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Friday, February 5, 2010


By Chuck Baldwin
February 5, 2010

Most of us Americans have a deep and abiding respect and admiration for our country's fighting men who have served--and are serving--within the US Armed Forces. We appreciate their willingness to put themselves in harm's way for the preservation of our nation's liberty and independence. We honor their sacrifice. Indeed, many of us share that sacrifice with the deaths, dismemberments, and paralysis of our most cherished loved ones who were killed or injured in the line of duty.

It is time, however, that we awaken to the reality of what our military is becoming and where it is heading. Suffice it to say, this is not your father's army.

On December 8, 1941, my father, Ed Baldwin--along with his two brothers, Bud and Gene--marched down to a recruiting office in Little Rock, Arkansas, to enlist. The Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor the day before, and no branch of service had to beg people to enlist that day. Bud joined the Navy. Gene joined the Marines. When government officials saw Dad's resumé, they selected him to help construct the atomic bomb. All three brothers served their country with distinction throughout the war.

But what all of us need to realize is, World War II was the last constitutionally fought war in which America has been engaged. The United Nations was created at the end of WWII, and ever since then, our military forces have increasingly become the "peacekeeping" arm of that evil institution.

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Here is my comment on the Resistnet blog this morning to two veterans, one of whom is re-enlisting.

O2 and Colonel, I believe you have both missed the mark. We have not been a federation of independent States for decades. We have been changed in to a "nation" with top down control. Why do federal judges not allow "constitutional" arguments in their courts? Why do they have the flag with the gold fringe in their courtrooms? Do you even know what that flag is? It's admiralty law. They give the reason for not hearing arguments about Obama's eligibility that the petitioners "have no standing". That means that the petitioner is NOT a party to the Consititution. So status is important. We are either We The People, real people living on God's good earth with God given rights that can not be taken away by government (which is what the Constitution was supposed to protect), or we are 14th amendment citizen, subject, slaves, living as a fiction "person" in the Corporation?

The judges know this, and the American people believe they are still free, but they are not. They have contracted away their freedom in exchange for security, and they have exchanged their God given rights for privileges granted by government. Every time we open a bank account, or ask for a license of some kind we exchange a right for a privilege.

Colonel, they are not taking orders from a recruit. This guy was hand picked by the bankster bosses to ruin this country, and he was never eligible to be the president. O2 you will be taking unlawful orders from an imposter. When are you military men going to wake up and arrest this bastard that calls himself president, and put him in jail, while he awaits trial for treason? Are you going to follow his unlawful orders to enforce Martial Law in America when the time comes? I hope not. I am telling my 8 children to NEVER go in the military because of all this.

When will the military start honoring their Oath to defend, protect, and obey the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC. That means any federal judge, the imposter BS, AKA BO and all his so called cabinet who are communists, one and all, who hate America and everything it stands for, and who do lip service to freedom so they can use it as a cloak for evil deeds and treason. There are no words in the English language sufficiant to describe how evil, diabolic, and satanic this whole situation is. The military has the power to stop this whole evil scenario cold in it's tracks. Shame on you all for letting it go on. You leave those of us who are spending all our money and time telling the truth, hanging out there 10 miles, exposed to the fraud, and criminal acitivity of these imposters and traitors. Where is your backbone? Where are the joint chiefs? Are you going to allow the American people, the subjects of this fraud, to be slaughtered in a false flag event and then martial law???? God forbid! God have mercy! God have mercy on America! The fact is that most Americans are too worried about their next bit of pleasure. We have lost our vigilence. Maybe most of us are not even worthy to be free because of it.

But leaders in the military should know better. They need to take action before it's too late.

I see Colonel that you are in Oath Keepers. A step in the right direction. You need to use your rank and position to recruit many and educate them to what their Oath means. That oath never ceases. I have taken it 5 times, administered by Sheriff Richard Mack. He tells sheriffs to form possees, (sheriffs reserves, or local militias) for the purpose to "secure these rights" as the Declaration says. The mainstream media (traitors) have demonized the very word militia. Yet militias are the reason we are free and not slaves to England.

Remember Colonel Francis Marion, called the swamp fox. He taught the militia how to be effective. Why should all that be necessary? Because the military is not living up to it's oath? And when the American people start to enforce the Constitution, where are the military men going to be? My fear is that they will be so ignorant that they will take false and unlawful orders from a fake president and gutless commanders in the field, and they will treat the American freedom fighters like "insurgents" instead of good law abiding and God fearing people. My fear is that they will follow false and satanic leaders who are in power by fraud and deception, and they will fire on Americans who want nothing more than freedom and law and order, and peace in our land.

So I say again, where is the military? When is the military going to step in and enforce the Constitution? When are shreiffs across this land going to honor their Oath? When is the military going to arrest judges, and other sworn office holders who are committing treason against the Constitution (the supreme law of the land) and the American people?

When is the military going to keep law and order by stopping the monsters who hold these offices by fraud and deception and unlawfully, and who are destroying peace and good order in our land?

How bad is it going to get before you step in? How many will have to be slaughtered before the military of America does their duty?

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