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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Today's Missoulian about the Oregon situation

My opinion on the matter is that when a man or woman takes an Oath to uphold The Constitution, they must uphold it or be exposed as Oath-breakers instead of Oathkeepers.

The Jurisdiction of the Land owed to the People of the Oregon State is being violated by federal over-reach and that is a violation of The Constitution and the Law of the Land in general.  The longevity of the mis-administration and fraud committed against the western states by the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation and now, by its United Nations Trustees in receivership, in no way affects the standing and the political status of those men who have taken over the BLM facilities in protest of armed acts of "criminal aggression" in the words of the Nuremburg Trial, perpetuated by employees of the "Bureau of Land Management" which is nothing but a trademarked name acquired by the IMF as part of its deal with the entirely criminal and fraudulent Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration at Bretton Woods.

Read that as--- the "Bureau of Land Management" is precisely the same as a company name like "Stanley Tools" or "Kentucky Fried Chicken" that has been acquired by backdoor deals among private, mostly foreign-owned banking cartels in the business of providing "governmental services", and then "traded upon".  The sharks come in, buy a recognized brand name like "Stanley Tools" which has enjoyed a good reputation for many years, and then start producing cheap knock offs that they sell at premium prices to the unsuspecting public, which is never made aware of the change of ownership and administration of the company and the brand.

In the same way the "governmental services organizations" have changed ownership and management and even the law under which they operate, all without telling the public a word about it, and thus defrauding the people they are supposedly serving.

The Members of "Congress" and the various "Presidents" since Roosevelt have been actively engaged in selling off brands like "Bureau of Land Management" and "U.S. Small Business Administration" and so on to foreign entities that then manage these "governmental services corporations" as they see fit.  For example, back in the late 1980's they sold the "U.S. Small Business Administration" to Lehman Brothers Bank.

Lehman Brothers has always had a terrible reputation throughout the industry and nobody in their right mind would take their word for anything, much less enter into any kind of loan arrangement with the crooks---- but by buying a perfectly respectable "government" brand, they were able to snooker millions of unsuspecting Americans into various kinds of home loans and business development loans that they would have never touched, had they known that Lehman Brothers was involved.

Same thing with "BLM" and "FBI"---  People hear the name and assume that it is a government agency and that is trustworthy and that it "must be acting within the law".  They never stop to question anything about it, never realize that they are being complete bamboozled, never catch on to the fact that "Congress" is totally out of control and lawless and that these "agencies" are being operated by foreign business enterprises and even foreign governments under international law that has nothing whatsoever to do with the Constitution and Law of the Land that the people are owed.

The entire "US District Court System" which is responsible for the operation of all the Federal State and Federal County Courts within their "districts" is in fact more properly named the "United States District of Columbia Municipal Corporation District Court"---- and since the District has been bankrupted and dissolved, it should even more properly be called something like "United States Federal Reserve System District Court", because that is who owns and is operating all these "courts" all across America. 

Now, ask yourselves--- why would you be doing business with a "court" that is obviously an in-house corporate tribunal having nothing to do with the land jurisdiction of the United States or the people living here?  Are you an employee of the Federal Reserve System?  Probably not.  But you have been misidentified and mischaracterized by the former tenant--- the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation --- as a British Crown Subject, and British Crown Subjects holding a "residence" on the land of the organic states are property --- literally chattel --- belonging to the Federal Reserve System.  That's why their "courts" summon the Strawman Estate Trusts these criminals created in your name without your knowledge or consent into their "courts" and charge you with the 80,000,000 different regulations and code infractions that they have developed as a means of "criminalizing" you and extracting money from you and from your public treasury.

Remember that these multi-nationals are in the business of providing "governmental services"----and they will provide those services using strong-arm tactics whether you want them or not.  Remember Obamacare?  Hmm? Nothing like taking over the entire medical insurance racket in America to pad the old bottom line.

Remember the prison system?  Why is it that we have far more people in jail than any other country on Earth?  Because it is Big Money for these criminal corporations--- especially the Federal Reserve.  First, they charge you with a "crime" under their in-house corporate system of administrative law---- which is not your system of law at all.  Then, they attack the phony publicly managed "Estate Trust" or "Transmitting Utility" they set up "in your name". 

According to their in-house "law", this "United States Citizen" can't even complain about their mistreatment.  They are guilty from the moment they step foot in a courtroom and are already pre-sentenced.  Read the 1868 Corporate Constitution's 14th Amendment.

They try to get you to pay for whatever "infraction" they charge against the phony ESTATE or TRANSMITTING UTILITY they are operating in your name, and they charge your public treasury $25,000.00 per misdemeanor and over a million for each felony for the service of merely bringing charges. 

Then they incarcerate you as chattel ("cargo" in their lingo) belonging to the "guilty estate"---- and charge your public treasury up the wazoo for the "service" of keeping you in jail, plus they steal the value of all the labor they squeeze out of you while in jail.

These are your EMPLOYEES, for God's sake. 

Stand up and boot them to the curb.  They want to claim that you are a "14th Amendment Citizen"--- make them prove it.  Where and when did you or your ancestors ever perform the duty imposed by the Public Law of this land--- 2 United States Statutes-at-Large 153, Subchapter 28, ss. 1? 

You didn't and neither did your great-grandparents.  It was all a corporate fraud that had no affect on any living American's political status at all.  And it still is nothing but a corporate fraud and false claim.

Where, exactly, did you ever knowingly grant them permission to use your given name?  Where did you grant them any power of attorney?  Where is the fully disclosed two party contract providing equitable exchange with your signature on it?  Let them produce it, in court, black and white.

Wake up, people, and stop trusting the brand names of things.  Start looking at what is real and what is right in front of your face.  If the "FBI" were working for the people of this nation and acting according to the Public Law we have established instead of taking their direction from crooked corporate bosses, they would be prosecuting the banks for mammoth securities and banking industry fraud instead of trying to steal natural resources from poor farmers at the points of guns and under the fraudulent presentation that they are "the government" instead of hired commercial mercenaries operating under color of law.  
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  1. Judge Riezinger, would like to become a sovereign state citizen...couple questions;
    1. how does one obtain the status?
    2. can you help me through the process?

  2. We already are Sovereign and State citizens on the Land! We have a Duty to all our Brother's and Sister's already and Judge Anna is asking for all to awaken and just Stand on the Land regardless of their personal understanding of how we got into this mess! Judge Anna has done this and is continuing to stand for us all! One of us is = to all of us and all of us is = to one of us! We Are...The People!

  3. I would be interested in working directly with Judge Anna Von Reitz. perhaps someone can contact me?

    Bill diGirolamo

  4. How and where do the indigenous people of the land fit into the picture? As after all they were on the land befor the white man came from Europe. To me it seems as if we leaving them out of the picture here. They are also very aware of what is going on around them and a battle of their own to fight in receiving their rights.

    Debbie Foster


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