas, the Clan Mothers everywhere, the Virginians, the Anti-Corruption Society, the Lawful Bank, the Aussie Contingent--God Bless Rom, forever.
Thanks to all our friends and co-workers in Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Germany, China, India, Peru, Argentina, South Africa, Egypt, and every other corner of the world where these same oppressions have visited.
I am deeply touched when my countrymen come forward and give of their time and money and intellect, but I am humbled when total strangers from distant parts of the globe rise up to the challenge we face, as brothers and sisters.
Thank you, one and all, oldest to youngest and richest to poorest. I keep you all in my thoughts and in my heart and in my hopes for a better future for this entire planet.

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  1. US Marshal gives warning about planned ANTIFA Nov 4th Event
    Don't Wake Up Stay Asleep

    1. Yes, In Austin Texas of America where I Live !!!

    2. I heard about this also. Their entire system is starting to unraval piece by piece. Now its hollywood under fire because of Harvy Weinstein. Did you know his former wife was Huma Almeden. His newest wife reached out to her and she is now divorecing him. And the light is now on the hollowood "SWAMP"!!!! Which goes hand and hand with the "swamp" in congress..!! The dominoes are starting to fall.. its amazing how many people in postions of "Trust" are actually the worst of us.!! As more and more info comes out on the "Las Vegas" incident, we are again looking at a false flag event that went wrong...and the Nevada police dept. along with the FBI and the owners of the MGM and Mandalay Bay Hotel, and Win are all in on it, even though when Win was questioned about it, he played the stupid card..!! Las Vegas is still the criminal syndacate it has always been, the only thing that changed is calling it Corporate instead of the mafia. Now we know there is no difference....its one big laundering device. The NFL is still mantaining their stance which is leading to their total demise if you see the comments online about that subject..!! All this is coming about , not because of all of us patriots, but because we finally have a patriot at the highest level of government...TRUMP!! All it took was a president with "a pair" if you know what i mean, to give everyone else hope and confidence too..!! The "deep state" will never be the same after this..!! The last knife left to stab the deep state in the heart is our justice system and all the judges across this land. Once they are removed, there will be no protection for the banks and all our secondary creditors..!! Its going to happen now, with or without judge Anna...!! Its that or WW3..!! Actually Trump wanted to go nuclear on N Korea, but its not that simple anymore. Because of the way nuclear weapons are designed, there is no way to use them for a stratigic strick..!! The initial expolsion creates such an uncontroled and intense explosion that dirt and everything else is throwen into the atmosphere as radioactive dust that can spread for miles into other countries depending on how strong the wind is and the direction, so that unintensionally we can be spreading all that dust into countries like Russia, China and S. Korea. And they definitely have a right to object and retailiate against any country that would use force like that recklessly. That is the entire problem with nukes.. we cant use them. No one can..!! It has to be a non nuclear conventional attack.. Trump was fully informed of that..!! He may be able to use one, but not several!!! These next few months are going to be very, very interesting..!!There is one true news channel still left on the MSN....Fox News Channel(FNCHD) channel 45 on Spectrum, cable news. It was worth paying $85/mo just to have that channel..!!

  2. That’s awesome, yes a lot of continued research still needs looking into, ive followed a lot of different ppl on the past, and asked numerous questions in discussion groups, there is one “contract” that seems to be untouchable which is the ssn, all other contracts can be severed, but like earlier there are “entities” that would not, will not unlock the claws they have embedded in everyone. Remember ALL roads lead to Rome!!

  3. Hear, hear, Anna. We're all with you 1,000%!

  4. Fruition is exactly what we need. There must come a Time when enough of the goods have been gathered, to ''make the soup''. Much can be set aside for later. Please start with the pocketbooks of The People first.
    That will be the beginning of real Justice.

  5. Amen Anna!
    This has been a tough ride, but it will soon subside..
    Thank you and all of your crew for all the blood and sweat put into all of this..
    Victory is ours as the people of the planet! ✊

  6. Amen Anna!
    This has been a tough ride, but it will soon subside..
    Thank you and all of your crew for all the blood and sweat put into all of this..
    Victory is ours as the people of the planet! ✊

  7. Mind, thoughts, and spirits are with you. Thanks Anna!

  8. Yes, no one can deny anna and her Team have taken on Goliath which is beyond my comprehension to even think of. There are no appropriate words to express the appreciation felt out here. I cannot wait to hear the Report/outcome of this brainstorming conference.
    So.........thanks to all of you.

  9. No superpower goes toe to toe weapons are to powerful they fight using proxies (isis).for example.
    However don't push them to far China has threatened to nuke america.
    What they don't know our blk.ops are 40 years ahead of everyone except Russia they have the best scientists in the world and known for Thair chess masters


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