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Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Meeting of the Grand Poobahs

By Anna Von Reitz

Immediately after the Revolutionary War each one of the new nation states began issuing money. Those that issued coinage of gold and silver fared all right, but struggled with supply. Those that issued paper "script" were almost immediately beset with counterfeiting problems.

It turns out that the British government (yes, this is after the end of the Revolutionary War) deliberately flooded the market with counterfeit script to "confound" the newly formed states' economies.

People started saying that things "weren't worth a Continental! (dollar)" as a result.

It was substantially because of this British counterfeiting fiasco, that the states delegated their right to issue money to a national authority--- their own land jurisdiction Congress.

After the so-called Civil War the British-based interlopers craftily substituted their own private corporate "Congress" and proceeded to substitute and counterfeit our currency for profit.

Lincoln issued "Green backs" instead of silver dollars, floated on the value of our labor (our backs) and 1040 Bonds -- so called because you could choose to redeem them after ten or forty years-- which were used to extract the value of our labor and put it in European pockets.

This same scheme morphed into the "1040 Form" which was enforced by the foreign, private Internal Revenue Service as a tax--- used to back U.S. Treasury Bonds, and later, IMF Bonds.

The ultimate counterfeit job was pulled off by the "Federal Reserve System" substituting their paper promises known as "Federal Reserve Notes" for our American Silver Dollars. The scam was so successful that even people in America called these pieces of paper "dollars".

There were numerous ways used to embezzle value from us.

First, the "Federal Reserve" paid only a few pennies to print the "Federal Reserve Notes", and received back the whole face value of the note, plus interest, for their trouble.

Hello? Read that part over again as many times as necessary until you truly understand it.

Second, via the Emergency Banking Act and other patently bogus legislation, the fake corporate "Congress" established in 1868, granted itself the right to "exchange" their Federal Reserve Notes for our actual American Silver Dollars on a "dollar for dollar" basis.

Hmmm..... since when does a "promise to pay" create an equitable exchange for actual silver? Especially when such an exchange is enforced on people without their consent by private, mostly foreign-owned corporations masquerading as their lawful government?

Using this patently bogus "legislation" as their excuse, the vermin emptied out Fort Knox right under the watchful eyes of the U.S. Army. Bill Clinton transported the last of it during his administration.

Third, the asset backing the "Federal Reserve Notes" was gradually, steadily downgraded--- first, FDR removed the gold backing, then Nixon removed the silver backing, then we bobbled along with the "Petrodollar" with oil backing the Federal Reserve Notes, until finally, in 2009, the "Federal Reserve System" was declared bankrupt.

The British and French controlled "U.S. Government" went right on printing "Federal Reserve Notes" backed by nothing at all. In fact, they stepped up production and printed as many of these "Federal Reserve Notes" as they humanly, possibly could. And they continued to encourage and promote the confusion between their I.O.U.s and our actual American Silver Dollars.

During the Obummer Administration actual "federal" printing presses and mint plates were exported out of this country to Thailand, France, and the Philippines, and over a trillion fake $100 bills were printed. Thankfully, not all of them got distributed, but many did--- truckloads and railroad cars full of them.

There were other problems showing up, too.

The British Finance Ministry finally jerked awake and made the public observance that something was wrong with the figures of total tonnage of world gold supplies. They had been informed that only 1500 tons of gold had ever been mined in the history of the world, and that's the basis they were using to peg gold values--but that is obviously a gross underestimate even a grade school child would eventually detect, and finally the House of Lords did, too.

Oh, my. And then, all these "gold bonds" started showing up, trillions and trillions of dollars worth of old bonds, some of them actual, some of them counterfeits. Boxes and boxes of promises-to-pay made by various governments at various times to pay in gold, to pay in silver, to pay, pay, pay--- but of course, they never did. The various parties were overturned by war, or new administrations or new governmental services corporations took over and the bonds were never paid.

About the time that the Federal Reserve System was bankrupted, the Chinese jerked awake and got concerned about actual deposits of gold that the Nationalist Chinese government made to the New York Federal Reserve Bank in 1928.

The gold had been sitting there "on deposit" since 1928, and the Bilkers had never even paid the interest due on it.

The New York Fed refused to pay.

So through the good offices of Neil Keenan, the Chinese government brought suit in the U.S. District Court of New York and sued to have their deposit, or at least the interest due on their deposit, returned. That was 2011.

