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Friday, December 2, 2016

The Importance of Your State

By Anna Von Reitz

We talk about being in “the right state of mind” or being “in a state of confusion”. 
We talk about the “Maine State Capitol” and the “state of Maine” and the “State of Maine” and the “STATE OF MAINE”.
The fact is that there are “states” and there are “states”. 
If you look up the legal definition of “state” you will be overwhelmed by the reek of deliberate confusion and the alternative to Shinola. W
This past week we have discussed the fact that the original union of states created by The Articles of Confederation (1781) was destroyed by operation of law in 1860.  There is no union of sovereign states and hasn’t been since 1860, except for the undefeated union formed by the Confederate States of America.   
There is no federation of sovereign states operating as The United States of America.   No such federal government.  
I can hear the breath being sucked in and people saying, “WHAAAT?  Whaddarutalkinabout?”   And right after that a stunned silence and the same folks asking, “Where does that leave us?”
For us, living people at home in our home states of Louisiana and Massachusetts and Minnesota and Idaho, choosing our birthright political status as non-citizens state nationals, it leaves us where we have always been, snug and cozy.
Why?  Because The Constitution for the united States of America” is a tri-lateral international treaty.
It bound the original subscribing states as a group to support the federal government, it bound the states individually to each other, and it bound the federal government to each state.
The Founders were Master Builders.  They used glue, wooden dowels, and steel bolts to put “the original equity contract” together.  If one fastener failed, the others would kick in and bear the load.
So when one fastener failed as a result of the Civil War, aka, War of Secession, and the original federal union of sovereign states ceased to exist, each state was still bound to each of the others and the federal government apparatus was still attached to each one of them.
Thus we have limped along all these decades afterward without an actual federation of sovereign states in operation at all.  Instead, we’ve been operating as a multi-national commercial corporation made up of fifty states franchises.
There is nothing so bad about this, so long as we are all on the same page and maintain our sovereign states intact, and no very great danger, since everyone involved is obligated to protect and defend everyone else……until and unless some self-interested foreign shysters get their paws into the mix and the people forget their history and get confused about what is what and who is who. 
Then in the words of US Supreme Justice Harlan, in his dissenting opinion in Hooven and Allison v. Evatt, no end of “mischief” can occur, including identity theft of entire states and our entire nation.
The problem for our detractors is and has always been that there is not just one nation to be dismantled and dismembered, but fifty. 
And the fifty are all honor bound to protect and defend all the others.
And however it is constructed, so is the federal government ---whether it is operating as an association of sovereign states or operating as a multi-national corporation with fifty separate and independent state stockholders, it is still obligated to protect and defend both the parts and the whole.
Ah, but what happens when even at the state level the land jurisdiction state is usurped by a look-alike, sound-alike “state of state”, a foreign, international imposter, which is merely “representing” the actual sovereign state and its State government?
Then we eventually get to the mess we are in right now. 
Franklin Delano Roosevelt contrived a constructive fraud scheme to bankrupt the states and their lawful governments and while they were in receivership and under the control of foreign bankruptcy trustees known as “US Trustees” to substitute “states of states”----- literally foreign entities running the state governments as well as the federal government. 
The essence of the fraud was based on semantic deceit.
The Wisconsin state (small “s”) is the actual sovereign state, as clearly stated in Texas v. White, 74 US 227, (1862).  The sovereign state government owed the land jurisdiction and the undelegated portion of the international jurisdiction of the sea is known as the Wisconsin State.
Not the State of Wisconsin, which is a federal corporation franchise operated under federal territorial jurisdiction. 
Not the STATE OF WISCONSIN, which is a federal municipal corporation operated under federal municipal (city state) jurisdiction.
During the long reorganization and final bankruptcy settlement (1999) of the private, mostly foreign-owned governmental services corporation doing business as “the United States of America”--- Incorporated, we and our actual states and our actual state governments, were held as sureties for the debts of deceitful private interests acting as our employees and self-proclaimed “representatives”. 
Since 1999, we and our actual State governments have been released from the presumptions of bankruptcy, but because we were never informed about any of this fraud and chicanery in the first place, we have been unable to take appropriate action in our own behalf, leading to still more filthy fraud and legal chicanery by those infesting Washington, DC against the people and the sovereign states and their lawful governments.
The Queen has arrogantly referred to us and our lawful sovereign states and State governments as “disregarded entities”.  Disregarded by who, Queenie?  Guess you ungrateful sacks of lime-flavored feces want another piece of the people you have run to for help and then cheated and defrauded and lied to for the better part of two centuries?  
It’s time for those responsible for these crimes to pay for them---- literally.
And time for all the rest of us to stop being confused by all the false claims and identity games and other con artist crappola.
For example:
The words “The United States of America” are not protected by copyright or trademark. 
Any group can pretend to be or to represent “The United States of America” because the lawful confederation of sovereign states once called “The United States of America” was silently destroyed by operation of Law in 1860.  
In the same way, any group of people can obtain the patent on a scrap of land and declare themselves to be a “nation” and call themselves “The United States of America”, and then they can issue a “national currency”, too----for all the good it will do them, or us.
Thus we have a group of people who are trying to recreate “The United States of America” and proclaiming themselves a “nation”---howbeit, one located offshore----and issuing a new “national currency” based on false claims that they are the heirs and inheritors of our assets.
Bull, bull, bull as far as the eye can see.  Not a scrap of Shinola. 
We have “Le Neu Republique” on one side and “The United States of America” on the other and “The Republic for the united States of America” in the middle; no doubt we shall soon have a dozen others all pretending to be us or to represent us and they will all be claiming to be “the real McCoy” versus all the others----all in an attempt to mislead gullible people who think that they can self-govern without lifting a finger. 
Get a clue.  George Washington has been dead for over 200 years.  He isn’t coming back from the grave to do it for you.
Here is the pecking order of our actual, factual government: people, township/parish, county, state, federal---with the people having all the power and the federal government being dead last in the pecking order, and the least amount of delegated power.
What needs to happen is for the “State of________” franchises and “STATE OF_________” municipal franchises to release and relinquish voluntarily and peacefully all property and assets which they have been administering “for” us as self-proclaimed “representatives”---- back to the actual state and actual State governments run by the people for the people of each sovereign state.

