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Sunday, September 25, 2016

A New World, Not a New World Order

by Anna Von Reitz

Let's begin with the fact that "the world" is not the earth.  The world is the creation of men.  The earth is the creation of God. 

And let's admit that the world we have is not working.  It is not only infected with fraud, it is based upon it.  More than two-thirds of us live either in acute or chronic need of basic things, and the remaining less-than-one third that have their basic needs fully met are still  often unhappy and feel trapped, bored, and uninspired.

So against that background and in full view of the desperate need to change things, let's answer questions about the Individual Living Stipend (ILS) and the Individual Investment Fund (IIF).  And let's be aware that many of these questions have been factually answered by studies that have actually provided such stipends and investment options to groups of test subjects. 

Question:  Is the ILS/IIF some kind of communism?

No, it's the logical cost of doing business.  We are all heirs and caretakers of Creation.  We all deserve to have our basic needs met and to have the means to improve our lives.  Money is a tool, like a rake or a shovel, that has been denied to billions of people resulting in poverty, misery, illness, war, and depravity.  Where is the evil or political agenda in giving a man a shovel?

Question:  If everyone has their basic costs of living covered, won't it lead to people just lying around "on the dole"?  A giant welfare state?

It turns out that people get bored doing nothing and that even when they are obliged to do nothing as a result of unemployment or illness, they find things to do.  Giving them the choice and means to do something meaningful with their lives only improves the options they have and the results of their activities.

Question: Won't the ILS/IIF cause inflation?

To some extent, initially.  The immediate impact of increasing the supply of currency in the marketplace is to devalue the existing currency, but the impact of creating new consumers has the opposite affect as more money is spent on raw materials and finished products and services that people have needed and not been able to afford. That expands the economy as a whole and sops up the extra money.

Most people who received ILF/IFF monies went through an adjustment period in which they got medical and dental care issues taken care of, did small business expansions, took vacations, and did maintenance and home improvements and in some cases home or barn or garage building.  After about 18 months of this, things levelled out and people settled in to enjoy their new conditions. This initial spurt of spending moderates against the affects of inflation. 

Question:  Won't the ILS/IIF cause a population explosion?

Only if we fail to educate people and continue to ignore the importance of the most challenging and important of all jobs-----parenthood.

The ILS in effect gives caregiver parents a working wage, both directly from their own stipends, or indirectly from their children's stipends.  More parents will be able to stay home with their children as a result and more of them will do so.

One of the great challenges facing mankind is to get our heads out of our butts regarding the importance of child-rearing and the responsibility involved.   We are churning out High School students who can do algebra but can't boil an egg, people who are tremendously self-centered and competitive---  and who have no competence to be parents.

For lack of parenting skills and lack of respect for the importance of parents and families our whole worldwide society is collapsing around our ears.  It is time to change that.

Question: Won't the ILS/IFF cause workforce destabilization?

To an extent there will be changes as people--- mainly women--- leave the workforce to raise their families and tend their homes.  Tests have shown an overall increase in job changes (about 15%) and also more people choosing to go back to school to improve existing skills or pursue new careers. 

There are also indications that lifelong learning will be the face of education in the future.
Without the pressure to immediately gain skills and enter the workforce in order to simply live, more people will seriously consider and explore their options before launching on a career path.  We can also expect higher job satisfaction and better performance, more arts and crafts education, more vocational school education, more technical school options. Education will also be considerably more hand-tailored in terms of individual development.

Question:  How will ILS/IFF affect seniors?

For seniors who have less than adequate retirement plans it will be an untold blessing in terms of security and meeting basic needs. For those who are already well-provided for, it will be an opportunity to assist younger family members and to address community projects.

One of the most profound affects of an ILS/IFF initiation is the mobilization of community volunteer resources.  When people---old and young alike---have time and money, they build things.  That is the nature of mankind. 

Whether those things will be literal--- new libraries, churches, homes, stores--- or organizational -- new clubs, new schools, new networks --- or cause oriented --- to save the wild horses or clean up polluted streams or care for neglected children --- we can be sure that unleashing our worldwide population to dream and to do better things will result in an outpouring of creative problem-solving.  And in today's world, when a community in Saharan African discovers a way to make the desert bloom, their answer will be echoed in the Australian Outback.

Question:  How will ILS/IFF be delivered in remote places?

There are two hopeful means----one traditional, one developing.  In many parts of the world we have a stable and reliable mail system thanks to the UPU.  It is possible to simply mail checks, vouchers, coupons or whatever means of funds transfer is settled upon to individual people at their mailing addresses in those locations.  We have mail service in Alaska that reliably and regularly reaches Point Barrow, so, obviously, good old UPU is doing its job. 