It is now six years later. The fraud and the counterfeiting is finally at an end, but with the effect that virtually all the world's currencies have been compromised and the lack of accurate records about precious metals supplies and other vital data has led to a situation in which "nobody knows the value of anything"---quote unquote.

I heard that and I started laughing. It was a very strange sound under the circumstance. Everyone else present looked more somber than a gravestone in the pouring rain.

All I could think was---- "Isn't THAT the truth? People have never known the value of anything. How else could they value little pieces of metal above honor or love? Cherish pieces of paper above children or clean water or peace? LOL!"

The speaker might have added that the task of determining who owns what anymore is also largely beyond repair. The bankers and the Spooks and politicians got a little greedy on the side and sold gold and silver that didn't belong to them, and issued bonds against gold and silver that didn't belong to them, and traded gold and silver that didn't belong to them, so that the real ownership and interest in the vastly greater-than-ever-recorded stockpiles of gold and silver is largely unknown, too, and difficult to determine.

There are ten would-be owners for every coin and most of them have at least some credible evidence that can't be discounted without careful and honest investigation.

It turns out that beginning in the 1920's and especially after the Second World War, vast amounts of gold and silver and precious stones and art and everything else simply disappeared and got deposited in empty bunkers and bank vaults all over the world, creating a largely artificial scarcity of coinage and available money throughout the world. This underground stockpile of what stands for wealth in this world was kept on a so-called "off ledger" accounting system.

Just as the government had "budgeted" and "non-budgeted" income streams, the banks had "on ledger" and "off ledger" accounts. With the same results. Embezzlement. Fraud. Graft.

Back to the meeting of Grand Poobahs:

While everyone else sat there in a swelter of impending doom, I felt suddenly free and joyous, like a kid again. It felt like the aftermath of when my house burned down and all I had left was a rusty ax head.

"So," I recapped, "nobody can place an accurate value on anything, and the actual ownership of most of the world's wealth is in serious doubt. Am I getting this straight?"

Nods all around the table, averted eyes, even a few blushes.
If you ever saw people who were "shame-faced" this was it.

"And yet," I continued, "everyone knows that all the peoples of the world and all the governments have assets and aren't really broke......"

It was a real Come to Jesus moment. Imagine waking up one morning and being told that you have a 150 years of dishonest bookkeeping to deal with?

And then being told that although you have almost unimaginable stockpiles of wealth, you can't spend any of it, because the ownership of everything is clouded.

Oh, and by the way, the entire world thinks that your government is responsible for the criminally insane corporations that have done all this. They think that "Federal Reserve Notes" are dollars. They are blaming you for this.

Yeah, right.

Okay, let's get this straight.

The unincorporated United States of America--- the actual American states and people --- have been the first and chief victims of these shysters. They did it to us, the same time they did it to everyone else.

Also for the record, our "dollar" is defined as fine silver and always has been and still is.

And now that you finally know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth---- we are indeed at a turning point of our planetary history. Why? Because in order to keep everyone on Earth afloat and fed and living, we have to give each other credit.

We have to admit that everyone, every single one of us, has value. We have skills. We have labor. We have natural resources. We have land. We have copyrights and patents. Each one of us and the whole Earth that we are heir to, is supremely valuable and in the end, these things are the only things of value that men trade, aside from our love and our respect.

So let's give each other that --- both love and respect, and then, let's give each other all the credit needed to flourish and thrive.

Now that I am a great-grandmother myself I look back on my own Grandma with new insight and understanding. I remember her looking at an immense pile of cow manure and shaking her head and saying, "It takes a lot of cow manure to grow a rose bush."

Yes, it does. It surely does.

This whole situation is a giant pile of manure caused by a large number of international criminals, but we can do with it what we will, limited only by our vision of a better world and our willingness to --- literally --- give each other credit, as individuals and as nations.

Stay calm, everybody. Stay focused on what is actually valuable-- your lives, your family, your homes, your food, your water, your work, your passions, your health, the people you love-- and take all the "symbols of value" with a grain of salt.

We've been trained to value the image instead of the fact, like dogs trained to salivate when they see a picture of dog food. This was done to defraud us of our time and our energy and our material wealth and to keep us on a hamster wheel.

This is the moment in time when you are truly free to consider what matters --- what is truly valuable --- and to act accordingly.

