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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

We Delivered. And Now We Need Your Help.

By Anna Von Reitz

In recent weeks The Living Law Firm has accomplished some miracles. 

We have delved out a simple process that average people can use to completely correct their political status records, reclaim their identity, and return home to their natural permanent domicile on the land and soil of the organic states.   

We have put a giant Private Registered Indemnity Bond in place for each state of the Union, which people can use to protect their homes and land from bogus foreclosures, providing the "First Ever" simple DYI systemic answer to mortgage fraud. 

We have taught people how to lawfully stop paying taxes they don't owe and how to defend themselves from IRS attacks.  

Better still, we have taught them how to use the services of the IRS to turn the tide and enforce claims against the racketeers who have been defrauding Americans for generations.

Every week, corrupt judges get bounced off the bench.  Corrupt attorneys lose their bar cards.  And none of them are eligible for rehire. 

We have turned the ABA/IBA commercial lien over for collection.   

Bit by bit and day by day, we are helping to drain the swamp, educate Americans, and doing our yeoman's service to defend our countrymen.

We have discovered the "Smoking Gun" that proves high level collusion aimed at robbing the American people of their homes via foreclosure and credit fraud in the offices of INTERPOL and the USAG and the Wells Fargo Bank and the local Bar Associations that have allowed "judges" to foreclose with one hand and buy back foreclosed homes with credit lines based on the victim's own home equity with the other.

We have tracked down the mechanisms of the identity theft and fraud at the very root of all the problems now facing our people and our country.  We have dismembered the generation skipping trust tax shelters and insurance schemes at the very core of this vast criminality.  

We have devised the means to safely deflate the mortgage bubble.  We know how to repair the trade deficit.  We have gathered together nine of the largest Historic Trusts to bulwark the American economy and provide our country with continuing liquidity in the midst of global transition.  

We have provided the means and guarantees to make sure that veteran pensions and Social Security payments continue no matter what happens to the UNITED STATES or the USA, INC.  

We have established the first sovereign chartered International Trade Bank in 150 years and opened the way through bank treaties for the worlds of commerce and international trade to communicate again. We have cleared the way for average people to have safe and honest private banking services available in the not so distant future. 

We have faithfully espoused and supported the educational and organizational effort to rebuild and restore the lawful American government one county at a time, one state at a time.  

Through our work, through our publications, through our research, we are bringing relief and hope and much-needed remedy to millions of people.

It is one of the most daunting, most hair-raising adventures anyone could imagine, a sort of Gobi Desert trek across wastelands populated by criminals and madmen and yet also populated by some of the most righteous, kindest, and wisest people in the world.  

We are standing here in the midst of that desert without two brass shekels compared to the immensity and ever-expanding nature of the work we have taken on, and the bills are piling up for members of the Living Law Firm and the Asset Recovery Team and the Michigan General Jural Assembly and The American States and Nations Bank.  

We are all volunteers. Nobody draws a salary.  We can't possibly do this without your help, your prayers, and your material support. 

Please send what you can, if you can.  I am still acting as Paymaster, Chief Bottle Washer, Judge, Doctor, and Grandma.  

One thing is for certain--- we can't just stand around waiting for some "grand tomorrow" or some magical RV to fall out of the sky.  If we want it, we've got to make it happen.  Everything we have accomplished so far has been done the hard way and when we look each other in the eye, we all know that we have to build that "tomorrow" today.   

Judge Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Post Office Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652


  1. Thank you Anna, so so very much, and I personally am so thankful and gracious for you Paul and cookie and anyone else, whom may of assisted you in these bloodshed battles against these demonic beings..
    I am unemployed right now , but my son makes music and he gains profits now and then
    When, and I mean as soon as I have another means of money, I'm sending it to your post office box
    I'll be damned if I sit back piggy back riding off of all you guys blood & sweet and not help..
    You've done miraculous work on our behalves, I'll tell you, I wouldn't have known where to start in all of this, I've been assisted with the foreclosure in the beginning from a couple good guys I've come across, but then you had soulutions!!☝ and I had to do a turn, and have found my relief through your blogs , in which I'm so grateful for, all praises to you and your crew Anna.
    I mean what I say and I'm gonna work on something today!
    God bless you honey..❤

  2. Do you have a bitcoin public address?

    1. From Anna:

      No, we haven't expanded into BitCoin or any of the other cryptocurrency products yet. Frankly, it isn't directly translate-able into the kinds of bills our people face. So, just the old standards.... for now.

