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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Reply Regarding "Global Connection" Piece for Sandra

by Anna Von Reitz

We are in the process of birthing a "new world"---- but it isn't a world built of fantasies and lies about aliens from outer space any more than it is a fantasy built of lies about bloodline superiority and legal fiction entities.  

These people touting "Galactic" salvation don't particularly like me, because I don't fall in line and sing hymns to their fantasies and excuses any more than I follow along as a good little True Believer of the corporate matrix.  I do not intend to trade one "box" for another, thanks, and it is ironic that those offering such an option as the "Neu Republique" are the ones accusing me of trying to herd people back into a box based on the past. 

I do not propose belief in things that either never existed or that no longer do---including "the past".   I oppose idolatry in all its forms.   I don't encourage people to put their hope and trust in aliens, in foreign governments, in gold, in corporations, in "the past" or "the future",  in "global resets" or anything of the sort.  I encourage people to do their own research and use their own horse sense to take action in their own behalf.  Period. 

Sitting around on your rump waiting for "the global reset" or "NESARA" to save you makes considerably less sense in my opinion than sitting around waiting for the Second Coming of Christ.  

I would view most of the fantasy being offered at this and other websites as harmless except that it serves to keep people immobilized, waiting for something or someone beyond themselves to take action and to save them or lead them or tell them "the Truth"----- when in fact, the Truth is something that you have to search for diligently and discover for yourself, and nobody can save you but yourself. 

The rest of what I see here is being fed into the newstream by the "Neu Republique"---- another effort by the French Government --- read that, Nathan and Jacob Rothschild --- to get us Stupid Americans to let them claim that their newest corporation is the lawful "Successor to Contract" of their IMF-sponsored nightmare known as the UNITED STATES. 

If we buy into that transparently self-serving and predatory bargain, we will deserve what we get.  

My advice is the same as Will Rodgers'----- learn to tell the difference between cow patties and shoe polish and don't take any wooden nickels.  There are plenty of well-intentioned people out there running around saying that the sky is falling and even more good people running around saying that Nirvana is on the way here to planet Earth, all without us making any significant effort on our own part, of course. 

Somehow, somewhere, around age six, I came to terms with reality and I sincerely recommend that everyone else embrace it along with the Magnum Mysterium in which we live. Our experience is no doubt affected by our energy and our beliefs and our outlook on life, but we do not exist as separate worlds disconnected from each other and the composite reality that results as the sum total of all our actions, all our beliefs, all our desires--- does affect us all.   

If half the people are living in want and terror, expecting Armageddon to happen next week, and half the people are sitting on their rumps chanting "Ummmm!" and eating Twinkies and dreaming of unearned wealth cascading from the skies above----- what do you expect to happen?   Exactly what IS happening. 

Two hundred and forty years ago, some Americans had a dream that all men are created equal, that all people have natural and unalienable rights, and that government should serve the people instead of people existing to serve the government.   These radical ideas are as valid now as they were then----- and just as cutting edge, just as challenging, and just as out of the box. 

If the means to achieve the ends are faulty, so what?  Change the means.  If the corporate government system got corrupted, fell apart, became predatory---- face up.  Admit it.  Go back to work.  Change it, and while you are at it, change yourselves.  Change your attitude toward government and toward your own responsibility to govern your own life and your own nation.   

Don't sit around telling me stories about ghosts or aliens or Chinese Elders or rewriting the history of NESARA or trying to pass off another French Central Bank corporation as my lawful government. Thank you, very much, and that's what I have to say to the anonymous irresponsible "Galactic Connection".
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  1. The "Galactic Confederation" was never created for any more or less than a perfect distraction by less than well-intended "squirrely" types. Probably a result of too much drugs...

  2. Quote:

    “I sincerely recommend that everyone else embrace it along with the Magnum Mysterium in which we live”

    So we are admonished to embrace this mystrious mysterium.


    What is the Magnum Mysterium i asked my myself ...

    Composer of this piece of music is Morten Lauridsen a Catholic.

    It is from the chant of the Martin of Christmas. And what is this Martin?

    From Catholic encyclopedia:

    “The word "Matins" ( Latin Matutinum or Matutinae ), comes from Matuta , the Latin name for the Greek goddess Leucothae or Leucothea , white goddess, or goddess of the morning ( Aurora )...”

    So this is an yearly Christmas ritual in honor and praise of the Greek goddess Leucothea but all done around the so called birthday of Jesus, who was not born in the mid of winter so it’s not really about Jesus but the sheeples believe it is.

    You grope for a world change of peace and love and if it’s not by our own might as the Galactic Connection or maybe Tom Cruise connection advocate, then here is it suggested we importune the Greek goddess herself for enlightement and deliverance.

    I am telling you folks that unless there is a change of heart and all these idols of the heart are eradicated from our minds, you will be groping for peace on earth in vain. i see the good in men wanting peace on earth but the evil sneaks in the takes it by force. This is a battle for your mind you know, the tree of good and evil at work.

    i think you are a desiring woman for true peace on earth or a mouth piece for a greater foe in high places by proposing this Magnum Mysterium.

    When the sons of God area revealed we will have our peace.


  3. Well I think it's quite bizarre the things that are going on. Building a temple of Baal in New York is one of those things. Also this...

    I still ain't trusting this woman, however. She flip-flops A LOT. Her info is just too scattered and all over the place.

  4. Well I think it's quite bizarre the things that are going on. Building a temple of Baal in New York is one of those things. Also this...

    I still ain't trusting this woman, however. She flip-flops A LOT. Her info is just too scattered and all over the place.


      The AshkeNAZI, Sephardic and Merovingian (ASM) Elite New World Order rulers are actually installing a system that these evil beings we wrongly call aliens today intend to use. What I am saying is that those who rule out of the District of Columbia, who created the United States of America, Inc., are under the spell of these demonic beings we wrongly refer to as aliens. These entities are the true source of power these New World Order Elite take their marching orders from. This is why we need to have this conversation. I don’t know who the Galactic Federation is unless it is a reference to aliens who had the same federation in the Old Testament that was referred to as the “Council of the gods.” New Agers today are referring to the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Elohim Watchers” as the Galactic Federation. What ever you choose to call them today they are demonic beings that have mind gamed the ASM’s into installing the corporation we call the United States of America, Inc., in the District of Columbia. This is why we need to have this conversation because unless you understand the agenda of source of their power you will not understand they reason they are setting up the AshkeNAZI New World Order system. Remember the saying “It all goes back to the source.”


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