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Monday, May 20, 2024

Why General Amnesty?

 By Anna Von Reitz

Some people are very vengeful and wish to do harm to anyone and everyone who bilked them out of money, betrayed their trust, cost them property, and all the other ills and hardships that Americans have suffered at the hands of their erstwhile foreign Federal Subcontractors— whether or not the individual had a clue that they were doing something wrong.  

These folks have scorched Earth in their hearts and fire and brimstone belching out of their mouths.  They want justice — which to them means vengeance, and they want it right now, and devil take the hindmost. 

They thought these organizations were American because the people operating them appeared to be Americans.  Like the whole rest of the world they were duped into trusting these miscreants BECAUSE they appeared to be Americans and because they appeared to be legitimate government functionaries  even when they were acting way out of school and under color of law.  

Perhaps their anger is stoked because they feel that they should have known and didn’t.  

To be fair, there’s no way they could have known and that was just the point.  They were babies when they were saddled with unconscionable citizenship contracts and trafficked out to sea.  Their Mom was never told anything about this.  The Public School system didn’t tell them anything.  And their guilty employees considered keeping it secret a matter of “National Security”—- for their nation, not ours. 

Maybe they should have smelled something rotten and gotten motivated as I did, but they didn’t — not until now, when it all comes out and is reduced down to something understandable and they can see how the swindles have worked and the coercion has been applied. 

Many veterans are especially hot, realizing that they were being “lied to by omission” and were used as cheap mercenaries — so that all they went through and all that they did to others — was not in honorable service to their country.  They were acting as Mercs the whole time and not even being paid a decent wage for it.  

That burns. It gets especially hot when they have to fight now for every dollar of pension and service they are owed.  

And they get mad again when they realize that their DD214 didn’t really release them from the service. 

They were “presumed” to have voluntarily remained in Federal Jurisdiction and to have voluntarily adopted U.S. Citizenship — so that they had to pay Federal Income Taxes on their private earnings all their working life and couldn’t even access the Constitutional Guarantees they earned and fought for. 

They reason, soundly enough, that the dirty swindlers responsible for all that deserve to die.  They all committed treason against this country and our people while taking their paychecks from our pockets.  

What more evidence or “cause” do you need, Sister? 

Bring the rope. 

There is part of me that agrees.  

But beyond the red rage I also have to think about other things —- like those innocents who work for some government office and who didn’t know anything about any of this, but who nonetheless stand in harm’s way of this righteous anger. 

I have a horror of seeing young girls working for what they thought was their government hauled out of their cubicle to face a guillotine. 

There are millions of “government” workers who are just as clueless as the people they defrauded. 

They don’t deserve to die for what evil men put in place and most of it was put in place long before the current generation of government workers  were even born.  

So that is another part that mitigates against a charge of knowing conspiracy.  

Most of the bureaucrats grew up in this system and never really thought beyond their little tiny part of it. Their job was to make sure that Form 2818 got filled out and signed and all the information from Subpart A and Subpart D got entered in the departmental computer. 

And even though that Form 2818 might have been used in some part of the Great Fraud, they wouldn’t have had cause to know it. 

There was no knowledge on their part that treason was taking place and no intent to commit treason.  Guilt by association only goes so far.  

So who pays for this? 

Higher ups. Senior bureaucrats who did know.  Politicians who did know.  Staff officers who did know. And not only in our government —- their counterparts in Britain, too. 

This has been an international crime of staggering proportions meted out over a period of 160 years.  
This malaise has been deeply entrenched and compartmentalized and spread to virtually every part of the government and the governments of our trading partners. 

The military identified over two million people they want to try and execute including most of the attorneys in this country. 

But in my shoes, things look a bit different and less black and white.  

Who hired and directed these attorneys?  Who limited their education in Law School so that most of them think that Code is Law?  

The military had oversight responsibility. 

So where did that fail? And who was responsible. 

If we are sane and fair, we have to know that all these people claiming innocent probably are substantially clueless, because secrecy was what this system depended on. 

We have suffered enough and more than enough blood has been shed.  We don’t need more trauma.  And it would be very traumatic to execute two million people. 

So in a sense, general amnesty is selfish and saves us from any untoward guilt and additional trauma, while still allowing criminal prosecution of those who were knowingly involved. 

That’s why above and beyond all else, a general amnesty for average people and those who aren’t proven to be knowingly complicit. 


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