  3. Count me in, Anna. Thanks for leading the charge!

  4. Like to communicate this on a talk show forum but need more details .names dates places.
    I recognize the accomplishments Ron Paul likes to say hit em in the pocket book the federal Reserve cash cow ,add zeros to the ledger, free money at the discount window,fractional banking . Texans answer metal depository buy metal it's stable then you can wright checks to buy groceries .

  5. Thank you Judge Anna; However in Washington State, the thieves and corporate courts are still helping each others stealing everything we make (meaning common people they perceive as stupid). They do not follow their own rule of law, they do not care what we say, or make reference to your legal defense assistance. They simply want to steal everything blatantly in court by taking people Right to Due Process away, to Jury Demand, to own property, etc.. They simply want to steal all without having to prove that the thieve papers are fake, invalid and forged. Judicial Fraud is rampant. The Governor also does not care to respond to any letter we wrote. When we called him up, his secretary defends him saying the Governor has no say to what his Judges say or do, but he appointed those (unqualified) Judges to help the thieves stealing our properties. She said by Process the Governor appointed those Judges, including Judges of WA Supreme Court. In other words they're telling us to blame the wrong-doings on his immune Judges. The Thieves and so-called Government are robbing us alive, it does not matter what the top governments are saying. They are the State of States, the franchise of the Fed. Corporation, per 28 USC 3002 (15)(A). What do you think Judge Anna?

    1. From Anna:

      I think there is a reckoning coming, and it will no longer delay.

    2. Well it better come quick, because there is a senate bill right now...S 1241 "Combating Money Laundering, Terrorist financing, and Counterfieting Protection law". As usual it sounds good, right. Wrong!! If this bill passes everyone will be required to fill a form out, stating all your assets, including "cryptocurrencies" like "bitcoin". And if they find out you lied or witheld any info, not only can they take the unreported asset you didnt list, they can also take your lock box contents at the bank and just about anything else. Its a WAR on cash and hidden assets. Of course Diane Fienstien of Calif. is one of the writters of the bill along with 3 other senators. I dont know if Trump is aware of this bill or not, but if he isnt briefed on its real agenda, he might sign it. These Dems are something else. But there is a lot going on behind the scenes that the fake media isnt reporting on, like several polititions being arrested, etc. Trump is trying to clean the swamp, but will it be enough and in time before WW3 STARTS...???

    3. I tell you what, if it does, by some stretch of the imagination, get passed into law, all Hell will break loose across our land and it WILL be WW III, Civil War II, no doubt about it. People are waking up fast. Our life coaching/business consulting is helping to spread the word and get people unhitched to the system, but, I must agree, James...will it be too late? Or, will this, by some miracle in human perception and action, be "all in perfect, divine timing"?

  6. Pinkham, they may not regard or respect you, but they are scared to death of the IRS. Most of them are knee deep and deeper involved in tax evasion and they know it. A court complaint is a security instrument which they monetize and get paid for and then do not report the income. Their activities cannot see the light of day. Waiving a W-9 around in court and requiring them to report on themselves is like holding a cross to a vampire so to speak. Some will run out of the back of courtroom. For non-US CITIZENS, the IRS-CID is our new best friend. Villains beware...there's a new Sheriff in town!

    1. My idea is for us to create "Civilian Land Patrol" units wherever we are: county, district, subdivision, etc. Police the police and public officials, on the streets and in the courthouses, which could work in conjunction with the Jural Assemblies, of course. "Be advised you are now under a Civilian Inquiry and anything you say or do could incriminate you and lead to your possible arrest and conviction for violations of Title 28 USC 1985, Title 18 USC 241," etc., etc.

