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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Let's Make It Very Simple For The Generals

By Anna Von Reitz

The "problem" is that the Generals are fixated on the middlemen-- the banks and their false claims of debt and the supposed desperate need for capital to pay their own salaries and "maintain our national defense". 

What is so stupid about this is that we, their actual employers, are the ones that all the debt is owed to and we are the actual owners of all the assets. 

So they are chasing Secondary Creditors around instead of addressing the actual Priority Creditors and they are asking technically bankrupt commercial banks for money and support that can only come from us. 

They think Jacob Rothschild is the answer, but in fact he is the problem. 

If these military men used the good sense they were born with, they would see through this little banker's ruse and simply ask us to forgive their "national debt" and fund their necessary operations. 

It's like this:

American states and people are the Priority Creditors. 

Bankers are Secondary Creditors trying to get in the middle and bilk everyone concerned. 

Government including DOD is the Debtor. 

So have a stroke of genius, Generals.

Talk to the actual Priority Creditors--- because at the end of the day all the commercial banks are even more deeply in debt to us than you are. 

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  1. Keep up the good work to defeat the mind control matrix to the truth which will set us free indeed !

  2. limited diligated duties not steal our check book.
    Flooded Porta Rico to do what the deep state does so well destroy the evidence. All that IRS.paperwork flooded .
    At any rate if we are the beneficiary of all the corporate shenanigans liquidate and we get our money first.instead of bail outs to politically connected banks.

  3. I am confident that what Judge Anna is saying is the absolute truth, but unless these generals and others in power are willing and able to put this truth into practice, then where are we?

  4. UCC one them to the hilt!? I say foreclose on them, and now! Its all in the communication, writing and s/words, Gods'. Might we may also need to (re)send our more recent Covington filings since destroying the evidence is a mission accomplished? Backto and onto next part of our mission. Gig is up guys, fly the white flag or we do continue on to see(a) that the deterioration continues before everyone's eyes.

  5. The generals won't do this because without the bankers there is no need for a standing military in the unincorporated united States of America. They would have to answer to us and tell us why we are in so many countries protecting poppy fields, smuggling cocain, etc. Unless they grow a pair we need new generals.

  6. Wish we could overthrow this entire corrupt government, really sick of their crimes & corruption!

  7. I am going to bring up a risky idea, but one I am almost certain will be the only way we can turn things around. The central issue is fiat money. Money that these generals and hense the military need to pay their own bills and income. What is stopping this movement from creating or using its own crypto currency? Bitcoin was a great showing of what could be achieved. By setting up an off shore server, fairly secure from Fed Res interference, this movement could start its own type of crypto currency. I believe TBC has started something to this end.

    If we have enough people who get into it, we have a way of starting to fund the military. [just a thought]

  8. Just because the home office of the IRS may have been destroyed, their main operations are still on continental American soil, and they are still operating business as usual.

    At some point, we the people have to take control of OUR military, and stop sending our money to the wrong people. Vote de jure in 2018 and 2020... no corporate incumbants or candidates. Take the lessons Judge Anna has taught us and get off your butts and stop fearing them. As the song lyrics say, "They got the guns, but we've got the numbers." And we have the guns, too, both physically and metaphorically... 300+ million of us, less than 100 thousand of them. The odds are in our favor.

  9. There are people in the military who find it more interesting to plan stratagies and plans on how to flex their power, much like an NFL them, they actually love controversies....the whole mindset of the corp. military complex is to make "THE PEOPLE" feel like its because of them America is safe and can stay that way as long as America supports them.... Its "War GAMES" for real to them. If you think about it, what else are they really good for.. When you build planes worth billions of dollars, are you just going to let them sit on the runway...!! All Admirals, and Generals want to feel important and smart, which translates into arrogance!! But they are so busy in their fantasy world, they lost any connection to the "real world" and have become traitors to their oaths, because they dont know who they really serve, when they are given a "order". Every General, Admiral, and other high military positions need to prove and pass a mandatory test about money and law and their differences before they can command anything....along with our true history. Otherwise, they cant command anything. Because the very first thing they have to know is that all wars are banker wars for profit...In other words, they just cant follow orders if they know or understand the actual reasons for invadeing other countries..!! But i do think we would be a way better country if we ran all our school systems like military ones, at least until high school... they would be raised knowing and respecting law and order, instead of trying to get away with being lazy and stupid and not doing any work..!! And it would also crackdown on bullying and disrespect against their parents, other people older than them, and gangs..this generation in particular needs military training , because the public school system has degradated to a babysitting forum with the kids in control instead of the teachers because of "liability" laws, coupled with "civil rights" laws, the teachers are scared to death of doing anything..!! Its clear their is an agenda here in this country...I say get rid of public school systems and replace them with military schools, where no one has any rights and punishments come quick and strict compliance is compelled.. you didnt finish your homework.....3 demerits. A fight on campus...5 demerits. At this rate johnny, you would graduate 8th grade until your 30 years old....!! If they cant comply at all its straight to "boot camp" and into the service...!! Thats how our military can be put to good use, at least until we get out Rebublic back, and an honest monitary system..!! Right now all they are used for is to take countries over by force to assimilate them into the "Borg Collective"(for you star trek fans)..

