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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

No Dog in the Fight

By Anna Von Reitz

You have elected all these jokers in good faith, assuming that you were electing them to public office.  They have occupied similarly named private corporate offices instead, and left the public offices vacant.  

Read the Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act (FSIA) and the International Organizations Immunity Act (IOIA) for blatant proof of what they have done.

You thought you elected Fiduciary Deputies to conduct your business in Congress, but no, they redefined their role to be mere "representatives".  They then "represented" you any way that padded their pockets and boosted corporate profits. 

See their Amendment to their phony corporate "Constitution" published in 1868 that changes the accountability of "US Senators" making them only accountable to their peers in Congress.  Being a Senator is as close to being "king" as it gets. They can't be recalled by the people who elected them. And you have allowed all this crap, because frankly, you and your parents and grandparents have been asleep at the wheel.

You have believed that the "federal government" was your government, but in fact, it has always been a foreign service vendor operated by British Subjects here on our shores to provide "essential governmental services".  Read Article IV of The Constitution.  

Go back and read the actual founding documents --- the Definitive Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783 spells it out.  There are two populations in this country and there always have been: "free, sovereign, and independent people of the United States" and the British Subject "inhabitants" loyal to the King, here on our shores to provide "essential government services".

The same treaty reveals that King George III remained the acknowledged "prince" and Arch-Treasurer of the United States after the Revolution. 

That thing in Washington, District of Columbia, is not your government and it never has been.  It is a foreign, self-interested--- and since 1868--- incorporated
entity that is in the business of providing governmental services under contract.  Period. 

It's the governmental services equivalent of Exxon.

Your states of the Union were its original customers. They agreed to receive and pay for nineteen strictly enumerated services spelled out in The Constitution----all of them carried out in the international jurisdiction of the sea.

But, corporations being corporations, they've drummed up business however they saw fit, often via extortion (IRS) and racketeering (Social Security, Obamacare, etc.) and theft (BLM). 

The agents of the "federal corporation" routinely lie to you and tell you that you have to buy something or pay something or take some action (like signing up for Social Security) because it is a "government mandate" and you are stupid enough to go along with this, so they continue to get away with it. 

They routinely criminalize normal activities of common right, like traveling from Point A to Point B or getting married, so that they can charge you for "licenses" and "regulate" your private business as "commerce".  They consider all "United States Citizens" their slaves and all "citizens of the United States" are defined as criminals.

Read the 13th and 14th Amendments of their bogus corporate "Constitution" more carefully and you will see what has gone on. 

In their 13th Amendment they abolished slavery---- except for criminals.  In the 14th Amendment of their filthy look-alike, sound-alike corporate charter document, they made all "citizens of the United States" criminals.  By definition. And then they have contrived to define all of us as "citizens of the United States" by any means fair or foul.

We have played unwitting host to the most vile, venal, oppressive, out of control crime syndicate in the history of the world, and we have mistakenly thought that this THING was our own dear government and paddled along like good little ducks, acting in good faith,  doing whatever we were told. 

Imagine that you are a magazine publisher and you can order 390 million people to buy three subscriptions or six subscriptions or a dozen subscriptions each....and the limit of this abuse is only what the victims will tolerate? 

That's what you have going on in Washington, DC, but it is actually much, much worse than that. 

These vermin have gotten away with their abusive profit-hunting for so long, that they have promoted violence and piracy and criminality throughout the world.  

These people are all British Subjects and they are commandeered as such ---literally press-ganged and falsely identified as British Subjects---  the moment they take an oath of office or accept a federal job or are herded like sheep and coerced under false pretenses into accepting a "Social Security Number".

These British cons have hidden behind our skirts and used us as front men to carry out their dirty work, so that the Americans are being blamed for it all.

This is what comes from allowing foreign governments (both British and since WWII, French) to "share" your country's international jurisdiction and to dictate your trade policy and issue your money and wipe your butts for you. 

There are two main (and many subsidiary) federal corporations providing you and their franchises operated as fake "states of states" with "governmental services". 

