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Saturday, June 15, 2024

International Public Notice: We've Been Swindled

 By Anna Von Reitz

Some people are having a hard time cutting through the "nice language" of law and custom, so let's just put it bluntly and in the common vernacular: we've been swindled. 

And it's not just the Americans.  

More than half the world has been subjected using the same corporate government scheme, which has been brought to us by The British Pilgrim's Society, the Bar Associations, the Secret Elite Society created by Cecil Rhodes and his cohorts, and the Committee of 300 using their storefront organization, the Club of Rome. 

When each one of us wakes up and realizes that something is terribly wrong, we have ALREADY been trafficked via the birth registration process.  We have been conveyed from the land jurisdiction and into the international jurisdiction of the sea by legal process. 

That means that we have no access to "the Law of the Land" until or unless we return to the land jurisdiction under our own power.   

For Brits, it means that you don't live under a Constitutional Monarchy, but under a Territorial Military Regime calling itself a "democracy" instead.

Same thing throughout the former Commonwealth, the seventeen European countries still occupied since the Second World War, and every other country that has been overtaken by corporations "acting as" Territorial and/or Municipal Governments.  

For Americans, it means the Constitutions are overthrown and you live in a country "occupied" by an unlawfully converted military power also calling itself a democracy.  

This is how the British Schemers evaded their obligations under the Constitutions.  This is how they subjected Americans to their foreign Law of the Sea.  This is how they gained coercive power.  

Using paper and deceit, they created British Territorial citizenship contracts and foisted them off on unsuspecting new mothers and babies in their cradles. This created millions upon millions of brand new British Territorial "Citizens" on paper, that they used and abused according to their old Colonial system under force and color of law.

These are criminal offenses rated as capital crimes under both the Geneva and Hague Conventions. They amount to political genocide on paper. 

According to these undisclosed contracts  -- contracts that have been totally unconscionable to you -- you have been misidentified as a "resident" in your own country, so you have no access to the Law of the Land and no recognizable unalienable rights.  

Yes, you grew up assuming that you were operating on the land and soil, but the Birth Certificate attached to your name was falsified accidentally-on-purpose said otherwise. 

That Birth Certificate affirmed that you were born on the land and soil of this country, but it also says you are a U.S. Citizen and Ward of the British Territorial State-of-State --- not an American native to and claiming your birthright from your State of the Union. 

This is how they swindled you and your Mom and stole everything from you while you were still a baby. You couldn't even object. You were too young to know what they had done and your Mother was also unaware. 

Even the people carrying out this False Registration Scheme were unaware of what they were doing. 

Please note, that this was both constructive fraud and deliberate deceit and there is no statute of limitation on either one. 

This dirty British legal chicanery was aided and expedited by members of the Bar Associations whose members are all rated as Esquires in the King's Service.

This results in what is known as illegally "latching upon" you and your assets, which amounts to illegal confiscation of assets on land (illegal booty claims) and illegal salvage at sea (illegal prize claims). 

This is why all the courts in Europe and America are venues for injustice, and the reason that political parties have usurped and overtaken the functions of lawfully elected public governments.  

They have "vacated" your government by vacating you--- by changing your native political status to that of a foreigner, they have undermined your entire government, and now claim that all the States of the Union are vacant, abandoned, their People nowhere to be seen.  

Likewise, according to the Schemers responsible for this grotesque international fraud, all the people of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Kenya, France, Germany, Denmark, Belgium.... are mysteriously missing and their lawful national governments are missing, too.  

We caught onto their scheme and moved to counterclaim and counteract it many years ago. Our first claims were issued in 1998 and they have continued to be published ever since.  

Through our parents and grandparents our claims reach back prior to the American Civil War. 

Through our Good Offices, every member of the British Hegemony has been served Notice and Due Process ending in 2014. 

Through our action, Americans in every State of the Union have answered the call, reclaimed their birthright political status and recorded it in Public, and have brought their State Assemblies into Session. 

Through our action, the Territorial States that were formed under the Northwest Ordinance during and after the so-called Civil War, have finally been enrolled as States of the Union, retroactive to the day they entered Territorial Statehood. This went into effect on October first 2020. 

