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Friday, February 24, 2017

Is Trump in enemy hands?

Found here:

Published on Feb 21, 2017
If Trump can’t mount a counterattack and get rid of his White House “traitors,” what happens? Intel expert Robert David Steele predicts, “He will not be re-elected, and he will also probably be impeached in 2018. . . . Donald Trump is toast after 2018 . . . if we don’t do electoral reform. The Democrats will steal back the House and they will impeach Donald Trump. They will combine that with protests in the streets, and they will combine that with banking pressure to include a $20 billion bribe . . . and Trump will finally say I can’t handle this. I can’t do this, and he’ll leave. . . . Candidates can be bought, particularly if you apply so much pain to them that is simply not worth the hassle. I believe in Donald Trump. I want to devote my life to helping Donald Trump to restore the Constitution and restore democracy. I am deeply upset that Donald Trump is not getting the advice he needs to lay this out for America and provide a solution. The Electoral Reform Act needs to be implemented in the next 90 days or Donald Trump is not going to finish his term.”

In closing, Steele warns, “Even if 10,000 of us call the White House comment line, Donald Trump is not going to hear from us. Trump is in enemy hands. . . . Donald Trump is all alone in the White House, and the forces of evil are essentially isolating him from “We the People.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with intelligence expert and election reform advocate Robert David Steele.


  1. It sure seems like Donald is in fact being intentionally uninformed or disinformed, because i have written to him on his site at least 4 times now on how to make America Great Again and still no response. I cant figure out why he didnt seek out Senator RON PAUL as his nearest consultant since hes the only one in congress who has been quite vocal about the Federal Reserve and the "Cabal" for years now. He should also be able to advise Donald who can be trusted and who cant. Instead, hes surrounding himself with the very people who caused this mess in the first place and will never be loyal to him. The first thing he should have done to get the peoples attention and prove that he really is for the people is immediately stop all foreclosures and like Robert suggested repudiate all college loans. He would have immediately gotten the country unified on the other things hes now doing which is working against him, especially by the media. I really worry that the military and corrupt congress has already brainwashed him, or worse. I cant imagine what Putin and Russia are thinking about him now. Je should have meet with Putin immediately. Putin problable knows more about our country and who is pulling the strings than anyone here. Now hes sending mixed messages to Russia...I wouldnt trust him either. We needed Putin as an ally when he still respected him after being elected. He wasnt ready for the position and all the enemies surrounding him. And Pence is not loyal to him at all. Did you ever hear Biden one time disagree puplically with Obama....never. Pence has publically sided with the left at least twice now. Who cares about Mexico and a wall right now. He could have done thoose things after giving actual releif from peoples debt problems first. He would have unified the country immediately. And why did he change his mind on the CIA and other intelligence agencies when he told us while campaigning that they were(and are) a major problem. They are never going to be his friend. Its time to pray again...!!

    1. "because i have written to him on his site at least 4 times now on how to make America Great Again and still no response."

      Good Luck with this. Just writing to CEO's of any corporation will be the same response generally. Now, think for a moment, here is the CEO of USA, Inc., DC, Military Complex & if he answered all letters mailed him from public no time for managing or at least giving it his best shot, to steer the "ship" would be possible. Other appointed personnel have- answering phones/letters inquiries- as part of their job description & most are looking other way when postman arrives or rarely checking P.O. Box so many have in addition, or heck they can have two or more addresses, it seems the more the merrier-leads one to sense/feel left hand doesn't know what right hand is doing. Starting to get the gist by now? From experience even though one pays for signature return receipt no guarantee you receive it depends oblviously what parties are going on to the point one may start to think they all are in cahoots since nothing gets done.
      Not to mention any security clearance required even though you contacted him through official site. So from experience there can be many unintentional & intentional road blocks along the way and best to realize this preventing disappointment & fustration along your way. Thanks for allowing the rant & healing session. �� Cheers!

  2. Thank you. But at this point i need something stronger, like a stiff drink....If two judges, who know they are nothing but US CORP.employees who answer to their Corp boss and "Commander and chief" ( military chain of command aka the General) and blatantly refuse to carry out a direct order, not only should they be fired, Trump should sign a warrent of arrest and send the "Provost Marshalls" to pick up those two judges and "court marshal" both judges.....No Trial for them. There position is a military one not a civil servant position. Would Trump take that from anyone working for his Corporation. Hell no. Thats how arrogant some of these judges are. And we wonder why we never get "REMEDY".

  3. gee wiz RDS your push for your Electoral College change is noted. However, this is much much bigger than anyone can imagine because the corruption runs so deep and is so massive that this is just the beginning of reform. Even Trump is amazed how bad things have gotten and as the ship starts to turn Electoral College changes will not matter in the long run. Article I & II courts and their phony jurisdictions along with eliminating the Commerce Clause in the Constitution is what has to be done. That allows this county to get back to the Royal(common)Law. This is what Gods Kingdom calls for. Anything Political is prefaced on presumptions and lies and the public knows it. The Royal(Common)Law will again be THE ONLY rule of law.


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