The IMF has operated the UNITED STATES, INC. on our shores and that vicious fraud machine has finally been bankrupted and forced into liquidation.  The FEDERAL RESERVE has operated THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC., and it has been forced into Chapter 11 bankruptcy. 

So now we have Jacob Rothschild here promoting the NEW REPUBLIC, INC., as a replacement for these "governmental services corporations" and the UN Corporation, not the actual United Nations, is shipping in blue-helmeted commercial mercenaries from around the world to keep the peace while these despicable corporations are dismantled and taken down and their assets returned to their creditors.

The Big Problem has been that the Priority Creditors of these vicious crime syndicates have been absent from the table.  Nobody has raised their hand or made a "Peep!" in behalf of the actual American nation-states and the living American people who have been the prime victims of all this chicanery, nor have they spoken up for the equally defrauded people of the UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN, and so on and on.

Instead, we and our assets have remained on the table as the Feast prepared by the Evil Ones for their Secondary Creditors--- the banks and foreign investors they have defrauded in our names without our knowledge or consent--- at the same time they have been robbing and defrauding us.

Which is why I and numerous others have labored for many years to bring forward the claims of the American States and people.  We saw the crap the rats pulled during the bankruptcy of the United States of America, Inc. and we haven't sat on our thumbs for another round of it.  Instead, we have spent twenty-plus years of our lives documenting the debts owed by these corporations to the actual, factual states and people. 

Is this going to cause dismay and disruption?  Will it require an armed invasion of Washington, DC?   If so, we should be standing shoulder to shoulder with the "Blue Hats" and helping them flush the sewers of the Beltline, not shooting at them----but to be honest, we don't have a dog in this fight.

These corporations are not---repeat, NOT--- our government. They never have been. Both the UNITED STATES and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA are just foreign, corporate vendors of governmental services gone horribly wrong. 

Our interests are best served by flying our own peacetime Civil Flag (vertical stripes, blue stars) or a simple white truce flag, and minding our own business while the odious debts accrued against us and other nations are wiped away and the criminals are removed.

And, most importantly, we need to wake the @$@$@ up. 

There is no reason for Britain or France or any other foreign interest to control such vital functions of our government as the issuance of our money or dictate our international trade policies or command the deployment of our Armed Forces under color of law. 

It's time to renegotiate the contracts, i.e., treaties, to correct this situation and to reorganize our own thinking and assumptions to deal with the truth. 

Now that you know the factual and long-standing truth--- that the organization operating "as" your government isn't actually your government and that it is a foreign, self-interested  commercial corporation that has not functioned as it is obligated to function---you can get on with the business of operating the government that you are owed: a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Our rights and property, which we hold dear, are not being wrested from us by any foreign invasion.  They can, however, be lost if we fail to step to the plate and do the job of self-governance mandated by our actual Constitution.

For months now, I have been telling people Coast to Coast to organize their local county governments and to operate as unincorporated associations, because the moment you incorporate anything you remove it from the land jurisdiction and place it (and its operations) under the Law of the Sea and in the international jurisdiction of the sea. 

Can the land be represented by the sea? 

I think not. 

All these incorporated counties and "states of states" are operating in a foreign and improper jurisdiction.  They have all been seduced by federal corporation racketeering kickbacks called "federal block grants" and have been taken over by the criminally mis-administered federal corporation(s) and run as franchises, just like Dairy Queen franchises.

The only actual, true, legitimate government standing on the land jurisdiction of this entire country is vested in me and you and the unincorporated organizations that we operate on the land jurisdiction---- the actual county government and the actual state government owed to us is of the people, for the people and by the people, not of the corporation, by the corporation and for the corporation. 

So it is imperative that while the international community deals with the bankrupt and criminal corporations that have been operating out of the District of Columbia--- and with the British and French governments which are responsible for those corporate miscreants-- that we, the American people, do our own dusting and cleaning.

The Colorado State is not the State of Colorado.

The Colorado State is the lawful business agent of the Colorado Nation and its people.  The State of Colorado is a franchise of a bankrupt foreign corporation.

Now that we have all that sorted out --- please understand that we don't have a dog in the fight that is coming to Washington, DC.  Please also be aware that you and your property interests have been properly and faithfully protected.  

