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Monday, March 27, 2017

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

By Anna Von Reitz

There is no "Chief Justice Michael R. Hamilton"--- there's just a con man wanted in three states, living in Louisiana now, and doing what he does best: misleading people.
In order to have a "Chief Justice" there must be such an office, it must be available, one must eligible for it, one must earn it, and one must be properly elected to fill it.
Michael R. Hamilton's claim to be "Chief Justice" fails on all counts.
Michael R. Hamilton and those supporting him, including Bruce Doucette, haven't taken the steps to take back their birthright political status as American state nationals, so they can't function as American State Citizens.
They are still United States Citizens and/or "citizens of the United States" pretending to be something they are not, and as their actions suggest, they are wolves in sheep's clothing in other ways, too.
There is one Chief Justice of the Maritime Admiralty court system established by the original Constitution and that post belongs to the delegated authority of the United States. It has nothing to do with the United States of America and the Common Law court system the people of this country are owed.
So there is no such office as "Chief Justice" on our side of the fence.

And if there were, Michael R. Hamilton couldn't fill it, because he would have to be claiming his birthright political status.
He would have to be functioning under 100% commercial liability, too, which means posting a bond with the U.S. Treasury.
He hasn't done that, either.
He would also have to be a State Justice first. He claims that he is serving in the capacity of a State Justice for Louisiana--- but no, I'm sorry, not possible. Irish nationals can't serve as officers of Spanish courts, and US citizens can't serve as officers of any American court in Louisiana, in Texas, in Colorado, or any other state.
None of the actual states allow Dual Citizenship. They never have. They still don't. If you don't give up your U.S.citizenship, you can't fill a position as a Justice or Judge of any state of the Union.
If you don't get to first base, you aren't allowed to go to second.
If you aren't really a State Justice, you can't be a Chief Justice---even if there was such an office on the American side--- and there isn't.
Then there is the matter of how and by whom he was supposedly elected to fill this non-existent office. Three other people who are also pretending to be State Justices without meeting the requirements of the office. one of them being Bruce Doucette, elected him while on a (unsuccessful) mission to secure the release of prisoners in New Mexico.
I wasn't there and would have objected to the entire proposition as nonsense, but apparently, they thought that choosing one of them to act as lead on the case and calling him "Chief Justice" would lend more weight to their position, so they just out of the thin air created such an office and the three of them elected Michael R. Hamilton to fill it.
It's so completely loony, so contrary to what is proper, I don't even know what to say about that. If you think that three people have the right to wave their hands and create a new public office and put it on the payroll, you don't need a new government, you need a psychiatrist.
What disturbs me beyond the dishonor and discredit that these actors have brought to those people who are actually doing the work and filling vacated state offices honorably, is the power-mongering and egotism involved.
Being a Public Servant means just that. In the American system of things, you set aside your sovereign status for the good of your country and you fill a public office and expose yourself to the slings and arrows and requirements of it. It's not a "plum" or a mark of social status and whatever powers that office possesses, are exercised with a constant knowledge of their limits.
Here were have an example of people trying to lord it over us and pretending to have special ranks and powers never granted to them, even creating fancy-sounding new offices for themselves out of thin air.
And what does that sound like, but more of the same crappola we have been struggling with all these years?

Again, I say to all of you--- come away. Don't participate in what they are doing and don't be associated anymore with Bruce Doucette or Michael R. Hamilton or any of those supporting them and condoning this behavior.

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  1. You are absolutely brillant, thank you for your work.

  2. Anna you stated: “None of the actual states allow Dual Citizenship. They never have. They still don't. If you don't give up your U.S.citizenship, you can't fill a position as a Justice or Judge of any state of the Union.”

    What contract did any wo/man in the union states sign that gave their express permission to be U.S. Citizens and who for the United States also signed making it a legal binding contract? The People are nationals of the state they were delivered on. That is their only true citizenship if you want to call it such. One cannot give up U.S.Citizenship unless one took an oath to become one. The laws for becoming a U.S. Citizen is clear, a wo/man would need to take an oath before an official of the corporation United States. Without that oath to an official, they are not a U.S. Citizen.

    Then there is still the matter that the People have dominion over all constitutions. The constitution is for the limited power given to the government. It is not for a limited power of the People.

    You also stated: “Being a Public Servant means just that. In the American system of things, you set aside your sovereign status for the good of your country and you fill a public office ……” That is only true if one is fulfilling a defacto Public Servant role. A sovereign does not give up his sovereignty to serve the People. They protect the People and serve the People and always retain their sovereignty.

    1891 Black’s Law states: PUBLIC OFFICER. An officer of a public corporation; that is, one holding office; under the government of a municipality, state, or nation.

    I maintain a public servant is usually a wo/man in the role of serving the public. The People are private in all their doings, after all, they are the sovereigns.

