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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Taking the 'Neo' Out of 'Conservative' Who are the Neo Conservatives?

Neoconservatism is a progressive ideology that should have no place in any genuine conservative movement.

Here are some comments from YouTube:

James Cannon, Iriving Kristol, Leo Strauss, all founders of the modern neoconservative movement, every single one dyed in the wool Trotsky supporters. The entire neocon cabal is a group of big government, big money traitors, and their actions in the past 8 years have shown them for who they are.

There is no viable right wing anymore. There's a socialist left in power, and a socialist right that acts as the anvil to the hammer, and so long as this paradigm exists, nothing in America will change.

Beck had the courage to admit he was wrong.

On the bail out he changed his mind 4 days later when he realized what they were doing.
I never said he's above reproach. Beck never says he's above reproach either.

I worked about the same amount on the Paul campaign. We're on the same team.
Regardless of party, all politicians and all pundits are in line for critique.
Even my comments are up for grabs.
So you can critique my critique about your critique .... it's what makes this county great!

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