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Sunday, June 2, 2024

International Public Notice: Corporate Crime

 By Anna Von Reitz

Today we address the British Intelligence Community Cover-Up Narrative, blaming the CIA for the development of the mRNA Bioweapon.  

It seems that not only were the U.S. elections "more rigged than normal" by a CIA cell of Fabians in Frankfurt, Germany, plus complicit Italian intelligentsia and Chinese hackers, but now, the CIA is more generally being blamed for developing the mRNA bioweapon that has already killed and/or maimed nearly a billion people worldwide. 

Our CIA isn't that intelligent and doesn't plan things out and finance them for a hundred years in advance; no doubt they had their part in the crime of the century, just as "THE PEOPLE'S VOICE" is reporting it and just as the most recent CIA Whistleblower has said: "We Designed mRNA to Kill". 

But it's only a part, and a relatively small part. 

No doubt that the evil intent of the mRNA vaccine development is true, so far as it goes, but notice who is pitching this narrative of "the CIA did it" and China is at fault?  Hear the British accent?   

Notice how they say that the weapon was developed in a Chinese laboratory and yet fail to say that it was research paid for by Anthony Fauci with National Institutes of Health money, and was also knowingly done in violation of the moratorium on such research?

Brits are pushing this information blackwashing the CIA and they are pushing it for a reason.  They desperately want to obscure their own part as the genesis of the entire pandemic scheme and the source of the replacement-of-government crimes we are suffering. 

Nonetheless, when you work backward from the final DARPA patents all the way to the first patents giving rise to this technology, what you find is that, once again, the Brits are at the bottom --- and we do mean the very bottom --- of the dogpile they have landed on our doorsteps. 

We can safely observe that the current tragedy began with Amschel Rothschild's scion, Henry de Worms, also known as Lord Pirbright, and the Pirbright Institute funded by his estate. 

Pirbright, together with his contemporary monster, Cecil Rhodes, not only promoted the quasi-science of Eugenics from which the current mRNA tragedy derives, but pioneered the "Corporate Government" model tested by Rhodes' British South Africa Company more than 100 years ago --- the results of which we are also suffering now. 

The CIA, plagued with every political nuance known to Congress, doesn't plan much beyond ten years at most, and doesn't fund much of anything by itself, Black Ops notwithstanding.  It's ridiculous to think that "our" erstwhile intelligence gathering service is the source of this immense multi-generational fraud scheme laced with British elitism and war for profit. 

The CIA's Bad Boy reputation, like America's bad reputation, has been deliberately promoted by the actual source of the problem --- the Government of Westminster and the British Monarchs and the British patrimony et alia, Privy Council, Pirbrights, Rhodes, Sanger, and all the rest.  

What began in England 130 years ago has borne its loathsome fruit and now they want to blame their favorite Errand Boy, the CIA.   

Good luck with that. 

There is an unbroken chain of title with respect to the source of the surreptitious replacement of our lawful governments with incorporated foreign corporations in the business of providing government services, and it goes back to Pirbright, Rhodes, and British Imperialism. 

Just as there is an unbroken chain of research, funding, affiliation, and economic profiteering connecting Pirbright, Rhodes, and their American co-conspirator, pharmaceutical giant Henry Wellcome -- as the primal Causative Agents and funding sources for the present mRNA disaster.  

Bad men and bad ideas enlivened with vast funding sources can easily cause ruin and misery a hundred years after their own physical deaths, and so it is with this British Ballad concerning the Night of the Living Dead Eugenists. 

The very first patents attached to coronavirus benefit the Pirbright Institute and the whole ball of wax rolls onward from there. 

No amount of self-interested British Spin can obscure the actual source of both the British Raj system and the British Eugenics madness that have plagued the world for over a hundred years. 

No smokescreens and blaming of the Errand Boys will do.  The blame and the correction must be properly applied to the Source, or we will all be facing another such "harvest" of British Spleen another hundred years from now. 

Some people have misrepresented our offer of General Amnesty as allowing the criminals to escape, but that is not the political or social reality we advocate.  

We very much agree with, and indeed, insist upon, a reckoning and criminal prosecution of the criminals and criminal institutions involved in both the pandemic and the substitution-of-government schemes.  

What we do not promote is any political response to an a-political problem.  

What we are witnessing are crimes of a particularly heinous but known and well-defined nature. They need to be addressed as crimes and those responsible need to be addressed as criminals. 

Even if the denizens of Whitehall don't like it, they must nonetheless own the evils they have spawned and profited from.  This day has been a long time in coming; for more than 300 years, the ancestors of these same Players have been unjustly enriching themselves and setting up other nations as the Fall Guys for their infamy and the victims of their greed. 

And now, though they can scarcely believe it, their chickens are coming home to roost in an orderly and sensible fashion. 

We do not propose to make the common people of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales suffer for the evils of their Government.  They have suffered enough by being subjugated to these poltroons, and they are not at fault, generally, for the evils promoted by that same government in other corners of the world. 

Likewise, we do not propose that Roman Catholics should be massacred (again) for the evils of their Church Administration. 

Let the innocent live and learn and the guilty be shown up and punished, even if that means looking back a hundred years and more for the source of our present dangers and results in the nationalization of guilty corporations --- their liquidation, forfeiture, or lawful conversion under new management. 

For starters, the endowments of Pirbright, Rhodes, and Wellcome need to be seized upon and distributed to their victims.  Their "legacy" must come to an end. 

The evils these men promoted must be shown up for what they are.  Elitism based on genetics must be observed and recognized for the hideously harmful hokum that it is. 

Likewise, the evils of the "Corporate Government Model" they promoted must be recognized and put firmly under foot. 

All nations and all people on this planet have been harmed by ideas and practices that these few power-mongers in England and America promoted and pioneered using their own personal fortunes. Bill Gates is merely the most recent addition to the Harmful History of Half-Baked Billionaires. 

We propose that an Automatic Binder be applied to all forms of incorporated entities upon enrollment or registration, such that when and if a corporation --- be it a Foundation, a Cooperative, a Non-Governmental Organization, or whatsoever -- promotes violence, injustice, elitism, "research" or anything else resulting in harm to the living public, that corporation must be immediately overturned and must suffer the loss of its assets.

This would go a long way toward controlling and ending the abuse of personal fortunes for ignoble and harmful ends. It would motivate shareholders and board members to care about the results of their policies and their effect upon the public. 

Most importantly, the worldwide adoption of such an Automatic Binder on all forms of corporation would redefine the meaning of "profit" to include broad spectrum and long term social benefit. 

Pirbright, Rhodes, and Wellcome had no respect for life; their arrogance and meddling knew no bounds; empowered by social position and vast wealth, these men have left a legacy of evil ideas and practices that have continued to expand into the modern world and inspired men like Bill Gates to follow in their wanton footsteps.  

If the rest of us want peace and sanity, action must be taken.  The Source of these evils must be recognized and disabled.  

Not only are Pirbright, Rhodes, and Wellcome and their respective endowments directly responsible for the pandemic and the substitution-of-government scheme that has left private, for-profit government services corporations masquerading as governments all over the world, they and their legacy are responsible for the corruption of the courts and the educational system, and the genocides that have plagued mankind, including the genocide of millions of unborn babies each year, and the genocide of AIDS/HIV, a prelude to their current culling of "undesirables". 

It's time for the Source of all this evil to be recognized and for the guilty Corporations and those running them to pay the consequences of their uncaring pursuit of profit and unthinking adherence to policies put in place by misanthropic madmen. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 2nd 2024


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