While the phony foreign British Territorial "United States" Government, which is administered as a British Crown Corporation, describes itself as a democracy, our actual government is not now and never has been a democracy.  

We are a republican state form of government, and so it does not matter that a great many clueless Americans remain listed as U.S. Citizens and as Municipal citizens of the United States without their knowledge or understanding of what that means. 

Similarly, in Britain, a Constitutional Monarchy, it does not matter that a great many people are presently listed as "citizens" of a foreign Territorial Government.  What matters is that despite foreign deceit and False Registrations, every County in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, continues to be populated by the people indigenous to these countries. 

The same can be said for all the countries that this evil system of Corporate Feudalism has infiltrated.  

Each of us is owed all that we are traditionally and customarily owed by each of the foreign corporations that have attempted to suborn our governments. 

This attempt to take over the world using Municipal and Territorial Corporations as replacement "governments" is unlawful, illegal, and immoral; those who have engaged in these activities are guilty of treason, insurrection, inland piracy, subversion, false claims, fraud, racketeering, impersonation, counterfeiting, unlawful conversion, genocide, false arrest, issuance of bills of attainder, deliberate falsification of public records, and more. 

The political parties that have substituted private corporate elections for public elections are also guilty of these crimes, albeit, most members of political parties cannot be assumed to know that their actions were illegal and unlawful, as the top ranking members were sworn to absolute secrecy and given the idea that their country's safety depended upon it. 

They were lied to by people they trusted, and thereby became unwitting tools, just as many judges and justices have been misinformed and misdirected. 

This is a Swindle so big that it has required extraordinary effort to track it down to the heart of the spiderweb, and not only discern the nature and mechanisms of the fraud, but the source of it.  

For many years the collusion of the Territorial and Municipal Government Corporations unjustly enriched the Schemers, their Corporations and the Roman Catholic Church.  

The welter of secret societies and organizations acting as boots on the ground and as storefronts for this gigantic Fraud Scheme has been a web within a web.  

Let us name a few: the Freemasons, the International Jewish Congress aka Zionists, the Ashkenazi ("Nazi") Jews, the Illuminati, the Secret Elite (British), the Jesuits, the Black Nobility, the Order of the Garter, the Committee of 300 (heirs of the British East India Company), the Club of Rome (offshoot foot soldiers of the Committee of 300), the Bar Associations worldwide, the United Nations Organization, the French Foreign Legion, the Sicilian Mafia, the Japanese Yakuza, the Israeli Mossad, the Central Intelligence Agency, the endlessly misdirected Federal Bureau of Investigation (which is supposed to be domestic), the Internal Revenue Service (worldwide), the Social Security Administration, the Federal Reserve (worldwide), the Swiss Octagon Group, the World Bank, the Islamic Brotherhood, the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, the Teamsters,  the Fabian Society, WIPO, and many more--- a list which includes outright terrorist organizations like Hamas and Isis. 

Some of the names on this list will be unfamiliar and others will be shocking in that you never thought of them as "secret societies" -- nonetheless, on our long trip down the rabbit hole, all these organizations qualify as secret societies.  All of them have secret associations and roles that have nothing to do with their public personas. And most of them are connected in one giant ball of criminal wax, created by an illegal system of interlocking trust directorates. 

Interlocking trust directorates are illegal because they support monopolies and monopolistic influence. 

Occasionally all these organizations fight against each other, but most of the time it is more profitable for them to act in collusion, so that's what they do. They collude against the Public Interest for Private Benefit.  

The relative disruption that you are seeing in the world is because these clandestine roles and relationships have been found out and pressure is coming to bear on these organizations as they fight among themselves, looking for Fall Guys, and finding that elements of the British Plan have failed. 

It will not be so easy to redefine the sleeping people of the world as Genetically Modified Organisms and "Transhumans" -- that is, as slaves of the patentholders having no rights at all, not even the right to live. 

It will not be so easy to pull the insurance fraud scheme related to "Life Force Value Annuities" and the phony Pandemic and forced Immigration across our Southern Border, either.  

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 15th 2024 


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