The other means is a cyber solution based on mobile phone apps that can reach into even the most remote places on earth to offer banking services and allow people to keep their accounts and trade their goods and labor with the rest of the world. This expansion is expected to render many brick and mortar banking institutions obsolete and will also provide the means to trade in a Universal Currency.

Before people get startled and think that the advent of a Universal Currency is a bad thing, let me say that national currencies aren't going away.  Dollars and rubles and yuan will continue to be part of our lives long into the future---- but the advent of a Universal Currency based on the already existing Universal Asset System offers a unique opportunity for Mankind -----and one we all need to understand: the first truly honest monetary system that has ever been conceived, and also, the only monetary system that is immune to hoarding, manipulation, and other evils that have plagued both fiat and asset-backed currency systems for centuries.

That's a good thing, folks--- not something anyone needs to be afraid of. 

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  1. Frame work of a settlement .it's a free world the inner net is an equalizer you only limited by your mental ability .

  2. As much as I respect and love your work, Anna, I just can't imagine how redefining $0 as now being equal to $2,000 is going to solve anything. Furthermore, trying to solve the multitude of problems you are seeking to fix that have largely been derived from the corruption of centralized economic and financial planning with another program of centralized economic and financial management just makes no sense to me at all and seems to act in opposition to the mainstream thrust of your efforts.

    1. Posted by Paul Stramer for Anna Von Reitz
      This has nothing whatsoever to do with any centralized planning or authority. The money is delivered without strings to each living man, woman and child--individually with no strings attached and no middle men. Period. This is a stipend to provide everyone with a basic income sufficient for basic needs and otherwise leaves people free to earn and prosper far above and beyond the basic stipend and enlarge their investments however their own vision and resources allows. This is NOT another "government program". This is what it says it is--- an inheritance.

      Please check all your assumptions at the door.

  3. I'd like to know when all of this will be implemented or will all hell break lose in November...tired of the fear mongering and others bashing police etc.... Just so damn tired of all the damn lies , misconception, psyops and evil....everything is a damn lie...except death

    1. Don't you mean police bashing people. They are debt creators for and hired by the rich to serve and protect them. Hence they have no constitutional writs in even asking your name. But what we need is them to become peace officers and then written into our constitution imo. They are no more then a private detective so to speak.

  4. trident ridge and d harrington~ go listen to an excellent interview on BASIC MONEY on higherside chats/youtube...well put and explained.just posted today

  5. Great information, however like all of Anna's articles the how to do is missing?

  6. It has been estimated that eighty percent of the economy is plundered out (stolen) by the bankers, corporations they control, and governments the bankers control. They use taxation, both hidden & seen, mandates that raise the cost of merchandise, government granted monopolies and outright theft. When we stop the plunder and eliminate central planning, returning to a free market, we will not need any handouts. We will quickly have a world of abundance as God intended.

  7. To trident ridge i submit to you that living is starting to look like nothing but an illusion. Death may be the only reality. And as far as this upcoming monitary system being the only true lawful one that cant be tampered with let me remind you of a little lost bit of history during the renasaunce where the currency in place at that time was so perfect it lasted over 600 years. It was called the "TALLY" system. Basically, it was a system of notches cut into identical halves in wood branches representing a certain amount of money and then split it two halves. One halve went to the person who owned it through his labor, while the other half went into the kings vault. And both halves had the persons name inscribed on them. Since all wood branches are different, and the person holding one half with only his name etched into the wood(instead of a signiture), and the other half in the kings vault, it was impossible to counterfeit and just as impossible to steal, because the only way to cash it was at the kings vault which not only have to match the notches, but the name who in those days knew just about everyone. And no two branches are the same in nature, and when it was split apart it wasnt cut, it was physically split creating only two pieces that could possibly be put back together perfectly. No one even dared to steal from anyone else, knowing full well the consequencies if he came in with his neighbors branch if he didnt consent to it. Thats why it lasted 600 years. It was stated to be one of the greatest times in history. But i read that site and appearanty this was already set in place and ready to go, during president Kennedys time. Im not quite clear on why Indonesia plays such a critical role in this process both then and now. But shorty after Kennedy, the Indonesian president, and the UN signed the treaty, Kennedy was assassinated, and the Indonesian president wound up in jail, by a conspiracy of character assassination by the same people, where he eventually died. If they did it then, why do you think it cant happen this time... Paul just sent us an email of a plot just like that, killing one or both of our two canditates and replacing them with someone they approve of. And why was the worldwide announcement which was suppossed to be this sept. 16 2016 put off until Oct. 16, 2016 next month. Something is fishy. Im going to wait until then to see if it will be carried out. A lot can happen in 30 days.

