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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Living Law Firm: 20 to Nothing on Foreclosures Tonight--- All Wins for Our Side

by Anna Von Reitz

I want to make a name change from The People's Law Firm --- which though correct, sounds a bit like Mainland China --- to The Living Law Firm, because what we are doing is for living people.
Yes, you read the headline right.  Twenty homes have been saved, in a row, out of twenty million,  without a single loss.  I think that twenty straight wins says something important---- it says that we have it nailed. We have the fraud figured out.  We have the facts. We have the process.   And we are busting case after case---- but for this to really matter, more lawyers have to take the plunge to come walk the walk as a Private Attorney General, more paralegals have to be trained and it has to happen now.

It is of paramount importance that American homes and ranches and businesses be saved, that American families not suffer eviction, and that this scourge of lawless fraud by the banks be ended.   

We CAN stop current foreclosures in their tracks and return millions of homes that have been unlawfully foreclosed and seized back to their owners.  We can do this not just some of the time, but all of the time, not just for the lucky few and the wealthy and the famous----but for Mom and Pop, too. 

Standing here today I know full well that twenty wins is just a drop in the bucket. It's not even a scratch on the surface of the biggest real estate fraud swindle and betrayal of trust in history------but I also know that the Truth has been loosed, and when what is True comes, what is False must pass away.  

The crack in the dam of the monolithic foreclosure fraud is here. 

We know that this announcement will bring on a flood of urgent pleas for help and we have to admit that we don't even BEGIN to have the manpower and resources to answer the need at this time so we ask that all of those battling foreclosures bear with us.  We are continuing to move forward as quickly as we can on as many fronts as possible. For lack of a better way to proceed, we may establish a "Client Lottery" for now, and just draw names out of a hat to determine which foreclosure clients The Living Law Firm represents. 

The seed money people have sent and are sending is allowing us to get on our feet and keeping the "boys in the field" supplied with paper and ink and filing fees and beans and rice. No doubt by Wall Street standards this homegrown law firm is just a gritty little low-brow bunch of scrappers----- but as of tonight, it's scrappers who have gone toe to toe twenty times in a row, and carried off the prize. 

Despite all the nay-sayers, we must have something right.  
Added by the editor:
Support the team.  Get behind The Living Law Firm ---the only law firm on this planet that really, truly has your back and is pushing for broad spectrum remedy for you and yours.  

The PayPal account for this is:

(Note from the editor:  Use the above email address from inside your own PayPal account by clicking on tools at the top, and in the drop down menu click on Send Money.  Then enter the amount you want to send, and enter the above email address. You can also write a short note if you like stating what it is to be used for. If you don't send a note your donation will be used for The Living Law Firm effort.  This goes directly to Anna, and is a donation with no strings attached and no promises made except that we will NOT quit.)


  1. Are there transcripts of the precedings that the victors would be willing to post? It would be great for those in this situation unable to get assistance from this proper council to at least read as many of them as possible to get a good comprehensive look at what is effective in these cases.

  2. I too would like to see some detail and documentation regarding these foreclosure cases.

  3. No time, no answers, no citations, no evidence of wins, no organization. Just blah blah blah, blah, blah. SOMETHING IS NOT ADDING UP HERE. Good luck with that.

    1. I'm sure that will be forthcoming. Don't you see(?), these guys are up to their eyebrows and probably working around the clock! Take a chill pill dude and just waaaaaait for it...

  4. After I entered my note above, I realized that Anna considers herself a judge, so she probably ruled in favor of her clients herself. Cases closed!

    1. What is your evidence of this??? We would like to see "some detail and documentation regarding" these cases FROM YOU, before you make accusations based on nothing. Did you think a statement would get by that's so ill-considered we might as well call it a lie since you make zero effort to check it out? Well???

      I don't disagree that asking for evidence is warranted, what I'm saying is that you've asked for evidence and then you turn around and make an accusation that is without evidence. Something of a contradiction wouldn't you say, smart ass?

  5. I run the Galactic Fogbow Grand Jury. For a reasonable fee in the low six figures, we'll indite anybody ol' Anna von Strudel de la PopTart needs us to help with, on any planet. Don't try this at home, von Strudel, you piker.

  6. Is there a program/curriculum set up for training paralegals? Can anyone to qualify to begin study & finally get to work on these type of cases?
    If yes, Is there contact information to start or apply?

  7. Yes You are right, You now realize our issue is also it takes cash to get started... Saving America removing 1 fraud, RICO, Civil Right vindication at a time...
    Private Attorney Generals across America

    Face Book (pagsacrossamerica)

  8. I have volunteered to help with setting up a branch of the "Living Law Firm" in our region (northeast Washington). I am waiting for contact and information to work with these folks. In the meantime, if you live in NE Washington and have an issue needing para-legal support contact me. I can probably get you connected with help.
    I am at berrybestfarm at yahoo dot com

    1. While I don't need any legal support, I am in NW Washington and it would be good to create as many contacts from our state as possible to discuss the establishment of a proper jural assembly. I'll drop you a line just to say hi if you're okay with that?

  9. 1000000000000000 WINS!!! NO -0- LOSES!!!!!!!!!!


  10. We all have our part to play. Its a good thing with energy exchange creating a win-win situation. No victims here.

  11. Wow Looks like the trolls have found this site. Anna must have the 'big boys' running scared.

  12. Hi Steve and Dennis my name is Sherry I live near Yakima.
    Could you please let me know when others start to set up that jural society? I have a youtube channel 4skully.Stop over and let me know when there will be people meeting if you want wishin you all the very best.

  13. I'd like to become a Private Attorney General and Fight the Crooks/Banks.

    I'm already have declared my status, SPC, Bonded BC... I'm ready to do this...

  14. I sent her email in 2016 offering to volunteer. She replied that in two month I will get her paperwork. Still waiting. She is PSYOP

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