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Monday, September 26, 2016

Most Beloved Francis -- Update September 26, 2016

by Anna Von Reitz

September 26, 2016

Most Beloved Francis,

Last week we forwarded the summation of our Joint Claim of Divine Estate to the Suprema Tribunale.  This is, as you know, the summation of eight (8) years of Due Process, including our acknowledgement and acceptance of The Universal Postal Union Treaty of 2010, issued under The Seal of Saint Peter, all the derivative land claims, and finally, the Non-UCC Liens of the actual American states against the "states of states" and the re-conveyance and acceptance of the land assets back to the jurisdiction of the land. 

We have been in contact with the King of Spain and he is fully advised regarding our return to the land jurisdiction and our claim of protection under all our established treaties. 

We fully recognize our position as Fiduciaries acting in behalf of the Priority Creditors of the entire world.  We have requested a settlement of the accounts, first by a mutual offset credit exchange, and second by universal debt forgiveness---including the forgiveness of odious debts established by merely presumed beneficiaries of our estates. 

There can be no bankruptcies and no confiscations initiated by bankruptcy trustees related to debts that have been forgiven by the Priority Creditors. This includes confiscation of central banks by bankruptcy trustees. 

We have asked for all assets of the Federal Reserve banks, together with their bank charters, to be transferred over to the American States and Nations Bank for auditing, evaluation, and disposal under new management.

A simple plan providing for social and economic justice and providing for new economic drivers worldwide was also made part of our claim to ensure that all people will benefit from our peaceful and equitable resolution.

In the days since our Joint Claim was forwarded tensions have grown and focused around the 120 day default of the FEDERAL RESERVE with rumors of "martial law" being declared in America and other places around the world.

The cause of the social unrest anticipated would self-evidently be the seizure of the Federal Reserve by Bankruptcy Trustees acting in behalf of Secondary Creditors.  However, as we have approved the mutual offset accounting and the forgiveness of any remaining debts no such bankruptcy may be presumed to exist and no claims by Secondary Creditors take precedence over the claims of the Priority Creditors--- the actual American States and living people who are the lawful heirs and beneficiaries.

We note that the "United States"--- a British hegemony--- has been under martial law continuously since 1863 and that any such declaration of martial law would be fraudulent as well as redundant.  

We also note that the vast bulk of the American people have been deliberately and self-interestedly mischaracterized and misidentified as British Subjects, with the result that any such declaration of "martial law" could only logically apply to those relatively few people who actually are "United States Citizens" or "citizens of the United States" and not to those who have been mistreated under Breach of Trust by the British Monarch and the Lord Mayor of London.

We finally note that the perpetrators of these schemes against us and against our lawful government have long prepared to use commercial mercenaries disguised as legitimate government agencies as a means to impose the false claims of Secondary Creditors against our material assets.  Any such deployment of these agents acting under color of law --- FEMA, DHS, BATF, IRS, FBI, BLM and so on---would immediately be recognizable as criminal racketeering.

We pray for your prompt action and support of our worldwide initiative, including global debt forgiveness and the creation of the World Heritage Fund and World Investment Fund as a means to provide prompt and lasting relief to individual people on a one-on-one basis throughout the world.  We stand ready to further discuss the need for infrastructure, new technological development, pollution remediation and control, financial reform, and the host of other urgent issues facing the people and the planet. 

Most respectfully,

Anna Maria

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  1. What is meant by "one on one basis" please? I envision standing in a never ending line of people waiting for $5.00....

  2. It means direct democracy as opposed to representative democracy; it is because we were too lazy to manage our own affairs that we are in this mismanaged position;
    Direct democracy means a government of all the people, by all the people, for all the people; in peace

  3. How many times has a "Notice/Plea" to "Our Beloved Francis" been issued with NO REPLY or response!? if you follow this "pope" all he is interested in is peddling the NWO schemes of a worldwide Carbon Tax for his elites and considers Global Warming a more dire threat to the world's Catholics than ISIS terrorists!!! Good luck getting this poser to do the right thing by your continual begging/pleading. And BTW, all of these commercial mercenaries could care less what they are labeled by the world. Most of their US victims will have been murdered or vaccinated to death as the CDC is giving itself the power to lock up, detain, and inject anyone or as many as they please with their toxic vaccine cocktails. There will not be any "peaceful" settle of all of this, time to realize that fact.

    1. Posted by Paul Stramer for Anna Von Reitz:

      You totally and I do mean ---- TOTALLY ---- misread and misunderstand everything you are seeing and reading. You mistake politeness for "begging" and you mistake "politesse" for "pleading". The letter sent September 26 is an INJUNCTION against taking any action against the American people under any false pretense of bankruptcy or obligation or probate fraud. It also prevents any plausible deniability. Nobody can say that the Pope has not been told about this circumstance--- it was sent directly to his private email address and published also.

      So you are way out of line and not "getting it" so far as what these things mean and what their purpose is. Suggest you tone down the "assumptions" and remember that "ass" is a part of that word.

  4. were all made of the same energy and our souls come from the prime life force of spirit.
    This planet was quarantined for a reason.
    What other intelligent species would allow themselves to be cannibalized, dominated and controlled and ultimately choose to have their central nervous system accessed by nanobot chemtrail technology day after day with millions of pounds of biological war fare being conducted on them with an attitude of "I DO NOT CARE".
    What do we call that, because that is the world we live in when our our labor value is being used to kill us off and we are choosing to pay for our own annihilation.
    That's a sickness of the Soul, and an abomination of what it means to be a free spirit, where energy will always seek the path of least resistance as mine always has.

    Bases at Woodborough - Harald Kautz Vella CHEMTRAILS USAF Agenda

    SEE Social experiment - most people are sheep



  5. How can you s call the pope beloved this is what erks me you are smart enough to know how evil that man is only God can forgive sins through his Son Jesus Christ and all catholic priest claim to forgive them by saying hail mary's which is the queen of Heaven . You do know what he was before being the pope . Anyone who supports the pope supports Lucifer/satan.


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