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Friday, February 24, 2017

It’s Your Land, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 33

By Anna Von Reitz

I usually talk about America, but today, let’s talk about Britain where all this duplicitous wordplay and fraud began.  I suggest this because something about the oddity of the British names makes the fraud more visible to my eyes and I suspect the same will be true for other Americans.

First, a note about British land and sovereignty nomenclature for Americans from Graham Phillips, British journalist, researcher, historian and author, quoted from The Lost Tomb of King Arthur---

“Strictly speaking, the term Britain refers just to England and Wales; it derives from Britannia, the Latin name of the province established by the Romans, which covered the parts of the British Isles they occupied.” 

And, “Great Britain” which includes Scotland, did not exist as a single nation until 1707, while the “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland” did not come into existence until 1801, after the British annexed Ireland.  From the time Southern Ireland gained its independence in 1922, and formed the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom---or UK for short---now consists of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.”

This gives you not only a handy reference to know what “England” is apart from “Britain” but neatly describes the process the Brits have used to create new nations out of the same few scraps of island land.  Divide up the acres differently, call it by an old historic name, or slap a new name on it----and Presto! Change-O! --- we have a new nation, a separate legal entity, with its own government, its own citizenry, and its own taxation system of course.

Here’s another good example of it taken from the Wikipedia description of a town in Wales:

"The town is in the unitary authority of Gwynedd which was formed in 1996. From 1974 to 1996 it was in the Meirionydd District of the 1974 County of Gwynedd, and before 1974 it was in the historic county of Merionethshire." 

Please note that this undefined thing called a “unitary authority of Gwynedd”--- which means whatever “unitary authority” means “apart from or belonging to” another undefined entity, “Gwynedd”---was “formed” in 1996.  We are not told by whom or by what authority or under what form of law this new “unitary authority” was created, but we can safely deduce that it has nothing to do with the old land jurisdiction county of Merionethshire where people still actually live.

Next, we are told that from 1974 to 1996--- when “Gwynedd” became a “unitary authority”—the same town that hasn’t moved an inch since it was established in the Stone Age--- was magically “in the Meirionydd District of the 1974 County of Gwynedd”.

We are told that for 22 years prior to its new existence “in the unitary authority of Gwynedd”, it was “in the Meirionydd District of the 1974 County of Gwynedd”. 

Are we to understand that this town is like an olive being plucked out of one molded cream cheese salad and plunked down in another every twenty years?

  And what is a “1974 County of Gwynedd”?  Is there a new “County of Gwynedd” every year----- as in 1974 County of Gwynedd, 1975 County of Gwynedd, 1976 County of Gwynedd…..? 

The Welsh people, like the Americans, are obviously putting up with this nonsense.

Last, but not least tellingly, we are told, “before 1974 it was in the historic county of Merionethshire”.

This is the same town. The same rocks.  The same trees, The same people.  It has been there on the same plot of land since Neolithic times, but according to the batshit crazy and corrupt British government, it has been hopping around like a Scottish Fire Dancer “in” and apparently “out” of one “historic county” and into a “county of” and then into a “unitary authority”. 

One wonders when everyone in the entire world is going to wake up and say, “Where are the straight jackets?”

The Queen, the Lord Mayor, the members of Parliament, and a great many lesser public officials have lost their minds.  They think they can rename something and transmute it into something new and different.

We know what our counties are and we don’t consider them “historic” as in “past tense”, and we don’t recognize any authority of any privately owned governmental services corporation calling itself the “county of” our county changing our county names, and we most certainly never agreed to be part of a “unitary authority”. 

So explain this gobbledygook in plain common language, without any lawyer tricks or excuses?

Every time they change the name of the political subdivision, they create a new legal fiction entity--- which allows them to bankrupt or roll over or hypothecate debt against the old one. And, of course, none of these named entities actually exist. 

The town exists. Merionethshire exists as described land with known borders. Wales, the country, described as land with known borders, exists.

None of the rest of this whole roster of Babel does. There is no “unitary authority of Gwynedd”---it’s just a bunch of filthy corrupt bureaucrats and their creditors working a fraud against the unsuspecting Welshmen. 

