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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

International Public Notice: About Language

 By Anna Von Reitz

Our country's official language is English and it is plain old everyday English.  We don't use PARSE SYNTAX and we don't use Legalese or Latin or diplomatic French for any of our own work, declarations, correspondence, public laws--- no "codes".  Nothing like that.  

Our country is honest and straightforward and our history and our documentation is also.  

We do not entertain puns or oxymorons or mixed grammars (such as Latin grammar using English words) or arcane jargon or specially concocted "legal terms" and "special definitions" and "coded meanings" for any purpose whatsoever. 

Our aim is to make our communications crystal clear at all times. Period. 

The English language is arguably not the best vehicle to accomplish our goal, owing to its multifaceted sources, abundant synonyms, often awkward linkages between subjects and objects, use of pronouns and adverbs, etc. 

Still, it's our official language and we do our best with it, and take pains to recognize and address possible confusions arising from the misuse and abuse of English for purposes of regulatory fraud and mischief over the course of several hundred years. 

For example, our discussion of the meanings of "state" found in court cases and public documents and the use of "person" to mean "corporation" in Federal Government usage and the word "resident" to mean a foreign citizen here temporarily while in public service and jargon "non-resident alien" being applied to Americans who purportedly have "Federal Income" without, however, having received "federal" paychecks or jobs.

The word "federal" itself is problematic.  In the 1824 Webster's Dictionary it is clearly identified as a synonym completely interchangeable with the word "contract".  

So our ancestors in contemplation of the "federal government" clearly knew that it was a government under contract to provide services to us, and were not confused as many are today about the nature of the Federal Constitutions. 

If you deconstruct the etymology and dictionary meanings in use in 1800, "Federal Constitution" translates down to "Contract Debt Agreement".  

Now, doesn't that put a completely different spin on the nature of the document in question and the relationships implied?  A Constitution is a Contract Debt Agreement --- a service contract. 

Our American Government contracted with various service providers, all of them working in international or global jurisdictions foreign to our land and soil, to provide certain enumerated services.  

We also provided them with the "enumerated powers" to provide those services; our States of the Union agreed to pay for these services in gold or silver; they agreed to operate on credit; we were their Employers, and the "Federal Government" Subcontractors operating out of the district of Columbia were known to be our Employees 

They are literally service vendors we organized, put in place, and occasionally corrected via a process of amending their service contracts --- which are the three Federal Constitutions, aka, Contract Debt Agreements. 

The "debt" part of it is naturally limited to the reasonable and customary cost of the service to be provided by these Subcontractors, and does not extend to six trillion dollars in unallocated funds misplaced by the Pentagon, or daily cross-continental Lear Jet service for Nancy Pelosi. 

It also doesn't include any of the funny money swindles and impersonations led by the "Federal Reserve" and illegal securitizations of living flesh and labor amounting to indentured servitude and enslavement practiced by our erstwhile Federal Subcontractors -- the Holy Roman Empire, the British Monarch, the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London, etc. 

Their criminal activities and dishonesty both toward us, their Employers, and their Employees, must be addressed to them by everyone concerned about their behavior or harmed by it during the past century and a half.  

We are the victims of this, not the ones responsible for it. 

The Americans who have employed (to use one of their favorite words) these "jackals", have suffered endless abuses and been blamed for their (our Employees') abuse of others, when in fact, we were simply lied to, kept in the dark, and unable to respond as a result. 

Naturally, we trusted Employees who claimed such undying and principled support for their service contracts --- the Constitutions.  

What we could not expect was the Unlawful Conversion of our military into a Mercenary Force, and the unlawful impersonation of ourselves as either British Territorial U.S. Citizens  or HRE Municipal "citizens of the United States", either one. 

The unconscionable nature of the registration contracts and the undisclosed nature of the applications, enrollments, and enlistments used to foist off these purported foreign citizenship obligations speak for themselves, and reveal the secretive, bureaucratic, and legalistic nature of this attack against our identity and national sovereignty --- which has been used as a template to similarly undermine and cheat many other nations and people throughout the world. 

We don't try to hide ourselves behind 52 different meanings for words like "state" or "United States" or United States of America".  We have been perfectly forthright. 

It's our British Territorial Employees and Holy Roman Empire Employees who have impersonated us and embroidered the verbiage to this extraordinary extent, and manipulated the resulting confusion into a situation in which they jointly pretend to have a contractual right to victimize, slander, boss, indebt, coerce, bully, and steal from their Employers: the actual Americans and the actual American States of the Union. 

We have once again suffered an attack by con artists trying to promote a recent copyrighted version of a 1500 year-old fraud scheme concocted by the Roman Emperor Justinian and his wife, Empress Theodosia called "PARSE SYNTAX".  

It's not English. It's a hash of Latin Grammar and Styles mixed with English words, amounting to gibberish.  

As it is not English, you may be sure that it has nothing to do with us or with our government. 

You may also be sure that we disapprove of its use because of its long history as an instrument of fraud and enslavement.  

We note that "PARSE SYNTAX" translates phonetically and in terms of etymology as "Strict Sin Tax".  

Let the Vatican deceive whom it will deceive and bury its own dead; we are not here as "sinners" we are here as Employers who have been grossly and in Bad Faith disserved and cheated, defrauded, robbed, misrepresented, impersonated, indentured without cause, enslaved, and had the debts of the Vatican and its co-conspirators, the British Monarchs, and Lord Mayor, dumped on our shoulders.  

Let the world perceive who the "sinners" are.  

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

July 10th 2024


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