You need to understand that you are an American state national--- one of the peaceful, honest people of America---not a war-mongering British Subject called a "United States Citizen" or "citizen of the United States" bent on piracy and promotion of corporate colonialism.

If what you want is your country back in your control, with all its peace and property intact, all its constitutional guarantees being honored, then it is time to take the following actions: (1) Record your "Expatriation Act" formally stating that you are a peaceful American State National reclaiming your birthright political status; (2) Organize your local Jural Assemblies; (3) Elect your local government officers--- judges, sheriffs, assembly men, etc. -- to operate the land jurisdiction government owed to you; (4) Pay no attention to what happens to the federal corporation(s) or to the incorporated counties or states of states.

These things aren't your government.  They are actually none of your concern. They are just foreign corporations like Target here to provide governmental services to your States, and so long as you have sense enough to realize that that is what they are and maintain your identity as an American State National, not a "US citizen" of any stripe, all will be well with you and yours and the country you love.

Jacob Rothschild is making an offer to buy these bankrupt corporate entities and boot up a new organization calling itself the New Republic.  This is calculated to maintain some infrastructure and keep the peace--- but now that you know the truth, you will realize that the "New Republic" is just a re-branding and new management for the whole federal corporate apparatus, and is not your actual government at all.  It's just a new "governmental services corporation" coming on board --- and it does not have a contract.  It is just offering its services and temporarily providing them. 

As with any consumer contract, you aren't any under obligation and neither are your States, beyond paying for actual stipulated services received on a month by month basis.

It will be up to you and your properly elected and actual Fiduciary Deputies to determine whether or not the New Republic gets the service contract and it will also be up to you to operate your own land jurisdiction government quite above and separate from their activities undertaken in behalf of actual British Subjects who are legitimately "United States Citizens" and in pursuit of their duties under The Constitution----the actual one.

It will also be up to you and your actual Fiduciary Deputies whether or not the current oddball arrangement in which foreign corporations get to dictate your foreign policy, your trade policy, issue your national currency, and perform other vital functions that a mature nation should undertake for itself---endures.  It has obviously not worked for us and has caused great damage to other nations, so its continuance is not--- in my opinion---desirable for us or anyone else. 

We have indeed "spawned a new nation" in the words of Benjamin Franklin. It's time for us to take our place among the nations as a fully functioning part of the world community, instead of playing the role of the Infant Terrible, being jerked around by foreign interests and used and abused to in turn use and abuse other nations.

The British and since WWII the French Governments have used the American people as bullies and commercial mercenaries and have done so in Breach of Trust. They have plundered our assets and mischaracterized us as British Subjects and hypothecated debt against our assets and made false claims against us. They have undermined our lawful government on the land and used legal chicanery as an excuse not to honor their obligations to us in the international jurisdiction of the sea. 

Britain, like Cronos, the Father of the Titans, has attempted to eat all its colonial "children" and France has been seduced by the lure of easy money and power to follow suit.  Their criminal mis-administration of their faithful, if gullible, Allies stands as a grim warning to the entire world regarding the dangers of letting any incorporated profit-motivated entity provide governmental services.

And now we come to the end of this saga.

The New Republic is just the latest re-branding and new management ploy of the same old perpetrators and though it may be better managed than the old federal corporation, it is what it is, and it is NOT your government, not your Republic----which you are owed.

In order to enjoy the blessing of your Republic, you have to get off your butts ---and thanks to British chicanery--- reclaim your birthright political status as American State Nationals: Coloradans, Virginians, Texans, etc. Having made that choice very clear, you need to organize your own local Jural Assemblies and elect your own local American Common Law court officers and local county government officials to run the counties owed the land jurisdiction of this country. 

The only way to have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people is to accept the responsibility of self-governance. You cannot just "hire" someone to do it for you. 

The United Nations and the Vatican Chancery and the Pope and the other governments involved in this fiasco and Jacob Rothschild and the Bank of International Settlements have all been given plenty of Due Process Notice regarding this whole circumstance.  

They have Cause to Know that literally billions of innocent people--- not only Americans, but Brits and Canadians and Aussies and Japanese and French and Germans and Indians and......have been victimized by this criminality in Breach of Trust and contract. 