  8. This just isn't realistic. I may get bored and go back to my computer job, but will the garbage collector or the coal miner and others with unskilled jobs that they hate but perform so as to eat? Those people could better themselves and get out of these jobs, but for those who don't, someone has to do them.


    1. Well well, the attitude of the responses here cracks me up. We are all soo much better than all those lowly people aren't we.
      Who will do the dirty work now? How about we wipe our own butts and deal with our own garbage - unbelievable....
      Oh and all those people who will just have too many children oh my! Obvious years of satanic protestant influence here. God Our Lady help us.

    2. Oh shut up ya judgmental freak!'re so much better aren't you because you'll do "manual labor". I bet you don't do anything now.

  9. These scenario's are well thought out but that is NOT what the Holy Scriptures teach. The message is clear that ALL corporate activity will begin to die off, as it has already. As Babylon falls so does any agency status and all fictitious activities. In the book of Enoch it explains that the saved/living will not have to pray or "do business" with the dead(corporations). This will happen over a period of time called "One hour" in Revelation. This "one hour"(1000 years=1 day=24 hours) is equivalent to 41.66 years. The time is at hand. The clock has already started. Adjust your lives because you will need to get completely out of Debt and all things related to that.
    How difficult will this be? If you do not understand for instance that the "Mark of the Beast" IS the 9 digit social security or tax ID number then you also do not understand the Torah. I will close AGAIN by repeating that Elijah did NOT KNOW the 7000 that YHVH concealed from him, because those saved peoples were NOT NUMBERED. "Come out of her my people" means get the heck out of ALL the United States Corporation(S)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. So let me ask you something. If "God" is so "loving" and "caring" then why the hell would this entity be so cryptic and HIDE everything from people it allegedly loves? Why not just tell people straight up? I mean what is God hiding from...itself? It allegedly created everything...right...including alleged "Lucifer"? Wasn't this "Lucifer" to do "God's" bidding and be pretty much perfect? What you're failing to realize is that a program can not deviate from it's course of action unless the programmer places a glitch in the program. So if Lucifer is "evil" it's because God is evil as well. God is basically fighting against it's own program. God is basically fighting itself. A computer program CAN NOT turn against you unless YOU put that program within it for it to turn against you. And a God that states they have given you "free will" has not really given you free will if there is a threat of "eternal damnation"...right? That is not love. That is extortion.

    2. AA,
      I don't think God is hiding anything. God keeps all information in Heaven, which according to The Bible, is within you.
      Have you ever considered that the allegory of lucifer falling from Heaven might be you? And me? And every single Human Being?
      The Bible is a spiritual text, and it warns that the letter kills, but the spirit gives life. So don't rely on the religious interpretation, as it is taken literally(the letter).
      You do have the free will to stay a slave in Egypt under the command of Pharaoh,(indoctrination by this world and "authority") or stand up to Pharaoh(lower, carnal mind) and demand, Let my People(thoughts) go!
      You can part the sea, and drown the army following you(old thought patterns) and be of the Tribe of Judah, who pitch their tents to the Right(higher mind). Or, according to Jesus, cast your fishing net to the Right, same meaning, different parable.
      Sacrifice the animal on your alter(selfish, competitive,animalistic nature) and work your way back to Heaven where all the answers lay waiting, within you, not outside.

    3. There is nothing holy, as you say, about the scriptures. For the most part its the words of the most evil entity ever who you and many others call god.
      How stupid and uninformed can you be!

  10. I'm sorry, but I have to ask the question, are you kidding yourselves? I believe everything you're saying is true, but how can any change possibly happen? The judges are corrupt and it is just too deep. Do you think the free states are just going to be given back? You said it yourselves, we've been enslaved for 150 years, they are not going to apologize and give them back. They are evil, they're goal is total enslavement, with massive population control, (I.e. death to all of us). The're not going to abide by any laws, they make the laws.

    1. Posted by Paul for Anna Von Reitz:
      Yes, I believe that the same machinery they used to defraud us and use us and our assets and to pull off this mighty crime can be turned around and used to defend against them, just as a shield may be used to protect the good or the bad. Yes, I believe if we wake up and if we wake up the rest of the world, all this can be set to rights. Yes, I know that we have very powerful allies who have been divinely guided and put in place for exactly such a time. And yes, I have every faith that the British Colonial System will be destroyed and taken down and that a world wide change will take place, opening up many new opportunities and wide horizons for us and our children.


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