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Monday, May 20, 2024

International Public Notice: The Rest of the Story

 By Anna Von Reitz

In the depths of the Vatican Library there is a copy of The Book of Revelation unlike anything you have ever seen.  

The first part of it, you have read, if you have read the Bible. 

The second part that has been kept from you, is what is new and startling. 

The Revelation according to John is all-too scary and familiar, the death and the destruction, the disease and violence overflowing, the degradation of the Common Man to the lowest denominator, people filled with avarice, uncaring, ignorance, and contempt for life, self-pity and selfishness and spite, as plague after plague descends.  

These plagues are being poured out just as they were poured out on Egypt, and for the same reason. 

You can hear the words of Moses to the Pharaoh echoing, "Let my people go!"  

Once again, the plagues descend on "Egypt" --- the world of elitism, superstition, pride, gluttony, greed, immorality, and egotism.  

Only this time, it's not Pharaoh.  It's Satan's grip that is being shaken and loosened, and in the second half of The Book of Revelation, the battle is won. 

In the second half, the new Earth arises, clean and beautiful, renewed, and those who have stood the test arise with it.  

This is a spiritual battle and a spiritual change that has physical manifestations; the old world is destroyed not by physical fire, but by spiritual fire. 

In the second half of The Book of Revelation we become the vessels of the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of Truth, and our Creator takes our part against the darkness and the evil of our times.   

In the second half of The Book of Revelation the long epic that began in the Wilderness is resolved and you can finally see how this battle has raged across time and space. 

The fundamental change which allows the victory is in us. It comes through us and shows itself in our change of heart. 

We stop fighting against lies and evil.  
We start fighting for truth and for love. 

This is reflected in our lives and in who we are and who we become; as we change, the world changes with us.  

Don't think that a war of the spirit will be fought with spears and axes, nor with lasers and drones and missiles.  Truth is our weapon and love is our fortress. 

If you tell the Truth, the Spirit of Truth will live in you, and teach you and comfort you, strengthen and preserve you.   

With the speed and ease of thought and feeling we come surely home; we surround ourselves with peace and with joy, health, and abundance. 

This outcome has been hidden from the world, and the end of The Book of Revelation that you know is foreshortened, couched in terms of vengeance and otherwise in empty platitudes. 

This has been done to center our attention on the ugliness of the times and the terrors of the plagues, so that we don't understand our part and the choices to be made:

We can live the Truth, or we can live the Lie. 
And it's our choice. 

There is no point in fighting against evil. Evil can't be fixed. It can't be built upon.  It has no use or value.  We might as well bomb a compost pile and think that we've accomplished miracles. 

Instead, we can fight for all that is good. 

We can hold all that is good and right and beautiful in our hearts and minds.  

We can be the fortress of sanity. 

We can be the bearers of peace. 

We can give each other prosperity.  

We can be the justice that we seek. 

And it's all a matter of how we spend our time, what we give our attention to, and the values we enshrine in our own hearts.  

So even if you never have the chance to read the second half of The Book of Revelation, we have told you all the secret: victory doesn't lie in defeating anyone or anything outside of ourselves.   

Victory sleeps inside each one of us, waiting for resurrection. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 19th 2024


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