They have Cause to Know who the actual Priority Creditors of these criminal corporations are.   Competent Fiduciaries and Witnesses have informed the Heads of State and the Central Banks and the Divine Trust officials. 

Your claims and the claims of your states of the Union have been properly brought forward and your assets have been re-conveyed to the land jurisdiction where they are owed every jot of the original and actual Constitution---and where they stand under the protection of the Spanish King and are not subject to any self-serving "presumptions" by Queen Bess in international jurisdiction. 

Slowly, but surely, the same machinery that was abused to press-gang and defraud the living people to enrich the governmental services corporations is being employed and brought to bear to liquidate the offending corporations. That they are being dismantled and their assets seized and re-distributed to their creditors should be a cause of rejoicing and not any cause for bloodshed, strife, or even unrest.

As the Priority Creditors of all these various corporations the American States and the American People are in the cat-bird seat and have proposed both ways and means to provide for peaceable settlement that puts the power of the purse back where it belongs---- in the hands of individual people and unincorporated government structures operating in the best interests of the Public Good. 

So, as far as the Blue Hats are concerned----don't be overly alarmed. Some elements of the old governmental services corporations may have to be removed.  There may be mass confusion.  Jacob Rothschild may be tempted to try to usurp position and pull another sleight of hand by pretending that his "New Republic" is your actual lawful government----but as long as you know the truth and do your part to assemble your unincorporated land jurisdiction government, any action against you and your efforts would be instantly recognized as more corporate fraud. 

The Central Bank and Government of France does not want to be accused of willful commercial fraud.  They are already in enough trouble for their failure to maintain oversight on the IMF and its operations on our shores as the UNITED STATES, INC.  Ditto the Central Bank and Government of England and the Central Bank and Government of Westminster.

So, no worries.  Just work to do.  And a better, more clear-eyed vision of the future and the world and your own role and responsibility in it.  If you see UN Troops move into Washington, DC-----yawn and go about your business.  It's not your concern.  It's not your government.  The "UNITED STATES" they are liquidating is just a corrupt and evil and bankrupt foreign commercial corporation being liquidated for cause.

It has nothing whatsoever to do with American State Nationals peacefully residing on the land.

Your own government resides within you and among you and in the organizations you create and operate on a local level --your own counties and states owed the land jurisdiction of this country.

Bottom line---- We, the People, have no dog in this fight and don't be stupid enough to make a fight where there is none. 

Let Lord Rothschild earn his money and clean up the mess his Government created.  And keep an eye on the crooks so that you don't ever get defrauded and mischaracterized again.

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  1. Judge Anna, for your information, some of us do actually understand what you are saying because we have been studying and learning and even offering our necks on the alter of their Corp. Tribunals for, at least in my case, the last 30+ years, at tremendous sacrifice to both our prescious time, money, and even more important our very liberty(freedom) , just to try and put this massive puzzel together and try to find some or any lawful and peaceful form of remedy without going postal and shooting everyone in site. It must be nice to know that somehow you are bullitproof. Id liked to be in your shoes just one day as "SUPERMAN". I could change the world, without help from anyone, if I had your powers. You just dont get it. Why is it so hard for you to understand that after 200 years of being beat down physically, mentally, and spiritually that people are litterally scared of their own shadow. You want people to get off our butts and start forming our own jurial societies, when i cant even get anyone to even pick up a book and "READ". And if they do listen to professed spiritually inspired teachers of the "faith", who do they listen to....Joel Olstein, the great prodigitator of materialism that he guarantees is gods will for all of us...Are these the people your taking about to form jurial societies!!! I'll take the "MATRIX", thank you very much. Why dont you try living in a state like California where cops are killing people everyday if they misunderstand one command they give to people before they open fire on them. Leave that nice peaceful Alaskan country of yours, and come live in the reality of these inner cities of large states like this one with people are living on top of one another, yet they dont even know or what to know, their neighbors. How much time have you spent in jail like the rest of us in this fight..?? I know, you have said it many times how many hours and time you have dedicated to this movement. But how many days did you spend in jail, with all your freedoms stripped from you, and without a husband or wife or even in my case, not even my own "identical twin" brother to stand beside and support me. And he knows whats going on too. But "fear" always Trumps "faith" in this illusion of reality. If it wasnt for the internet, i wouldnt even know people like us even exsisted. When you talk on this blog, you talk as if you have personal relationships with these people your talking about...the pope, the banks, the FR,the IMF, the Queen of England(whos coronation was a complete fraud like her), and now Mr Rothchild himself. I had no idea you were the "Ambassator" for 300 million American State Nationals. Thats quite a lofty position for someone living in big lakes Alaska. Can i be your secretary of state..???? I prommise not to be Hillary Clinton. Heres the point. Your reality doesnt exsist in these huge citys. Everyone, except the judges(the only ones that actually know what we are talking about)think we are lunitics. You want jurial societies. But we are looking for heros. Someone like Clint Eastwood with a badge and gun with the attitude of "DIRTY HARRY" that can fill the position of SHERRIFF to enforce the very rights that your talking about "for" American State Nationals...FIRST...not last. Screw jural societies. This is not "big lakes Alaska". Your the one that doesnt get it....get over to Califirnia SUPERMAN and prove what your saying. Quit hiding in big lakes Alaska. Theres no fight over there. Unless your fighting a bear..!!! We arent stupid and we arent lazy. But we are scared. Because no one has our back....not even my "identical twin brother". Put that in your pipe and smoke it awhile.

