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Monday, June 3, 2024

International Public Notice: The Rump Congress 3

 By Anna Von Reitz

We hate to keep coming back to the subject of the "Rump Congress" that Lincoln first created following the Southern States-of-States walking out on him in April of 1861---- but it is necessary.  

Lincoln's response to lacking a quorum to conduct business not only changed the composition of the Rump Congress, by replacing the Southern Delegates with Lincoln Appointees, but changed the nature, identity, and jurisdiction of the "Congress" as well.  

Nobody said a word about this fundamental change to the American people. Only Bar Attorneys like Abraham Lincoln understood the shift in jurisdiction from land to sea, and they weren't likely to tell the Americans that their government had just been usurped by the Hired Help. 

The "Congress" that Lincoln called into Session a couple weeks after the abrupt departure of the Southerners was a British Territorial Congress operating under The Constitution of the United States of America (1789), not an American Federal Congress operating under The Constitution for the united States of America (1787). 

It was this foreign British Territorial Congress modge-podged together from duly elected delegates from the former Federal Congress and appointed British Agents sitting "as" delegates, that surreptitiously occupied the vacant seats of the Federal Congress from 1861 to 1914.  

Here we are, with still more confirmation of the hijacking of our lawful government by British Corporate interests. 

First, however, let us observe that with the possible exception of the Thirteenth Amendment to The Constitution of the United States of America in 1865, our States of the Union have never ratified a single proposed Amendment to any Constitution after the Civil War.

We have absolute proof that our States never ratified the Sixteenth Amendment and subsequent research has confirmed the same thing about the 14th, 15th and all subsequent Amendments.  

As such, all these "Amendments" to The Constitution of the United States of America (1789) are unilateral contract changes that were made by our British Territorial Employees, aka, U.S. Citizens, without ratification by our States of the Union. 

We do object to this practice and all of its results. 

Let that sink in as we bring attention to the unratified Seventeenth Amendment -- changing the electoral body of the United States Senate from the State Legislatures to a popular vote. 

This action by our British Territorial employees amending their own work contract, left the Federal Republic Senate Seats vacated and substituted for by a new kind of Senator --- a new breed of British Territorial U.S. Senator elected by popular vote ---  in place of our American Senators elected by our own State Legislatures as required by the Federal Constitution.

All of this happened and still, the weary American Public slept on, the Silent Majority stayed silent, not in acquiescence, but for lack of comprehension.  

As one astute observer commented: in 1914, the de jure seats of the Federal Republic Senate were left vacant as the de facto British Territorial Corporation's "Senate" seats were filled. 

They have conducted business "for" us under False Pretenses ever since. 

To be fair,  the actual States of the Union were not in Session, so, no Amendments to any of the Constitutions could be ratified. 

This accounts for the fact that none of the Amendments to either The Constitution of the United States nor The Constitution of the United States of America have been ratified by our States of the Union for well over a hundred years. 

Similarly, there have been no actual American State-of-State Legislatures in Session, either, so the electoral bodies needed to elect Federal Republic Senators have been missing, too. 

What's a poor little treasonous usurping disloyal dishonest dishonorable British Territorial government services corporation controlled by mercenaries and undeclared Foreign Agents supposed to do under such a self-created and self-interested "emergency" situation? 

We can observe what they did.

They persecuted their actual Employers under False Pretenses and killed many of them, burned their homes, seized their businesses, slandered them as horse thieves and rustlers and rebels -- even though they knew perfectly well who these people were, and knew that they were lying through their teeth. 

Then they settled into and took over the Federal Capitol and zipped their lips tight, knowing that if their perfidy was discovered and properly understood by the American Public, they would have no place to hide and no excuse for their usurpation.  

Instead of being the protectors of the Union, they would be recognized as British-backed Tories and Insurrectionists acting in Breach of Trust, traitors in violation of the Residence Act, conspiring against the limits of their own Constitution, so as to evade their obligations and profit themselves via illegal  confiscation of their Employers' assets. 

They realized that secrecy was necessary for their own "national security" and proceeded to gag the American Press, first by buying up and commandeering newspapers with their ill-gotten gains, and later, by buying up controlling interests in giant media conglomerates. 

The end result is that Americans haven't really heard the news and views of the rest of the world for over a hundred years.  Instead, they've been made to believe in a largely fictionalized and imaginary world, wherein they are heroes and "defenders of democracy" and so dumbed-down that they don't realize that the American Government has never been a democracy. 

Just as Rome "romanized" the people it conquered, these monsters in suits have worked hard to remake us in their image and to lull us into forgetting who we are. 

Many American veterans still don't realize that they've been used as cheap mercenaries by every European despot for the last 160 years, and can't quite make out why it is that they never seem to get the care and benefits they are owed, how they wind up guarding fields of opium poppies in Afghanistan, and never experience the freedom they are always fighting for. 

We should, if righteous emotion were our guide, rise up and kill every petty bureaucrat associated with this treasonous Con Game, but the petty bureaucrats are ignorant victims, too, the unknowing end line enforcers of a corrupt and foreign regime that has operated against our interests and under color of law for more than 160 years. 

This is the nature of the "special relationship" that British Diplomats refer to when talking about us, and the reason that they wink like Bookies with a hot tip when they say it.  

Yes, it's a special relationship in which we are the Fall Guys and grunts, and they are the criminals; we are the unwitting whores on a picnic and they are our pimps. 

We've been misled and we have abused other nations as a result of being misled-- all while being embezzled by our own employees, and occupied by our own for-hire mercenaries. We've even paid for all this "service" ourselves. 

Yes, we have been victims of the largest identity theft and personage and substitution fraud scheme in human history -- and we haven't been alone. Plenty of other countries have been victims of the same corporate chicanery.    

All this has been shoved down our throats to the tune of "Yankee Doodle Dandy" and accompanied by lots of flag waving, identity theft against little babies in their cradles, and mindless feudal pledges of allegiance to a piece of cloth on loan to the British Territorial United States Government, while our own flag is struck and on display in the Capitol Rotunda. 

Hi, Honey.  We're home.  What's for supper?  

We suggest the complete voluntary lawful conversion of every corporation involved in this mess, the release of all titles and copyrights and material asset claims taken on American property assets-- and all delivered safely back to the actual American owners; the erasure of all mortgages, property tax liens, IRS charges, and all similar constructive fraud scheme charges and ownership claims that have been misapplied to Americans and American assets "mistakenly" entered in registration systems. 

For starters. 
Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652


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June 2nd 2024