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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Piercing the veil - By Terry Kemmet

Editors note: This is from a friend in North Dakota. Perhaps some of Anna's readers would like to comment.
Piercing the Veil
I don't know where to start. The task before me is overwhelming to say the least. My intentions with what will appear oven the next few week are these.... 1).I need to clarify my thoughts.....2) I need to teach principles I have learned ....3) I need to enlist the help of sincere patriots to help me fill in the gaps that we all have.....4) I need to convey to the largest audience possible the danger we all face individually as to which contract we are beneficiaries .... a) is it the constitution which is our law b) is it statutory codes that run our lives?

A couple years ago, my wife talked to Worker Comp, known here in North Dakota as WSI....Workforce safety insurance. I finally elected to quit paying WSI insurance because of the intrusive nature of their business. I would get letters from every other government agency after putting en employee name into their system demanding I withhold child support or some such thing. I would respond that I am not their agent and that slavery had been abolished 150 years ago and I will not hire people to fill out their forms. I refused their contracts. That worked pretty well. I hired maybe 15 people over the past 7 years....most as private contractors. My wife talked to WSI and took their side and said they were employees. And so it began.....
I went into WSI and we had a sit down which they recorded and they were doing the common law test to determine employee status and I finally put an end to this line by saying.....The US constitution is the document we need to look at here. And Article I ...section 10 ....states that "No state shall make any law impairing the obligation of contracts" They said "We're not impairing the obligation of contracts" And I said "So if there is a man over there who wants a job and I say "I have a job for you to do for $X" ....That is a contract....And WSI says "That's fine...but you have to hire us too" That's an impairment. And I also said "Someone took an oath in this office to that constitution and the oath is being violated and if you don't stop...I will have his job and his house and your job and your house....So let it go...." They weren't pleased and they began their investigation....7 years of records into my bank account....I thought the 4th amendment protected my "private papers" Not according to them. I thought the 5th amendment protected my right against self incrimination....Not according to them.
Last October I received a notice from WSI that they found 72 people that worked for me and that I owed them $113000. I never employed 72 people in my life....This is just how the system works. Now it's my job to kiss their behind and fear the intimidation and authority of BIg Brother. I sent them a notice back called "An offer to pay" In it I said I would pay any amount that they determined that could be verified and signed by one of their agents....and gave them 30 days to comply or the bill would be null. I really don't think they liked that either. There was no response so technically the bill is void. administrative hearing was set up for this October and all this information was to be discovered in the mean time. I filled out my discovery papers and sent them off.....NOW was my turn for discovery. I won't go into detail but outline my main points. To conduct a hearing....which is all this is......the fifth amendment guarantees that I can't be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law. I don't know if an administrative hearing is "due process of law" Also all infractions came from a book of codified laws known here as the ND Century Code....All states have similar codified laws. They are all copyrighted material. I find it odd that a group of lawyers can take public laws and "own" those laws without a shot being fired. It would be like me going into the capitol building and rearranging the furniture and demanding title to the building. They gave the State of North Dakota all rights to use the books (after their paid for) but what about the people's rights? Nothing said there. Also Article 2...Section 59 of the ND Constitution says that all laws passed shall have an "enacting clause" None there.
To even hold a hearing ....jurisdiction needs to be established. One is personal jurisdiction. The other is subject matter jurisdiction. Here is where those of you following Anna will perk up. I have in my possession two verified birth certificates that I got from vital records in ND. I'm sure most of you have two also. One is called "Certificate of live birth" Here it is also called .."genealogy". It is written in standard form, capital...small we write names and proper on raised bond paper and has a bond number ...001203402. I also have a certified birth certificate in all caps called "Certification of birth" It is also on bond paper and the bond number is ...001428063. I need to know which one is me. I also want to know why I have two birth certificates. One is obviously either a forgery or an attempt to steal my identity...both of which are crimes.....And as officers of the court it is their duty , once they see a crime has been committed and is exposed, to report such crime immediately or be charged as an accessory to that crime. I want to know why all my legal documents are in all caps sb. my bank card...etc. Why is there an authorized signature line on my check blanks that is so small it requires a good magnifying glass to see? What do the two bonding numbers represent? Who owns these birth certificates? What is my relationship in these birth certificates? Am I a beneficiary, trustee or what...? If I am a beneficiary, who is the trustee responsible for administrating this trust to my benefit and why has he failed that contract?