There is no “Meirionydd District of the 1974 County of Gwynedd”. 

 It’s all fiction. Cooked books. Nonsense. They are crooks trying to sell and/or tax the same scrap of land over and over and over by giving it a different name.

And we are stupid enough to fall for this? Hello?  All of us? 

They not only change the names, they change the descriptions of land.

There is a street address, such as 597 Market Street.

And then there is a lot and block address: Lot 27, Block 91 Cypress Hills Subdivision.

And then there is the metes and bounds description:  The ½ of the Northeast ¼ of the Southwest ¼ of the Northwest ¼ of the……

And there are the GPS coordinates….

And every time these shysters recalibrate or rename or renumber or issue a new plat survey, they pretend that the same land is magically different and in some other box, belonging to other corporate entities that all claim that they have the authority (given to them by you, no less) to tax you into oblivion.

Typically, the address “597 Market Street” is said to “belong” to a town or city because they made up the name and the number--- and they tax that name, even though they don’t actually own the property at that address or have any valid contract with the landlord.

And, typically, the Lot and Block description belongs to a foreign international municipality squatting on your land without your knowledge or consent.  They tax you, too, though they have no contract and no right to do so, either.

And the metes and bounds belongs to the county or the state or both and they all tax you, too.

And now the “United Nations” is getting geared up to identify your private land holdings by GPS coordinates and tax you for that, too.

It is all fraud by government corporations and their subcontractors and their creditors--- and we have let them get away with this fleecing game for so long that they think they own us and our property. 

Time for a change and for many, many small acts by billions of people.

Why don’t we go into the local land recording office and change the address of our property to something that we make up ourselves?  Instead of “597 Market Street” change it to something like “Branchflower Management Unit A”?   

And then send them a bill for our maintenance services at the old address?

As for me, I think I shall start calling myself “Lady Flamolori del Chesa” © and using a signature composed of nothing but X’s and O’s….  

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  1. Time to form and organize UCC-Headquarters For The People!!! Any doers, movers and shakers!? Im all "ears"! TV

    1. haha mixing public and private brotha. commerce is public i.e, corporations, trade is private i.e, the people and we already have pretty good rights, they are called unalienable rights with an unlimited ability to contract and trade, on an unincorporated basis. just go down to the county and record who you are... not who they told you, you are.

  2. definition for "unitary" from English Wiktionary:


    Having the quality of oneness.
    (government) Relating to a system of government in which sovereign power is concentrated in a single body instead of being shared or possessed by more local bodies.

    Ex. unitary authority

  3. Since going through a foreclosure in 2014, i have litterally become an expert on this subject after studying it enough online and investigating it thoughly enough to take the banks on in court, because trust me, all the attorneys are going to do is take your money and give you false hope. You get screwed from both ends. What a system. What i came to realize is even though the banks are committing complete fraud and the courts are accommodating them almost 100%, ITS THE COUNTY RECORDORS OFFICE THEY ARE ALL USING AS THEIR MAIN WEAPON TO DESTROY US ALL BECAUSE THEY KNOW EXECTLY HOW IT WORKS AND KNOWLEDGE OF ALL THEIR PAPERWORK REQUIREMENTS TO PASS IT RIGHT THROUGH. They also know that the county recorderds office has a policy of "NO LIABILITY" because as they put it, they arent trained in law to know if what you are filing is legal or know what that translates to.....heary,heary...everyone wanting to file fraudulent filings please feel free to come hear because no one hear will stop you as we have no law enforcement proceedures to take any action against you. "WELL ISNT THAT JUST CONVIENIENT". The banks and attorneys have known this for at least a century. On top of that, the CRO didnt even have the decientcy to at least send us a copy of someones filing on our property to at least question what was going on until 2014 when the District Attorneys office was inudented with thousands of complaints concerning the same things since 2008 when the real estate market tanked. They should have been doing that 100 years ago. Not just a couple of years ago. Total incompatence, and irresposibilty. The only service they ever provided is for criminals to commit fraud. They leave all the resposibilty and "liability" to US. I guess they expected every homeowner to check up every week to see if all paperwork had changed from the last time you looked(When did any of us keep up with that office after escrow passed). Who ever taught us to not only check the CRO but know enough about real estate law to even know what we were looking at to make legal determinations about it...??? The judges themselves didnt even know enough about real estate law when it came to "bank fraud". They simply just took the banks attorneys word for it. Until, littery millions of them starting rolling through the courts, and finally put it together following the "chain of title", starting with the Original "NOTE"(prommissory). It was one fraud after another after throughout the entire chain of title because of "Securitazation" of the "Original Note" on wall street in transactions that took place so fast, no one even thought to keep at least a copy of the NOTE so they could resell the house lawfully. The mortgage isnt enough. The NOTE eventually has to be paired up again with the mortgage in order for the chain of title to be correct or no one will have standing to foreclose. And thats exactly what happened. They never could find all the NOTES or any of them. Lost forever. And how did the banks fix that...enter "Robo Signing" and forecloseure mills(nice word for huge attorney firms that did nothing but hired tons of people to recreate the original paperwork fraudulently using their signitures by the thousands everyday just in one office alone. And their were hundreds of them spread across America...And they are still doing it. Im not even telling you half of what happened and all the people involved going all the way up to the BIC(Bank of International Settlements)..

