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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Not Overtaken, Reborn

By Anna Von Reitz

I haven't had an opportunity to review this lengthy psyops report in depth, but it appears to be based on the assumption that because the names have changed and some international forces and new weapons are present, the America we love and know is being lost and overtaken.  In fact, what is being stripped away are the false names and presumptions that were the result of the Great Fraud and illegal occupation beginning in 1861. 

The actual country that we living American people are owed is being returned and the States of America are receiving back all the assets and credit that has been embezzled. Remember that the original constitution is called "The Constitution for the united States of America"----- the name of this country as it pertains to the delegated authority in international jurisdiction was always "States of America".  The "united" was an adjective used to describe "States of America".

This whole situation has become overly complex over time and the lawyers have had a field day confusing everyone and making false claims and practicing personage and barratry.  They've had a really sweet racketeering operation on our shores and they've done it in such a clever way that at the end of the day, they can even attempt to blame it on us and say that they did it all in our best interests. 

I am blowing past all that, as if it doesn't exist, and going to the meat of the matter.  We want our land, we want our homes, we want our money, we want our identities, our copyrights, our trademarks, our patents--- all of it returned.  We want clean, clear, easy means to correct our political status, obtain proper passports, and convert all these "public trusts" back into private bank accounts.  We want remedy on the land, full cure and maintenance on the sea, and redemption in the jurisdiction of the air. 

To do that requires going back to the actual names of things as they were 150 years ago and doing justice to the dead.  Think of all the people who lived and died as slaves since 1861, thinking that they were free men?  Deluded, fooled, defrauded, embezzled, conned by these criminals? 

It's not just a matter of what is due to us, it's what was due to our great-great-grandparents, too. 

There was a plan to kill the Priority Creditors of the con artists, just as they did in Nazi Germany.  We blew that to smithereens in 2014.  There was a plan to declare our Republics "dead", no longer having "international representation" and no longer having a sufficient currency in international circulation.  We blew that sky-high in 2015. At every turn, as the con artists have tried to undermine us, tried to deny our claims, tried to gain the legal edge---- they have been defeated. 

And not just defeated.  Squashed flat.  Exposed.  Like roaches.

There was an attempt by HRM Elizabeth II to claim that she was the Head of State of the United States of America.  Wrong.  The actual Head of State stepped forward.  There was an attempt by FRANCE, that is, Jacob Rothschild, to establish a contract by assumption and succession.  We said, thanks, but no thanks.  In public.  Repeatedly. 

What needs to happen in America and in every other country around the world is a full and honest housecleaning and education of the public so as to enable every man and woman to make decisions---- a sort of planetary Town Hall meeting --- where each one except those who really, truly are disabled and unable to act in their own behalf --- gets to exercise their free will and have access to their own credit without middlemen. 

Anyone who is not in a coma, anyone who is say, sixteen or older, anyone who is mentally competent --- should be truthfully told about the issues and choices, and then allowed to choose for themselves.

Those who are with me believe that when a man or woman is given all the facts, all the pros and cons, the vast majority will choose what is right and good for themselves and for their country and for all mankind.   Take away the lies and fears and tell the truth and at the end of the day---- we are grown up enough and rational enough to choose what is good.

I have often told the story of being lost in a blizzard in the back country of Alaska and seeing a tiny little Quonset hut in the distance, struggling my way to the door, and being welcomed by a very elderly Eskimo living a very simple life on the very edge of nowhere.  When it push comes to shove, when we become aware of how small we are, when we start discerning the real miracles of life--- then all of a sudden the world drops away and what is real and precious becomes painfully apparent.

Nobody has to tell us what is true or what is good.  We all already know.  

It's right there in front of us.  It's been there all the time.  And when we remember who and what we are, it's so easy to be grateful and to choose life and to share, because we finally realize that we are worthy and we are loved and we are blessed and we are immersed in riches beyond compare in great abundance, with more than enough for our needs and wants and wishes, more than enough for every man to have his home in peace. 

The dark night of the Doctrine of Scarcity and the rule of Satan is finally ending.  The Thousand Years of Peace has been declared, and those who are guilty are scattering and stumbling, afraid of what this means and what will be done to them.  It is the Will of our Father, that not one will be lost.  Not a single goat, not a single sheep.  All will be redeemed.  All will be cared for.  All will be taught.  All will be cherished.  And though their sins are as scarlet, they shall be washed white as wool.
Those who are ruining the Earth will be stopped and a new Paradise will be born and it is happening right now. 

The plans of the Enemy are all torn and run amok.  The power of money is nothing compared to the power of Nature and love.  Rejoice. Have faith. You may feel angry about what has been revealed.  You may be afraid.  Other people may be rushing around in a panic.  Some may try to delude you again.  There's ten pounds of ignorance for every pound of knowledge on the street right now.  But what I am telling you is true, and what all the naysayers and fear-mongers are telling you, is not.