As to subject matter jurisdiction...What contract are we under? Constitutional law or statutory law? Will these officers of the court and any other person required to take an oath to the state or federal constitution reaffirm and accept their oath? Will any agent or officer of WSI show me where I have knowingly, willingly and voluntarily accepted a contract to WSI? Or was the contract a contract of adhesion in which I was given no choice but to participate? Show me a victim that I have harmed so I can face my accuser. Prove that the UCC Code is in harmony with the constitution as guaranteed by UCC-1 -308 which states that the code is complementary to the constitution. which remains in force.
So we are now playing 20 questions....mine are really over 100 questions of this nature which prompted them to hire another attorney. This law stuff can actually be fun except my whole farm is at stake. But I feel the Lord has put me here for a reason. I have 30 years of questions...maybe some of you do also.....And here is the # one question..."Why doesn't the system work....for us?" It works for the other side really well. I couldn't pay my attorney any more so he quit. I actually felt relieved over that. He was a Harvard educated lawyer but I knew way more law that he.....and he admitted it. He was my co-counsel and not my attorney....He said he would lose his license if I was his client and asked these questions. He also admitted that I knew more law than the ND Supreme Court. That's encouraging ...since they will probably try to get a protection order against me so they won't have to answer many of these questions. Now that is almost old semi-retired well driller and the state is afraid of me.
I don't expect to win. They state pays the salary of the administrative judge and WSI. Do you now see why it is almost impossible to win in their system? So....I'm taking it to the public. It looks like just an issue with a pissed off well driller.....but it's not. I am one of the few patriots in ND that knows the score. My ex-lawyer just told me that no lawyer would touch the case as he would lose his license. How many people are there in ND or anywhere that would have the knowledge and "hutspa" to go against the state to fight for these rights that were provided to us by God...guaranteed to us by the constitution....but now taken from us by statutory law. So I am taking my case to the public as much as possible. I would go on the local talk show which is really good ....but sponsored by....WSI
The poet said " A little knowledge is a dangerous thing....drink deep or taste not the treacherous spring" Once you see the Truth and recognize it do you go back? If you go are living the lie.....if you go forward the road may be treacherous ....I don't know what the future holds....but I do know who holds the future. I know the future will have no surprises for my Lord ....but do I have the faith and fortitude to trust Him....Everything is at stake if I fail....but much more is at stake if I fail Him.
I laid out my goals on top. I need to be encouraged and to light some fires and put some other fires out. Do you see the bigger picture? This isn't about me so much as it is about the freedom we say we have. I have always said "We need a little dog to pull back the curtain and reveal the wizard for who he is .... a little man pulling strings." That may nave been a prophetic statement. I may be the little dog....Anna's the little dog....and you may be the little dog too....It's a heavy curtain. I was just not willing to chase butterflies all my life and when I get to the end.... look back and say "Now what the hell was that all about?" I hope many of you will feel the same.....
I want your advice....your prayers...your concern. I've drawn a line in the sand and said "Thus far and no farther" Will you join me? Individually they can knock us all off but as a team....I think they will run. We are going in to their court....We are playing their game. Anna's been there. I soon will be. And who knows who will be next. I never expected this at all but I can see how the Lord has prepared me for it. And if you're on this site.....You are getting prepared also. In the future as time permits, I will embellish on certain parts of this case if anyone is interested and will be looking for your input......
Lord Bless
Terry Kemmet

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  1. First of all,you will never win playing their game. You must expatriate the US CORPORATE MUNICIPAL PERSON and surrender this monster of their creation back to the US Treasury and appoint Steve Mnuchin as the fiduciary of this trust on a Form 56 and send him your Authenticated Certificate of Live Birth to prove that you are the live man on the land. Now you are the employer and they are your employees and IRS CID will back you up. You can then discharge the bid bond in any case they file against you and sic your CID pit bull on them if they get out of line with you. They fear no man...but they tremble at the mere thought of IRS CID peeking into their accounts for tax evasion. Don't be too smart for your own good. Take the easy road. The simplest solution is almost always the best. You are smart enough to study out Anna's postings and instructions. Hire one of their Living Law Firm real Lawyers to assist you and be free to run your business as you see fit. Peace.


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