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Saturday, June 15, 2024


 By Anna Von Reitz

Our point to you and every other American is that we have been Swindled.  

When each of us wake up and realize that something is wrong,  we have ALREADY been trafficked via the birth registration process. We have been taken off the international jurisdiction of the land and into the international jurisdiction of the sea.  

That means that we have no access to “the law of the land” until or unless we return to the land jurisdiction. 

This is how the Brits evaded their obligations under the Constitutions.  This is how they subjected us to their foreign law of the sea.  This is how they gained coercive power.  

On paper. 

According to undisclosed contracts your Mother signed and which were totally unconscionable to you, you were always just a “resident” in your own country and so had no unalienable rights and no access to the land law. 

You grew up assuming that you were operating on the land and soil, but that Birth Certificate said otherwise. 

That Birth Certificate affirmed that you were born here BUT it also says you are a U.S. Citizen and Ward of the British Territorial State of State—- not an American native to and claiming your birthright from your State of the Union. 

This is how they swindled you and your Mom and stole everything from you while you were still a baby. You couldn’t even object.  You were too young to know what they had done and your Mother was also unaware. 

This dirty British legal chicanery was aided and expedited by members of the Bar Associations who are rated as “esquires” in the King’s Service.  

So, if you consider yourself an American and not a Brit, it’s time to beat feet home and declare your presence on the land and soil of this country.  It’s also time to claim your stolen birthright as an American State National.  

That birthright includes the sovereignty of your government, your access to the law of the land, your personal land rights, and your guaranteed and unalienable rights.

Don’t let some British Con Artists succeed in stealing your birthright and identity as an American.  

Come home and join the ranks of Americans populating the States of the Union.   Declare yourself as an American and join your State Assembly. Go to and learn more today!!!! 


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