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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Some great points from KrisAnne Hall, but what did she miss?

What is not said here will fill volumes but the main point we would like to bring out is that those who claim to be our federal government are NOT, including the BLM. They are a for profit, mostly foreign owned corporate entity masquerading as our federal government.
If you can't understand that this is true you need to read the following about the Oregon situation from Judge Anna Von Reitz of Big Lake Alaska.


  1. Yes, she managed to miss out the part about the US gov't being a "for profit, mostly foreign owned corporate entity" but HOW did these foreign owned powers get control of our gov't!!!??? I think that the "main point" here is that people are NOW "Waking Up" and if they miss a "point or two" about the issues should not disparage the message. They will learn those "points" eventually, at least they are finally "getting it" and THAT is the most important issue at this time. ALL of this COULD have been avoided bloodlessly years ago IF the sheeple would have had the backbone and brains to put a stop to it instead of being used to kill each other off called the "Civil War" and it was the Rothschild faction that orchestrated that little piece of history for the USA. But now, it looks like much blood is going to be spilled to "try" and get back what we lost. However, this time, we know WHO and WHERE they are at that are responsible for the bloodshed. When the People win, the Traitors will be dealt with!!!

    1. People blame the sheeple, but the real truth is that the international bankers who pulled it off did it in murderous secrecy assisted by the silence of bought off corrupt politicians and traitorous military and intelligence groups whose creation was purposed to act as the banksters execution handmaidens, a condition that has only begun to fall apart recently. I keep hearing that "we" did this, but how could we do what we didn't even know was happening? Part of the fraud was that they made contracts for us without our consent precisely because they knew we wouldn't allow it if we knew. It's different now, because the cat got out of the bag with the invention of the internet ("thanks, Al") so that it could no longer be hidden behind closed doors guarded by assassins. If you notice there are many thousands of people rising up to put a stop to the traitors and foreign fraudsters, even though some haven't understood yet what a fraud the mainstream media is. They will, though, and the banksters will not only be put out of business and their assets stripped, they will be lucky to escape with their heads.

  2. KrisAnne correctly identifies the problem, but offers no concrete solution.

    Watch the 5-minute video describing the only full-spectrum popular sovereignty solution in America:

    For a free PDF and Audiobook of the new book 'FEAR The People' (3rd Edition), go to:

    On pages 64-65, you will find the 'Return of Sovereign Lands Act', that will restore the 640 million acres of public lands of the States, and also the countless acres of foreign lands illegally held by Washington DC (which KrisAnne never mentions, either).

  3. Thanks for the source reference and choice for action David

  4. I think she hit on just enough to get people's attention. Then they can take it from there. That's the problem with unloading too much info too soon. You automatically turn people off who may be interested and are looking for answers. You don't talk calculus to people who haven't even mastered basic math.

  5. Foreign powers or whom ever has seized control of our government used admiralty or maritime law to do this. They claim all sorts of things such as people being vassals and them being lost at sea, probably then found some shipwreck and then claiming that they are entitled to a piece of the proceeds using maritime law called Oleron or law of Oleron specifically is something called Averages and Contributions for loss. I found this during some research of the constitution where it stated Letters of Marque and reprisal, also reading a paper titled, The 10 Biggest Errors most people make when facing the Pirates and Privateers of the Private Bar Guilds (you can find it on google). Then reading Annas papers as well as searching the site, and finding a book called A General Treatise of Naval Trade and Commerce, As founded on the Laws and Statutes of this Realm. If you read chapters 9 and 10, it explains these things and how admiralty law works. If you are a ship and you wreck and someone finds the ship they may salvage it and receive money for it. So if you are lost at sea and another ship comes upon you and you are abandoned the finder may keep you. So when a foreign government or a corporation or group of ass holes come along and decide to bribe legislators to pass laws that allow them to take over without anyone knowing and doing it through passing laws that are similar to admiralty laws (or how ever it was accomplished) you have America a sea and Americans (State citizens) lost at sea then found then whom ever has found you will seize you and claim you as their property. It is legal in maritime/ admiralty law and that is what they are doing. If you research this, read and read and read and read and read and read and finally read some more, you will see the big picture through all the code and regulations and programming, etc. Watch the matrix and realize there is symbolism there. The group of people I'm in contact with has taught me tons and after being stared into the right direction i have begun to be able to sit at the computer and see the big picture, like the guy on the Matrix. You have to do your research and that requires thought and knowledge. Good luck to you all! Check out and ask to be a part of the Skype group, these people discuss Anna's papers, the books she has written, government regulation, common law, courts, judicial system, sheriff duties, grand juries, and all sorts of current events. If you want to be steered into the right direction, head over.


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