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Monday, September 26, 2016

Jacob Rothschild = The New Republic = La Neu Republique

by Anna Von Reitz

Everyone needs to get real sober, real fast.  Especially Jacob Rothschild.

Mr. Rothschild has performed a worthy, albeit, self-interested public service.  He has bought the debts of the International Monetary Fund in sufficient quantity to stave off World War III, but the quid pro quo is that he and his new "governmental services corporation" calling itself "The New Republic" inherit the service contract created by The Constitution for the united States of America and get to provide (and charge us for) the nineteen enumerated federal services.

The problem is and has been (for 150 years) that we are the States of America and we get to choose who provides services for us and we also rule the land jurisdiction of this country, so there is a new contract to be negotiated. And this time it is going to be negotiated by us, not by service providers making deals behind our backs among themselves and then pretending to "represent" us.

We were not impressed by the service provided by earlier Rothschild companies that were bankrupted under false pretenses.  And we liked the service provided by the Rockefellers and their partners in crime even less.

So any idea that we are under any obligation to accept Mr. Rothschild's company doing business as "The New Republic" as our federal service provider is to say the least, premature.  We have accepted some services on an as-needed, temporary basis---- and we thanked Mr. Rothschild for his willingness to provide them, but we have made no commitments and have not allowed him or his corporation to assume anything but a pay-as-we-go position. 

The perps in DC have caused a real problem for us and for the rest of the world. And those perpetrators are NOT Americans.  They are all British Subjects and always have been.  The "United States" they represent is not The United States that belongs to us as a birthright forever.

All the fraud and all the banking and legal chicanery in the world won't change the facts and we have adequately demonstrated the facts and objected to any self-interested interpretation of them before the Suprema Tribunale--- the Vatican Chancery Court.

The official international contact for the American States at this point is the American Native Nations, and the indigenous American delegations that include the Athabascan and Lakota nations at the United Nations,  not the Neu Republique, which is just more European meddling in our business.

We have acted as the Priority Creditors of the Federal Reserve and documented our claims with twenty years of Due Process and Recorded Claims and international Liens in behalf of the living people and the actual American States. 

We are the Priority Creditors of all 185,000 corporations registered in this country including national corporations like "JAPAN" and "AUSTRALIA" and "CANADA" and all the corporations standing under their auspices, too.  

In that capacity we have discharged all our debts and everyone else's, first by mutual offset credit exchange, and second by debt forgiveness.  There is no excuse for any bankruptcy schemes or probate fraud and no excuse either for any Secondary Creditors or Bankruptcy Trustees to show up on our doorsteps claiming that we owe any debts to anyone. 

Such false claims and racketeering will be promptly rebuffed and recognized as commercial war crimes. 

The American States have been officially re-conveyed to the jurisdiction of the land and are under the protection of all the international treaties and guarantees owed to them.  The King of Spain has been duly notified and he has taken up position to make sure that the Queen and Prince William get their paws off our assets and stop usurping against our lawful government. 

Mr. Rothschild's role in all this is not resolved in that he and his organization are welcome to offer their services, but acceptance of those services on any long term or continuing basis has not been agreed to by the Fiduciaries. The New Republic employees are being paid month-to-month. And any attempt to confiscate the assets of the Federal Reserve by The New Republic would certainly be a crime and an act of war recognized by the entire international community.

Our country is finally undergoing the reorganization that should have happened at the end of the American Civil War, 150 years ago.  As part of that reorganization we have a great deal of catching up to do and our people have a lot to learn about their actual history and about the organization of the rest of the world, banking, and a great many other things.  America, in a sense, is finally growing up--- and however difficult and painful a process that has been, we have survived our Mommy, Dearest relationship with Great Britain and emerged on the other side of it.

We entertain Mr. Rothschild's assistance and are grateful for it, but it should not be taken as any long term contractual agreement to receive services.  Our people must be fully informed and any such contract must be fully disclosed and appropriately administered from now on.  Our states must be properly organized and new Fiduciary Deputies trained and sworn in and bonded.  A true Continental Congress must be assembled and many issues must be addressed including who gets the federal contract and if there is to be a federal contract.

