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Thursday, April 6, 2017


By Anna Von Reitz

Everything has a logic.  Rain falls down, not up.  Fire can warm your house or burn it down.

In this country, we have two kinds of government.  We have the de facto government --- Federal/Territorial/Municipal ---- that is hired to provide stipulated services.  We have the de jure government which, if we have a brain in our heads, we serve and cherish as our means to direct and control the de facto.  That’s the way it is and the only other option is insurrection.

Some time ago I separated myself and my Living Law team from Bruce Doucette and Michael R. Hamilton and “Judge Micky” and various others who started out with the goal of restoring the lawful de jure government, but then, went off track. 

This is not my first rodeo and not the first time I have had to do this.  Patriot leaders and the groups they establish regularly become convinced that rain falls up and fire doesn’t burn.

Now I hear that Bruce Doucette and several others have been arrested and are facing sixteen felony counts. There will probably be more arrests to come. 

You can live under the Statutory Law or you can live under the Public Law. You can sail on the sea or stand on the land---- and that’s ultimately your choice.  What you can’t do is willfully wobble around in between and just make things up as you go. 

You are either a United States citizen or a non-citizen national--- and whichever it is, you have to obey the laws and take the lumps that go with that political status.  

Fish or fowl. 

Here’s an example: you can’t claim with one breath to be a Colorado State Judge and with the next breath claim that you have authority as a judge in Oregon, too.  It doesn’t work that way.  Land jurisdiction offices are tied to the land and have strict geographic boundaries. 

I have explained that fact hundreds of times, but it just went in one ear and out the other with some people.  They kept on claiming to have authorities here, there, and everywhere.
I had one woman tell me she was a “United States Justice of America”--- a totally made-up name for a non-existent office, yet she insisted that she had universal authority in all fifty states and she wanted a badge to prove it, too. 

Yes, Virginia, there really are wing-nuts out there.  And they are dangerous.  They are dangerous in and of themselves, because they do crazy things and make crazy claims of power and authority based on thin air, but more importantly, they are dangerous because they mislead other people. 

There are a lot of disgruntled, unhappy Americans out here in the trenches and many have righteous complaints; unfortunately, we’ve also been dumbed down and kept ignorant so that most people don’t know how their government is supposed to work and some won’t take the time and make the effort to learn, much less implement it.  

They want to go out and do their own thing. Damn the torpedoes. Damn the law. Damn the limitations of old, outmoded public offices. We are the people, we can do whatever we want! …..And so on.

Inevitably, such people come to the attention of the FBI and other agencies and just as inevitably they get arrested--- because what they are doing and encouraging others to do, is wrong.  

Left to the mercy of such leaders we could wind up with the Glory Rangers of America at our door, parading around and lording it over the rest of us with no rhyme or reason to anything.

Once you leave the tracks our Forefathers built, it’s too easy to devolve into a world of Simon Says or Bruce Says or Anna Says, a world in which there are no rules beyond raw power, and no law but public sentiment. 

That’s why, even though I am saddened by this turn of events, I am relieved also.  All an insurrection does is harm innocent people on both sides of the fence.  

So, let me refocus everyone on the actual job at hand and the step-by-step process:

Getting your own political status cleaned up is Job One.

Getting your local county jural assembly together is Job Two.

Getting your local unincorporated county government up and fully functioning is Job Three.

After that, your counties will form your land jurisdiction states. 

Your states will then be enabled to call a land jurisdiction Continental Congress together.

And whatever changes need to be made in our relationship with the hired government can be made via peaceful and agreed upon processes.  

To assist you in getting your local county jural assembly up and on its feet, the Michigan General Jural Assembly is hosting a Thursday night call, nine o'clock p.m., EST, 1-712-770-4170, access code 226823#, and they also offer help through their website at  

Please bear in mind that every state and every county in this country is unique.  That's part of the beauty and the strength of our country, but it also means that you have to do your own homework.  There is a Handbook that shares the process that Michigan went through, but it isn't a template per se, because all 3100 counties are different and all 50 states are different.  

If you want to be free, come prepared to do some real work.  