    1. Mr. Pansini, You have to have faith and be positive. I am one privateer with no sponsor no funds no special favors that the other party has. But I do have this and that is right vs wrong. I have been right and in jail. The thing is I never take a plea I never give into the big loud barking intimidation, and at the end I am always the last standing. Right always wins over wrong . The positive attitude is the key and no one is going to fight your own right. settle it in court not with the police, so far the black robed bench sitter has not been pulling a weapon. You have the ability to understand the law and be confident to enforce the law, this is intimidating with right that scares the wrong doers pushing that color of slavery that is a crime with consequences in the human rights tribunal. They will prey on a easy target the next time. I do not get invited any more to the game played on the court, its a racket game bring yours and know the game inside out. One with heart can change the world and this is a happening hang in their do not give up we are millions in the same battle yet, all in this alone every where.

    2. by the way, Joel OLstein is now called Joel Ostein, without the L. There has been some manipulation of our history and timeline and many names, movie verses, geographical locations, anatomy has been change by holographic quantum computers or time machines or Cern. Remember Christopher Reeves, Sally Fields, their names have no S now. And the line "you like me, you really like me"..did not happen in this timeline..It's called Mandella Effect on youtube. Not only do dark forces takeover our govt but they are using technologies to merge timelines and change our world. Our anatomy is different from a couple of years ago. And our geography has changed. Smaller changes are famous movie lines, like "Mirror Mirro on the wall" is now "Magic Mirror on the wall". The first verse is no longer in this timeline and never happened. People's bibles have been changed in their homes. The verse about how the Lion shall sleep with the lamb, has been changed to the Wolf shall lie down with the lamb. There is a new vers inserted into the bible about Jesus asking his followers to slay non believers. Many items have had name changes and if you call the companies they will say they never changed their Bragg's Apple cider Vinegar is not Bragg with no S. The company is receiving calls and they say its always had no S, but we all remember it with an S. See Mandella Effect on youtube. They are changing our timelines and history. Even our anatomy is changed and our stomach is now under the left rib cage, before it was lower and central. This is a holographic reality, that is the only way they can change our anatomy without us knowing. Peace out! Thank you Anna for exposing the truth. Unfortunately in this holographic reality, the human race has been manipulated into zombies, most will not care to wakeup. And those who are awake, we do not know what to do to make changes. I can't even get anyone to look at information and when i tell people to look things up on the internet or watch a movie, no one gets back to me with any intelligent questions. They just ignore any info and focus on their stupid entertainment, tv, cards ..pokeyman. This world is soo far gone.

