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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Citizen v. National Using Georgia as an Example

by Anna Von Reitz

Citizen = public servant, either state or federal.    State National = sovereign.  Simple as that.  A National is not obligated to act as a citizen of either the federal corporation nor of any state, but that does not fulfill the need that there continues to be for people to step up and fill public offices and serve the needs of their communities for peacekeeping, courts, public facilities and public services of all kinds. 

Whenever you see the word "of" you are talking about an incorporated entity---- thus "the United States of America" is a corporation of the "States of America" and the "State of Georgia" is its local franchise organization.  

Think of the Georgia State as you normally think of it---- a geographically defined land mass with borders and people living within those borders, right?  That is the "Georgia State", not the "State of Georgia".  

This is what people have to grasp.  Since 1868, the Georgia State does NOT equal the State of Georgia!   

The State of Georgia or the STATE OF GEORGIA or The State of Georgia or GEORGIA ---- these are just legal fictions layered on top of the actual state and people, meant to operate in an entirely different and separate jurisdiction---- that of the international jurisdiction of the sea.  

The Georgia State and its people are supposed to be operating under the Law of the Land.  

The State of Georgia as a franchise of the United States of America (Incorporated) is supposed to be operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea.  

The people of Georgia are supposed to be operating as Georgia Nationals known as "Georgians" for the most part, and those who are occupying positions in the Georgia State government ---- judges, sheriffs, coroners, deputies, clerks, bailiffs, land recorders, jurors, justices of the peace, dog catchers, all the public employees  of the Georgia State are supposed to be operating as Georgia State Citizens.  

Those who are "inhabiting" the fictional realm of the "State of Georgia" are functioning as "United States Citizens"----- employees of the federal government, either at the federal level or at the "federated State" level.   

Strictly speaking there should be no "federated State" and it is a travesty that there is, but a loophole in the Constitution ---- Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 --- allows the federal government operated by the "United States Congress" to organize the government of the District of Columbia --- that is, the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation---- however Congress pleases and it has pleased Congress to open up "State franchises" of their own separate government to serve their own "citizens" in every state of the union.  There is nothing strictly prohibiting it, but this has given rise to gross usurpation and confusion.

Georgia Nationals have been confused into thinking that they are Georgia State Citizens, even when they haven't occupied any public office.  They have even been confused into claiming that they are "United States Citizens"---- that is, employees and servants of the federal government corporations---- when that is an entirely foreign status.  

If you don't know who you are and in what status you are operating with respect to the government, who does? 

Are you a Georgian, operating as a Georgia State National, with all your rights and immunities intact?  

Or are you a Georgia State Citizen, filling a public office of some kind for the Georgia State government?  

Or are you a Citizen of the State of Georgia, filling a public office for the federal State of Georgia franchise? 

Or are you a "United States Citizen", filling a public office or operating as a franchisee of the "United States of America, Inc." or the "United States, Inc."?

Generally speaking, it is better not to operate as any kind of "citizen" at all, so that you are not obligated to serve any public function and can get on with your life as a private man or woman.  But the reality is that to preserve the rights and freedoms and public services that everyone wants to enjoy, some of us have to act as "citizens" and at least for a term of time or office, serve the needs of our communities, our states on the land, and even "states of states" operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea.  

For example, when a man or woman signs up to serve in the United States military, they are temporarily giving up their status as a Georgian and accepting the much lower status of a "citizen of the United States".  They are doing this in good faith to serve the interests of their beloved Georgia State and all its sister States comprising the Union of States established by The Articles of Confederation and the people of those states of the Union.  

Unfortunately, the corporations running things "in behalf of" these organic states have run amok and the people of the organic states of the Union have not kept up and paid close enough attention to rein them in.  That is what this whole current discussion is about---- the criminality of the so-called "federal corporations" operating as the "United States, Inc." and "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA", etc. and their various "State of State" franchises operating on our soil.  

These corporations exist only to provide governmental services to our organic states and people, but they have become greedy and predatory, and have even contrived to press gang natural birthright Georgia State Nationals---- into the completely foreign jurisdiction and political status of "citizens of the United States" and/or endeavored to mischaracterize them as employees of the "United States of America, Inc.".  

The big question of the day is---- who are you?  And what are you going to do about it?  
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  1. I consider myself a California state national, but since I am not living in California anymore I see no way to declare my status officially and so I await advice on how to do this from the state I currently live in.

    1. Expatriate your PERSON to the land of California as your birthright political status is a Californian. Your PERSON's Oath of Allegiance to the same, and you are free to live, honor and uphold the Laws of another state of the Union. You can denounce the presumption and assumption of "citizen of the United States" as it pertains to you, the living man in the same document as well, but I would probably do the clarification of your political status as Section 1., and the expatriation and Oath of the PERSON as Section 2.
      And for the Love of all Mankind make null and void any signature you may have active making you a Registered Voter! Send a letter to the Secretary of State of whichever state you may be Registered. A simple letter stating that had you known the undisclosed details of said contract you never would have consented. You can't very well be a part of the guaranteed Constitutional Republic(Self governing and Elector) if you consent to majority rules Democratic Voter (Subject to Government statutes and "Qualified{limited, restricted} Elector")

  2. I believe that you write and have notarized a document declaring that you are a Californian, a California state national currently residing in............or traveling through .......... Then you record this document in the County where you are currently located. Once recorded, it is valid in any state and you are just one of the people.

  3. Also the operate in an entirely different legal system
    corperate law of the sea.
    we are ppl of the land and are adverse to harsh maritime law .

  4. I only claim to be a man on the land, whose rights were granted by the Creator. There is no law, except the law of the Creator. I have no valid contracts with the clowns that run the governmental service corporations.

  5. So then what does the 'ten mile square' jurisdiction limitation' mean if it does not limit their jurisdiction is limited to D.C. Either it means what it says or it does not, period, right?

    1. If you use a mail location with two letters (NV, AZ, etc.) and a zip code, you have designated yourself in a federal district of the District of Columbia. This is what works for me:

      c/o 123 Anystreet Avenue
      near Anycity, Statespelledout
      zip code exempt


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