And as we should all know by now, when what is true comes, what is false must pass away. 

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  1. The problem has always been no over site of integrity . All senior politicians were either bought or sacred or killed .JFK tried to get the presses help but they were under controld.

  2. In God I Trust

    The Grantor (public) has never Noticed the Public of the SSN/Trust his express Will and Intent that the Grantee (private) - the Heir and Beneficiary has returned to competency, not abandoned, the age of majority and has appeared as Grantee to accept the Original Deed for the Estate, (as the Estate is still recognized as abandoned) has accepted all duties, obligations, as the Heir and Beneficiary as Grantee, Surety and Peacemaker for the Estate and that he puts his full Faith and Trust in God, His Will be Done. "Onlashuk"

    1. That is extremely well put language. Have you filed something like this or publiclly annocenced it in a newspaper. Did you use your own language or did you get it from some other site. It seems spot on. Id like more info on your comment and where you got it....thanks

    2. yea crazy right. at the end "onlashuk" brillant guy - mostly him and i added a couple of things from my repertoire :o)

  3. "This out of small beginnings greater things have been produced
    by HIS Hand that made all things of nothing and gives being to all
    things that are and as one small candle may light a thousand.
    So the light here kindled hath shone unto many. Yea in some sort
    to our whole nation.
    Let the glorius name of JEHOVAH have all the praises."
    Governor William Bradford, Plymouth 1620

    Toleration Is Compromise - Ignorance Is Complicity - Inaction Is Approval

    To live at this time is an inestimable privilege, and a sacred obligation devolves

    upon us to make right use of our duties to GOD, Family and Country.

    Veritas vos Liberabit -- Semper Vigilo Fortis Paratus et Fidelis
    "The truth will set you free -- Always vigilant, strong, prepared and faithful"
    A P. Henry et al

    Save Our American Republic
    New Iberia, Republic of Louisiana
    337.365.1553 office
    The Constitution. Every Issue, Every time. No Exceptions, No Excuses




    1. I would very much like to talk with A.P. Henry and the Soar Project.

  4. Yup, I agree that we are witnessing a, "Changing of the Guard,"... so to speak. Indeed God is with us always.😊

  5. Nobody is gonna come and save us. We are where we are as a result of identity theft. It is time first of all for us to understand our own true identity, as individuals and as a collective.

    Here is the power of individuals, as ruled by the Supreme Court in Hale v. Henkel 201 U.S. 43 at 89 (1906):

    "The 'individual' may stand upon 'his Constitutional Rights' as a Citizen. He is entitled to carry on his 'private business' in his own way. "His power to contract is unlimited". He owes no duty to the State or to his neighbors to divulge his business, or to open his doors to an investigation, so far as it may tend to incriminate him. He owes no duty to the State, since he receives nothing therefrom, beyond the protection of his life and property. "His rights" are such as existed by the Law of the Land "long antecedent" to the organization of the State, and can only be taken from him by "due process of law" and "in accordance with the Constitution". "He owes nothing" to the public so long as "he does not trespass upon their rights".

    It has been said Hale v. Henkel has been cited close to 1600 times. This Supreme Court decision is directly talking about you and I. Alive and well Article IV American Citizens. And while we're at it, who else could possibly be the fourth executive branch of Government other than We The People. All others mentioned in Articles I-III are our employees. Art. IV, Sec. 1, in making reference to full faith and credit, could only be referring to the owners. The ultimate in FULL faith and credit can only be guaranteed by owner(s). That is each of us as "individuals", filled with the knowledge of our identity, "standing upon the Constitution" as described by the Supreme Court in Hale v. Henkel. Owners, Yep, that's us!

    I recently received an email containing the following observation with regard to the word 'republic':

    BTW: The term "Republic" is a Roman (Vatican) military & civil term that was derived from the term
    "Publicanus." "Publicanus" describes one whose duty it is to collect taxes & tribute, and who profits from the labors of others!"

    This definition may raise some eyebrows, but it should also raise your level of awareness as to what a "Re-Public" really is!! It's the same British Monarchy and judicial legal crap over & over again!

    I don't know about you, but I have had my fill of being a British "Prisoner of War," and their rule over "We the People" of the States uNited!

    Something to think about.

    1. In Latin, the prefix re- can mean again and again, or opposite to. So it very well could be the scheme of taxes and tributes again, or the moving away from taxes and tributes. With limited knowledge about the truth of accessible written history, it's hard to know for certain. Based on the studies I've done, I'd say the latter is fitting for Tom Paine and Thomas Jefferson, while the former would fit Edmond Burke and should plaster Alexander Hamilton's tombstone.

  6. I agree. We need new words with new definitions unless we all want to fight ad nausium forever about the same old terms that we will never agree with 100,% if we insist on these outdated words and terms.

  7. I concur. New terminology sounds great


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