  7. by chance do you have a process to help us with our mortgages if we are still current on our payments?

  8. Amen, Anna! You've done more than all U.S. Presidents combined to assist the people of this great land. I will pitch in what I can for the Effort.

  9. Where is the proof that any of such accomplishments have worked and have saved anyone's home from foreclosure, or eliminated any illegal tax, or fraudulent court practice, etc., even one case? Where's the proof that the bond is effective? If this proof exist, please post these successful situations for the public to see. This will motivate people in the millions. Thank you.

    1. From Anna:

      Obviously, you haven't been following along and haven't read the posting and documents that have accompanied this entire effort from Day One.

      There are over 600 articles posted on my website and I do not propose to comb through them and point out which ones have document attachments of the kind that you demand for your edification. That's your job.

    2. Simple question. Where is the proof?

      No disrespect, and I didn’t anticipate getting my head chewed. The delivery of proof is not for my edification, and I’m not asking you to comb through 600 articles or anything for that matter.

      In de jure law; it’s not just what you say; it’s what you can prove.

      I have read many aspects of truth and color on that website, and certainly not all 600 articles. Instead of answering the question by someone who is the highest qualified by knowledge, and most familiar to deliver the proof; in turn; telling someone to do their job to find “just one” proven successful situation out of the entire 600 plus articles is truthfully not being straight forward.

      All I am saying is that without a doubt - out of all the hard work put in what was “delivered” can anyone post any proof of successful situations for the benefit of the millions of people that would become motivated to contribute the federal reserve notes that you are seeking for your efforts being done voluntarily.

      I would think that we are all on the same side (from the weakest to the strongest) standing against a monstrous common enemy.

      Just sayin. And, I’m not sorry for asking.

      If no one can provide any proof; you just can’t provide it.

      The lack of proof will simply be a caveat for the people with respect to what they are being told as a part of their research and study.

      Thank you.

  10. Truthseeker, your logic is backwards. Where is the proof that anyone is saving their home from foreclosure through the courts and the current Just-us system? Where is the proof that anyone has eliminated any illegal tax or fraudulent court case practise through hiring regular BAR Card carrying Liars, Lawyers, who do not represent you but are officers of the same court that is prosecuting you? Where is the proof of YOUR bond and of its effectiveness? If you have read any of Anna's postings, you would see that Anna herself is living proof that she has not only tamed the IRS beast but has even turned them into her best friends and made them her own private pitbull and ours to sic on all non-believers. But I have a question for you. Where else can you turn for redemption of your issues? Do you have anything better? Please pray tell and do share as we would all like to know. You have some studying to do, my friend. But you still want proof, you say? Just one case? How about 20? Well then, check out this post from Anna from one year ago: Out of 20 foreclosures, 20 homes have been saved through Anna's Living Law Firm! Now that is some pretty good odds and proof a plenty, wouldn't you say?

    1. Simple question. Where is the proof?... without your added words, phrases, and definitions that I didn’t write. Proof would motivate millions to contribute in many ways. Just sayin.

      This is not personal or emotional, as indicated in your judgement of what you expressed as: “Truthseeker, your logic is backwards.”

      Nonetheless, thank you for the link that you provided as proof for which in de jure law - proves nothing.

      It’s certainly evident to others that seek the same answer to a simple and reasonable question in truth, as indicated by the first three unanswered blog posts in the article link that you so graciously provided; to wit:

      steve fpmekJune 21, 2016 at 8:09 AM

      Are there transcripts of the precedings that the victors would be willing to post? It would be great for those in this situation unable to get assistance from this proper council to at least read as many of them as possible to get a good comprehensive look at what is effective in these cases.

      JeffJune 21, 2016 at 8:22 AM

      I too would like to see some detail and documentation regarding these foreclosure cases.

      Michael AlexanderJune 21, 2016 at 8:49 AM

      No time, no answers, no citations, no evidence of wins, no organization. Just blah blah blah, blah, blah. SOMETHING IS NOT ADDING UP HERE. Good luck with that.