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  1. The truth will set us free! Thanks again Anna. Beautifully said again!!

  2. Kim jung um has a lot to learn. You really think he wants to give anyone credit. He is an absolute despot. Criminally insane. But like all despots, he is becoming ultra paranoid, like Hitler, trusting no one and killing anyone he remotely considers a threat. He had a man killed at one of his meetings where one of the dignitaries feel asleep accidentally. He had the man executed. He is becoming dangeous to the entire world.

    1. Kim Jung can't be defended much but you association to Hitler can Germany was declared war on before Hitler took power by the very ppl who are hell bent on genoside all whites.the holodomor.starving 1917 trotsky said that a mother is not hungry till she eats her children . The 100 divisions poised to overthrow European stopped by 500, 000.Russians that joined Hitler Finnish , Austrian , and jews.operation Barbosa .

  3. Poverty is the most feared by humans .
    But once it over you have little to fear.

  4. I have said for over fifty years now that the way to rid ourselves of all our aches and evils is to do away with money. We don't need money. All we need - as Anna alludes to here - is a motive to share our goods and services with one another. And the highest motive to do so that we could ever come up with is to share our goods and services with one another - and give of our best in the process - out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning. Out of, in a word: Love. And once we truly get that:

    Game over.

    Thanks, Anna, for all that you have done to get us to that - this - point.

    1. Exactly right Stan. We are basically one of the only planets that use that fiction we all call money. Our brothers and sisters from off-planet just sadly look at us and shake their collective heads and ask each other "Do you think they'll ever wake up?" There's 7+ Billion of them and a few thousand of corrupt leaders. If they wanted to, they could use their Internet and communicate with each other globally, nearly instantly and take back their world all most right now, but seemingly they're all too afraid of the unknown. But really, how much worse could it get. Ants, bees, anything tiny - enough of them together can stop an elephant or whale or anything! Do you suppose they will ever figure that out and then band together? I wonder?..........................

    2. People have been concerned about a one whirled religion, well, its been here for eons and its called money.

    3. rhodeislandjim.....some countries have done exactly that...ICELAND..!!! The perfect example of how the people themselves can demand and get remedy if they want it. But people here in America would rather fight over their favorite sports team than their oppressing govt. Put a uniform and badge on someone here and Americans run the other way. Americans are chicken shits. They stick together only on the most important points....LBGT rights, Sexual harrassment rights, Equal pay rights, gay rights, liberal v conservative rights, etc. But never about the right not to be controlled by DC. They would rather push their own agendas than be free. And call 911 on their neighbors for the least little thing. Great country.

  5. Us is them too ,you can be me ,its all interchangeable ,this is the collective delusion ,projected in chronological time ,a temporal departure from a present state of awareness ,peoples neural pathways are forged to support this false paradigm of liner reasoning bound in duality,scarcity ensues ,subjectivity is guaranteed ,instability follows in uncertain terms psychologically and or commercially ,this article obliges users to attain a total nueral-rewire before wrapping your head around this proficiently,at least enough that it may be of true real time value,but is likely to fail upon all cognitive dissonance of would be free people.

  6. I think you made one mistake in this article judge Anna....FDR took away the silver first. And Nixon took away the last substance backing the in 1971. But he cut a deal with 186 countries to deal only with dollars when they wanted oil and later all imports and exports exchanged only in dollars...!!!

    1. Yes, this part confused me too. FDR confiscated all Gold "money" from the American people with the blessings from congress and a complicit media, treasonous acts, and then built Fort Knox to house the stolen money. About a year later with the stroke of the pen the "value" of the stolen money was raised some 75%....again stealing wealth from the American people. Despicable. I wait for what Henry Ford once said to actually happen: "It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning". The lies in this country run so deep I am angry from being fooled and lied too my entire life. Damn these vermin to hell.

  7. Bitcoin. The people's money, decentralized and unstoppable by bankers or politicians. An honest and immutable ledger open to all.

    1. Digital currency? Physical [private issue] Gold and Silver are much safer in my opinion.

    2. .....As long as the internet exists, and the same perps are hard after it because it's destroying them.

    3. Lets be clear about a currency and what it is?It is a
      symbol of an exchange with receipt of this trust. why not use digital trade banks and remove the physical aspect of currencies for greater sustainability by removing all deficient uses of natural resources.symbols of trust(currency)(units of exchange) amongst the population must be equally distributed ,electronic form can do that precisely if we were to use the current media distribution for good, this is a unrealized medium that can be used to serve the global good by implementing trade and time banks with minimal trade tax to service the banks upkeep and security interfaces .