  3. If you are right judge Anna, why havent they been arrested yet by our govt. or at least visited/investigated by the the FBI and charged. As normal people trying to get remedy within there system, patriots are being slautered by the thoudands and going to jail for the most ridiculous "mala prohibita" so called crimes so agrigious as to be totally unconsciousable. I dont know who those two people are your talking about, but lets make things equal here. Give me one example of any court system, or judge that is lawfully forfilling their postionions either. What aboit all the people going to jail for simple traffic tickets whos lives have been totally ruined because of it. You need a dose of reality to bring you back to world we live in. If you really want to understand the frustration of people like Bruce and Michael(again, people i have never heard of before), than its time you really did some hard core investigation by deliberatly breaking the law, and not showing up to court or even acknowledging their presentments and doing 90 days in jail, for the sake of knowledge. And listen to some of peoples stories while they are in there. Maybe then you will understand the frustration and anger of so many people that causes people like Bruse and Michael to appear. I am dealing with someone right now who reached out to me on a patriot blog looking for remedy for driving without a license in North Carolina. As im talking to him, something didnt seem right. He lives in a very rural area of ND far away from any city. So i asked him what kind of court are you dealing with...??? Is it a Superior court, municiple court, or what?? He says, thats a good question...WHAT!!! Look it up right now on your phone for your city and tell me what it says....he tells me it doesnt have a name. All it has is an address, the judge only comes in when he needs to , and the court clerk is called "clerk of consel". On top of that i told him to go get his record of the court minutes. He calls me back and tells me that there are no records of "anything" in this court except your ticket, which in the particular city hes in (maybe the whole state) , when an officer gives you a ticket it doesnt even have to be signed. And yet when he tried to get his record and started asking questions about his case in this unknown or unlabeled court all of a sudden agitated sherriffs show up and tell him he has to leave. He simply stated im only trying to get some info here, im not here to cause an arguement....then 3 more sherriffs show up at which point he left. ....Now from your broard range of experiance and history and knowledge of our legal system, does this court sound like it comies with any known legal system we have ever had in this country....EVER!!! My advice to him was just to forget this case , give them the $180 extortion fund they obviously need desperately, and call me next time right after getting your ticket, instead of one day before court and maybe we can straighten them out. But its not worth agitating them, or you at this point in such a small town where they can easily target you for terroristic tacktics. Besides, you already made your point. You are going to have a lot less trouble with them now that they know you mean business. My point being, judge Anna, is that court isnt any better than the one you just described with Bruce and Michael. And thats supposed to be a legitamate court. One that doesnt even claim any court status at all, but protected by the sherriffs dept.....does it get any more fraudulent than that. You were actually lucky to be born somewhat isolated with good parents and never rich....It actually wound up keeping you safe and giving you the luxury of the time to aquire the knowledge you know have. But no actual experiance at the hands of a legal system that can ruin your entire life over a simple traffic ticket .

    1. best thing would have been to put 1. NO CONTRACT w/in 3 business days send in to the court with a Motion to Dismiss for lack of personal and subject matter jurisdiction. 2. If they keep pushing Motion to Compel Discovery with particularity and then if they keep keep pushing 3. Constitutional Challenge/Affidavit of rebuttal i deny line by line and Affidavit of Truth and a certified copy of the Constitution/their trust indenture with their subscribed oath obtained through discovery...

    2. Penny, he was going to do that, but after talking to him his first appearance was his last. Judgement had already been pronounced because he never filed anything with this court, if it is really a court..we still dont know. He would of have to nunc pro tunc it back to the biginning along with other paperwork, or as he was planning to actually appeal it, but there is nothing to appeal because everything he did was oral. I told him to just crack this one up to experiance and pay them because all your going to do now is frustrate youself and waste time and money. But i did give him one last option...I told him to give them a check , but under the conditions of an "Accord and Satisfaction". Two people can play the "unilateral" contract game. I told him to write on the back of the check the following: If the court or person endorses and cashes this instrament it will lawfully verify that "fraud" was perpetuated on the accused through two major crimes.."personage"(identity theft/name in all caps) and "Barrtry"(using the law of the sea, and not the land which this MAN stands on) and therefore reserves the right to recover twice the amount of the ticket and said court being the libelee has waived all right of "protest, remedy, or recourse" in said case". And you know they want that money. So if they do cash that check, and he decides to sue, they have waived any right of recorse whatsoever. I told him even if you never sue them, they are going to think twice about giving you a ticket. And this way you arent confronting anyone and making enemies in a town so small they just might target you for retaliation. Thats the last thing you want....

  4. You were actually lucky to be born somewhat isolated with good parents and never rich....It actually wound up keeping you safe and giving you the luxury of the time to aquire the knowledge you know have. But no actual experiance at the hands of a legal system that can ruin your entire life over a simple traffic ticket . So let me present a theoritical court case in which you are indeed a certified lawful "common law" judge sitting in judgement of ME who is being charged with a gram of methanphatmine, but having absolutly no "corpus delicti"(injured party),save for the Corp State, and having a counterclaim for the arresting officer for "unlawful imprisonment, kidnapping, malpheasence of office under color of law, no proper bonding, diversity of citizanship the officer being only an employee of the Corp. State, having only civil rights and not the paramount rights of "unalienable rights" afforded to me as an American having NO NEXUS with the Corp. State, and all being done under deadly leathal force or threat of a gun. How do you say judge Anna. I awaite your decision. I hope i dont have to "OBJECT"...!!!


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