    2. Truthseeker, forgive me, I didn't mean to bite off your head, just to screw it on right. But please tell me... how does one submit proof of the IRS suddenly falling silent after submitting Anna's paperwork to them? How would one submit proof of a local IRS tax collector ceasing his collection activity for fear of personal liability after his nose is rubbed in a copy of the same paperwork? How does one submit proof of not paying a mortgage bill for over 7 years and they are still in their house? How does one show proof of having changed their political status from US CITIZEN to American National by filing all of Anna's suggested correction paperwork? Yes, one could post all of their documents and filings but how would that help you or anyone else when they have not done it for themselves? My paperwork and filings will not help you one iota in your situation. The 20 people that Anna and her team helped to shut down their foreclosures, are all individuals that have a right to keep their filings private. If they would like to post them, that is up to them and not up to Anna. Perhaps they would not like to expose it on this public forum for concern of retaliation by any public trolls that could be monitoring this site? But let's suppose for a minute that one of them did post all their case filings, docket numbers and subsequent dismissal, how would that help you? Would you now all of sudden become a believer and start working the process? I don't think so. If you have not done anything up until now to correct your political status, you never will. No matter how much proof is flung at you.

    3. From Anna:

      Now, that is where you are wrong. I have offered literally hundreds of proofs in several venues---- 11 pages, single-spaced, type-written in my book "Disclosure 101" and basically 300 pages with proof and citations scattered throughout in our book "You Know Something Is Wrong When....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" and all through 600 articles there have been proofs and documents posted. It isn't up to me to do anything more, nor is it my job to convince you or anyone else of anything. My "job" such as it is, is to provide you with information so you can do your own due diligence and get your own brain up to speed to really think about and investigate on your own. Period.

      Just exactly what is it that you think I owe you? Let me be very blunt, I didn't owe it to you to write one word or provide one proof. And Paul Stramer doesn't owe it to anyone to post the information, either. We did this purely in the interest of sharing what we found out so that other people could benefit and so that hopefully, we could all wake up and get this country back on track. That's it. This isn't a court case nor is it a public debate nor am I under any obligation to you, though you are indeed under obligation to yourselves and to your country to dig and delve.

      If you want to pay taxes you don't owe, go right ahead. If you want to serve the government instead of having the government serve you, go right ahead. If you want to fly the war flag instead of the peace flag, who is going to stop you? If you want to be bullied by "law enforcement" officers under the false presumption that you are subject to British Martial Law, who am I to object? Hop to it, I say, and I hope you are happy with your circumstance.

    4. Anna and 1FreeMan:

      Anna, you don’t owe me a crumb, and I never said directly or implied that you did, Period.

      I never started any debate. Period. I only asked a simple question of proof that would motivate millions to contribute to your efforts.

      To my surprise; you, Anna, and the other guy; 1FreeMan initiated all types of wrongful insinuations and assumptions about me - for whom neither of you know anything about when the question of proof was simple, and never personal.

      1FreeMan… I accept your apology, however, asking more questions to answer questions – are not answers. Period.

      I have already bought, sent her federal reserve notes, and read both of Anna’s books, more than once, and then spread the word for others to purchase them as well, and I am grateful for what she had published even though the books are missing critical information on the initial 1302 Unam Sanctum fraud, as with other succeeding fraudulent papal bulls (collective doctrine of discovery), and missing the on-going inquisition against the aboriginal indigenous native people of the American Lands; Jus sanguinis; Jus soli; heirs apparent; as well as, the initial fraud against the aboriginal indigenous native people of the entire earth where the Pope/Pontiff’s diabolical acts against “We The People” negates ALL terra claims by any Colonial Inquisitionist Europeans of the Roman Curia, and their modern European descendants calling themselves American, Australian, Afrikaan, etc., as opposed to European.

      I was under the impression that Anna and her followers were of the few Europeans; like some of the European deists (they call their founding fathers) that would uphold fairness and the actual truths that are being revealed in these wonderful days by people such as, Santos Bonacci, Taj Tarik Bey, Sevan Bomar, etc; instead of the fraudulent birthright theft, land grab, and exclusions against all aboriginal indigenous native peoples.