    4. No banks needed, all transactions are peer to peer.

    5. I have bad news for all the cryptocurrency enthesiest...its called "Quamtum Computers". And they can cut through blockchain technology lile a knife through butter...that easy. They have them and when the time is right, they will use them to create a uniform currency, one based on elastic unlimited funds, and collaspe all other competing currencies. Right now, what i see happening is there are already way to many digital currencies, all with different exchange rates. That may be fine between people, but totally impractable when it comes to commerce in day to day transactions with the corp. we have to deal with dayly. Do you think you can just walk into walmart using one out of hundreds of cryptocurrencies and have them figure out the current exchange rate against other currencies. Get smart. All currencies always give way to an elastic currency. Its a mathmatical certainty. Buts thats ok as long as we are in charge of it and not them again. Either we come up with it ourselves, or they will and we will be right back where we are now. Those of you smart enough with computers, start working on "limitless cryptocurrencys" or they will if they havent already done it. A currency has to be uniform in order to transact millions of sales per day or it is useless. How many of you actually turned in your substance backed(real money), when you had the right to do it....nobody!!! So, why are you worried about it now. Their is nothing wrong with "NOTES" as long as they arent "DEBT NOTES"(having interest attached). I wish i had the skills to do it right now. I could render all your substance based cryptocurrencies obsolite overnight. Why cant we think like them. Thats why they always win...Get smart! Go elastic crypto or perish. Its the interest that makes a currency evil, not the absent of substance.

  8. AS usual, when it comes to "history" someone always has to supply the FACTS as Anna's version is always skewed!!! First of all the FEDS do not "print" US dollars, the US Treasury does. The FEDS "BUY" the US dollars for four cents a note regardless of the stated denomination printed on the bill, they buy the $1, $5, $10, $20, $100, ect.....bills all for the cost of printing them, which is 4 cents and then "loan" these bills, at face value PLUS interest back to their American dumbasses!!! When I told my brother-in-law this scam, he rhetorically stated that "this ought to be front page news if this is going on" but has refused at this date to even verify any of this. Most people refuse to believe the Truth for some strange reason. Also, it was Saint Rothschild that had the hand in ruining our Continental Dollars as he deflated the value, bought them all up and then demanded the face value be honored!!! He was also instrumental in starting the War between the States and prolonging that war by his "agent" Judah P. Benjamin, who ran off with the South's GOLD to England after the defeat of the South, which no one mentioned in the articles that I looked at. Imagine that!!!??? He extended the war because the South had defeated the North at the first battle of Manasseh, and had a clear run at undefended D.C. but he gave the orders to "halt" the South's armies because "they were too tired"!!! So I guess I will get anna's "stinky shinola" thrown at me for pointing out any Truths exposing her Saint Joos as having anything to do with the problems they had had in our history as well as all of our problems today!!! We have ONE "problem" and it is Saint Rothschild!!! Oy Vey!!!

    1. That should be obvious to anyone looking without anti-semite-phobic lenses. The names of major bankster dynasties alone tell the story, as do the 2 Talmuds. The Protocols of Zion have been denied as fakes, but they link the Talmuds directly with what's happening today. Read them! Rothschilds, their banking, media and corporate peers and their gentile shills have unfolded a vast plot, built on recycling the booms and busts and the wars they feed off of, as well as numerous other forms of parasiting off the world. It's time to recognize the enemy and be honest about it. Yes, more than Jews are involved, but it's their game. They are the masterminds and the chief beneficiaries. Read the Protocols of Zion and see exactly what that game is. Until one has done that, one should keep his mouth shut about it.

    2. Interesting unknown. I vagely remember some of that.

    3. I like the Henry Morganthau plan sec.treasury under the communist Roosevelt who didn't have a security clearance . Crafted the Morganthau plan to kill 20 million germans before the war . Why is a secretary of treasury making any plans.he shipped treasury plates to russia 5,000&10,000 FRN.s exchange for from fruit from a poisonous tree .