Alone among the great nations of the world, America has tolerated "sharing"  its international jurisdiction with foreign nations--both Britain and France.  Our experience with this arrangement has not been good and after more than two hundred years of European chicanery on our shores, many of us feel that America has outgrown it. We are ready and willing to discuss new agreements and to undertake complete responsibility for the conduct of our business and yes, to take our rightful place among the nations of the Earth--no longer playing the part of an immature adjunct of Britain or France. 
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  1. I trust nothing Rothschild. I am concerned about this.

  2. I see no reorganization in fact it has been increasingly steady down hill. The prisons are full of slaved torn apart families at full capacity. No i want nothing to do with the already proven track record giving handouts that were ours in the first place. Their contract enabling clauses are still being ignored and always will be. this is carved in stone on their evil ways. They murdered our neighbors day in and day out.

  3. Diddo. After 150 years of Rothchilds influence and perpetuation of incredible crimes against humanity, costing the deaths of millions of people and destroying whole families through endless concocted conflicts of war. And now we are just going to accept an apology from him because he has finally "seen the light of his evil ways". Im calling bullshit. I want to be directly involved in the contract he is going to sign. Already, he wants those same 19 delegated authorities of govt. that got us into all this in the first place....i already told you what I thought of those 19 delegated authorities...We dont want them, thank you very much. Even he knows thats all he needs to start over again. Unless the District of Columbia and the entire congress "of" the United States is totally dissolved and never re-instated....NO DEAL!! He needs to agree to a few more things too..1) All Fraud is punishable by Death. It will be the absolute highest capital crime possible to anyone involved.. 2) immediately institute a mandatary law in our schools that both law and money(and non-money) be taught in our public school system and the history behind it starting at the elementary level, through high school, and including a clause that brings major criminal penalties for not teaching it or teaching it improperly. If you want to be a teacher their is going to be a lot of liability along with it....and 3) No more "professional sports" to be allowed on TV as a diversion from reality for the purpose of dividing people through the promotion of conflits and competition causing nothing but agruements about their favorite teams or players. And giving our children the impression that sports can make you rich, like that is really an important and worthwhile endever to achieve...Theres more people in this country willing to fight and even kill another living man or woman over their favorite team, than to actually fight for our independence or protect our neighbors liberty from being destroyed or taken from him. And again more criminal penalties for anyone trying to get around this. And anyone who still wants to be in proffesional sports will have a maximum cap of $50,000/year income...with no payed indorsements. Those have to be offered free of charge. That is only the start. We will have the right to add or change the contract at any time without recourse...Im sorry sports lovers, but its for your own good and that of our children.

    1. Posted by Paul for Anna Von Reitz:

      Our problems were not directly caused by Rothschild and we owe him at least a head nod in that he has held things together long enough to buy time for a political rather than a FEMA Camp solution. It is all well and good for armchair quarterbacks to spout their "wisdom", but only when they are actually wise does it serve any good purpose. Suggest that you hold your whist and study the problems some more.

    2. Posted by Paul for Anna Von Reitz:

      The "New Republic" is just the brand name of the Rothschild-sponsored French-based governmental services corporation that is vying to take over the commercial services contract that will be vacated by the liquidation of the current provider doing business as the "UNITED STATES".

      Everyone, please, wake to hell up. This is not your government. It never has been. It's just different for profit corporations that have a contract to provide nineteen governmental services. Period.

      The day you start to think of the "federal government" as a vendor in the business of providing "governmental services stipulated by The Constitution" is the day you will finally realize what is going on and how this whole show is supposed to function.

  4. WHAT??
    .."And any attempt to confiscate the assets of the Federal Reserve by The New Republic would certainly be a crime and an act of war recognized by the entire international community."

    1.) THE FED HAS NO ASSETS and,

  5. Wrong--- the Fed has OUR assets, which it has kept in separate accounts. The "UNITED STATES" is bankrupt, but we are not. That is what I am telling you all--- wake to Hell up!

  6. Here we are again arguing about something of which we have never seen. Two things should happen...1) we need to be shown the documentation creating the New Republic. It can't be googled as far as I can see. 2) what's this Vatican Chancery Court? Anna has argued her position before this Supreme Tribunal we are told. Is this something all of us could do? This would be good for us to do if it would be effective. We all have been harmed by the corporations of which the Vatican holds the charters.


    1. I agree we see no proof of anything and please forgive me for not just believing what anna says there is nothing showing any of this. And why is there no other pics of her . Something isnt adding up. The Father will show His Children the truth always have.