    1. Now James, you've gone way overboard on this kid raising thing. There is such a thing as discipline, but it cannot come without first giving sensible guidance. Kids simply need to know what the game plan is; how else will they know what is appropriate and what is not? That doesn't take military school. It takes parents to pay attention and guide along the way. Communication and conversation goes a long way and makes for understanding and caring. Two things kids lack today because of their parents who wrongly assumed 'they will turn out alright''.
      A few short years ago there was a young mom shopping in the grocery store. He was sitting in the upper seat of the cart bawling his head off all over the store, saying ''cookie'.
      When I caught up with them the mom was totally ignoring him while this little child could not understand what was so wrong with getting him some cookies. By then he was banking his feet on the cart having reached the heighth of his frustration.
      So I made it a point to run into her in the next aisle, and asked her if there was a problem. As soon as I opened my mouth that child stopped his bawling. Long story short I gave her some very sharp rebukes; her face turned red, and other customers stopped to listen, and I was not being very quiet about it. In the end I told her to stop trying to out-wit a child and Answer him ! And I pointed my finger at her and told her he is not the problem; YOU are! The Defense rests their case, lol.
      Another time I was driving into a strip mall parking lot and saw a mom beating the crap out of her little boy. I drove right up into her face, jumped out of my car and ordered her to stop it, what the hell is wrong with you. What kind of mother are you!!!
      Kids don't need beaten; they need good parenting.

  10. Execellent rebuttal. There are a lot of ignorant parents out there. If you don't know what's going on with our monetary system, judicial system and legislative system in the 21st century with all the avialable information on the internet, then you just don't want to know. People are scared of the truth because then they know it's going to change them and their preconcieved ideas. They would rather not know and live in the matrix.

  11. Abby, you dont see what i see. The so called adults these days are just big kids, argueing aboit the most immiture things right in front of the kids using street gang language to fight with one another right in front of their kids..!! My neighbors are a perfect example...

    1. They are both in their late 20's or early 30 's and have 5 kids. She is a fat white woman, and heis a tall black man. Only 3 of the kids are his, the other two are from other black fathers, which gets them into serious fights....slamming doors, cussing and swearing in front of the kids, you name it.. and they are using street gang lingo to argue with one another.. She works, but he is a parolee. And both smoke pot so much that i can smell it right through the walls.. in front of the kids..!! She is always made because he wont or cant get a job..So she will get home and immediately lay imto him...."God damn it "nigga", i thought i told you to clean the place up.. Then he fires back with.. "fuck you "nigga", you always think your better than me.. And it just escalates from how do you think these kids are going to grow up calling each other "nigga" besides all the other words. The textbook definition of a disfunctional family. We didnt grow up like this.. Kids need disapline and want it to prove they are loved and stay out of trouble... Andvif you think this is an exception, thimk again.. ! I see it everyday in hemet..!!

    2. James, that's my point. Kids today do not have decent parenting. That's why I go and interfere in defense of these
      kids if I ever see it out in public. I don't have any of that in my own neighborhood, but if I did.....whew!
      And even when I see so many moms with tiny babies in a cold grocery store and the little tike is bare legged and no shoes or sox on them. I say something to them about even that, lol.
      There should be a ''law' that it takes brains to have children; no brains, no kids.
      The plight of most children today is just more sad than I dare think about. I suspect money would solve a lot of that.
      So we need to get 'whats ours' asap.

  12. But these public school teachers are absoluty afraid of the students because of "child right laws", which appearantly trump parent rights and the law..!! There was a kid in jail with all of us that was only 14 years old and maybe goingbto do prison time just because he tried to steal a pack of cigeretts or food. But as he left the store(albertsons) one of the checkers(not security or the manager) thought SHE would play the hero and chased him down just before he left the store and tackeled him, so he had no choice but to kick her in the face with his shoe just to escape..andbecause of that, there was an added charge of "aggrevated assult".... the courts are willing to ruin a kids life forever just for a few dollars.. The checker was out of line. The stores tell everyone, never to chase anyone themselves. It has to be security for the store or the cops, because of "liability". The kid obviously isnt getting any attention or disapline at home... and probably no love..!! People are having kids just to get welfare.. The military isnt going to whip the boy if he gets outof line, but they will put the fear of god in them if they disobey rules.. disapline translates to caring and love, which they arent getting at home...Times have changed..

  13. Not always Abby.. I have friends that come from two parent families, and some that come from one parent families. And they are both disfunctional. Some kids just defy to be good, no matter how good the parents are..!! And if you try and interfere with a parent and their kids in California, your looking for a fight. No one will put up with it here.. Thats why people are constantly calling 911 cant get involved like that here..and as far as money is concerned I have given thousands of dollars at a time to help these people and it never made anyone happy or changed their lives because none of them know God or want to. Thats where the real problem lies, from the parents to the kids...!! No connection to the "Creator"!!!! And no desire to know..

    1. James, its not about the number of parents in the home, its about the quality of parenting. I am reminded of kenny lofton who was raised in the Projects by his grandmother. He was determined to make something of himself because of her nurturing and quality of parenting she gave him. He had a successful career in baseball, and to this day he is a very high quality individual I'd be happy to live next door to...except I can't afford to live in his high end neighborhood he now lives in. So its about Quality and he
      has often attributed his success to his wonderful grandmother.

  14. The bankers are clever in working beliefs. A General at a large gathering of troops explained to us in modern times that satellites were in use so the Army held ground events to make it appear something might be going on to create a belief in the minds of the enemies. Now these same Generals are victims of the bankers belief system, even admitted in Federal Reserve "I Bet You Thought" in part concerning credit. As long as the bankers and elite can keep people with a strong belief in something, the thing exists for that reason. Millions believing something, imagining it, making it real ( realization) so it exists amongst those people or creatures capable of such things. Ask a moose for a dollar and get a blank stare.


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