  9. Shall We all as a collective civilian, unarmed, non-combatant unincorporated peoples disclose these alternatives strategically on the front pages of the largest cities newspapers world wide, this will attract newcomers that will in turn grow the cause by greater coverage, distribution digitally and by word exponentially and bring relief in tremendous proportions if we think critically,Isn't this the highest priority in the world to bring this final decree to the world at large ,that the defacto must be phased out forever and to re-secure your estates in a equitable manner while being mindful of the changes necessary to replace the old paradigm to a golden one of high advance ,equal distribution and holistic world management,and to act sooner than later in support and on behalf of the impoverished for each moment can be a matter of life or death for those already displaced by top down global tyranny which cannot afford for this disclosure and strategy not be set in motion.Even in my case where my offspring has been stolen by cps like millions of other families have had done to them, this would also serve to end those types of crimes against millions of innocent families invaded by the Defacto agencies,people will quickly stop participating in Defacto family court proceedings, globally cps agenciess will get the message faster that children are not for profit !the pope has pulled the plug for all the world to know that from here on each and every action that is not about love and peace is truly your sin and no mercy shall be given to those who continue to oppress any part of the world civilian population with legal conscriptions,and that this will only renders you in the eyes of the informed ,a belligerent enemy of peace,unity and loving justice .

    1. Precise, present & aware:
      Comment Excerpt: "the pope has pulled the plug for all the world to know that from here on each and every action that is not about love and peace is truly your sin and no mercy shall be given to those who continue to oppress any part of the world civilian population with legal conscriptions,and that this will only renders you in the eyes of the informed ,a belligerent enemy of peace,unity and loving justice" Can you provide the Popes document declaring this or where might it be found?

    2. Popes give us color of law, color of heavenly truth, and mammon. I don't buy any of that one-world love and peace and popish forgiveness crap. I imagine that was the fiction being sold on the last Tower of Babel.

  10. We must have this global resolve but without the narcissistic and or negative components.

    . From The Protocols: “According to the law of being, might is right. Our right lies in force. Through our financial dominance we will manipulate capital, create depressions, and bankrupt Gentile states.

    In our hands is the greatest power of our day — gold. We shall not fail with such wealth to prove that all the evil we have had to commit has served to bringing everything into order.

    We shall contrive to prove that we are benefactors who have restored to the mangled earth the true good of the person, on the condition, of course, of strict observance of the laws established by us.”

  11. The perfect slaves believe they are free.
    We have met the enemy and it r us!

  12. I received the VOUCHER form the IRS after I sent my letter and birth certificate to Mnunchin. I do not remember how I am supposed to respond to this. Can you help me. I can't find the posting that talks about this. Thanks!

  13. * public notice *
    Pope francis makes a law and

    1. Thanks, seen this before
      "Papal Decree of July 11, 2013" has anything changed?

  14. I agree wholeheartedly. The amount of fraud they committed, resulting in so many lives and families being destroyed, not to mention all the endless and unnecessary arguements that was caused between families and other people , i cant foregive them yet, or maybe never. Its to damn soon. There has to be people held accountable this time...jail, death penalties, whatever. But they have to pay this time. What, are we just supposed to accept an apology and walk away, like all my friends try to do. Un uoh. No way. F&#k that. They need to be made an example of so they never try it again...

  15. Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, abroad; The Federation, which is the Central Government here since the Economic Relations agreement between Ethiopia and USA De-facto, utilities company from England. Emperor Haile G Selassie, I: and Empress Menen the Empire of Ethiopia still wondering about the arrest of U.S. Congress and their agencies the only one that can arrest them is the upper house the federation the Empreor Central Government that can to Harlem NY in 1937. Four years after bankruptcy of USA.
    Ministry of Foreign Afair and Ministry of Justice issue this Federal Law to help us see this Central Government, many peoples in this administration is from the third world island, there mind don't reach as high as the Emperor or the Empress cause they not coming from the blood-line of the Kings and Queens that's why we in this shape now. Look at the federal law 621/2009 section 3, number N Promotion of Justice system and the law enforcement, Emperor is the head International Police under this central government all terrorist place in concentration camp. If you choose to be apart of this world government let

  16. You forget again. It's a corporation not a country and your one share of stock bears no weight. If you owned 30% of a company, would let 'employees' dictate to you how to run your percentage's? Of course not. Until the articles of incorporation (Act of 1871), are torched up there Cherie, all you can do is remove your'SELF' from the corporation. And IRS Publication 6209: A 1040 form is a 'tribute' to the British Monarch


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