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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dr. Sam Kennedy or is it Richard Glenn Unger

NOW Read the other side of the coin.  HOW FAR WILL THEY GO to trap us into jail?

If you have been following the radio show on called Take No Prisoners and you wonder like I have about whether this is a legitimate approach, or you wonder how far the government might go to expose real patriots to criminal charges and possible jail time you need to read the COMMENTS section below the main articles on the following page.

Scroll down the page below the main articles and documentation and read comments by the readers of the blog about the research done into who "Dr. Sam Kennedy" is. 
Remember that I said NOT to do anything with the material except read or listen for education.  Many people have come forward over the years with this same type of material, claiming to have a solution to the corporate government problem. None of them have any enforcement behind them even IF they are entirely correct in their assesment of history and the methods used by our enemies to subvert the Republic form our government is supposed to be.

There is a long history of subversion, starting by the changes in the meaning of words in old dictionaries. More on that later. Suffice it to say so far there is no enforceable solution at this point, but understanding where these people are coming from is critical to understanding where we need to go to solve the problem.

I won't dwell on this, but two people who showed up at our LCW meetings some time back expounded some of these same ideas, and Leroy Schweitzer had also discovered some of these subversive elements and was talking about them. Are these the reasons most of these people are in jail now? Are they getting too close to the truth, and therefore have to be silenced? Has the government picked up on that and are they now sending in agents of their own trying to subvert the movement and entice patriots into doing something "illegal" so they can put them away?
Now you understand why I have never been a FREEMAN. Now you might understand why I have never attempted to recind any of my contracts with their corporate system. Now you might understand why I have remained a 14th Amendment citizen, subject, slave like you. Now you might see why I continue to tell you the truth and give you the evidence so you can make your own decisions based on something real.
Now you might understand how easy it is to be led off track with these things.
"Those who refuse to learn from history are condemned to repeat it."

Why did I put the radio show on the blog and website? 

Just like I said, for educational purposes.
I want my readers to know that most of what these people are saying is based on some real true event or some code or statute that was used to defraud We The People of our freedom.
The documentation is there to support their conclusions, but their recommended solutions may be full of holes. For example, when they say that somebody high in the military will step in and back them up, you should see a red flag, and common sense says that the military should come forward and be identified before you take any action. At least it does for me. My challenge all along to these people has been for them to make this enforceable. If they are right their program should be enforceable right down to the county level.

I doubt that many of my readers took the time to read the bibliography below the original article here:
Scroll down and follow the links and read some of the laws and events.

It's very revealing and solid that the basis for this school of thought about corporate VS Je-jure jurisdiction is based on real events that were rooted in fraud in our history. The notion that we changed from a Federal union of independent states, into an "nation" is well founded in those events. But the solution to that dilema is not so easy to arrive at, since the corporation is being enforced by all the courts, regardless of how fraudulent  and repugnant to the Constitution that might be. This is why the courts come back with the reason for not hearing arguments like Obama's eligibility by saying "you have no standing".  A 14th Amendment citizen subject is not a party to the Constitution according to these courts, because of our "contracts with the corporation" of UNITED STATES, which is completely different from the Federal United States.


Is the answer contained in the Jury system? Is the 4th check and balance OF THE JURY SYSTEM the solution? There are those that think that is exactly the easiest and most immediate solution available without risk of charges and jail, or bloodshed.  I wholeheartedly agree.
The jury system is already contained in the laws of most every State.
The Grand Jury has been for the most part suppressed by the "nationalists" because they realized it's power a long time ago. They know that a standing grand jury has the power to subpoena, and investigate, and then indict agents of government who have subverted our Republic form of government using fraud and deceit.

They also know that a trial (petit) jury has the power to refuse to apply a code or statute to a particular set of facts, thereby nullifying bad laws, as they did with prohibition, and the fugitive slave act among many others.

The jury solution is available right now. No lobbying is needed to pass any new laws. No elections need to be won. No large sums of money need to be spent on political campains. You already have your tremendous jury rights and powers. All that is needed is for you to understand these rights, powers, and duties.

Come to our Lincoln County Watch meetings on the first and third Saturday of each month at noon in the Senior Center in Eureka or go to our website at

Then get involved in the educational effort to spread the word about jury rights and duties and help give the American People hope and real information on how they can turn this around and boost FREEDOM.
 For more information call 800 889 2839 or email

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  1. Hi Paul,

    Nice post.. we have many people on our American Grand Jury blog right now talking about Gaurdians of the Free Republics. I smelled a rat and mentioned this to some of our old members. I listened to Sam Kennedy just a few hours ago. He is defintely batting for the wrong side.. Kenney is not a Christian. He does not speak the words of our Lord. The minute he said if we place faith in our Constitution we are idol worshipers is when he lost me. The Lord is who I worship, but I also believe in and pledge my allegiance in the Constitution.

    Thanks for posting the AGJ History Powers by Leo Donofrio.

    Take Care,

    Bob Campbell
    American Grand Jury

  2. maybe you can correct the spelling.. I am tired.. "Guardians" and "Kennedy"


  3. i know from first hand experience that sam kennedy aka glenn r unger is a fraud, a liar, and a scam artist. would appreciate any help in locating him.

  4. As a mature man I find that I don't seem to give those looks a second glance anymore but really appreciate and find attractive the woman that can put herself together well whether casual or sophisticated and carries herself with class and confidence, as you do.
    Well done, like it a lot.

  5. to anonymous i know it is almost a year later but I know that he lives near ogdensburg, NY, conveniently close to the canadian border. good luck.

  6. he was in Potsdam, NY today!


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