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Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Arrogance of Central Planning

by Anna Von Reitz

Central Planning doesn't work. It doesn't matter if it is the Chinese, the Russians or the Americans doing the planning. It just doesn't work. We have had 150 years of strategic and centralized planning in America, brought to us by the Department of War and then by the Department of Defense......and......? It doesn't work.
Are we healthy? No. Are we happy? No. Are we wealthy? Yes, on paper, but..... Are we wise? Well, that remains to be seen.
If nothing else, we should have the self-evident failures and results of central planning firmly in mind. It does not lead to health. It does not lead to meaning, happiness, or fulfillment. It doesn't lead to a cleaner environment. It doesn't lead to contentment, security or peace.
So, what has it led to?

Falling school test scores, de facto enslavement of the work force, neglect of old people and children, wars for profit, environmental pollution, increased real poverty in a larger percentage of the population accompanied by obscene wealth for a few, gross levels of waste and meaningless "consumerism" ---that is, large amounts money spent on things that have no real use or purpose, forty percent of babies born without a father, 3 out of 4 marriages ending in divorce, decayed cities, unemployment, fractured families, drug addiction, diabetes, malnutrition, and the list goes on.
Anyone can see the impacts, so just look. It isn't working. It isn't good.
A few years ago I watched a TED Talk and the guest speaker was a soft-spoken Hispanic man who was a legendary business developer (no, I don't remember his name) and the secret of his success --- which he freely disclosed-- was that he went into dysfunctional places like Inner City Detroit and he asked people about what they wanted and needed and dreamed of.
And they told him.....honestly.
And he made the funds and expertise available to them. And they built it. And it worked.
Who knew?
When a man gets up in the morning and his stomach is growling, do the bureaucrats in Washington, DC, credit him with knowing that he is hungry?
The fact is that we all know what we need and we all have a hierarchy of needs and as one need is satisfied, another arises.
We are always without exception the best judges of where we are in that continuum of needs and also the best judges of what will truly satisfy us.
A bureaucrat sitting in an office 3,000 miles away staring at actuarial tables can't do the job for us. No matter how nice he is or how well-educated or well-intentioned---- people have to wipe their own noses, take their own risks, strive for their own dreams, and seek fulfillment of their own needs.
That's the way it is, and also the way we are. Our answers have to come from within. And they are our own answers-- for us --- they don't necessarily apply to anybody else or any other community in any other place on Earth.
That was the Big Secret of Development Success: ask people what they truly need and want and how they propose to get to that destination, and when they have a reasonable plan, step back, give them the support they need and let them do it.
The word we are searching for all over the world is "decentralization" ---- put the control back in the hands of the individual people and of their local communities and let us have the kinds of discussions that yield good fruit. Let us consider what we need in our own situations, climates, traditions, and circumstances. Let us form our own plans for solving our own problems.
Provide us with the tools we need and the discussion forums to mull things over----and then stand back. Let America and the whole rest of the world move forward to find meaning and joy and to clean up the waste, criminality, and fraud that central planning bequeathed to us.

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  1. Centralized planning I the dream of dictators.
    but invariably corruption seeps in only a open market can police itself to quote Melton Freeman
    the power of choice.a free market
    trey goudy. Just scolded the media the people are a check on goverment and the press if it wasn't corrupt. With special protections freedom of press.
    that leaves only the people.

  2. I have just returned from a trip to mainland China and clearly witnessed this first hand. This article is totally on-point. So, given the proven truth in this information, I can only ditto my comment about your last article about the proposed ILF/IFF concept. No offense and as much idealistic appeal as that proposal has, it certainly seems to create quite the oxymoron.

    1. While I'm not disagreeing with your sentiment on the topic, wouldn't the removal of centralized planning free up the currency she's proposing, and get it into the hands of people that actually care about their community and have a pulse on the local needs? If everyone had some breathing room without constant stress over bills etc., maybe they could greatly reduce the fight or flight endorphins keeping us akin to caged animals focused on survival, and finally get to utilize some of the previously untapped resources of the mind and create useful solutions to long standing problems.
      I'm not ready to just jump in on more legal tender based currency either, but it'd be nice to see our local homeless population get homes and help, as centralized planning along with the banking industry has done a great deal to facilitate their current situations.

    2. Posted by Paul for Anna Von Reitz

      And I can only answer by repeating that all your assumptions about the Individual Living Stipend and Individual Investment Fund are wrong. These are not government programs. They have nothing to do with any planning agency. There are no middlemen. No government interference. None of the things that you have knee-jerk assumed. What is so hard to grasp? This is to be your money under your control, no strings, no taxes, no administration --just a check in the mail or a direct deposit. Period.

      $2000 ear-marked for daily needs, $1000 ear-marked for investments or savings. The choices you make are all your own. This is an inheritance and you should think of it in terms of a gift from your ancestors.

      No government revenue agents will track it and no "social workers" will tell you what to do with it.

  3. Part of the whole problem we are in this position is because of the appearant need for Washington DC for 19 delagations of authority....WHY! WE DONT NEED OR WANT DC FOR ANYTHING...PERIOD. Every single state should be a seperate country. As soon as you put up a single state for needful, forts, arsenals, etc you have basiscally centralized the "military indusdtrial complex" to eventually take over everything and everybody. Especially on a debt based monitary system where "BLANK CHECKS" can be written as long as there is ink in the cartridge...."ask and you shall receive" takes on a whole new meaning with a centralized military streatched to infinity and beyond..!!! No thanks. How come South America Isnt set up this way. How come Europe isnt set up this way. What about Asia. No. Only America has separate states, instead of countries, and because the constitution left 10 square miles for a centralized millitary, this is what we got. No other country is hated more than us because of it. It has lead to a police state that not only bullies us, but the entire world. I honestly believe that if you factor out America and Isreal from the planet, there would be a much better planet with less fighting and more peace. This system is based on greed and the infinate consumption of the entire planets resources to fuel our industrial military complex. Its no accident that Corp. are the mirror "civil" image as the Corp. "military" one. You still think we need to give DC 19 delagations if authority...????

  4. Advice for those who comment and want others to read their posts.

    Use spaces between different thoughts and don't have sentences run on and on.

    Looking at a block of lettering is just way to daunting!

    Yes it takes more thought and energy but how many people read this compared to James' comment - no offense James. ;0)


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