    3. You definitely sound like a man who has already been defeated by the dark side Mr. Pansini. Victims are everywhere and they always take their anger out on someone else rather than looking in the mirror to honestly deal with their own problems. If you are looking for Anna or any other superman or superwoman to ride in on a white horse and rescue you and the other millions like you, you are wasting your time and energy. Perhaps you need to be your own superman and begin by rescuing yourself.And btw, blaming your twin brother isn't going to work either.

    4. The real truth will never make it to readers eyes due to the fact the controller of this blog, and Anna I might add, are completely blind to what is going on behind the scenes. Any one who addresses the pope, who is a satanic representative, with words like most holy Francis, beloved Francis, obviously lacks the insights necessary to provide critical truth to the masses.
      It is proven by Paul Stramer, on this blog, that he has bought into the satanic lies perpetrated upon all members of the catholic church by the pope, every priest and certainly Anna and Paul who both honor Lucifer to the nth degree.
      Now Paul, I know this will never make it to your blog because you have appointed yourself the savior of the known world. And that's the point. It is the unknown world, the behind the scenes shenanigans going on, by those who created modern religion for the express purpose of dividing and conquering, but you are too full of yourself to even to consider anything other than what your over inflated head will accept, which to this point is pretty much complete baloney.
      When you close your eyes for the last time in your current incarnation, in other words upon the drawing of your last breath, you will be escorted through an astral plane by your spirit guides, your screwed up thinking will be made to be even more screwed up, you will be re-inserted into another incarnation and the whole fouled up mess will start all over again for you and you will likely grow into the same ill informed, bull headed, blind savior that you consider yourself to be, where you fully promote Satanism just like you blindly and unknowingly do now.
      You are just another pawn to be used and discarded by those whose vision it is to establish singularity upon the earth. For you it is too late. You have gone too far. You have duped too many people. You have promoted far too much of Lucifer's agenda. You have crossed the turn back line. There is no turning back.
      And if this makes your blood boil, well, its the satanic blood flowing through your veins that is boiling because characteristically, satan ,Lucifer, jesus, enki, thoth, or what ever title you wish to assign to the most evil entity ever to live, has only one agenda and that is to use carefully prepared dis-info agents like yourself to e=help them with the implementation of the their singularity plan, aka the machine kingdom. You scoff at such things but only because of the blindness holding you firmly within it tenacious grasp.
      There is not one iota of malice in this statement of truth I am presenting to you, only the greatest sense of sadness imaginable.
      Your feet are firmly trapped in the luciferian snare perpetrated upon all homo sapien sapiens, but no, you will not even put forth one minute effort to consider that your position is totally baseless. Instead you believe the bible, which is nothing more than a weather forecast for the actions of Lucifer, past present and future, to be carried out upon the earth through blind souls like yourself. At some point, when you come to the realization of what you have done to support Lucifer, wow man, you are going to be one sad dude.
      Take some time and read up on the singularity and what is planned for all of humanity.
      I dare you to post this comment!

    5. The four last things are as follows:


      Our readers may comment on your article as they wish.

    6. Keith Pierson you say "every priest and certainly Anna and Paul who both honor Lucifer to the nth degree." You mean Satan... not Lucifer.. correct? Satan is the bad guy.:-)

    7. Wow Keith for you to have such in-depth knowledge of Paul and his intentions is mind blowing! Your comment really sounds like the ramblings of an confused, disordered, chemically imbalanced mind...what is the individual to grasp here? That your nuts and don't know it?

    8. James Pansini-
      I think you are in the last stage of 4 stages of a meltdown...Need, expectation, hurt, anger. You will be fine soon. You are not alone!!!! Everyone is seeing your pain...we are here with you. Your twin is already a part of you, just take that part with you for others, I say hang in there!

  2. I'm still waiting to see the file stamped copies of the claims that were filed on behalf of the American people.

  3. I believe she is trying to recruit patriots that will go forth.
    She may not have the public persona that would be listened to or heard for the reality she's dutifully uncovered. Liars like the Clintons do seem to get listened to- hard to understand how.
    Anna can think and write very well and is doing so
    The talk show circuit normally would be a good place to inject a message or circumstance- however they are owned or mostly financially controlled by the parasites.
    Judge Napolitano+Glen Beck got their shows canceled for one episode on the FED = gone in one day.
    Anna idea is to get enough folks awake to overwelm these miscreants and have TOTO pull back the curtain on the pretensive scary Wizard of OZ- who then tries to put it all back in the box by saying- "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtai!"

