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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Another New Ad for Anna

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  1. Replies
    1. Most people in this country think they are free, when in fact all the 14th amendment did was make slaves of us all. It changed our status from we the people sovereigns to citizens and subjects. Read it again. Then also realize that It was never properly ratified because the southern states were excluded from the process.

    2. Our sovereign self came first. And everything that was done with us was done without full disclosure and without our knowledge; therefore all that happened after our sovereign Names were taken and turned into profit and manipulation, is all FRAUD. Null and void.
      Just as if a married man would go and take a second wife, it is called a fraudulent marriage and is null and void. Null and void means ''it does not count'.

  2. Absolutely, pretty sad,born into servitude. State Citizens, were separated and yes they had to give the newly freed slaves a “status”, because they couldn’t be equals to the men and women that owned them. Freed them one day and next day they volunteered themselves back into servitude.

    1. Mastinch, actually we were not born into servitude. At the moment we were born, we were born free. But just as soon as our mother revealed the Name she had given us, the ''authorities' took our Names within a couple of days, and began their manipulation of has been well discussed in here.
      BUT ''we'' were least for a couple of days.
      And THAT is what we have a right to return to because everything that they did with ''us', our Names, after that was Fraudulent. This fraud cannot supercede our original sovereignty. We did not get into our unwilling servitude until ''they'' documented us (without our knowledge) with their birth certificate which they kept as ''ownership of us'' and gave us a mere Copy of it. We did not agree to this, it was done without full disclosure and therefore is null and void regardless of what''they'' claim. Fraud and theft is not a viable claim and cannot hold any real water.
      We are FIRST and hold the Original ownership of our Self and our Name no matter how anyone else wants to look at it.


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