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Monday, June 24, 2024

"You" Are a Photon Particle Matrix

 By Anna Von Reitz

Precisely 7.8 times per second, you disappear.  It happens so fast that the human eye cannot detect this, but it is happening.  You "flicker" into sight and out of sight like the frames of a movie moving too fast to be perceived as a series of images. 

What does this mean?  

It means that advanced cameras can slow down the images to reveal the truth: we aren't really here, aren't really solid, and in whatever sense we do exist, it is nothing like what we imagine it to be. 

The same is true for animals and plants and rocks and everything else we perceive external to ourselves; they are all flickering in and out of sight and apparently out of existence, within a spectrum of frequencies that we can perceive.  Other beings that we cannot perceive exist, but simply "flicker" at a higher or lower frequency. 

The essence of our life is thus more like the focusing mechanism of a camera, a force bringing immense amounts of energy into order and clarity to function as a body; the body itself is made of energy--- approximately 33 Trillion volts of focused and ordered energy--- and nothing else.  

And it's not static.  Our body image is literally made of photon particles of light, which in the aggregate create a pixelated image that is not that much different from the images we see on a movie screen, only projected in three dimensions instead of two. 

So it is confirmed that "we" are a holographic photon particle matrix, and everything that seems so solid and sensitive and factual, from a skull to a nose-hair, is not solid at all.  Our body is in fact alterable and editable. 

In addition to being a photon particle matrix, our body functions as a sensory data collector and information processor --- a form of self-assembling biological computer adapted to "life" on this planet --- and the information contained in its database (DNA) software goes back 13.8 billion years. 

Each lifetime adds its bit to the DNA data storage, and as each generation comes forward, we literally inherit the experience and energy and knowledge of our parents in a far more direct and permanent way than anyone previously supposed.  

We subconsciously know and experience and react to events that happened to our ancestors up to twenty generations ago, so it is no joke that the "sins of the Fathers" endure unto "three and four generations" in a very direct, day-to-day way. 

We are, each one of us, living with the full explicit knowledge of the impacts and experiences of our ancestors during the American Civil War and World War I and World War II, with precise inner knowledge and unresolved issues completely preserved --- and all this recent history is running as a subprogram in the background. 

This has many odd consequences, like a four year-old boy weeping over what "he" experienced at Gettysburg, or an eighty year-old man suddenly getting an inexplicable new lease on life. 

We have a very large number of data templates stored within us, including templates of ourselves and our ancestors as young and healthy people. It's because of this that the blind can see and the lame can walk and a terminal cancer patient on the last day of their life can go into remission.  

The memory of Gettysburg, for example, is preserved in the DNA that the child received from his parents, who received the data from their parents, who received it from their parents.... six generations ago, and it's still potent, still searing enough to make a four year-old from a distant generation sit down on the stairs of his modern home, and weep.  

We each carry forward the unresolved dilemmas of our ancestors. In us, they continue to work through their questions and conflicts.  A single intense love affair will imprint the sons and daughters, with all its unresolved desires and unanswerable moral dilemmas and conflicts of allegiance.  

Everyone now alive on this planet carries such unresolved issues, loves, soul memories of glory and horror--- the experience and knowledge of our ancestors is literally within us, encoded within us, and is made part of us. 

We are the sum total of their memories, combined with the memories we are making for ourselves. 

As you start to come to intellectual grips with this information, you will notice an odd sense of relief creeping in when you would least expect it.  We should, perhaps, be alarmed to think of ourselves in this radically new way --- but instead, it feels good.

It's a relief akin to the comfort of a truthful diagnosis. 

The confusion that so many of us have lived with ebbs away.  We are free to accept ourselves as is. 
We can finally explore the inner landscape we've inherited, work with it, mold it, and change it as we will.  In doing so, we can live new and different lives. 

We can make different choices, resolve ancient conflicts, forgive injuries, and clear the decks for new loves, or settle into the bliss of knowing our true love now.  Whatever our history is, whatever our internal data bank holds, and whatever choices we now make, our life -- strange as it is -- is ours to hold. 

Within us lies the secret of our origin, and all the ties that bind us together with each other, everything that makes us unique, and all that we must strive for.  

In describing the physical Shroud of Turin and new scientific investigations concerning the mysterious image burned into its fibers, an astonished radiologist said, "It's like a vacuum ultraviolet light exploded outward in all directions from every cell of the body at once...." 

Now that we know what the body is, that it is a three dimensional image formed of light, we are better prepared to accept the concept of such a  resurrection. 


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