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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Discussion with Neil Keenan, December 22, 2015, from Judge Anna

Dear Neil....
I have thought about banking and credit as little as possible throughout my life. I recognized it as fraud and idolatry at an early age and lost interest as a result, but recent events have forced me to turn my attention to it again and what I have thought is this----
1. Money and credit are both just a symbolic representation of value whether denoted as coin, paper, or numbers in a ledger;
2. The only real things of value on this planet are human labor (which includes our physical energy, our creativity, and inventiveness) and natural resources (which includes what we think of as natural resources and the commodities and products that result from our labor). That's it. There are no other sources of "value" on this planet.
3. That being so, humans have naturally lived together in groups on various land masses and over time have been "defined" as nations with lines dawn on maps dividing them into separate gangs complete with gang "colors"(uniforms, flags, national currencies, etc.) and have competed with each other for natural resources and control of valuable commodities and "turf" just as gangs fight over these things;
4. But money and credit, which "symbolizes" and is used to "translate" into all these things is the ultimate commodity, so control of merely symbolic value has become the ultimate game and source of conflict and woe on this planet;
5. How ignorant, silly, and downright insane is that?

6. So now we chose the Old Gold Standard and took one commodity out of all commodities on Earth to symbolize the value of all the others---- but we already know that there is not and never can be enough gold and we once again face gold and silver speculation, hoarding, shortages both real and imaged, competition between various "brands" of gold coins and all the problems that went before;
7. Switching to oil or silver or some other commodity as a standard of value involves all the same problems;
8. Worse, whether you use silver or you use gold or you use kola nuts as your standard of value, the commodity used always comes under the control of a small group of men and depending on how enlightened or how vicious they may be, the whole world's fortunes spin;
9. Why can't we all just accept the fact that ALL value is vested in just two things---labor and natural resources as described above---and establish that as "the" value backing a universal currency for all Mankind?
10. If the Elders are as wise and as kind as you have portrayed them, they will awaken in spirit and see what I mean;
11. It makes no sense to use any one commodity to "stand for" all other commodities. Why not use all commodities to stand for one universal currency instead?
12. If we back our universal currency with the "collateral" represented by all human labor and all natural resources on earth, we do away with the necessity of the entire evil banking system as it now exists, we do away with national and international competition for food and other basic resources, we end poverty, we end the cause of most conflicts, and most of all, we establish an honest and incorruptible basis for the value of all currency on Earth;
13. This universal currency could be digital, clean, and modern, instantly available worldwide, exchangeable for national currencies--- and for the time being, backed by the gold in the global collateral accounts while we seek a universal understanding of what money and credit really is---- that is, just a tool to facilitate trade----and get the various nations to agree regarding what the actual "value" backing all currencies has always been;
14. This acceptance in turn would allow us to set up individual "Stipend Accounts" for everyone on Earth;
15. We monetize the net value of all trade, all labor, and all natural resources on Earth backing the universal currency and issue credit accounts to every living soul sufficient to pay for all their basic needs----food, water, housing, utilities,transportation, and education all paid for,
16. We also set up individual "Investment Accounts" for everyone on Earth who has reached age of majority and let each Man or Woman invest their yearly allotment in whatever beneficial enterprises they wish to support--- this could be a family business or a train company or new technology or services--- with only one restriction: investment must be in something truly good for humanity;
17. The same thing on a larger scale can be done by setting up "Investment Accounts" for each nation based on population, so that they can invest in public infrastructure according to their needs and again, the only restriction being that all investments must be in something truly good for humanity--- public transportation, sanitation, hospitals, libraries, hospices, day care centers, etc.
In this simple way we outgrow the Myth of Scarcity which evil men have perpetuated for centuries and end the criminal cabals of the bankers and disabuse ourselves of stupidity and idolatry----putting "money and credit" back into its proper place, and overcoming commodity limitations, eliminating any motive for speculation, cruel and unnecessary competition, unnecessary poverty, and most of the base causes of war and human misery.
See what you can do, Neil---- I think the world is ready to face the facts and deal with the need for currency to use in trade realistically. It's just a matter of presenting the facts and gaining consensus about what is manifestly true once people stop and think about it.
We can feed every needy child, comfort every elder, and enter into an age of peace and abundance and positive cooperation worldwide and all it takes is the admission of a simple truth---- that all value is vested in labor and natural resources----and basing a universal currency on that actual universal collateral.
A final benefit of establishing such a system is that it disperses the power to the people on a worldwide basis. The economies are driven by the sum total of individual choices all attuned to positive goals. The national investments are also attuned to positive goals for all the people living in their nations.
Once all basic needs are met we can also notice that we need to work to fulfill our interests and our talents. The need to work and to work at something meaningful is deeply instilled in our nature. We get bored without something worthwhile and profitable to do. We will notice that we can "work" at whatever good thing truly interests us and that the only limitations we have are our own intrinsic challenges to perform better, think more clearly, learn, and "produce" whatever our "product" is---- be it a song or a widget.
Instead of scrabbling around "working for money" we can start working for each other and for the good of our planet, instead.
This whole change of attitude and focus from one of scarcity to one of abundance and from worrying about selfish though basic needs to expanding vision for the future and motivation to work for the good of others can happen very rapidly, allowing us all to fulfill our function as caretakers of the Earth, its creatures, and other people.
The establishment of a truly universal currency based on our universal collateral can be the practical basis of universal brotherhood, compassion, and self-respect.
Please present this reasoning to the Elders and see what they say about it.

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