      I will say no more on the question of proof because I really and truly get it…

      Proof is impossible to provide unless the people that had successful situations come forward and give their information; which would have been a simple answer to give without all the added specious insinuations, and defensive semantics.

      Nevertheless, to ALL people… Caveat emptor.

      In Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice, and Wholeness


    5. From Anna:

      Our point back to you is that we spent forty years digging into the underbelly of the Beast and we documented it all in plain English as we went and shared all that information as we found it for free.

      It's there in front of you in over a thousand pages of reports and documents filed and available online from "government" sources.

      Gaining an understanding of the actual history of this country is going to cost you some real effort even after other people have done the hard work of delving it out of the musty records.

      You will also have to think for yourself and reason your way through things. Here is an example.

      The FACT is that the Civil War was never declared by Congress and never settled by a peace treaty.

      The further FACT is that in order to be considered a "war" it must have been declared properly and it must have been ended with a treaty of peace.

      So what do you conclude?

      We can prove the first facts by the ABSCENCE of documents that SHOULD be present.

      We can prove the other facts from citations of law.

      But at the end of the day you still have to reason through it, come to your own conclusions, and act accordingly.

    6. Also from Anna:

      PS-- we are ALL "aboriginals" and we have ALL been enslaved by this system of things, and no, I do not encourage childish games of "I was here first!" Or. "My scars are uglier than yours!" Because all that does is cause more victim hood and more division among people who should be facing a common enemy together.

      as for the Trusts set up by the Roman Catholic Church over the course of over 700 years, they are what they are and they are published online. All you have to do is check out a few search engines and hit search. Why am I suddenly responsible either for doing that for you or telling you what to think about it?

      Many people are offended by the idea of a World Trust and well they might be. That does not change the fact that the Church embarked on this course and took action to make it a reality.

      Now we have to deal with the reality they created.

      If my neighbor decided to go into the hog farming business, I would have to deal with that, too.

      Ever since I exposed the existence of the World Trust to people I have been getting attacks from people like you who somehow think I am responsible for it. Am I responsible for the existence of say, Golden Gate Bridge?

      So why do people think that I owe some big explanation and apology for the existence of the Workd Trust? Is this just because I brought it to your attention and you want to learn more or is it because it offends you and you want to complain about the hog farm next door?

      I just don't "get" where you are coming from and why you present this image of being helpless to use a browser when you are obviously not, and seem intent on blaming me for things that are just as obviously not my fault or making.

  11. We hear in Calif. are dealing with Jerry Brown, who seems hell bent on taking everyones bank accounts and any other assets he can get his hands on, just to build his pathetic high speed railway system which is draining the state for billions. He obviously took a bribe from criminal syndacates(banks) and now has to make good on his promise. His latest ploy is to add a 0.12 cent gas tax to generate more cash for his pet project. And this after he diverted funds ($4 hundred million) for the reconstruction of the Oravile Dam, which almost was destroyed this last rainy season. He is out of control. And Californians are pissed. They do not want him to get away with this anymore. This party is over. And Chris, I love your idea of a "Civilian Land Patrol" as oversite over all local city and county officials. Ive been trying to promote that same idea for some time now. But it has to be recognized and respected with that authority by the courts, including the federal courts, or they will be deemed to be "terrorist". How do we get past that. Thats the question. It could possibly start with a very small community where the population is so small that everyone could agree to do Big Lakes, Alaska..!!! But their has to be some oversite by "private persons"(non US CITIZENS), over all law enforcement so they can be educated about their real authority or face jail time. Right now, they oversee themselves. And it is rare indeed, that any officer is ever held accountable for their actions, other than a one week suspension of his job, and usually with pay. That is not oversite...!!!

  12. 1freeman....That site you quoted doesnt exsist. Did you list it right. Because when you try and go to that site it brings up judge Annas site, but says it no longer exsist. Whats up with that....???

  13. James, try it w/o the period at the end:


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