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Friday, December 2, 2016

Baofeng UV5R Special Christmas Sale through December 30th

Baofeng UV5R / F-11
(F-11 is USA Designator of UV5R) Dual Band, Dual Frequency, Dual Display, Dual Standby

128 Channel Scanning Dual Band Portable Radios with  4.75 Watts RF Transmit Power and Field Programmability
One of the most compact and useful portable radios I have ever owned. This very compact radio is 4.75 watts output on VHF and 4 watts on UHF, and is dual band, dual frequency, dual display and dual standby, and does the2 Meter ham and 70cm ham bands. With a built in LED flashlight, and FM broadcast band receive, the unit doubles as an emergency receiver plus it will scan both broadcast band channels and has 127 memories for the ham and business bands. If you are properly licensed we can open this radio to transmit on the business bands on VHF 150 - 174, and UHF 450-470 Mhz. in addition to the ham bands! 
Prices include programming some ham channels for your area by zip code, along with a few scanner frequencies!
YOUR LOW PRICE: JUST $50.00 + shipping.


  1. I am poor single dad, think someone could one for me? Seriously

  2. What is the maximum transmission and receiving distances of this unit??

  3. The range of the radio is subject to many variables, but in open terrain with no obstructions you can expect 4 to 5 miles handheld to handheld and more to a mobile or base radio.
    Then if you get your technician class amateur radio license you can use it with repeaters to increase that range to the footprint of the repeater.

    1. Hey I have a radio but not this one is their a specific reason for this model.I have a 128 channel baofeng just not this model

    2. Your Baofeng should do the same things. We get this one because the price is right.

  4. This is a great idea! I have read up on these units for some time and my hesitation has been the ability to properly program it.
    I know their models change frequently. Is there a reason you still recommend this one? I also know there are add ons I was considering. Is there anything you recommend?

    1. Thanks for your comment Carol.
      What we program in the radio are the local ham repeater frequencies, some scanner frequencies like sheriff, police, fire, emt, etc where available. Not every emergency service operates on the bands this radio will cover. An example would be an 800 Mhz trunked system. Some police or sheriffs are on digital and this radio won't do that, but my recommendation is for you both to get your ham licenses, and that way you can use the local repeaters for longer range.
      Without a radio at home and a repeater in between you and where your husband will be, it won't be possible to talk 30 miles radio to radio.
      It will take a repeater to go that far.

      I recommend the longer antenna to increase the range of the radio. The antenna and the adaptor for the antenna will cost $30 per radio.

      We also have a longer battery that is much higher in capacity. The original battery is 1800 MAh and the big one is 3800 MAh.

      That's about it. If you have any more questions just call me at the toll free number below. If you want the accessories you should call me to order anyway, and I can send an invoice by PayPal, or take your credit card over the phone.

      Hope this helps.

      Here are some links for your infromation. Paul Stramer radio store on line. Internet Radio Linking Project, Eureka Node 3363 Ham Callsign Directory. Type your zip code Study for your ham license here.. Find any Ham repeater in the USA Directory to everything we do online Paul Stramer’s blog updated almost daily Our political website Earn free silver here Buy silver here or call to order 800 889 2839 Solar Power products Nationwide frequency guide Montana Radio Linking Association statewide net Movies on DVD for one dollar each

      Paul Stramer KC7MEZ WQVW245
      SLC Distributing
      PO Box 116
      Eureka MT 59917
      800 889 2839
      montanablog dot us

  5. Thanks for prompt shipping in time for Christmas gifting to my inner circle.


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