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Does Anna still recommend expatriation from US citizenship??? She does not list that in her list in this post. She says:
    Getting your own political status cleaned up is Job One. So what does that mean? What about your political status needs to be cleaned up?

  3. Exactly what she is referring to your political status "You are either a United States citizen or a non-citizen national" get the confusion/presumption cleaned up.

  4. As Ronald Regean always used to say...."Well, here we go again". "THE SYSTEM" has a very clever brainwashing technique that works everytime to their advantage. All they have to do is make a few "arrest" and suddenly the person is guilty of "anything" they want us to believe, which ironically "nothing". And where are all the patriots that were just trying to make this world a better place.....they already crossed over to the other side, agreeing with the very people that started this fraudulent system in the first place, who you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, are guilty of the greatest deception, and illusions , and crimes against humanity the world has ever seen. So he was arrested...whos the "injured party". Oh, let me have a stabe at it......THE STATE..!!!! You want us to believe that is a crime. Whatever he did doesnt even compare to criminals behind the bench and his traitorist counterpart , the unlawfully unregistered foreign agent working for a foreign principal, Great Britain and her magistry QE2. But lets just forget about that. That was bought and paid for legally , using bribes, semantic deceite, ordained by the vicor of christ himself, pope francis and an entire planet filled with only lies and no truths. Its about time everyone sees what we are up against once and for all...then make a judgement. This article is lengthy, but it describes what has happened in every segment of our current system , all centralized under our ruinasious central banking cartel. We need not go back as far as Lincoln, when the fraud becomes this OBVIOUS......someone please read it and tell me im wrong!!!

    1. William v. Michigan Department of State Police 1989/1991:
      The state is not a real person, cannot sign a contract, therefore cannot be a party to a court case.


    Im sorry. That is the correct link.

  6. There is a typo in this publication. The correct phone number for the conference call is 1-712-770-4160 not 4170

  7. The arrests were for in state complaints aginst the entire Colorado assembly .they were trying to clean up corrupt judges with improper oats and things like that.
    You threaten the corperation they got more guns than you do , pure terrorism .
    They always pile on the charges to scare you into a plea deal.

    1. And that is supposed to be the big crime judge Anna is talking about. Is there a proper way to clean up corruption....??? By the time we go by "there" steps to have lawful authority, which they are always changing, it will be too late. I hate hearing about patriots being charged or going to jail no matter what they did as long as they have the truth , which we all have now. What we dont have are honest courts or judges....not one.

  8. You screw with thair rice bowl there are a 100 million codes/statutes to come at you with federal state local.
    Simple as that.the other marshals and judges are trying to react first get them out next counter claims.
    Kinda nice to see a clash between x judge currie and judge hamelton seems hamelton came out smelling like a rose.
    Currie said he would apologize but fell short and just wished him well all the dirt wouldn't stick.lost respect for currie instead of joining forces everyone's ego won't allow letting another be the lead to the point of sabotage . Takes a strong person to humble them selves to let another take the credit.

  9. How many counties are participating? How many counties have been organized? Is the Michigan Jural handbook available in pdf, print, downloadable? Will it ever be available? Do you have a set of instructions for organizing a county, a city, a state? Since Michigan is organized , what can we expect to happen there. Is the government going to change hands back to the people of Michigan? When? What are the timelines for organizing each state, by county? How is the message being communicated to the people of each county, state to organize the county? It there somebody organizing the effort?

  10. Jaysus! Please stop calling people leaders. Please. We don't need leaders or we're bound to have followers. Let's have positions, or organizers, or something else. We have to start making everyone leaders in their own lives.

    1. Does not "positions" have leaders? ..."Organizers" have leading "positions?" Agreed that everyone lead their own lives, but without leadership there is confusion & chaos!

  11. Who do I send my declaration of political status to?

    1. 218. Finally--- a Simple Fraud-Killing Remedy

      Read thoroughly, last page has the Act of Expatriation and Oath of Allegiance


      Also read:
      477. The Final End of the Fraud - Hail, the Emperor's New Clothes

      Along with:
      185. Long Form Birth Certificate Question - Who are you?