  4. And i agree with you about dishing it out the same way they dish it out to us... Its time to create our own language with nothing but grammatical intensional errors violating every rule of correct capitals at all, no commas, periods , proper nouns, verbs and a "cavet" in small print at the bottom, warning everyone that terms and words used may have a different meaning or definition that the court may mistakingly assume you have learned in public school or law school. Definitions are my own and cannot be assumed becaused mine is based on mathmatics rather than fraudulent semantics , a corrupted form of English. Acceptance of my paperwork by the court clerks office and stamped, will verify and lawfully establish by tacid admission that you accept and understand my conditions under strict contract law.. I might even put some "micro printing" on it just like the Banks do on all their checks. Whats he going to say. The banks can get away with fraud but a real man cant use the same even though there is an MP right on the face of my instrament. Oh, and the cou de new name is..."without recourse". If he gives me any flack, ill just tell him to look up what qualifies as a signiture under the UCC at 3-401(b). Checkmate!!! Im sorry, but when your in court we have to be "little devils" as conditions permit.... They should have a sign right in front of the court...No angels

  5. I am ready for anything that upsets the system. I suggest a nation-wide stopping paying of utility bills. Electric first & foremost. If one person does it, they will disconnect that person but if an entire state, entire coast does it, it's hard to believe they will shut off millions of unified people. Get together boys & girls, brothers & sisters. Unify as one!

  6. Office of the President
    Confidential Correspondance
    Donald J. Trump: President
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
    Washington, D.C. 20001

    Friday, February 24, 2017



    Dear: Mr. President Trump:
    President, Mr. Trump: Presidential Correspondence: is being compromised.

    I must speak to you about the Innocent being shot, and jailed for standing up for God-given rights, which got you where you are today.

    What I need the President of the United States to do is: send someone with authority to listen and investigate.

    Why are the Bundy’s still in jail? Trump: cannot stand up for people's God given rights and let Innocents be punished under: False Bills of Attainder?

    Declaration of Independence
    Notice of Understanding and Claim of Rights
    God's Law, for one People to dissolve the Political Bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the Powers of the Earth, the separate and equal Station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent Respect to the Opinions of Mankind.

    We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness—That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute a new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

    No man has authority nor can give authority over another man: Except, for a Commercial Exchange in Equality!
    The only Law and written in stone. Ten Commandments: Exodus: 20
    man-makes; Rules, Regulations, Statutes, and Codes: "Commerce, Queen’s Rule of the Sea”.
    God's law, states " He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?" Micah 6:8 ESV
    Man’s, Law of Equity, states:

    (1) Equity Regards Done What Ought to Be Done”.
    (2) Equity Shall Not Suffer A Wrong To Be Without A Remedy”.
    (3) Equity Shall Not Allow A Statute To Be Used As A Cloak For Fraud.
    (4) Equity Requires Diligence, Clean Hands and Good Faith.
    All, Public Servants: give up a portion of their Rights for Remuneration!
    Especially, the President of the United States:


    svoboda, frank j:
    Living Soul & Political Prisoner


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