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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

International Public Notice: Getting It Straight

 By Anna Von Reitz

When we were going to school we had two textbooks, one called "American History" and one called "United States History".  These are two separate entities and two separate histories.  

The American Government is a "republican form of government", from its roots at the county level, to its top offices and institutions. 

It is not now and never has been a democracy. 

There is a profound difference between our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America, and a British Crown Corporation merely calling itself "the United States of America, Incorporated". 

It is the same gulf that stands between a woman named Elizabeth Arden and a British Crown Corporation calling itself ELIZABETH ARDEN.  

Our unincorporated Union States, each one composed of all the living people populating all the unincorporated Counties within their State borders, created both the Federation of States (1776) and the Confederation of States (1781) as unincorporated instrumentalities.  

What does that mean?  Both the Federation and the Confederation were designed and intended to work for the Union States in international and global venues, as "instruments" or "agents" to conduct business. 

The American Confederation created in 1781 was additionally awarded a Constitutional Service Contract in 1787.

This original Confederation did business as "the States of America" and the Constitutional Contract it was awarded was called "The Constitution for the united States of America".  

This original Confederation ran the resulting Federal Republic from 1787 to 1861, when it lost the quorum of its member States-of-States organizations needed to conduct business.  

As a direct result of this failure to maintain unity the Federal Republic (the American Federal Subcontractor providing government services under The Constitution for the united States of America) and its members all known as "State Republics" (land) or "Republics of State" (sea) also lost the ability to function. 

A third of our original American Government and a third of the Federal Government (the American third) were both taken out of service by the so-called Civil War and never reconstructed afterward.  

What remains of the American Government are the Union States holding our National Soil Jurisdiction and our Federation of States holding our International and Global jurisdictions.  

What remains of the "United States" Federal Government are the British Territorial Subcontractors and the Holy Roman Empire Subcontractors, and/or their Successors. 

Think of it as a six-celled combustion engine running on four cylinders.  

The American Government is still fully functional despite these injuries; we retain concurrent and superior general jurisdiction over the actual physical Counties and States, and maintain their mutual powers internationally and globally via our Federation of States.  

The "US" Government continues to unravel in a heap of European intrigue, criminality, and deceit, having pulled off a huge scam, amounting to a national-level identity theft and impersonation scheme against their American Employers and the American Government.  

The incorporated "United States Government" entities are functionally bankrupt and only being limped along by colluding banks that are continuing to bar us from access to our own assets and pretending that these white collar criminals are our representatives and custodians. 

Any such presumption is unsupported. 

Lately, Mr. Trump and his followers, all acting knowingly or unknowingly as British Territorial Officers and Crew members of a British Crown Corporation calling itself "the United States of America, Inc." have proposed that they will either: (1)  invade and inhabit our still unreconstructed American Federal Republic, or (2) substitute a British Territorial knock-off, perhaps a corporate franchise calling itself "the Federal Republic, Incorporated" for our Federal Republic. 

We return the favor and counterclaim that they return to their base in the District of Columbia, do their jobs according to their contract, and cease and desist all efforts to misrepresent us or defraud us further.   

These British Territorial Mercenaries are already functioning under the deceptive name of "the American Government, Inc."  which we don't appreciate and which we want everyone to be aware of. 

These matters and issues must be faced and resolved. We have seen enough British Territorial "mischief" --- crime and abuse, bad faith, false claims, and war-mongering --- to last several centuries. 

We are calling upon the rest of the world, indeed, on everyone reading these words, to take immediate action to stop the British Nazis behind this attempt to steal our national identity, impersonate us, and lead this entire planet into another grisly war-for-profit. 

This morning a friend sent me a quote from Germany in 1932 --- Adolph Hitler, another charismatic political leader, acting as Pied Piper saying, quote: 

"The nation is threatened from within and without. This is not a time for half-measures. It is time to make ourselves great again. And on that day, heads will roll in the dust. – Adolf Hitler, 1932"

Where have we heard this "Make ourselves great again" slogan before?  And now see the same "set up" being applied to America?  A charismatic political leader?  An economic downfall precipitated by an incompetent military government?  Hyper-inflation? 
Fiat currency? 

The set up supporting Hitler and Trump is exactly the same, right down to the "Gay Agenda".  

Hitler used gay brown shirt political capos to put him in power using promises of normalization and justice; of course, he then had them deposed and murdered the moment he took power. 

So now we have Joe Biden espousing the rainbow flag and promising the same things to get the sexual "spectrum" to come out of the closet -- where Trump can identify them and blame them and lead a rampage against the imaginary target they provide. 

Anything to keep public attention focused away from Trump's own participation in and support of the Pandemic Genocide.   

Bottom line, Trump is a business tycoon, Joe Biden is a hack, and both of them are tainted ---with no reasonable replacements standing in line, and all within spitting distance of the British Territorial "National" [Corporate] Elections. 

Why are these same deceptive, run-amok, foreign, for-profit "governmental services corporations" still assuming that they have any authority or part to play in determining the future of our world or our country?  

They don't.  Apart from us and apart from following our instructions and earning their pay -- in gold or silver --  they don't have a pot. 

They are exposed, caught, denuded, red-handed, paws in the cookie jar up to their shoulder joints, and they still think they can brazen it out and not only fool the American Public, but the rest of the world as well? 

This "show" is not only over for the Communist Union leaders and their Municipal Empire and the municipal corporations that have been used as storefronts for that cabal; the "show" is over for the British Territorial Empire and their corporations, too. No more substitution frauds. 

We have claimed their corporate debt as our credit; delegalized their remedies for lack of performance; updated our Sovereign Patents in all three major jurisdictions as of 2015; reclaimed our assets and birthright status; served Due Process; issued our Judgement; cured everything; and rolled it all into private and public trusts subject to one Irrevocable Will that is firmly recorded and distributed world wide. 

That Will is entirely in favor of the living people, not the corporations.  Everyone gets their purloined stuff back.  The guilty corporations are either liquidated permanently or forfeited and placed under new management.  The criminals go to jail.  The honorable members of the military and various units of government are granted amnesty.

Te Deum.  That, and our completely new, clean, and uncomplicated banking system, is really all that is needed to restore sanity and to birth a new era of peace and plenty for everyone. 

Everyone who wants to know more also gets a free education about actual Law and History and Science --- not the twisted, politicized, suppressed, and dumbed-down pablum that has been the stock and trade of our schools and universities for over a century. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

July 10th 2024  


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