      83. Birth Certificate Discussion - Part 1
      Important quick view
      84. Birth Certificate Discussion - Part 2

      that should keep you busy for a while :-)

    2. By the Bye,
      perhaps we can get Paul to have Anna respond to your question regarding married name.
      It would seem to follow that your given name birth certificate would need to be addressed for the above reference.
      At the same time, having your marriage "registered" with the "STATE" seems like a bit of liability and should be corrected as well. Perhaps recording with the dejure county would be a better idea.
      All The Best,

    3. Thank you Wirkin Dawg,
      my work is ongoing and increased with your post:-)
      In Christ's Light and Love, ra

      And for the Sec. of Treasury Form 56, the instructions are here:

      Read through all of it and then at look at the 2004 blank Form 56:

      THEN the amended Form 56, read through all lines on form and what has been added in blue so that you see why it is amended which you can use to better your understanding and capably fill out:

      Two other examples:

      This appears to assign the Sec of Treasury as Fiduciary.

      This one Terminates you as fiduciary (I think).

      Any clues or comments from seasoned Form 56 filers?


      Thank you all for your service to others, we all need each other so much.

  12. How do you know who is a true leader is as opposed to a self interested party that only wants to use the position for his own ambitious desires....He is the first one to apply for the job with all smiles and coming off as "the person" that can please everyone. In other words, the most likeable man in the room, who underneith all his embelishments is the mist evil person in the room...Hes the one that will get the job,everytime. What makes anyone think that "jural assembles" will be any different than the system that is already in place. I lived in a gated community by the beach and before the 3rd phase of it was completed(out of 7 total) the complex had already had its "association" picked out and immediately enforcing their "by laws" without a peep from the rest of the community, with the exception of me. I couldnt get even one person to come with me to one meeting to see what these privaledged few had in mind for us. And you want me to believe that "jural assembles" will be any better. What is really missing everytime we form any type of govt. is "OVERSITE COMMITTIES" that all these "assembles" or any public offices for that matter have to answer to who have the ultimate authority with direct line communication or access to public complaints that has the power to remove anyone, anytime, for any reason, without recourse from the courts. Because the only people that want governmental public postions are people who have no social skills to work as just employees for a company. Their only ambition is control of others. We dont want nor do we need "jural assembles". What we do need, and have sadly been lacking for the last 200 years are "oversite committees" who have the power to remove anyone they perceive as a threat just from an accusation of possible doesnt even have to be proved. Then lets see how many people want these publically fiiled postions. I want to be on or start "oversite committies" all across America, over and above these so called "jural assembles" to keep them honest. And even then, we might need "oversite" over "oversite" committies. Every system of govt. needs at least one or maybe 3 layers of oversite commities in order to have an honestly run govt. answerable to the people and only the people. That is simply the reality of thinking people can be in charge of entire citys, States, and federal govt , while the rest of the total population wants to sit in front of a TV set watching sports. Judge Anna seems to think there are actually people honest enough or smart enough to make rules over everyone else without coruption setting in immediately because of the mass publics inaction or total distain of anything govt.... "OVERSITE" not "jural assembles". Otherwise, lets just keep what we have, because it wont take long to become exactly what it is now. And one more point about "oversite commities".....they have to be paid more than their public counterparts they are overseeing, and with more power. We can simply overturn every publuc position every 2 years, just to insure honesty and make sure no one becomes a lifetime public figure. The oversite committing will make sure no one becomes comfortable in their positions.....ever..!!!

  13. I would like to respond. There are up to maybe 10% that care about Our Constitutional Republic and returning to it from the ravages of the BAR/Republican/Democrat/military,industrial, legislative, executive, judicial, 4th branch cluster fuck.

    1. Wasn't it 3% that started the revolutionary war? No need for a crying towel is there? We all have work to do to bring this "turn-around".
      One at a time we expose ourselves to learn/teach ourselves, so then we expose/teach/learn with others, who in turn expose/learn/teach others, etc., which creates mass and then critical mass of exposure of knowledge. H'm?! :- )


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