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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

LaVoy Assassination forensic Study released!


  1. Another million dollar life insurance collected by the perps of this murder and a promotion to everyone involved. Life in the USSA, enjoy it folks!!!

  2. A total disgrace. Those F B I and Police should be charged with murder there is no excuse for those shots

    1. The real breakdown question's are as to-
      what involvement did FBI-Director Comey have.
      Also ditto to the Far-Left govenoress of Oregon,
      then the U.S. Attorny General and Barry the fairy ~?

  3. Every single perp should be held and charged with murder in the first degree. Something we should do to all agency representatives and those who aware of their actions against humanity and findg them guilty removing them from humanity forever. God speed

  4. The Idaho 3 % should have taken out a few FBI agents while they had the chance and while they had them surrounded with Idaho 3% snipers just to put the fear of God into the cowardly immature little boys with big toys technology FBI agents.

    The diabolical demonic premeditated murder set up is obvious.

    This was done to escalate events to kill more innocent people so eventually everyone would comply and give up their land. These fear mongering tactics have worked before where a great number of farmers could not or did not want to put up with the continuous harassment.

    America is under military rule.
    It has been since 1933 and continues to date to be ruled under the emergency military act that was not required then nor ever to date.
    No one attacked America therefore their is no need for such measures.
    No one is stupid enough to declare war on America and attack America.
    The enemy knows it will be decimated in an hours time or less.
    The enemy therefor infiltrates from within, slow subtle and in secret paying off anyone that is willing to sellout with money power and decadent sex.
    Ametica has sold out to the Devil and turned its back on God.

    The FBI is the domestic enemy.
    The police are the domestic enemy along with the court system and the government just to name a few.

    Taking court action will do no good.
    The second amendment must be implemented without delay.

    LaVoy Finnicum is an Anerican hero.
    He did not give in.
    He was willing to put his life on the line and did so for his country freedom and liberty.

    Trump is not going to make America great again.
    Hilary Clinton surely will not do so.
    Both of these people are fakers.
    They work together against God and against America.
    Last nights debate is obvious and confirms such.

    An armed militia with the blessing of God is the only way to make America great again.

    1. I like very much what you say. I agree, wholeheartedly.

  5. White Lives Matter, but if you say that now you're labelled a racist. What a fun country we now live in. It's actually becoming exhausting to live here.

  6. This is what happens when you upset USA inc. No disrespect to LaVoy. FBI,CIA,DHS,DOJ ... same guys.

  7. What a shame we have no enforcement to put these murders away. And to this date the people sleep on this fact

  8. Just like Ruby Ridge, the FBI will probably promote assassin who murdered Lavoy Finicum. FBI Director Comey could not find anything wrong with Hillary Clinton's emails and provided immunity for staff members who participated in violation of National Security. Finicum was targeted by the FBI as a public protester. Ammon and Bundy were targeted by FBI. Obviously, there is a double standard for law enforcement of citizens and government officials. "Justice, my ass"!


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