As long as we stand up on our own feet and organize our own lawful local unincorporated county jural assemblies there isn’t anyone on this planet with any right to interfere with or stop us from reclaiming all that is ours and sending the Queen a copy of our “Disregarded Lime Jello Frozen Souffle” recipe.  
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  1. Very good info as usual. But where is the good ending?? Where is the remedy "in law" that will get us there. California is like no other state in the union. It ecomomy is greater than all 49 other states put together. And for that reason is litterally a country that doesnt need help from anyone. Which means uf what you say can actually be accomolished, calif. will be the very last state to comply. To get a lawful jural assembly here, it will have to be fought through the courts that already exsist here now if those assemblies carry any authority at all or recognized by corp. law enforcement. If the courts wont recognize us, then no one else will. We will only been seen and characterized as a fringe right radical group of people by the media and newspapers as troublemakers. Theres nothing left to do except to be patient right now and see if our new president will pave the way for us. So far, he is keeping his word. And he just prived it by going to "CARRIER" which is the largest supplier of air conditioners to the defense dept. As soon as he heard that they were going to move their whole operation to mexico, he personally went there and told them if they do any profit you think you will make will be lost by a 35% tax when your products are sold back here. They immediately backed down. He simply gave them a better choice... a tax deduction of 15%. Now there are a bunch of other major companies asking for the same thing....good, give it too them. Where is the IRS going to make that up without taxing everyone else until they are fully exposed to. This president is clever. We waited this long. I think we can wait a little longer, since the FEDS now see their power system being unraveled, may just do the unthinkable to our economy if Trump gives them enough rope to hang themselves once and for all.

  2. Judge Anna, im not sure how biblical this election was. Rabi Jonnathan kohn, who has chastized both Isreal and America, jews and christians, that they have both defied Gods word and warned both of them for the last 2 years that if they insist on not forgiving all debt as commanded by God as the "jubalee" and "Smeeta" that god will bring judgement upon both nations. And just before the election, he was talking to George Nori on "coast to coast" radio(KFI 640am in calif.) and told him that Trump is actually prophisized in the bible. Others have said the same thing. Somehow, he is completeing the scriptures in a good way. And if we dont trust or help him while he is keeping true to his word so far, than we are also in violation of gods word. Instead of seeing him as nothing more than the CEO of a service comp., you need to temporarily put aside our stolen Statuses and give him your support. Because i know for a fact the he does know about the FEDERAL RESERVE and their foreign economic policies and is the first president that is going to appoint 2 missing positions to those chairs in the FED right now that will keep him informed of their policies and agendas from the inside. All previoys presidents had this ability too, but never used it because they just didnt care or accepted to much money for their election. But im not sure he is aware of the "semantic deceite" that got us here and can easily be used in any contract with them, if he doesnt understand how little it takes in a written contract if he doesnt realize there are 4 definitions of the US. Not to mention other almost insignificant words like....persons, US Citizens, residence, addresses with zip codes. Thats where you come in. You can be a tremendous "asset" to him and us if you can make contact with him and offer your incredible knowledge of the true "history" that lead up to this. Offer your assistance to him as a "consultant" of historical facts and as a "friend of the court" to help him read and understand all words in any contract which you recognize as semantic deceite inducing him to sign anything you would immediately know is a trap. Remember, he still has Attorneys that are part of the BAR. But you dont. Reach out to him the way you did with "the pope" and other high level political figures. If your not afraid of ingaging in communication with those people, than dont be afraid to reach out to him. He deserves to hear the real history from someone who has dedicated her whole career on understanding the legal historical facts on how we wound up this way as well as other countries. We have to assume he hasnt heard all of it yet. In any case, why not share it anyway just in case he doesnt know all of it and how the "vatican" , QE 2, and other people are all involved. I think he would welcome it and appriatiate it. At least give him the chance!!!

  3. Please specifically explain your comment, "...original union of states created by The Articles of Confederation (1781) was destroyed by operation of law in 1860". As far as I understand, The Articles of Confederation stated that all people are sovereign and so, no "law" can subvert that standing unless a person (living human, that is), voluntarily allows their sovereignty to be usurped. If I do not have the power or authority to impose my will, say taxes, on another then how does any government come by such authority? If we do not have the right, power or authority to do something as a people, it is literally IMPOSSIBLE to give such non-existent authority to ANYONE individually or collectively! This is a very simple truth yet, people cannot seem to grasp this fundamental element that allows all humans to be free!


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