    And her message and so many of OURS are getting out- tho slowly.
    Yes it is discourging not see folks get animated in huge numbers swiftly. Tho all good things take time and dedicated people.

    So hang in there James Pancini ~!

  4. All of these posts are right on the money and have much merit. My husband too has been through the mill, and wouldn't cop a plea so spent a couple of years away from home, but believes right will prevail over wrong. I have an old Geneva bible and in it the doctrine of predestination is addressed by Apostle Paul. All of what is happening now has been foreordained before the foundation of the earth. Its all ordained by the Father and we are instructed not to fret. My husband and I used to worry about not finding anyone who is interested in all of this, but not are at peace, knowing our Creator is in ultimate control, now us.

  5. Anna, have you ever received even one reply from corporate POPE FRANCIS ? If so , please post. This will stop the nay sayers .

  6. For the last week, I have been going around the Tahoe Basin and Truckee area shopping centers, to confront those volunteers to get people to vote, and telling them, they have 72 hours to cease and desist their activities, or I will give them a letter formally charging them with treason, war crimes and crimes against humanity, by acting against not only the sentient living-energy-beings who live in Nevada, but also across America, and the entire living planet.
    By virtue of the fact as I made it clear to over 150 volunteers across western NV, by trying to get people to register to vote, they are actively using their energy and state of consciousness, to engage in treason, by giving aid, comfort and material support to an “entity, group, organization, corporation” who are actively engaged in carrying out the extinction of humanity, in concert with the Pentagon,(US Military industrial complex) including, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook,which has been copted to deploy global array RF engineering coupled with an entirely new cyborg quipped human genome by 2030.
    I handed them all a form letter signed by 25 other local people who live in eastern CA and western NV, ordering them to cease and desist within 72 hours, or they will be subject to arrest, and charged with treason and giving material support to crimes against all life on this planet that supports the extinction of all natural living systems on planet earth.

  7. Did everyone not hear that Trump is going to unincorporate us? Not that we really are by our laws.

  8. Thank you all for your comments. But if you have followed my other comments until this time, you will see that i have backed both judge Anna and Paul for their efforts. This latest comment challanging her was based on someone on the previous site stating that if we wanted to know what was "the big one" she was reffering to was American So i looked it up. Was i misdirected or was he telling the truth. Because my comment was based on that site and based on that site i finally had to call "bullshit". The things that site purports is so unrealistic, and illogical that it defies common sense. Sure, lets give 7 billion people on earth $150,000 plus a guaranteed income of $1200/mo for life to correct all the problems we have. As much as i would like people to have better lives, how is that going to do it. We still have to eat. We still need things to be made and used. Who is going to do it if no one wants to work anymore. If it was true that Kennedy and the then Indonesian president made an agreement to free Americans from the FR, that was for a completely different purpose. He was only backing our currency to get rid of our enslavement of the FR banks to starting our own National banks, using tax exempt bills of exchange. But they had no intention of giving us all a lump sum of money plus a guaranteed income, regardless of age, $1200/mo for life. That would create more problems for us, not less. Trust me i know. I gave tons of money to people, basically free because no one ever payed on cent back, and it never in one case did it make people happy or improve their lives....not once. Now if i was directed to the wrong site, then i apologise. But if i wasnt, then i meant every word i said. Let me know...

  9. Paul can you put a thumbs up or thumbs down next to people's comments please?!

  10. At least let us know if someone is directing us to a site that judge Anna has approved of or is abdicating as true. Because she never said it herself. And because she didnt someone on the blog basically called us all stupid for not knowing and then gave us the site. Its not necessary to give a thumbs up or down, but you have to flag sources you know or suppect as false or intentionally misleading. When someone is trying as an intermediary on behave of judge Anna to speak for her, someone has to call him out on it or we will assume its true.

  11. Democracy at its finest once again. Put them in a dog crate like the animals they are


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