  7. We know who is behind the evil and yet they just keep on going maybe we deserve what we get for us being so dang stupid i saw this as a child and always knew everything was the opposite of the truth its been hell for me but now yall know too and still dont do crap. Where are the videos of these meatings so we can see whats happening i will not believe anything just cause someone says its true.

  8. Here is a corroborating article dated 9/27/2016

    1. Complete new age garbage. Our Creator does not change. He has always been perfect, without a beginning, and without an end. Changing one's belief is not the goal. The goal is to find the truth about why we were created in the first place, and then adhere to that truth for all eternity.
      The only real new age will be after death and judgement. Then we will have the final age of Heaven or Hell. Anything else is a pipe dream or trick of Satan.

  9. Sorry Paul but you are the one living in fantasy land. You have been tricked into your system of belief by the most cunning and crafty enemy ever and you call him God. When you get that, and everyone else gets that, unity can then begin to accomplish work together to make progress. As far as your comment regarding new age being garbage, first of all it is not new age as you say. It existed long before the lies that you believe. If your god never changes then why is he different in the old testament than in the new? Why is he blood thirsty. Is that acceptable to you. You are the one whose head is screwed on backwards. And for the record you are the one who started this argument, and, without any facts to back up your position anymore than anyone else can back up theirs.

  10. Make progress for what? What are you looking forward to? Do you want your heaven on this earth? Good luck with that.

    1. We humans live in a hologram. Everything all of us count as real is a fiction. The true enemy we should be resisting is the one most all recognize as God when in fact the god of this world, AND the god of the bible, is Lucifer, currently and always has been. All major world religions were created by him to deceive people into worshipping him. His name is He also goes by a number of other titles. The proof is in the separation existing as a result of the various religions. Let's briefly mention blood sacrifice here also. If the God of love does not change as you say why are not worship services (worship is a devilish practice) practicing the shedding of blood because that is what God called for in the old testament and then reportedly called for the shedding of the blood of Jesus, who incidentally was not a real earth walking character representing any divine presence.
      The only so called proof any of you Christians present is from the bible, a book created to support the diabolical mind of, who is responsible for the gross manipulation of the human race. Never has it been more apparent people are perishing for the lack of knowledge. And as far as making progress toward what? How about the awakening of the race of homo sapiens sapiens to the fact of the gross manipulation we have accepted as the normal practice of a God claiming authority over, and superiority to us. But then that would require a very deep cleansing of falsehood from minds buried in shallowness. Any adhering to the falsehoods promulgated by any and all modern religions exist in very shallow mind graves as proven by funeral services taking place every time modern religion gets together to hold a worship (devilish) service. Make the decision to open your mind and let your spirit awaken instead of feeling like it is an insult to be told the truth. The Sumerian records date back many thousands of years containing the reality of the dilemma we as the human race find our selves trapped in. Reading the bible as a blueprint for our salvation is nothing more than believing in a superman comic book, or batman, spider man. We do not need a savior of any kind. We need to awaken to the reality of our own godhood and stop bowing our knees to malevolent entities that have been holding us in captivity for the last 60,000 years or more. Until we are awakened to these facts we will continue to fight the battles ordained for us by the enemies of our souls whose only purpose is to keep us feeling weak and confused, fighting against one another instead of directing our efforts to awakening to the trap we are currently, seemingly hopelessly, bound within. At least consider there may be much more to the picture than we have been given access to instead of believing the mind control techniques presently employed against us. After all one day it will be forced upon us by blatant reality, after which such revelation it will be far too late! You are a brave man Paul. Please put it to good use revealing the true problem instead of plucking at the leaves of the tree. For straight forward enlightenment as to our current predicament as a race of humans you can access the WPP (Wes Penre Papers) for starters. His insights summarize our true enemy and how we as a species arrived where we are today. There is so much more to the story of our existence.
      And as far as heaven on earth? That is what the original intention of our Creatrix was prior to the rebellion of Lucifer.

    2. If you continue on the path you are on, I would not like to trade places with you in the final judgement. Pure Heresy is not the way to salvation. So get what you can while you are here for that is all you will ever have.

  11. Love is God and we dont need a book to tell us anything God shows it to his children by the spirit a good tree cannot produce bad fruit and neither can a bad tree produce good fruit the wheat and tares . I disagree with your post lucifer is the God of catholics but there is no term for Gods children Jesus never called his disciples christians men called them that. We are the Sons of Love.


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